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Staying With Erin - Chapter 3

Paisy agrees to become her new friends' slut and discovers new levels of kinkiness.
“Here are the rules, and listen closely. You will not like what happens if I have to repeat them.”

My landlady’s voice had an edge to it that hadn’t been there previously. Her eyes looked deeply into mine, and I was staring back with rapt attention, pleasurable shivers travelling up and down my spine, shivers which I didn’t understand but welcomed nonetheless. Erin watched me from behind her, hungry, breathless and flushed.

“Rule one,” Bridget began, “always obey. Mine as well as Erin’s orders. It won’t matter if you don’t like an order. In fact,” a hint of a grin tugged at the corner of her mouth, “it's going to be twice as much fun if you don’t like it. I have the feeling that this is exactly what you need.”

My heart was beating hard at her words, and all kinds of questions raced through my head. Perhaps I’d get to ask them later.

“Rule two, my dirty little lodger, you will never cover your body while in the house or on our grounds, unless we expressly tell you to.”

If possible, the beating of my heart got louder. On the grounds? The idea of being naked outside sent a warm tingle through my nipples.

“Rule three, and this will probably be the hardest, you will never lie. When we ask you a question, you will answer it truthfully, to the best of your ability. No evasions. Do you understand that?”

I nodded, without turning away my gaze.

“I want to hear it.”

“Yes, Bridget.”

“Then let’s put it to the test. Stand up and step as close as you can.”

A test? A small wave of fear, mixed with excitement, washed over me. But then I took a deep breath and got clumsily to my feet, my knees protesting a bit. I wasn’t used to kneeling, and the short time on the floor was enough to remind me of that. Though that was something, I realized, that was probably about to change. I shuffled closer, until my knees touched hers.

“Spread your legs; shoulder-width apart will do.”

I complied, and the simple act made me feel small. I was nervous, and I didn’t know what to do with my hands. My new friends both took their time to look up and down my body, which didn’t help ease my self-consciousness. Finally, in a desperate movement, I put both hands behind my back and clasped them together.

Erin giggled. “See, she’s a natural.”

“That she is,” my landlady confirmed, “I knew it from the moment she stepped out of that van.” And then, with a casual movement, her hand cupped my sex, rubbed up and down a few times, and her middle finger wiggled its way inside, making me gasp.

My eyes went wide. It felt delicious, and dirty.

“Let’s have a bit of truth time, Paisy. Do you think I’m beautiful?”

Whatever questions I could have expected, this wasn’t one of them. I sputtered, unable to make up an answer. She was far from beautiful. While she didn’t have an unpleasant face, the surplus weight together with her age let her look a bit matronly, and I would never ever think about her in terms like beautiful, sexy or even pretty. But could I say that out loud? Would she be hurt? Perhaps even cancel the naughty game we had just started?

Her face quickly grew impatient, and she crooked her finger inside me and squeezed my pussy. “Remember, absolute honesty. Do you want your first act after hearing the rules to be breaking one?”

“No,” I hastily relented, “of course not, Bridget.”

“Then answer. Do you think I’m beautiful?”

I hung my head. “No, Bridget.”

Instead of the expected outburst, my answer was a steady movement of her finger inside my pussy, a soft caress that seemed to multiply with the tension. I moaned.

“Do you even like me?”

Her finger picked up speed, making it hard to concentrate. I shook my head, my eyes glassy with lust. “No, I - I don’t know what I feel, Bridget, but then, I don’t really know you.”

“But you’re intimidated.”

“Yes.” Barely a whisper.

“You see me as an old woman, overweight, not in the least bit physically attractive, don’t you?”

It was exactly what I thought. But could I admit it? Honesty, damn the rule. “Yes, I do.” My cheeks were aflame with embarrassment.

“And yet you enjoy being touched by me like this. You’re a kinky little slut.”

She was right. Even as she said it, my hips answered her movements and tried to get her finger to delve just a tad deeper and find just a tad more friction against her hand. Her touch felt so delicious, not despite, I realized, but because I didn’t find her attractive.

“Do you think Erin is beautiful?”

This one was even harder to answer. “Yes. No. Sometimes.”

A second finger invaded my pussy, and I gave a mixture of a moan and a gasp in response.

“How does that work?”

It was hard to find the right words, and even harder with two fingers moving steadily in and out of my pussy. I was breathing hard by now and knew that I wasn’t far from climaxing. The whole scene felt incredibly surreal.

“I - Erin - she looks so tomboyish, but - but today in bed, when we were making love, her face looked so joyful and beautiful…” My voice trailed off, not sure how to explain my dichotomy in perception.

“Ah, I see.”

I dared to look at my landlady’s face again, and she wore a satisfied smile.

“I - I don’t understand it myself,” I confessed.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s your pussy that finds her beautiful. Not your head or your heart - at least not yet.” To illustrate her point, she shoved her two fingers hard inside me, her hand making a slapping sound against my crotch.

It was like a trigger had been pulled, and the sensation caught me completely unaware. A heat wave shot through my pussy, travelled up my stomach and breasts and seemed to reflect back from my tightening nipples. And just like this, I came, hard and fast, and threw my head back in a suppressed wail of pleasure as I felt my inner walls clench around Bridget’s fingers.

My hips rocked with every wave of pleasure, and it was only my landlady’s hand between my legs that kept me upright. I gasped for breath, only slowly coming down from the exhilarating high and becoming conscious of the two pairs of eyes watching me with fascination.

When the hand was removed, my knees turned to jelly, and I sank to the ground, looking up at the two of them with a mixture of bliss and growing embarrassment.

“Oh god,” I whispered, “oh fucking god!”

“That foul mouth will earn you a spanking later,” Bridget immediately admonished, “but right now there’s cleanup duty for you. My hand is smeared with your slime.”

Before I could think about it, the fingers were in front of my face, my now familiar musky, sweet scent filling my nostrils. And as if I had practiced it a thousand times, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the fingers. I ran my tongue around them, licking and sucking my own juices from them, an intense act of submission that almost took my breath away. Mixed with my own aromas was a whiff of sweat, and I could feel every little cranny and the small calluses from all the farm work on her knuckles.

After some time, she pulled her fingers from my mouth and turned her hand around. I could see more of my wetness glisten on her palm and started to lap on it like a kitten on a finger that was dipped in milk. My landlady’s other hand stroked my hair, and the moment felt both so incredibly wrong and right that I wanted to hold on to it forever.

“Let’s get on with the rules,” Bridget’s voice broke the sensuousness, “the fourth rule is that you aren’t allowed to touch your body other than for hygiene. If you want to touch yourself, you have to get our permission first.”

The flutter between my legs was immediately back. The thought alone of having to ask my landlady or Erin if I could pleasure myself was thrilling. I nodded with flushed cheeks.

“Rule number 5 runs in the same track, no climaxing without our explicit permission.”

I think I must have looked startled and a bit fearful at that, because she continued stroking my hair.

“Don’t worry, I know this will be hard at the beginning, and you’ll fail often. But we’ll be delighted to help you learn, won’t we, Erin?”

“Of course we will,” Erin piped from over her shoulder, the slightly evil grin of her face making it clear in which form the help would be delivered.

For a moment I asked myself what I had let myself in for. But then I remembered the intensity of my orgasms and all doubts went away in a puff of smoke.

“And the last rule for now,” my landlady picked up the conversation again, “is that we expect absolute cleanliness from our slut, outside and inside.

“Inside?” I was a bit lost. Did she mean it metaphorically? But that made no sense at all.

“I think it’s best we show you what we expect of you, don’t you think so too, Erin?”

“That would be best, yeah. Can I help?” She appeared quite eager.

“I think you should administer it, you know how it works, and it will bring you two closer.”

“Brilliant,” she exclaimed and pressed a sloppy kiss on my landlady’s cheek, “thanks, Bridget!”

A few seconds later my hand was firmly gripped by Erin and she was pulling me after her into the bathroom, my landlady following us in a more leisurely pace.


Erin guided me over the plush carpet in the middle of the room. I got a floating feeling in my stomach when Bridget ordered me to get down on all fours. I wondered what was going to happen to me, and, with knees that were still weak from earlier, I sunk to the carpet and awaited the next step of my willing degradation.

Erin was bustling through the small sideboard next to the sink, then turned on the faucet. My landlady’s hand touched my bum cheeks, and I closed my eyes, only to open them wide again when my cheeks were pulled apart and something cold and wet touched my anus, trying to bury itself inside my ass. I shrieked and jumped forward. A harsh slap lit up my buttocks.

“Stay like you are!” Bridget’s voice hissed, menacing, and I shuffled back into position.

Soon the moist touch on my anus was back, and I clenched my buttocks together to protect my pucker. It was to no avail. The pressure increased steadily, and then whatever it was slid inside my ass, accompanied by stinging, burning sensation. But that wasn’t all of it! Something cool was squeezed inside me while the item slowly withdrew again.

I gasped. “What are you doing?”

“You’ll see. I think you will like it.” My landlady’s voice was dripping honey, belying the deplorable invasion into my ass a moment ago.

“You finished, honey?”

“Yes, Bridget,” Erin’s excited voice answered. “Can I do it?”

“Let me check the temperature. It’s a bit hot, but it should still be fine. Yes, you can do it, but remember to be careful. Do it slowly.”

“I will.”

“So, little lady,” my landlady addressed me once more, “Erin will now give you an enema. This will be uncomfortable, but far less so than a spanking on your sore bottom would be, so it should not be a problem. Just keep in position and do as you are told.”

The word “enema” registered, and I almost jumped up to flee. They were, no, Erin was going to empty a bag of water into my bowels!”

“Please, no! Everything but that, anything else, please!”

“Don’t be a sissy!” Erin admonished me.


“It’s not up for discussion, young lady,” Bridget’s stern voice sounded, and I look up at her, “I told you that we expect you clean, so this is an essential part of the new rules. Of course we can stop our game anytime.”

I hung my head. Now that I had sniffed the wonderful aroma of decadent sex, I’d go mad if I had to go back to my normal inhibited self. “I - I’ll take it.”

Then the nozzle touched my pucker, and I involuntary evaded it.

“Hey, she’s not keeping still. Can you hold her?”

“Of course, honey. But I want Paisy to ask me; it is, after all, for her benefit as much as ours that we are doing this. And I want to hear a full sentence. So what do you say, little slut?”

She was really expecting me to beg to be held. But I just knew that I’d flinch away the next time as well. I had never had anything enter my bum before. I felt terrified, but I was on a sexual thrill-ride that I couldn’t step out of. “Please, Bridget,” I managed to stammer somewhat convincingly, “would you hold me so I can accept my enema?”

And then, to my heightened embarrassment, my landlady stepped in front of me, then even closer, until her naked legs were touching my shoulders. She shuffled her legs closer together, and my head was caught between her fleshy shins, her skin softly pressing against my neck, her bathrobe casting a shadow over me and brushing my hair as she moved. A mixture of soap and sweat filled my nose. I had never felt this kinky before. The strange question whether her skin would taste like it smelled ran through my mind.

Then the nozzle was back, forcing its way into my ass, now slippery from whatever Bridget had squeezed into my pucker. It burned, but only a bit. I shivered all over.

“It’s inside,” Erin declared, “I’ll open the valve now.”

“Go on, honey.”

A wave of heat streamed into my rectum, a feeling unlike anything I had ever felt before. At first I feared it would burn me, but with time, it felt almost good. It spread all through my womb and made small pearls of sweat appear on my skin.

“I think she likes it,” Erin observed, “the way she’s wiggling her bum.”

Oh god, I was really doing that! I felt so exposed!

After a while, I started to feel full, as if I needed to use the toilet, and I started to fear that all the water that was running into me was about to come rushing back out. My stomach felt full as well. “Please, Bridget, I don’t think there’s room for more.”

“Oh but I’m sure there is. You’ve only got a third of it inside you yet.”

She was right, there was room for more. A few humiliating minutes later I heard Erin declare, “Two thirds.”

That’s when the cramps started, deep in my bowels, and at the same time my legs started shaking. I was sweating all over now. “Please stop it, please,” I begged through slightly misty eyes, “it hurts.”

“It’s supposed to hurt,” my landlady said without compassion, “anything worth its name comes with a cost, after all. Erin, help her a bit and massage her tummy.”

Erin didn’t hesitate a single moment. Her hands reached around me and started to rub circles on my stomach. I was torn. It felt so lewd to be touched on my bare skin by the girl, but it did help with the cramps. And Erin seemed to know what she was doing, pressing down on a particular spot each time her hands were over it, until a deep gurgling sound suddenly announced the end of an especially heavy cramp. I sighed.

But then the circles started to get bigger and bigger, and her fingers brushed over my triangle of pubic hair, just quick, flighty touches. I wanted to protest, suddenly feeling shy about being touched by another girl again, but each time I thought to, her fingers were already at a different spot. The fullness started to intensify rapidly, and I was constantly moaning, gasping and begging them to stop. My stomach felt like it was ready to burst.

Just when I was thinking I might suffer real damage if this punishment continued, Erin’s voice announced that all the water was inside of me now. The wave of relief washed almost physically through my body.

“I’m going to remove the nozzle from your pucker, Paisy.” Erin’s excitement hadn’t diminished over time. “You need to clench your buttocks together hard as soon as it’s out, otherwise you’ll make a mess on the carpet.”

Bridget finally set my head free and stepped away. I watched her move to the toilet, but instead of lifting the lid, she sat down on it.

“Uhm, Bridget?”

“Yes, Paisy?”

“I - I’m going to need the toilet in a moment.”

She chuckled. “Oh no, sweetie, you’re in no hurry. You need to let the enema finish its work and hold it inside for ten minutes.”

“Oh no! Oh my god! I can’t do that! Please let me use the toilet!” I didn’t need to fake the desperation in my voice.

A sliding movement between my bum cheeks announced that Erin was now pulling the nozzle out. Fearing the worst, I clenched my buttocks as hard as I could.

“Turn over onto your back,” Erin told me while she put the bag with the hose into the sink, “it’ll be easier to hold in like that.”

A groan left my throat, drawn out and full of despair.

“The longer you wait, the worse it will get, you know.”

“How - how do you know that.”

“How do you think?”

Another cruel cramp made my breath hitch. I ground my teeth. As soon it had lessened enough to move, I lay down on my back, which took me ages because of the constant fear that I might relax my pucker and make a mess on the carpet. I wondered if this kind of punishment a regular occurrence in my landlady’s household; Erin’s words seemed to imply just that. An unbidden picture of her nude, boyish body entered my mind, on all fours like I had been, and my landlady’s hand shoving the enema nozzle between her pert bum cheeks, the hose sticking out like a glassy tail. ‘Oh god,’ I whispered in my mind, this was so wrong, and yet something about the image was so captivating that I had a hard time letting it go.

“It will help if you pull up your legs and hold them below the knees,” Erin informed in a matter-of-fact voice, “though you’ll have to spread them a bit, otherwise you’ll make the pressure on your belly worse.”

The movement hadn’t helped to ease the fullness, and I followed her advice, desperate for any miniscule measure of relief. A number of gasps and grunts escaped my throat before I had managed the position. “Ouch!” I complained as another cramp churned my insides. “This doesn’t help at all!”

Erin patted me on the head. “I know, I was having you on. You look sexy like that, and I can see more of your pussy.” She stuck out her tongue. “But you’ve already managed two minutes.”

“Two?” My voice trembled, barely above a whisper. “Only two? Oh god no, I can’t last another eight. Please, I need to let it out!”

“Maybe you can help her feel better, Erin,” Bridget suggested from her position as the toilet’s warden, “it’s her first enema, if I’m reading the signs right, so she may need some comfort.”

“But of course, Bridget.” Erin sounded excited, and like a whirlwind, she was suddenly kneeling between my legs, one arm extended, and then I felt her fingers softly trailing the contours of my pussy lips. “You’ve got a beautiful pussy, Paisy, a bit hairy, but so full and ripe. And your skin is so soft and warm.”

“Oh god,” I shrieked, “what are you doing?” I almost forgot to clench my bum, and I thought I could already feel the dirty water shoot out of me. “Oh no, no, no,” I whimpered. It was too much, and it felt so nicely wrong to have her touch me there, but I couldn’t decide what was worse, the embarrassment of being touched by a girl I had only met for real a day before, or the panic of humiliating myself even more by losing control of my bowels.

Her hand once again rubbed circles over my stomach, only this time not just brushing my intimate spot, but caressing it, tickling it, and every touch did send pleasurable feelings through my body. Looking down, my tummy looked big, distended. I didn’t have a visible belly - not normally. The cramps changed, the deep, sudden stabs transforming into continuous waves of stings.

“Oh my,” Erin commented between my legs, “your pucker is twitching. I’m actually not sure you’ll make it.”

“Nooo,” I wailed, “please, please,” slowly losing the ability to form complete sentences.

“I can make sure you keep it in,” Erin offered, “if you’re really want me to.”

“Oh god yes, please,” I begged instantly, “please do it.”

If I had been in the shape for rational thought, I’d probably not have agreed to her suggestion without questioning what she intended to do about it. In my current predicament, I was left with few options and even less time.

As it was, the sudden pressure against my pucker, followed by something hard and yet soft sliding into my bottom until it came to rest with a sharp burn, took me by complete surprise.

“What? What have you...” I could only gasp when her hand came to rest between my bum cheeks.

“My thumb, silly.” She giggled. “All the way in, now nothing can leak out.”

I tried to protest, but then her thumb wiggled in my bowel, and I felt like a perverted kind of finger puppet. My breathing got faster and faster, and between the wiggling of her thumb in my bum, the cramps still rolling through my stomach, and her other hand - wait, her other hand was rubbing and kneading my pussy now! A new feeling took hold of me, a very strange, lightweight, almost floating feeling. Without realizing it, my knees spread to the sides as far as they could, making her access to my pussy easier. It felt nothing like when I was playing with myself in the private darkness of my bedroom, it was a hundred times more intensive and completely focused between my legs.

I could hear Bridget tell Erin to keep her ministrations in check, but the words barely registered. For a hundredth time today the words “oh my god” flashed through my mind. Erin was masturbating me, a finger in my bum which was filled to the limit with warm water, and my landlady was watching us from her perch on the porcelain throne. And I was enjoying it. In the span of not even a full day, they head turned me into a wanton slut and made me enjoy the humiliating experience of the enema!

My whimpers were incomprehensible by now and I could feel that ball of heat forming deep between my legs that heralded the arrival of my big O. My head flew from side to side.

“Ten minutes,” Erin chimed, “you made it.” Her hand left my pussy, but it took me a few seconds to notice it and stop my lewd writhing.

“C’mon,” she urged me, accompanied with a light slap on my bum, “hop on the toilet.”

“Can’t,” I groaned, “can’t walk.” It was true; my legs were trembling, from both the cramps in my stomach and the arousal.

“Then crawl.”

It took some maneuvering, but I finally managed to get up on my arms and knees and started to crawl towards the toilet, Erin’s thumb still embedded in my behind and her other fingers cupping my pussy. I didn’t even mind, I was only focused on the imminent relief. I didn’t even think about it when they pulled me up and sat me slowly down on the toilet.

But then Erin pulled her finger out of my ass. It took my body a few seconds to realize that there was no obstacle to contain the pressure anymore, and in the meantime Erin’s left, clean, hand and Bridget’s right hand started to stroke my thighs, both of them murmuring encouraging words and praising me as a “good girl.”

The liquid started to burst out of me, and the feeling of relief was so wonderful it brought tears to my eyes. Together with the fondling of my thighs, it finished what Erin had started earlier.

The ball of heat spread through my tummy and up to my nipples, and I came in an animalistic, grunting, moaning mess of emotions, and the climax went on and on, each spurt of liquid from my bum triggering another, albeit slowly ebbing, wave of pleasure.

It took ages to expel all the liquid, and I felt weak afterwards. Somewhere along, my upper body had tipped forward and was resting on my knees now, my arms folded in between, and I was completely out of breath. Bridget was patting my hair, matted from sweat, and Erin stood at the sink, washing her hands.

“Good girl,” Bridget whispered, tilting my head up and looking me deep into the eyes. Gone was the strict disciplinarian, now all I could see in her eyes was warmth and care. Or perhaps more, a small voice said, but I didn’t linger at the thought. “We’ll leave you alone now, you should take a shower. You stink. You don’t need to hurry, though. Just come to the kitchen when you’re finished.” She pressed her lips to mine for a long moment, and I thought I even felt the tip of her tongue, but I couldn’t be sure.

Then I was alone. After the millions of emotions, the silence felt almost oppressive. I cleaned myself up and flushed, then stepped into the shower like a robot. Leaning against the wall, I let the cool water stream over my body and wondered what the hell had happened to the world that I thought I had known.

I didn’t have words to express the levels of embarrassment I had endured. And I didn’t have ones for the intensity of my climax either, I realized with dread, just barely catching my hand on its way between my legs.

My landlady and my new roommate were both perverts, that much had become clear to me. And they had caught me up in their perverted game. This was only the first day, and I shivered at the thought that there were three hundred and sixty-four more to come. Where would I end up after that time? What devious sexual games would the two of them have me play? I was sure I couldn’t even begin to imagine the depth of it. My fingernail scraped over my clit and I drew my hand away from my sex as if burnt.

“No,” I protested into the silence, “this is crazy!”

Nevertheless, I was hooked, and I knew I’d see this game through all the way.


I finally felt clean again, but I didn’t think there was a drop of hot water left. My skin smelled of rose soap and my hair of honey and cinnamon.

I traipsed into the kitchen to find my landlady sitting on the kitchen table with a naked Erin in her lap each of them with a steaming cup of coffee.

“Come here, Paisy,” she gestured to come closer, “and stand with your back to us.”

I did so with hesitant steps.

“Now bend forward and put your hands on your ankles. We need to check your backside for irritations, we don’t want you have an adverse reaction to the lubricant.”

My head grew hot and felt like it would explode when I did so and two firm hands spread my ass cheeks. They took their time, fingers touching my pucker, murmuring under their voices, too low for me to understand. A few times a fingernail scraped over the sensitive rim, making my breath hitch and my pucker clench, and every touch was accompanied by small giggles.

Then something warm and wet touched my pucker, and my eyes flew wide open.

“Everything looks fine. Take a seat in one of the chairs. I’ll get you a coffee, or a tea, whatever you prefer.”

Had Erin just licked my pucker? I couldn’t believe it! And my landlady acted as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. I plopped down on the chair facing them with a sigh. “No, I… coffee is fine, with milk please.”

Once I had the cup of coffee in my hands, I took a large gulp. The caffeine offered some instant relaxation that I desperately needed. I tasted good, and I drew in a deep breath through my nose and let the familiar aroma transport me to my kitchen at home, where things used to be less complicated. Or at least it felt so at this moment.

“Hey, roomy,” Erin chimed, “how about shooting a few pictures of you this afternoon?”

“I don’t know, can’t we do those another time?”

“Now, Paisy,” my landlady looked at me, one eyebrow lifted, her head resting on Erin’s shoulder, “what’s so difficult about a few photos. Erin has agreed to let you stay in her room, so you should try and be a bit grateful.”

The word ‘grateful’ triggered the memory of yesterday’s punishment, so I knew what was expected.

“You’re right, Bridget. I’d be happy to let you photograph me, Erin.”

“Oh! That’s great! Thanks, Paisy.” A moment later she was behind me, hugging me, whispering into my ear, “Just wait and see. It will be brilliant. And you’ll look wonderful!”

I went stiff in her embrace, surprised because her hands were directly on my breasts and kneading them eagerly, but she was back on Bridget’s lap again before I could show some reaction, grinned at me and sipped on her coffee.

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