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Slick and Slide

Sex, manipulation and loads of cum to keep this whore nice and slick
Slick and Slide ©2011 C.J. McNally. All Rights Reserved. This publication is protected by copyright. Any attempt to steal it WILL result in prosecution. Plagiarism is a crime.

‘No! I can’t – I won’t!’ Darren begged. The burly body builder squirmed beneath his tightly clad leather bound mistress.

‘Yes, you will.’ Her voice was cold and distant as she straddled his chest. She teased him with her feather whip before commanding obedience from him with a sharp stinging swat across his heaving, sweaty pectorals. The arousal of his nipples told her he was enjoying this. She watched the thin welt mark his chest where the quill whipped him, and he grit his teeth. She had ordered him not to cry out or get aroused, but had to do everything he had been instructed to, otherwise she would punish him. Naomi had him bound hand and foot to the bed, splayed out between the bedposts. He was completely at her mercy.

‘Yes, Mistress.’ Darren reluctantly submitted.

Naomi reached for her little bag of tricks and pulled on the drawstring of the black velvet pouch. She pulled out an interesting device, one consisting of a combination gag ball with a strap on dong attached to a head strap. She placed the gag ball in his mouth and strapped the device around his head so that the synthetic phallus protruded from his forehead. Naomi grinned and slowly climbed above her submissive lover to impale her wanting sex. With her thighs parted above his head he had a bird’s eye view of the erotic artificial penetration.

Darren bit down on the gag trying to think of anything other than the fire swelling in his loins. He envied the synthetic tool that spread his woman’s juiced up pussy. He wished his stirring cock was being devoured by those perfect pink lips instead of that evil looking, long vibrating imposter. Her light muff of blonde pubic hairs ground against his head to leave the scent of her wet sex behind and that was the end of his restraint. Darren’s cock twitched and took on a life of its own. Growing long and hard, it snapped tightly up against his belly. He felt a trickle of his manly essence dribble from the head of his rippling member to form a pool inside his bellybutton. Naomi was enjoying herself riding the artificial digit and she failed to notice he had lost control. Her fuck fluids cascaded down his forehead, wetting his hair and dripped down his face. His nose became wedged between her tight little arse cheeks with every bounce that swallowed the dong. He thought he’d never be able to forget the smell of her sweet sex. Darren wished he could have been able to reach up and grab that arse to hold her cunt over his face until he suffocated from her scent. This was sheer heaven to him. ‘If I were to drop dead right at this moment, I’d die a very happy man,’ he thought, as his lover’s moans started to reach their climactic peak.

‘Oh…..mmmmm.’ Naomi bit her bottom lip as the pressure and explosive wave of euphoric pleasure spread throughout her body. The sensation sent a dizzying heat that rapidly cooled like a backdraft in her limbs and she couldn’t hold back the explosive release. ‘Fuck! Daz! Oh, lord…. Oh fuck…mmm…oh, oh!’ Naomi panted and finally cried out. Her clit was a throbbing hard nub, stimulated by the delicious, non-stop vibrations coming from the man-made cock. ‘Yes! Fuck, yes! Christ, I’m coming – Ohh..’

Darren watched her slick and swollen pussy pound the dong so hard; he thought she’d break it off. She showered his face with her creamy sweet juice and he wished he could lick her out, lapping up all she had to give him. When her energetic release subsided, and her explosive golden shower ended, he caught a glimpse of her freshly fucked cunt expel the moulded chub. It plopped from her fuck hole still vibrating and she slid her slicked up still parted lips down over his chest.

Naomi ground her hips across the welt on his chest and his body jerked. He desperately wanted to touch her and fuck her. She could tell by the lust crazed stare he gave her that he wanted to prove to her he was a better lay than the wicked device still buzzing away on his head. Darren swallowed as best he could; he had been salivating and the drool ran from either side of his mouth to mingle with her sex juice. Naomi removed the head set from him before finally removing the gag.

‘Come here and kiss me you sexy bitch,’ he hoarsely told her, his voice thick with desire as his body tensed up. He fought his restrains trying to break free of his bonds to grab her and rope her into his swelling passion. ‘Agh!’ Darren groaned. Resisting the sturdy cuffs proved only to drain his energy. ‘Please, Naomi… Let me out of these cuffs and let me fuck you harder than ever. I want you so bad – I need…’

‘Shut up, slave.’ She ordered him, but he was over the whole mistress/submissive act. He wanted to take her. His cock ached for the warmth and friction only the interior muscles of her vagina could provide. ‘Don’t make me gag you again. Play nice, and we’ll both have lots of fun.’ She grabbed a hold of the feather whip again and lightly caressed his inflated, twitching cock with it.

‘Oh, you’re the devil…’ he moaned. His body involuntarily thrust beneath the feather quill and when she pulled it away from his engorged penis, a connective sticky string of pre-cum stuck some of the delicate plumes together.

‘Naughty boy….’ Naomi shook her head. ‘What a mess you’ve made all on your own. Would you like me to clean it up with my tongue?’ She provocatively teased him, sliding over his groin to sit between his spread legs. With her head bent so close to his needy gland, he could feel her hot breath on his balls as she whispered. ‘You want me to lick your balls before I suck your cock?’

Darren arched his back and his balls hit her chin. She quickly placed the feather quill to his abs and gave his a sharp tap with it. Another red welt to add to the collection across is body.

‘Ow!’ Darren almost squealed, but managed to laugh the sting away. ‘You’re so going to get the fuck of your life the minute you release me.’

Naomi grinned and gave him no chance to elaborate, rolling his sac between her lips. His sharp intake of breath told her, she had surprised him. She had never been inspired to be this wicked before. Gently sucking on his tight scrota, she put it down to the hypnotic bass and haunting rhythm of her evanescence album playing in the background. Her fingernails raked across his abs and Darren’s body was trapped; held captive by her merciless oral administrations. He groaned again and this time, she teased his biological weapon of mass proportion. Warm saliva lubricated his shaft, squelching profusely with each deep throated motion until she plopped his male pole from her mouth and gazed up at her lover. A wicked grin spread across her delicate mouth.

‘You want more of that? Then you’d better beg me for it…’ Naomi’s voice was hoarse from taking him so deep within her throat. She needed a moment for her stretched vocal chords to recover before she would complete the task that eventually would cause him to blow.

‘Yes, please! Oh… Babe, don’t stop. Please, god… I want that!’ Darren groaned. His god-like, perfect member twitched, encased in the palm of her hand. She continued to diligently pump his cock, watching him writhe with each stroke. Naomi sat back from him a little and unzipped her tight leather corset to reveal her heavy bosom. Her plump, rose coloured nipples popped out to enjoy their new-found freedom and his face lit up with glee. She knew he wanted to suckle at them like a newborn, but she wouldn’t let him; it was part of his punishment. Her body bent low over his erection and her bulbous tits brushed his cock. She shoved them either side of his velvety rod and began massaging her voluptuous boobs to encase his member. ‘Oh, yeah! Let me tit fuck those gorgeous babies!’ He cried out in ecstasy. She placed her face close to her boobs so that she could flick her tongue across the eye of his tool and savour the salty taste of his leaking fluids every time he passed through her fleshy breasts.

‘You’re enjoying that, aren’t you?’ Her voice was subtle, dangerous and she wanted to scare him a little. She pounced on him, crushing her naked bosom to his sweaty, red-welt covered torso. Naomi managed to knock the wind out of him, causing him to moan and cough. Even though he was much bigger than she, he still felt her petite one hundred and twenty pound frame come crashing down on him. She crawled up his body to his in his face. ‘Don’t!’ She spat venomously, snapping her teeth at him. ‘I might bite you…’ She cast her eyes down beneath their bodies to his rock-hard erection. ‘Where you’ll regret it.’

She commanded his attention. The way she snapped her teeth at him was more than a little playful nip. She was serious; it caused him to quiver with fear. Once she saw the submissive expression return to his eyes, she slithered her body back into position and wrapped her tongue around his meaty fuck pole. She grazed her teeth along the bulging sides of his cock as she took him into her mouth. Her tongue swirled wildly around the dome shaped head. Throaty ropes of saliva spewed from her lips to coat his member. The squelching sound of her mouth slurping and sucking him to orgasm was more than the empty bottle of lube he kept beside his bed for those long, lonely nights he went at it solo.

‘Fuck! Yes!’ He cried, and she squeezed his member, pursing her lips together over the head of his cock to the point it hurt a little. The pain gave way to a wave of pleasure that took him to the point of no return. He was going to come – and soon. He’d make her lap up his seed. The erotic thought spurred him on till he felt his lower body convulsed until the constricted feeling in his nuts gave way to his explosive release. Lashings of warm spunk erupted from his cock to cascade down the back of her throat. She pulled away from him and let the rest of it spurt out across her bare breasts. She massaged her tits together, smearing the fuck fluid into her skin. She swallowed most of his come the first time, but the second time, the majority of it landed all over her leather bound body in a sticky white gelatinous mess. She gazed down at his cream and ran her fingers through it.

‘Nowhere near enough. Is that all you got?’ Naomi smeared the remains from her hand across his face. ‘Give it all to me!’ She ruthlessly grabbed a firm hold of his cock and pumped her hand harder up and down his leaking erection. ‘Don’t hold back now…’

Darren threw his head back; writhing in a mixture of pleasure and pain under the diligent administration of her furious hand fuck.

‘You bitch!’ He breathlessly moaned as she impaled herself on his throbbing cock, and began riding him rough. ‘Fuck you!’

‘Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck Me!’ She cried out with each bounce, making sure the rest of his seed filled her tight pussy when he came. Naomi collapsed onto his exhausted body, panting every bit as hard as he did and kissed his jawline. ‘Fuck, Darren. You’re an amazing lover.’ She whispered, nestling her head in between his arm and neck.

‘Boy, if that was my birthday present this year, next year I want to fuck you while skydiving. You’re the amazing one, baby,’ he panted. He still felt energized from her hot body and already he had plans for their anniversary. If she loved his come this much, she’d love the surprise he had in store for her.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © ©C.J McNally 2011 All Rights Reserved. This publication is protected by copyright. Any attempt to steal it WILL result in prosecution. Plagiarism is a crime.

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