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Sperm Bank

I must be cleansed, and may only cum when they have determined the proper timing.
Sperm Bank

N... is about fifty years old. She is five feet six inches tall, and has a good figure, with ample breasts, and a nicely rounded firm ass. She has excellent legs, and works out three days a week. We used to work together, and I had the hots for her, even then. She is married. She has a quick wit, and can come out with some surprisingly sharp-tongued remarks sometimes. She is college educated with a degree in English Literature.

P... is also very intelligent and well-educated. She is in her early forties, divorced and in a long-term relationship. She has shoulder length curly, almost bushy blonde hair. She is, by her own admission small-breasted.

“Thirty six,” she says. “But only an A cup,” she adds ruefully. She is also about five feet six inches tall, with good hips, ass and legs.

P... and N… are in charge of Semen Inc, a semen collecting clinic and sperm bank for lesbian women who want to become mothers. But they tell me my semen will not be pure enough unless I am properly prepared and turned on. I must be cleansed, and may only cum when they have determined the proper timing. When that happens, I must not hold any semen back; I must be completely drained.

It begins with a shower. They use cool water, so that my semen will not leak out too soon. After they have washed me from head to toe, they turn the hand-held shower to pulsate. I am made to stand with my feet at either end of the tub, and my back to the wall. They direct the plusating stream of water to my armpits, my nipples, and my navel. When my nippples start to harden, P… grabs my penis and holds the foreskin back. N... directs the stream all around the rim of my glans. As I start to harden, she lowers the water temperature, so that I will not become fully erect. Then, she has P… spread the cheeks of my ass, and directs the spray directly at my anus.

After I am fully washed, it is time for the hair removal. My arms are raised above my head, and tied to a special hook on the shower curtain rod. With my legs still spread. Special clamps come out of the wall, and one clamps around each of my little toes, so that I cannot move. First they lather my face, and all the way around my neck. Then, taking turns, and working from each side, they shave all the hair from ear to ear, and all the way around the back of my neck, to what would be the hair line if I were a woman. Then the upper arms and armpits. After that, they shave my chest and stomach. Then, they lather and shave what feels like a bikini line acrtoss my lower abdomen, my upper legs, and around my genitals.

I try to look down, but am restrained by my hands secured above me. I feel them parting the cheeks of my ass, and they lather my ass and perineum. After all hair is removed from my face to my knees, except for a small triangular patch around my penis and scrotum, I am rinsed off with cool water from head to toe.

“To close your pores and make your Sissy skin smoother," N... says.

Then it is time for the enema. P... uncoils a hose that is connected with a Y valve to the shower. It is the one my ex-wife used to use for masturbating in the shower. I am made to stand with one foot on the edge of the tub, and P… inserts about a foot of hose into my recum. She holds it there, and N… turns the valve that switches the water from the shower to the hose. P... holds the hose in place while liquid shit comes pouring out and is running down my legs. I can tell it is coming back out of me, because it feels hot, compared to the cool water.

P... starts slowly withdrawing the hose, turning it this way and that so that it flushes down the intestinal walls, leaving my colon completely cleansed. If my penis drips any semen, I must catch it in my hand and lick it off, because I have to keep all the semen inside my body until it is time to collect it. When the hose comes out of my ass, P... uses it to rinse off my legs. I have to hold all the remaining enema water inside, by clamping my sphincter, while they dry me off. Only then am I alllowed to sit on the toilet and release it. Sometimes, little lumps of remaining shit come out with the liquid. If that happens, I have to have another enema. This keeps on until the liquid comes out clean. After the liquid is inspected, and found to be clean, I am allowed to wipe myself.

My body is rubbed down with moisturizer from my neck to my toes, and it is time for the collar. They place a leather collar on me, with a leather leash clipped to it at the back of my neck. I am then measured for a bra. They decide I am a thirty six, but cannot decide if I am an A or a nearly B cup.

P… takes off her blouse and stands next to me. She announces that, because my boobs are flat, but will be compressed from the sides, I should be fitted with a nearly B cup. They put the bra on me, but before they settle my breasts in the cups, N… connects electrodes to each of my nipples. Then they pull the cups up, and adjust the straps so that my breasts are pressed inward and upward, and it appears I have breasts as large, or larger than P...’s.

Next comes the electric butt plug. I suddenly realize why they wanted me so clean inside. The plug has two leads. Each is connected to a single side of a bipolar wire. They place a band around my balls, and pull it tight, so that my testicles cannot receed inside of my body. They place another band around the base of my penis. The opposite poles of bipolar wires are connected to the bands. I am made to lie on my back in the middle of the bed. There is a pillow covered with a towel placed under my hips. My ankles are secured with bondage straps, so that my legs are wide apart, and I cannot move. I feel as if I am being split in two, and my penis and balls are up in the air, where they can easily observe and touch them.

The pillow makes my anus available to them also. They connect all the wires to an electric acupuncture machine. The leash is attached to a special ring at the head of the bed, so that I cannot sit up. I am fitted with a mask, that filters the air I breathe. They tell me it is so, if I start breathing through my mouth, I will not inhale any large dust particles. Then they put on the blindfold. I feel very open and vulnerable. I do not know what they are going to do next. Ihve a fleeting thought that sometimes, N… can have a hard streak, and am a little apprehensive. Then I smell perfume. They have sprayed the outside of the mask with the perfume N... usually wears, and I feel my penis begin to harden, as I become aroused by the feminine smells.

They start by lightly touching me, first in one place, then in another. I never know where the next touch will be, or when. Every nerve of my body is alive, waiting for the next one. Just as I start to get used to it, there is a pinch, or a fingernail dug in just enough to cause arousal. Sometimes they vary it by placing clamps on me in various places. They use hair clips and clothespins.

After what seems like hours of this, I begin to feel pulses in my ass and inside my penis and balls. My nipples feel like they are being poked with little needles, but the pain is not unbearable. It is just enough to be arousing. I feel my penis getting harder. As the pulsing continues, I feel my ass and perineum pulse. It feels like I am being fucked in the ass, and I can feel my urethra begin to feel the way it does when I am cumming. Suddenly, the tension on my nipples gets harder. It feels like they are hard as rocks. Just as suddenly, it goes away.

The pulsing in my penis, balls and ass varies too. It changes in speed and intensity. Sometimes it is so slow and hard that I have an uncontrollable urge to thrust my hips with each pulse. Other times it is fast but so soft that I am not sure if it is real, or just my nerves tingling, like the persistence of vision after looking at a bright light.

This keeps up for a long time, an hour or more, without either of them uttering a word until N... breaks the silence by saying, “I think he is ready now. Let’s make him cum.”

Suddenly there is a whole new vibrating sensation on my penis head. (I can’t see it, but what they have done is place a powerful plug-in electric vibrator right against the glans.) All intensities and pulsation speeds are raised until I am bucking and moaning.

“Cum now, Slave,” N... says, and I shoot my semen which they catch in a cup. The electricity and vibration suddenly stop. There is no sensation or sound for several minutes. P... then announces that the microscopic inspection of the semen it is not up to their standards, and I must come back next week for another cleansing. Because I am not to lose any cum, the mask is removed, but not the blindfold.

The cup is placed to my mouth, and N... holds my nose, forcing me to drink it. P... then pulls the butt plug out of my ass, and there is another spurt from my penis. I am made to dip my fingers in it, and lick them off, while N... disconnects all the wires. My ankles are untied, and I am wiped off with the towel. While they are wiping me, I am instructed that I must not have sex with anyone, or masturbate during the next week. N... and P... then leave, and I pass out, still blindfolded and wearing the bra.

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