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Slave Surprise

Fantasy story I wrote for one of my girlfriends.

By: perverse_cowboy

I get a text from you, telling me to be at a local High End Hotel at 7:00 PM. I am to pick up a key to room 528, under the name of "Woodcock" from the desk and follow written instructions that I will find on the table in the room.

When I pick up the key, the man behind the desk gives me a wink and a devilish smile.

"I’m sure you will enjoy your stay with us." He states. I thank him and hurry to the elevator, as I am running about 15 minutes late.

I enter the room and see that it is a deluxe suite with 3 separate doors to different bedrooms. All of the doors are closed, but I can hear at least two female voices behind one of them. The voices are muffled, but it’s obvious that there is some intense sex going on behind the door! I step closer to the door and inhale the sweet smells of Cunt and Ass that are beginning to fill the room, and hear a voice that isn’t yours exclaim,

"Oh god yes! Your tongue feels so good in may ass!"

Then I hear you, "Get the fuck away from the door and follow your instructions!, Goddamn it!"

"Yes Mistress! Forgive me Mistress!"

I return quickly and almost trip over myself as I step back. My already hard cock begins to jump in my pants with anticipation, as I walk quickly to the kitchen area and pick up an envelope marked "Woodcock" that is laying on top of a square box.

I open the envelope and read the note inside. I am instructed to go to the bedroom door marked with a red sticky note and go inside, dress in the outfit inside the box, lay on my stomach on the floor and wait, leaving the door open.

My heart is pounding as I open the box. I see a leather harness, with a built-in cock ring and a black leather hood. I begin to strap the harness on, the cock ring is large sized so that the restriction is just enough to enhance my erection, but not cause damage. I squeeze my balls then force my steel hard cock through the ring and buckle the straps over my shoulders! My cock turns slightly darker with the tightness of the ring and the veins stand out up and down the length of my shaft. I pick up the hood. It has openings for both my eyes and mouth, but there are snap-on covers over the eye holes. I see also now that there is a collar with shiny spikes around it and I put this on first, then pull the hood over my head, and snap it closed just under my chin. I lay down on the carpet and begin my wait.

I think that I must be a sight! Harnessed, collared, and hooded! The lower straps of the harness run from the cock ring, under my ass cheeks and around to a ring in the back, leaving my balls and ass exposed.

The wait seems forever! I can hear the muffled moans and screams from the other room still and I occasionally move slightly so that my cock rubs against the carpet, for a little stimulation. Finally I hear another bedroom door open and the click of at least two pairs of heels on the hard kitchen floor. I hear the tinkle of ice dumped into glasses and something being poured.

Then I hear the voice of the other female say, "To you and your man-slave!", she must be making a toast.

I hear the two of you walk into the room. The darkness and restriction of the hood only adds to my excitement and I can feel my cock jumping and growing underneath me!

"You’ve been a naughty boy!" I hear you exclaim, and I feel the sting of your cat-o-nine tails across my ass! I stifle a groan and you tell me that I must be punished for being late.

"It was just 15 minutes, Mistress." "Late is Late!".

I feel your whip across my ass again, "No back talk!", "Get on your hands and knees for your punishment!"

"Yes Mistress!"

You squat near my head and I smell the Tequila on your breath, which only serves to make my cock harder! I’ve been acting as if the whip is torture, but you know as well as I how much it turns me on!

Your hand lifts my chin and I feel your teeth on my ear, slight pain, but extreme pleasure surges through my body! Suddenly, I feel a hand on my ass and two fingers penetrate my asshole quick and hard! "OH GOD!", I exclaim!

"QUIET!", you order, as your female friend begins pumping her fingers in and out, then she adds a third, fourth and thumb, until she has me stretched wide with her fist! My thoughts are, "Oh my God, I love this!", but slight whimpers and groans are escaping my lips, keeping as quiet as possible while enjoying my punishment! I can feel her long manicured nails teasing my insides and the tip of my cock begins to drip pre-cum!

Finally she removes her fist from my asshole and I wonder how it looks, it must be gaping wide open right now, at this very moment! I feel her hand smack my right cheek and I know it was hard enough that there is a red hand print remaining! (I’m wondering who this woman is?)

"Now that you’ve taken your punishment, we can get down to the business at hand!", "She is a business associate of mine and I promised her a good time! DON’T DISAPPOINT ME!"

"Yes Mistress!" I’m totally turned on to know I am being used as entertainment for a stranger!

"Kneel up", you order. And I sit up on my legs. You move closer and my mouth opens as I smell rubber, and feel your strap-on touch my lips. "Suck my Cock, Slave!" And I happily comply. This rubber cock you’re wearing is thicker and longer than anything you have used on me before! I lick the head, then up and down the shaft, underneath, then on each side. Then, you push it in swiftly,

"Deep Throat Me, Whore!" I gag on it’s thickness and struggle to relax my throat to take your cock deep! Finally, my throat opens and I am able to take you deep with each stroke! I can tell you are enjoying being in power! Showing another woman the control you have over me!

You pull your cock from my mouth and it is replaced by an even longer, thicker one! This must be our guest! I feel your cock now rubbing up and down the crack of my ass! Every couple of strokes you stop and tease my still, slightly gaping bung-hole! Finally, you stop stroking and press it firmly against my sphincter! Suddenly, quickly, I push back against it, rather than waiting for you to shove! It is so thick that I can only take about half of its length on the first stroke!

"That’s my good little slave!" you exclaim with praise! Your friends rubber cock is so long that I still have a good part of it in my mouth!

I think, "So, this is how the woman feels, in an MFM 3-sum!" "It’s incredible!". Now I’m wishing I had a cunt too!

With the second stroke you push your cock to the hilt inside me! I feel pain, but it only turns me on more! I am now a happy little whore, full of cock and loving being abused! The two

of you are feverishly banging me! One pushing me into the other! I cant believe how Erotic this is! The two of you switch ends and I feel the extreme length and thickness of her huge rubber cock penetrate me! How thoughtful of you to allow your guest to be the (Bigger Man!) I’m being bounced back and forth like a rag doll! The both of you are talking extremely nasty and telling me what a nasty Slut and Whore I am!

I hear a key open the outer door and it shuts! I can taste my ass on your cock as the soft rubber ball sack attached to the base slams into my chin over and over! You remove your cock from my mouth and I can hear the light whisper of clothing being removed from a body! I have totally lost track of time now, and I don’t know how long you’ve been fucking me!

I hear you move in front of me again and I open my mouth, your cock enters my lips and slides to the back of my throat! Only, it’s not you! The cock now throttling my throat is real! I flinch and begin to pull back, then feel your whip on my ass and lower back, which causes me to take him deeper as I pull forward and away from the sting!

"You keep telling me that you want to go bi-sexual, pumpkin. Now let’s see you do it for real!" I gag and take a breath, then tentatively take him into my mouth. My tongue begins to explore, I feel the throbbing veins on the shaft as hot blood pulses through them! The mushroom head pops as I retract and go down on him over and over! Lust overtakes me and I take him deep into my throat again and again! I’m trying to remember your technique as I deep throat his thick member! I’m thinking to myself that he is longer and thicker than me and I envy him that! The feel of real flesh in my mouth is such a turn-on! As much as I love taking strap-ons from beautiful women, nothing seems to compare to the real thing! Especially knowing that women are watching and gaining pleasure from my acts!

You remove the covers from my eyes and I see a thick nicely veined cock before me! I take it into my mouth again and look up. It’s the man from the front desk! He looks back at me with a lustful look and an evil grin! I increase my suction on his thick shaft and his eyes close with a loud groan! The other woman is still pounding her huge rubber cock into my asshole and I attempt to look back at her, I feel your whip again.

"Eyes forward!"

"Yes Mistress!" I reply, and drop lower to take his balls into my mouth, my tongue reaching toward his asshole, but not quite making it!

"My God! You are a nasty little Cocksucker aren’t you! Truthfully, I wasn’t sure you had it in you! Well, obviously "it’s in him now!" the other woman retorts with an evil little laugh!

You walk into the other room and return with a black eye mask, giving it to the other woman. She puts it on and you tell me that I may now look upon her, but it is imperative that she remain anonymous! "Yes Mistress!"

She and the man swap ends and I feel his warm flesh easily penetrate my ass, after the throttling it got from the huge strap-on! I take her rubber cock into my mouth again and once again taste my own ass! The pungent smells of nasty forbidden sex have filled the room and probably the hallway too! My head is swimming, all my senses at maximum, and I realize that I am truly a Sex Addict! I can’t believe how strong my lust has grown since I entered the room!

Finally, the woman tires of me sucking her rubber cock and she releases her harness, then shoves her bare cunt into my face!

"Eat Me Bitch!" she almost screams at me!

I shove my tongue into her dripping cunt hole and push her hood back with my teeth exposing her large swollen clit, I close my teeth on it and lightly chew it! She shivers hard and screams, "Oh Fuck Yeah! Eat my Cunt, you Nasty Little Whore!" "Pull your cock out of his ass!" she says to the man!

She orders me to lie on my back, then crawls on top of me moving upward her full tits brushing my chest, then face. Finally her cunt is hovering over my mouth! It is extremely wet and droplets fall on my lips! She sits on my face and grinds her clit into my nose! I’m gasping for air, her clit smothering my nose, her cunt smothering my mouth and her asshole grinding against my chin!

"Bring that beautiful cock up here and stick it in my asshole!" she orders the man! "Use this little whore’s spit for lube!

He moves over me and forces his cock into my mouth! I take him deep and slather his length with thick lubricating saliva! He lifts his heavy shaft to her waiting asshole and presses the head against it firmly! WOW! What a Fucking Fantastic View! He increases pressure slowly and suddenly the head disappears as her sphincter stretches open and swallows it! She gasps with pleasure and he slowly begins to stroke it in and out of her, the speed increasing with each stroke! I am amazed at the sight above my face, his cock is so thick that the sexy little wrinkles around her asshole are completely smoothed out! Without thinking, my tongue reaches out and I suck his balls into my mouth, rolling them between my tongue and the roof of my mouth!

"What the Fuck are you doing down there Whore? You’re supposed to be eating my Cunt!" I spit his balls out and go to work on her cunt and clit, shoving my tongue inside her as deep as I can!

I feel your hands on my cock and balls! My cock is throbbing and has been ignored up until now! I hear you spit in your hand and you begin to stroke me! Your right hand is wrapped tightly around my throbbing shaft and the middle finger of your left hand is tickling my asshole! Suddenly, you shove three fingers in me and I groan loudly, vibrating her clit with the noise! You remove your hand from my cock and I feel something a little harder penetrate my ass! You flip a switch and my hips loft off the floor as the vibrator sends new pleasure through my body! You pull one of the straps over my ass cheek and place it so it keeps the vibrator inside me, then climb on top of me! You sit on my cock taking me all the way to the base with one stroke! As you begin to bounce on me, your mouth drops to his ass and your tongue penetrates his asshole!

He begins to yell that he is going to cum and she screams at him! "YEAH! FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR HOT CREAM STUD!"

That sends him over the edge and he pumps her faster and faster as he fills her full! He finally withdraws his cock from her spasming ass and drops it into my mouth. I lick his cock and balls clean and as he rolls off of me, she drops her ass to my mouth!

"Eat his cum out of me! You Nasty Fuckin’ Whore!" And I use my tongue to suck and scoop his seed from her tight hole!

When she is satisfied that I have sufficiently cleaned her she moves off of me and sits back to watch you bounce on me! I am struggling to hold back my own orgasm, but you speed up and begin to scream! I am covered in wetness as you’re cunt gushes and you piss all over me for the first time of the night! I yell out that I’m cumming! You push down hard against my hips and hold tight as I fill your cunt with hot, white cream! As you feel my body relax, you lift off of me and shove your cunt onto my mouth so that I may clean you too! The taste of my cum and your cum and piss is like an aphrodisiac! I feel my cock regaining life instantly! When I have cleaned your cunt, you return the favor and go down on me, sucking the remaining cum from my cock and lap. You hold it in your mouth, then kiss me, shoving it all deep to the back of my mouth with your tongue! I swallow hard and feel it slide down my throat!

I’m ready and willing to continue pleasing my Mistresses, but our Manager friend says that he must get showered and return to work. You order me to assist him and make sure he is thoroughly cleaned before he leaves! I give you an inquisitive look and you look back.

"You did a good job Pumpkin! How do you think I got this expensive room? I promised him he could Fuck my Man-Slave! The fact that he got to Fuck my Guest, in her Ass I might add, was just a bonus!" "Quickly now! Get him cleaned up!"

"Yes Mistress!", I answer.

I follow our Manager friend into the Master Bedroom of this Luxurious suite, where you and your female guest were earlier. It contains an extremely large bed! It must be two or even two and a half King Size beds in one! The two of you follow us in and I follow him into the bathroom. The shower is against the far wall and can be seen easily from the bed. It is large and has a wall on either side. All three walls are rock and there are numerous iron rings built into the masonry. The end facing the bedroom is wide open and there are three large shower heads and a fourth with a long hose and adjustable spray head attached. I’m beginning to think this room must be specially reserved for the Porn Stars who come into town! You remove the mask from my head and place it on the counter, then to our Manager friend you say,

"Xavier, Feel free to use my Man-Slave as you need, and in any way to assist you in getting clean!"

"Thank you Mistress! I will!"

You have intentionally left the collar around my neck and he lifts a leash from a hook on the wall and clips it to the metal ring, pulling me into the shower. As the warm water begins to relax my tense body, he puts a bottle of shower gel and a scrubby in my hands. I lather it up and begin to wash his muscular body! I look out toward the bedroom and I can see you and your beautiful Guest on the giant bed making out! You are watching me as you stick your tongue into her mouth and the combination of doing something so taboo, and the sight of you and your friend together sends pulses of sexual electricity surging through my body!

He turns to the wall and leans into the hot water as I lather his back and ass! I can see why you were attracted to him. I’ve always said that I’m not attracted to men, but there’s something about a well kept, muscular body (male or female) that I think is attractive to almost everyone.

He arches his back and spreads his legs wider and my hand slips down his ass crack until I’m cupping his balls! I massage and knead them and I hear a slight groan escape his lips.

"Stroke my cock, Slave Boy!" and I move slightly to the right, keeping his balls in my left hand from behind and begin to stroke his large cock with my right!

His hips are moving back and forth as he fucks my fist, then he stops and pushes me back onto the stone bench in the left corner. I sit on the bench and he turns one of the shower heads on me, grabs hold of one of the metal rings on the wall and pushes his ass into my face, arching his back further! My hand pulls his balls to my mouth and I begin to suck and roll them in my mouth! He pushes me back then and spreads his ass sitting it right on my mouth!

"Eat Me!" is all I hear him say.

I begin Tongue Fucking his asshole, I’m not enjoying it as much as yours, but it is a turn-on, nonetheless. He pushes back hard and I shove my tongue deep, giving him a reach around I can feel his cock pulsing in my hand.

After a few minutes of this, he gives me time to breath and I look toward the bed again. I see a room service there and you and your Guest are servicing the room service boy. His back is on the bed, pants down around his ankles, and you are riding his cock while she rides his face!

Xavier faces me at an angle that allows me to watch you and pushes his cock into my mouth! I begin to give him head again, sucking hard and fast, hoping that he will cum and go about his business, so that I may find out what you have in store for me next!

He begins to grunt loudly and grabs the back of my head! I am still straining to watch you, but he shoves my face into his waist and his cock hits the back of my throat! Its log enough that I feel it bend downward a little at the back and I gag, then regain control, he is fucking my throat like no Tomorrow! Finally he yells loudly that he is CUMMING, and the three of you sit up to watch! His spunk fills my throat as I try to gulp it all down, and it spills out of my mouth and onto my chest, only to be washed away by the water!

As he dresses, you tell me to dry off quickly! You and your friend go back to work on the room service boy and Xavier quickly dresses. He tells me thank you and insists that tonight remain a secret.

"If my boyfriend finds out I’ve been fucking anyone else, especially a woman, there will be Hell to pay! I thought I was totally Gay, but your Mistress has changed that!

I have finished drying and move to the foot of the bed, taking position on all fours, waiting for instructions from you, my eyes looking at the ground. I hear the room service boy grunt and yell as he cums, then you tell him,

"Get out now! I’m through with you!" he leaves with a smile on his face! This is probably the best tip he’s ever had!

"Come here Slave!" you order. And I crawl up on the bed.

Your ass is in the air and you tell me "Eat that boys cum from my ass!"

Your masked guest takes my leash and guides my mouth to your oozing hole! Cum is running onto your cunt lips and I lap it up first, then begin scooping it from your asshole with my tongue! You grab the collar with your hand and pull, pushing your ass hard into my face!

"You love eating cum, don’t you, Slave!" "Yes Mistress! I answer, sitting up and pushing the last drop into my mouth with a finger!

I can hear more voices and female laughter in the common room area. I look up at you and your Special Guest. The two of you look incredible together! Matching black leather bustier’s, and long black patent leather boots. You take my collar and put me on the floor on all fours again. You lead me into the common area again and I see that it’s filled with women! All dressed in nasty, revealing lingerie!

"What do you think of my slave girls?" and the room is quickly filled with nasty comments!

As you look down at me, you notice that some cum leaked onto your boot. "You missed a little bit Slave! Clean it up, quickly! I want my boots to shine!" I lick the cum from your boot, holding it in both hands. All of the women clap loudly and congratulate you for your success in my training! (If they only knew how willing I was, before your training began! Oh well, our little secret!)

You walk me to the kitchen counter and place a stainless steel doggy dish on the floor. You

pour three or four shots of Tequila into it and I wait. You are talking to a couple of the ladies for several minutes as I stare at the bowl and savor the smell of the Tequila. Finally.

"Alright, drink Slave.", and I begin to lap it up.

I finish and one of the ladies asks to be excused while she goes to pee.

"No need to leave the room, just use the bowl". "Really! Alright", she says.

As she squats in front of me, I am so incredibly turned on! The sight of her spreading that lovely Cunt and the yellow fluid hitting the bottom of the dish, has me going crazy inside! I want to comment on how turned on I am, but I remain silent, knowing that I may not speak without permission.

"Drink Slave!" and I lap up the warm, salty fluid.

"Ladies!" you call out to get everyone’s attention, "This bowl is the official potty place tonight!" "Don’t dirty the toilet, when everything can be taken care of right here!" As I lift my head from the bowl, you praise me, "Good Boy!" and everyone claps!

I am now totally subservient to you! Still, I sneak peeks around the room, when opportunity offers. A large bag of sex toys has been dumped on the counter next to the alcohol bottles. A couple of hotties are using Dildo’s to masturbate for small audiences. Several female couples are dirty dancing on the dining room floor. At least one female couple is on the couch making out and fingering each other. And a couple of Dom’s brought there own female slaves, who are also on leashes, once in awhile pulling them underneath their short skirts to give them a taste of Hot Cunt! One of these Doms walks to us and gives you a Deep Kiss!

"We really must sit and talk about training techniques, sometime!" ,she says.

Her Slave scoots toward me and sticks her head under my waist, taking my Cock into her mouth! Oh God, it feels good to have some attention given to my Throbbing Member!

Her Mistress notices what is happening and jerks her leash hard! "I didn’t give you permission to suck Cock, You Fuckin’ Bitch!" She whips her ass with the handle of the leash, "Go sit in the Fuckin’ corner, GODDAMNIT!" The Slave scurries to a corner of the room and hangs her head.

"You see what I mean?" she says, "I’d love to know how you get him to mind so well. Every time I turn my head, that little Fuckin’ Cunt is trying to get some Cock!"

She reaches down, pets my bald head and lifts my chin, "Good Boy!" she praises me. "I really have to piss! May I?, she looks to you for approval. "Yes, of course!", you tell her.

She is wearing shiny leather crotchless panties! She squats slightly, lifts my face to her cunt and my mouth naturally opens. I watch the Hot Yellow Liquid squirt from her cunt and gulp it down as fast as I can! Some of it sprays onto her inner thighs and you order me not to let it hit the floor! I move to her thighs and lick them clean.

As other women need to piss, they come to the metal bowl. You begin to add Tequila to their liquids each time. Just a little, as you don’t want me too drunk! Finally, you use a spoon to tap on a glass.

"Your attention again ladies! Please retire to the Master Bedroom! It is time to get down to the reason I’ve invited you all here tonight." "You know what to do."

You give them a couple of minutes to get ready, then lead me with the leash into the bedroom. I see they are all wearing Strap-on Dildo’s. There is a strange looking piece of furniture on the floor. It is angled with a long piece and leather restraints at one end, a shorter lower piece, also with leather restraints at the other end, and a large leather belt in the middle.

"As you all know, I am very proud of my little Man-Slave! And he has performed

exceptionally tonight. I have elected to give him one of his perverted fantasies tonight to reward him for his obedience!"

You lead me to the item on the floor so that my knees are on the lower piece and push my chest down to the long, upper piece. You take care to make sure my cock is back, so that it hangs down the upright part and use the large leather belt in the middle to strap my body to the main board. My head is forward on a slight incline so that my ass sits high in the air now. Two other women step in to help you and strap my arms and ankles with the restraints at each end. I am now in the perfect position for an extreme ass-fucking! You spit in your hand and use it to stroke my cock for a few seconds, then you move around in front of me and shove your strap-on into my mouth and tell me to "Lube it Good!" Then you move behind me again, spit directly on my asshole and put the head of your cock against my sphincter! I can feel my asshole quiver with anticipation! You hesitate there, then suddenly push it to the hilt inside me!

"OH FUCK YEAH!" I scream! You bang my ass without restraint and yell to the other women, "Don’t hold back ladies! He’s always wanted to be GangBanged by a group of Doms with strap-ons! Lets give it to Him!".

You are fucking my asshole with long strokes! Another woman moves up and shoves her rubber cock into my mouth and the rest line up in wait! The woman in my mouth pulls her cock out of me and I yell, "OH GOD, THANK YOU MISTRESS!"

I am in Heaven, or maybe Hell! I’m not sure! All I know is that I Love It! I can’t believe that you have given me one of my ultimate fantasies!

You and the other Women are taking turns moving around me! Fucking my ass! Fucking my face! Using spit for Lube! It is so incredibly erotic! My ass hurts, but it’s a good hurt! I’m sucking, choking, licking some very large rubber cocks! Each woman is now taking their turn at my ass and when they rotate, each goes directly from my ass to my mouth!

After about an hour-and a-half. You call for a break! I am allowed to stand and we return to the kitchen for drinks! You pour me a margarita and kiss me deeply, stoking my throbbing cock at the same time! You announce that it is now a "Free for All!".

Women stop where they are and begin to Kiss, Lick, and Fuck each other! I turn to you! Grab you! And bend you over a chair! I spit on my hand, thoroughly lube my cock, and put the head of it against your asshole! I push and you squeal with delight as the head pops inside of you! I push again and drive it to the base, Balls Deep in your Ass! After a few strokes, I notice that there is a shy looking girl sitting on the couch, stroking her strap-on as she watches. I move you to her, push you on top of her, knees on either side of her thighs! She holds her rubber cock up and I push your Cunt onto it! It is long and very thick! As you begin to ride it, I enter your ass again, this time Balls Deep in one Thrust! I tell you that I’d like to be doing this to you with another real cock, but a rubber one will do! The entire apartment is filled with the sounds and smells of Nasty Fucking! It is Total Paradise for Sex Addicts like us!

I don’t know how long we all Fucked! I’ve completely lost track of time. Girls fucking girls, girls fucking you, girls fucking me! Every one of us is covered with sweat and cum!

Then I notice that the female slave that was punished for licking my cock is still in the

corner. I feel bad for her, but know better than to interfere with her Mistress’s wishes. Her Mistress takes her by the leash and leads her to us while the others are slowly exiting the apartment. She begins to kiss you Deep and says to her little Bitch, "You were willing to lose out for just a second of Cock Licking, if you want it so bad, you may now clean all of us from him!" "You will not have any penetration for a month though!"

She whimpers as she takes my limp cock in her mouth. Slowly cleaning it, then moving to my Balls, Ass, Legs and Chest with her tongue, thoroughly bathing me! My cock has come to Full Attention again as she kisses my mouth Deeply!

Her mistress see’s this and says, "I’m impressed!" "You had better take care of that!" and she moves back to her knees until she has sucked me dry and limp again! They leave.

You lead me to the bedroom, remove the leash, but tell me you want the collar to remain! Your Special Guest has kept a couple of the girls to stay with her, and they are now asleep in the Giant bed. We crawl under the covers with them and she stirs, turning, leaning over me to Kiss You Deep again!

Then she rolls back and closes her eyes. "You’d better get some good sleep."

You say to me, "You’re going to be dressed in a Maid’s outfit, cleaning this apartment in a few hours." You kiss me and drift off to sleep as the sun peeks over the mountains. It’s morning.


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