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Staying With Erin - Chapter 4

A nude foray outside, a bonding experience, spanking and a wicked photo session fill Paisy's day.
A quick look at the watch told me that my adventures this morning had taken up quite some time, as it was already half past ten.

“Why don’t you show Paisy a bit of the farm while I start cooking?”

Erin didn’t wait for my opinion, jumping up from Bridget’s lap and grabbing my hand. “We’ll be back inside at twelve!”

Crossing the threshold to the outside world nude felt strange, but my friend simply pulled me through the door and there I was, blinking my eyes in the glaring sunlight and experiencing a whole new level of self-consciousness.

“What if somebody comes by?” I hastily asked and covered my boobies with my arm.

“Nobody’s going to come by, silly.” Erin sighed and tugged at my hand. “It’s Sunday, so everybody’s at church or holed up at home. And what does it matter anyway.” She turned around and stepped close to me, trailing her fingers up the outside of my thighs. Goose bumps instantly followed her touch. “You agreed to be our little sex slave. Should a slave have any say in that matter?”

My cheeks flushed. “N - no.” But strangers seeing me? I wasn’t sure if that wasn’t more than I could bear.

Her head tilted a bit, and her lips wrapped around my right nipple. The sensation of her moist lips made it instantly stiffen, and I almost groaned in dismay when she let go of it.

“You’re quite the sexual thing, you know. But now that I think about it, shouldn’t a plaything address her mistress properly?”

“What do you mean?”

“I want you to call me Ma’am or Mistress Erin today, just so our roles are clear. Don’t you think that’s a good idea?”

That was kinky. Addressing my petite, frail looking friend that way seemed, at the first glance, entirely inappropriate, but that strange heat between my legs seemed to appreciate the idea. And even while I took a deep breath and readied myself, she seemed to become less frail in my eyes. “Yes, yes it is, Ma’am.”

She grabbed my hand again. “Good. Come on, I want to introduce you to Martha.”

“Martha?” I choked, a wave of self-consciousness washing over me. “But you said nobody’s going to be outside!”

She didn’t seem to hear my protest, and so I was pulled after her, dreading to meet this Martha, whoever she was. We stopped in front of a mesh-wire fence that enclosed an area of about a hundred feet in each direction and had a small wooden hut in the center. Chicken were scuttling to and fro, pecking at the ground and bumping into each other, cackling and chirping.

“Martha! Come here!” Erin shouted, clapping her hands a few times. On cue, a fat, black chicken with white spots all over its feathers raced across the mud, beating its wings and cackling like mad. She bent down and stuck her finger through the mesh. Instead of pecking at it, the chicken rubbed its head against it.

“This is Martha, my personal chicken and my first pet,” Erin declared as if having a tame chicken was the most natural thing in the world.

“Oh.” My response was just as elaborate as my thoughts were at this moment.

“Come on, you can pet her too.”

I looked at her, wondering if she was setting me up to get pecked, but she just smiled at me and waved her hand.

“Martha doesn’t mind, really.”

So I bent down and reached through the mesh with my finger like Erin had done. The chicken, aware that this finger belonged to a different person, cocked its head to the sides a few times and eyed it critically. I almost pulled it back when it touched its pointy beak to it, but then it rubbed the side of its head against my extended digit and cooed.

Then I almost fell against the fence when Erin’s hand touched the tops of my thighs between my legs, and I had to grip the mesh with my other hand to keep myself steady. “Erin!” I exclaimed, startled.

Her response was to slap my bum, which drew a pained gasp from me. “What did we agree you would call me?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress Erin!”

“And don’t you forget it, or we’ll have to find an appropriate punishment for you. Now keep petting Martha.”

Martha was quickly at the back of my mind though. Erin’s fingers trailed up and down my thighs, coming closer and closer to my pussy lips and leaving behind pleasant tingles on my skin. When she finally brushed against them my knees buckled and the small moan that escaped my throat gave away my arousal.

“You’re quite a horny thing,” she commented while she teased the outside of my lips, “I’m going to have so much fun keeping your cunt wet all day.”

“Please,” I moaned, not minding anymore that we were outside in broad daylight, “please stick them inside me.”

“Did you just say something?” Her tone was playful, but it held a hint of sharpness.

I had to think for a moment before I got the message.

“Please stick them inside me, Mistress?”

“You want me to stick what where?” Her fingernails scratched over the sensitive flesh, making my hips jerk.

My cheeks flamed, but the need was reaching a level that took away all my inhibitions. All I wanted at that moment was to feel her delicate fingers inside my dripping love tunnel. “Please stick your fingers in my pussy, Mistress Erin!”

“All of them?”

“Oh god, no! That would tear me apart!”

“Gosh, you’re so amusing.” One finger divided the folds of my labia and started to caress the soft flesh there. I shuddered under the touch. “What will you allow me to do if I grant you the wish?”

We were stepping onto dangerous ground, and I hesitated. Until her finger tickled my clit and the word flew from my lips without conscious thought. “Anything!”

A quick look over my shoulder showed me that Erin was biting her lower lip with devious grin. “Okay,“ she drawled after a little while, “that’s the deal. If I stick my finger into your snatch, you’ll allow me to tie you up while I show you around until lunchtime.”

The word ‘snatch’ raised goosebumps along my spine. For all her sweet, fragile looks, she had quite a potty mouth, and something wicked stirred inside me every time she called me or my body parts dirty names.

“Tie me up, Ma’am?” I asked a bit hesitantly, glad to remember the honorific.

“Ever heard about bondage?”

“Uh huh,” I nodded, “I - I’ve read a few stories… but isn’t that about making someone immobile?”

“It can be, but sometimes it’s only about making a part of someone immobile. Like the arms or legs.”

“Oh.” In the stories that had mentioned bondage the ‘victims’ had always been tied down to the bed, or in one case, a leather bench. If she wanted to continue showing me around, she could only bind my arms, which wouldn’t be that bad. “Okay.”


“Uhm.” How do you tell someone that you’ll agree to be tied up if they finger your pussy? My thoughts spun in all directions for a moment, but Erin gladly helped me out of my dilemma.

“You want me to finger-fuck your pussy and then tie you up?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I agreed enthusiastically.

“Then ask me to, in a whole sentence!”

I felt self-conscious as I did so, but I was so horny I quenched the worst my insecurities and stammered with a dark blush, “Please, Mistress Erin, would you finger-fuck my pussy and tie me up later?”

“Okay,” she piped, as if this was the most normal thing in the world, “grab the railing of the fence and push out your bum.”

So I was soon standing in the middle of their property, my hands clutched around the horizontal bar at the top of the fence, my upper body almost level with the floor and my feet shoulder width apart, flushed and aroused.

“Here it comes,” she warned, and a second later the tips of two fingers wiggled into my pussy.

“Oh my god,” I moaned when Erin pushed them inwards, “please don’t stop!”

She giggled. “Would never dream of stopping, my little finger puppet.”

Finger puppet, that was exactly like I felt when her digits were all the way inside me and she twisted them left and right. Hot shivers raced through my pussy and made the tops of my legs tremble. Then she started to move them in and out, making me moan and grunt every time she pushed them forcefully inside me.

“Tell me when you’re about to come.”

That didn’t take long. The knowledge that some stranger could enter the property at any and see me get finger-fucked by my friend was like an aphrodisiac, and my skin tingled every time the thought raced through my mind.

“Oh my god,” I groaned, “I’m going to…”

The words died on my lips when Erin’s fingers slipped out of me. “We didn’t say anything about actually coming, did we?”

I whimpered. “Please, Erin!” I begged, wiggling my bum and wishing for her to finish what she had started.

“No. I want you worked up.” Her voice sounded final.

I sighed in defeat.

“Don’t be like that,” she pouted, “you agreed to everything, after all.”

“You tricked me!”

“And what if?”

There was no winning a discussion over this devious waif of a girl.

“C’mon, let’s get you tied up!”

She grabbed my forearm and pulled me away from the fence and towards the huge barn. We had to cross a small driveway covered with pointy gravel, and the small stones stung like hell in the soles of my feet. I tugged at her arm, begging her to go slower, but she just told me not to be a baby and hurry up.

The inside of the barn was already hot, and dust danced in the sheets of light that fell through the gaps in between the planks of wood. A part of it was divided off, but most of it was a big, open space with a number of interspersed wide posts that carried the ceiling. Horizontal beams ran between those posts and held pulleys, ropes and hooks from which all kinds of tools dangled.

Erin went determinedly to one of those hooks and pulled down a few rolls of thick hemp rope. I almost took a step backwards when she approached me, a fierce glint in her eyes.

“I’m so glad you agreed to let me try this, slut,” she told me while she measured the lengths of rope with her arms, holding each one up one end and then pulling it through her hand until both arms were extended. “Good, that will do. Now stand still and let me wrap you up.”

I did as she asked, but with trepidation. I had no idea what she had in mind, and I eyed the rough hemp with distrust, wondering if it would chafe me.

She started by wrapping the end of a rope around my left wrist a few times and tied it up in an elaborate knot. “It’s a special knot,” she explained, “it doesn’t tighten on its own. Those hemp ropes are bitches; if you use a normal knot, you have to cut them loose.”

My other wrist was similarly adorned, and then she made me bend my arms and guided both behind my back, crossing each other, my hands pointing upwards. The ropes went over my shoulders and she went to my front, where she gave them a quick yank.

“Ow!” I protested. “That hurts!”

“Just a bit, don’t be a sissy!”

She tied both ropes together with a single knot and took up the slack again so it came to rest between my breasts, and I whimpered only a little this time, which she rewarded with a sweet smile. Then she proceeded to wrap one rope around my left breast while she held the knot in place. One, two, three, even a fourth round of hemp was wrapped around my boob. She didn’t make it particularly tight, but when I looked down, my breast was considerable constricted at its base and stood straight away from my body. I wouldn’t have called the sensation unpleasant; it was nothing more than a constant pull. My right boob got the same treatment, and she tied off the ends at the impromptu shoulder straps.

“There, all done!” Erin exclaimed and twirled around on the spot.

I wondered why she sounded so exuberant. I had to admit that my arms were rather uncomfortable and that my boobs felt like they were pulled and squeezed a bit, and the way they completely defied gravity might look interesting.

Then she put her hands around my boobs and started to massage them while her lips attached themselves to my right nipple and sucked on it. My arousal was quickly racing towards it peak again and my breath grew ragged.

My devious friend stopped her ministrations just when things got exciting. When I looked down at my boobs, they had taken on a bright red color.

“It’s the blood,” she piped in explanation, “it flows into your tits when you’re aroused, but it can’t flow back fast enough with the rope, so they swell up and get hyper sensitive.”

“And how long will I have to wear this,” I gestured to the ropes with my chin and, at the last minute, remembered to address her correctly, “Mistress Erin?”

“Probably until lunch. I don’t think Bridget wants us to have to feed you, but you never know.”

This was all so crazy. I shook my head and found that Erin already was on her way outside again. I hurried after her, my movement awkward with my arms unable to move.

Erin continued showing me the farm, once more acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary - at least mostly. From time to time, she would tease or kiss my nipples, which did in fact get more sensitive by the minute. The red color of my boobs darkened too, and they swelled up quite a bit.

I was shown the vegetable garden, the fruit trees, the tool shed and the small pond right beside a patch of trees that was fed by a small brook. We were just cooling our feet and trying to hit the midges sitting on the surface with small pebbles when our landlady’s voice sounded in the distance.

“Paisy, Erin, lunch is ready!”

“Coming!” Erin shouted back. “Come on, let’s hurry back, she doesn’t like it when we dawdle.”

She raced ahead, and I tried to follow her, slower and careful not to trip with my limited ability to move. She stopped after twenty yards or so and waited for me, and I smiled at her, only to yelp when a sharp slap hit my bum.

“Ow,” I exclaimed, “what was that for?”

“For not running fast enough!” Another slap hit my backside. “Come on, faster!”

So she drove me towards the house, slapping my bum every few steps. I really tried to run as fast as I could with my bound arms, but I was no match for Erin’s lithe body. Her feet didn’t even seem to touch the ground.

We finally arrived at the house, out of breath and sweaty, and hurried into the kitchen where the table was already set and a big pot of something that smelled deliciously of beef and spices waited in the middle.

Bridget stood next to the counter, a wooden spoon in her hand and eyed us warily. “Took you two long enough! You knew that lunch would be ready, you should have kept close to the house.”

“But Bridget,” Erin pleaded, “I had to show the pond to Paisy.”

“No buts,” our landlady cut her short, “get your tummy over the chair. You know the drill.”

Erin huffed and proceeded to fold her upper body over the backrest of the chair, presenting her bum for punishment. She grinned and winked at me.

Bridget didn’t hesitate, as soon as her lodger had taken her place, she let the spoon rain down on her pert bum. Erin whined and kicked her legs, and after the tenth stroke of the spoon, wailed as if she was stabbed to death. I could see her grinning though, even if she winced from time to time.

Finally, our landlady let up, and Erin got up from the chair, pretending to sniffle and wipe her face.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing,” Bridget admonished her, “stop putting on a show for your friend, or I’ll use the leather sap on your thighs next time.”

This made her swallow audible, and with small “yes, Bridget,” she lowered her eyes.

“Now to you, little lady,” Bridget turned her eyes to me, “you’d normally get the same amount of swats to your lovely little bottom. But, seeing the nice way your tits present themselves, I think we can add a little variation today.”

My eyes grew big and I took a step backwards. “My boobies?”

She smiled sweetly at me. “I won’t hit that hard, but I’ve always wanted to smack a pair of beautiful titties like yours. Erin’s are too small to keep me entertained for long. You’re not trying to refuse, are you?”

I shook my head. I really wanted to turn on the spot and race out of the house, but a part of me was fascinated by the crazy idea that someone would strike my tender tits with a wooden spoon. I trembled a bit, but I could already feel my juices start to flow again.

Bridget’s eyes sparkled, and the first swat came as a total surprise, a soft, smacking sound announcing the sharp pain that shot through my left boob a second later. Another smack sounded, and my right boob started to hurt too. She was true to her words, she didn’t hit all that hard, but my breasts were quite sensitive by now and stung fiercely. Her practiced hand distributed the smacks evenly all over my dark red, swollen boobs, and each smack made me wince and scrunch up my nose. The last two fell on my nipples, and they really hurt; I was close to tears and trembling when she was done.

“There, there,” she soothed me and stroked my cheek, “it’s all done and forgotten. Erin, free your roommate now, or lunch will get cold.”

“Yes, Bridget.” Her deft fingers needed less than a minute to open all the knots and pull away the ropes. I winced when I extended my arms; my shoulders had gotten quite sore by this point, and my elbows cracked audibly.

Lunch was good. However strange my landlady was otherwise, she was a brilliant cook, and I helped myself to a second serving.

“Bridget?” Erin broke the silence somewhere in between while I was taking a gulp of water.

“Yes, Erin?”

“Do you think I could stick my whole hand inside Paisy’s cunt?”

I choked on the water and almost sprayed the table with it, managing just in time to bring up my napkin and cough into it.

“Why would you want to know that?”

“I was fingering her cunt earlier, and she was worried that sticking in my whole hand would tear her pussy apart.”

I looked down at the floor, my face pulsing with shame.

“You fingered her? Did you let her come?”

“No, Bridget, of course not.” Erin sounded a bit annoyed.

“I’m just making sure. Remember what we talked. But yes, if you take your time, I’m sure you could stick your whole hand inside our slut’s cunt. You’ve got small hands, and a pussy can stretch a lot.”

Erin appeared giddy when she heard that answer. “Cool! Thanks, Bridget. Can I try that out tonight?”

“Not tonight, I’m heading over to Sally’s this evening, and I want to be there when you try it. But maybe we can find the time on Wednesday evening.” She put some emphasis on the word Wednesday and Erin’s eyes widened.

It was only me who had no idea what they were talking about, apart from the obvious, and I wanted to jump up and shout, “Hey, it’s my pussy you are talking about!” Instead, I just kept silent and bit my lip.


After lunch we helped do the dishes, then Erin proposed a short nap, to which I had no objections. Soon I was spooning her lithe body on her bed, her head resting on my upper arm, my other hand under her cheek, and I quickly drifted off into slumber.

I think I started dreaming as soon as was fully asleep. I was not much of a dreamer, or at least it wasn’t that often that I remembered my dreams, but this dream was vivid and strong. I was standing in a room full of masked people in expensive clothes and wondering who they were and how I had gotten here, when I suddenly noticed that I was naked from head to toe. All eyes seemed to be on me. I tried to hide my breasts with my arm and cover my pussy with a hand, trying to find a way out of the room, but no matter where I looked, the walls had neither doors nor windows. I tried to make my way to one of the walls, but I was quickly encircled by the strangers who were whispering and pointing. There circle grew tighter around me, leaving me no room to move away, and I became anxious about their intentions, twisting this way and that to make sure that nobody would creep up on me from behind. The closer they got, the louder their whispering became, and I could make out that insults like “slut”, “whore” and “fucktoy” accompanied their pointing fingers.

My chest was heaving and blood rushed in my eyes when they finally reached me and I felt their fingers all over my body. “Please!” I whimpered without conviction. A regal looking female figure came to stand right in front of me, dressed in a long robe. She looked at me, her eyes sparkling even through the small holes in the golden mask she wore. Then her fingers opened the belt that held the robe closed and sent it tumbling to the floor with a shrug. She had magnificent breasts and a curving feminine body. But my breath almost stopped when I saw the huge appendix between her legs, a cock stood pointing into the air where her pussy should have been, so thick that I wasn’t sure I could wrap my fingers around it and long enough to grip it with both hands. Its head was purple and I could see the veins zig-zagging under the skin. The mysterious lady took a step towards me that I couldn’t evade, though I tried. The tip of the cock pressed against my skin and she pushed it downwards so it was resting right at my opening. She wouldn’t… But she did, and suddenly the wide cock slid past my pussy lips and into my love tunnel.

My eyes fluttered open and I was momentarily disoriented, until I recognized the wall behind me and ceiling above me. But I jerked when I noticed that the feeling of fullness wasn’t all gone with the dream.

Bridget stood at the foot end of the bed, one arm outstretched and reaching between my legs, where three of her fingers were buried in my snatch to the second knuckle. “Wakey, wakey,” she cooed when she saw my eyes on her.

I was mortified. My cheeks burned. And my pussy was hot and throbbing. She hadn’t promised too much when she made the offer to turn me into their slut. I was slowly but surely becoming nothing more than a walking bundle of horny feelings. Unable to help myself, I spread my legs wider, and her fingers managed to push in all the way.

My breathing quickened as if I was running a marathon, and when my landlady withdrew her fingers almost completely, only to ram them back in so her hand made a splatting sound, a high-pitched sound escaped my throat. And again, and again. My whole body was soon shaking every time her fingers impaled me. She herself was breathing harder too, she was undoubtedly enjoying doing that to me.

She twisted her fingers, and I almost screamed in ecstasy, but before the ball of heat between my legs could explode, she pulled away her hand. “Time to get up,” she told me as if nothing special had happened, and left the room.

Still a bit dizzy from sleep, I almost on my way stumbled into the bathroom to relieve my bladder, but at the last moment I remembered my orders, and so I traipsed into the kitchen, where my Bridget was starting to bake a cake. “Uhm, Bridget?”


“May I go to the loo?”

“To pee?”

I bit my lip and tried to force down my blush. “Yes.”


“Oh please, Bridget!” I begged. “What if I have an accident?”

“Then you’ll have to be punished. But as it looks, you’re far from unable to hold it in.”

I hung my head. “When will I…”

“Soon enough. But if you keep pestering me or Erin, you’ll have to wait longer. By the way, she’s waiting in the hobby room for you.”


When I opened the door to the photo room, I yelped and almost smashed it closed again in shock, but Erin, now in khaki pants and a matching shirt, was quick enough to block it with her foot and pull me inside. In hastily covered my bare breasts and pussy with my arms and hands.

Next to the window stood a girl, perhaps a little older than Erin, with pretty dark locks and a light tan. She wore a pair of shorts and a loose red t-shirt, under which I could just make out the tips of what had to be a nice handful of breast, and she looked at me curiously with big, dark eyes.

“Finally,” Erin exclaimed with a giddy grin, “we’ve been waiting for you to wake up. That’s Natalie,” she pointed towards the dark-haired girl who still hadn’t said a word, “she lives next to us and is my best friend. This is Paisy, as I told you, she has run away from home too. She’s staying with us for her last year of school. And she has agreed to be our sex slave.”

I lowered my eyes and tried to vanish into the ground in shame. What must the girl be thinking?

“Hi Paisy,” a melodic voice just inches from my ear startled me, and before I knew it, I felt myself hugged, tightly pulled against the girl’s body, “it’s so nice to meet you.”

I didn’t want to appear rude, and so I pulled myself together and replied politely, “Hi Natalie, nice to meet you too.”

“Natalie just came over and agreed to do some photos together with you. I think you’ll look lovely together, with your blonde, sleek hair and her dark curls.”

“Together?” I quipped, a bit afraid of where this may be going.

“Of course, I love photographing people! But now be a dear and stop hiding your pretty body from my friend.”

I hesitated for a moment, but the narrowing of Erin’s eyes was all that I needed to understand that any refusal would have painful consequences. Letting out a deep breath and looking at the floor, I let my arms fall to my sides.

“Oh my, she’s really pretty,” Natalie exclaimed, and I felt rather foolish and self-conscious standing here in the nude, “and those boobies are just perfect!”

“Come on,” Erin sounded a bit impatient, “let’s get started. Natalie hasn’t got all day, and I really want to get as much out of it as possible. Why don’t you sit down on the chair here, Nat?”

I watched from the corners of my eyes as Natalie sat down on the wooden chair in front of a matted screen that hadn’t been here the last time I had seen the room, while Erin picked up a big digital camera from the side table and mounted a flash. Then it was my turn.

“Paisy, kneel to the side of her upper leg and look up at her.”

I felt awkward, but I followed her orders, and when my weight settled on my knees and I looked up at the pretty neighbor’s face, a lightweight feeling shot through my chest and almost made me dizzy. The dark-haired girl smiled at me, and the corners of my mouth went up as well. A bright flash made me blink, followed by some more.

“Brilliant,” Erin sounded happy, “now stroke her hair, Nat. Paisy, tilt your head back!”

A shiver ran up and down my spine when the girl’s hand slid down over my head. I realized at that moment that Erin had something specific in mind, that she was setting up something undoubtedly sexual - and from the aroused look Natalie’s eyes, she was partial to it.

“Now drape yourself over Natalie’s thighs, Paisy, but do it slowly.”

I did as commanded, all the while accompanied by the whirring of the camera and the buzzing of the flash. I had to wiggle a bit, so her leg didn’t press directly on my bladder, but I found a halfway comfortable position.

“Stroke her bum,” she ordered the neighbor girl, who all too willingly did as told. Fresh goosebumps broke out on my skin when her soft hand rubbed all over my naked backside. Suddenly, Erin was right in front of me, doing close-ups of my face and certainly also my breasts, which hung down lewdly.

“I love how you blush,” she whispered, holding the camera to the side, and her tongue snaked out and licked over my lips, “let’s see how much I can redden your cheeks.”

And then it was back to orders. I had to move back and forth a bit. Then she made me kneel between Natalie’s legs, facing away, and tilt back my upper body until my head rested right below her breasts.

That’s when Erin ordered her to take of her t-shirt, and for a frozen moment I wondered what Natalie might do. But she just smiled and pulled the garment over her head, showing a pair of pretty, firm breasts, like two halves of a grapefruit, with prominent dark nipples.

My heartbeat sped up at the sight, and I could feel Natalie’s chest heaving.

“Open your mouth wide, Paisy,” was Erin’s latest command, which made me feel a bit silly. But my heart almost stopped when she addressed Natalie. “Bend a bit forward and let a huge dollop of spittle dribble into her mouth.”

My eyes widened. She wouldn’t - would she? But the dark-haired girl’s head bent forward without hesitation, and then some agonizing seconds passed by until her full lips parted slowly and released a long, thick glob of spit that slowly dribbled over her lower lip, stretched almost all the way down to my waiting mouth. The constant flashing made it appear like in slow motion, but it finally tore free and I felt it impact on the back of my tongue.

It tasted spicy, but not bad, and my thoughts and emotions swirled around like mad. A stranger had spat into my mouth!

“Don’t swallow, stay like you are! Nat, once more please, I’ll try to get a different angle this time.”

And so I stayed in my position and breathed through my nose, while another mouthful of spit joined the one already deposited in my orifice.

“Oh god, that’s just so sexy!” Erin giddily exclaimed. “One more!”

But one more won’t fit, I wanted to scream, my mouth is already full. But I couldn’t, not without spitting out Natalie’s spit first.

Erin’s camera was right next to my face now, and when the third mouthful of spit dripped into my own mouth, it did overflow and I could feel two wet trails making their way from the corners of my mouth.

“Brilliant. Now slowly tilt your head forward, Paisy!”

But that would…

“Do it!”

My body trembled, and a wave of heat washed through my pussy when I followed the order, and I felt the spittle slowly running down over my, dribble onto my chest and run down between and all over my breasts. Erin was shooting happily away just a foot in front of me and cooing how pleased she was.

“Perfect, just as I wanted! Now let’s do something different.”

I thought I saw her wink at Natalie, but I wasn’t sure.

“Sit on Natalie’s lap, lean back against her and spread your legs.”

Things were definitely getting more and more obscene, but somehow I got used to Natalie’s presence and our skin contact. She was pretty, after all, and she didn’t appear to mind Erin’s perverted games, this probably not being the first time she was exposed to her kinkiness. Erin gave me a few small directions to correct the angle in which I sat, then she was satisfied.

“Okay, Natalie, that’s what I want you to do. First, rub Paisy’s pussy for a bit, then slowly spread it open with one hand. Keep her like that and put your other arm around her tummy and pull her close to you.”

“No!” I interjected, slightly panicked. “Please don’t press down on my tummy!”

“But why ever not?” Erin asked me with a devious little smirk.

“I - I’ve not been to the loo…” I confessed.

“I know.” Her grin appeared to reach all the way around her head. “Perhaps I can capture that look of desperation in your face. We’ll do it as I said.”

Now my breath was really flying, short, hasty gasps, and my skin was burning up with the shame that was about to come. “Please!” I tried to beg once more, but instead of an answer I felt Natalie’s fingers spread my pussy lips apart and cool air tickle the insides of my moist folds. Then the arm went around me and pressed down hard on my tummy. For a moment I thought I might resist the urge, but then the arm went a bit lower, and the pressure on my bladder became painful.

At first it was a small trickle, and I managed to clamp my pee hole shut. But when I felt it run down between my legs, where it would without doubt drip onto Natalie’s legs, the wave of shame almost made me pass out. Unfortunately, the short moment of dizziness was enough to relax my lower body, and a strong burst of pee spurted out between my legs. Tears welled up in my eyes, but I couldn’t stop anymore, and my pee gushed out like a fountain all over the room.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” I whimpered and closed my eyes, almost dying in embarrassment, my shame quadrupled by the knowledge that every moment of my plight was captured by Erin’s camera.

“Isn’t she a dirty girl, Natalie?”

The neighbor girl’s answer came far less enthusiastic than I would have expected. “Yes, she is, Erin.”

My roommate giggled. “But you’re a dirty girl yourself, aren’t you?” And without waiting for an answer, she told me to get off Natalie’s lap and kneel sideways in front of the chair. Then Natalie was ordered to take off her shorts.

She wasn’t wearing panties, and I could see a nicely trimmed plum. And now that I had been through a turmoil of embarrassment and arousal, my inhibitions seemed to evaporate. Her pussy looked delicious.

“Stand just a hands width in front my slut,” Erin told her, padding through the puddles of my pee without a second thought, and crouched down next to me.

Natalie stepped up to me, and for a moment I could see that she was now blushing as madly as I had been, but then my vision was filled with her delicate pussy.

“Pee!” was all that Erin said.

It took a few seconds, but then some drops trickled from between her lips. I could hear her sigh, and then the drops turned into a stream, running down her thighs and splashing noisily to the floor. The heady, bitter-sweet aroma of her pee filled my nostrils.

And then I did something absolutely foolhardy and perverted, and I still can’t say what compelled me to do it. I stuck out my tongue and held it into the yellow stream, letting the pee drip all over it. Of course, this diverted the stream quite a bit, and my whole front side was quickly covered with her urine. Some small drops even splashed onto my face.

Erin was snapping photos like a girl possessed and cheered like crazy. My chest was heaving like mad. The whole situation was so surreal, but at the same time the most arousing thing I had ever experienced. I knew I had just crossed a line, but I felt dirty and liberated all at once. And horny.

When the last trickle from between Natalie’s legs had stopped, I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I pulled her down to me, and we toppled to the floor, landing in our combined pee. I kissed her hard on the mouth, not thinking about where my tongue had been earlier, but she appeared just as horny as I was and kissed me back feverishly.

We rolled around in our pee, soaking our hair and covering ourselves in the wetness, all the while kissing and running our hands over each other’s body. Somehow, we ended up with me on top of her and facing her legs, and I once more couldn’t resist my urges and bent down, wrapping my lips over her pretty pussy and giving her a long lick. Her husky moan was all the invitation I needed, and I started to lick her with all my pent-up arousal. A second later, I felt her tongue snake between my own pussy lips, and I gasped my approval into her folds.

Our actions were clumsy and frantic, but we were both close to the edge already, and it didn’t take a minute until we both exploded in passion, almost simultaneously screaming our release into each other’s pussy. I was dimly aware that Erin’s camera was still clicking and whirring next to us when I rode the pleasure waves.

Finally, spent, I felt Natalie’s movements below me also stop, and I rolled off her and onto my back.

“Oh god,” I whispered and gripped her hand, “that was incredible.”

She gave me a squeeze and sighed. “I loved that.”

I didn’t see the door open, but I was instantly aware that perhaps things had gotten out of hand here when I heard my landlady’s voice.

“What the hell is going on here?”

I looked up at her and saw her wrinkle her nose. “Whose pee is that?”

“Mine,” I meekly confessed, prepared to take all the blame. I was, after all, the first one who had lost control of her bladder.

“And mine,” Natalie added, giving my hand another squeeze.

“And you, young lady,” Bridget addressed her youngest lodger, “I guess you’re completely innocent in that display of debauchery?”

“I was just taking photos. I couldn’t know that they would piss all over each other like cats in heat.”

“I see.” Her voice was emotionless, but the way she crooked her finger for Erin to approach her didn’t look promising. My friend reluctantly put her camera away and stepped over to the door, where our landlady quickly caught her ear between her fingers and dragged her outside among squeals of protest.

“You two stay here and wait for me!” Her voice sounded sharply from down the hallway.

A few seconds later we heard the front door slam shut. I looked at Natalie, and she at me, and somehow I was overcome by the absurdity of the situation and started to giggle. She followed along, and soon we both were holding our stomachs and laughing like mad.

“This is crazy,” I declared with tears of laughter in my eyes, “the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced!”

“Everything around Erin is crazy,” Natalie chuckled back, “it never gets dull around her.”

“I’ve noticed that.” Slowly, my laughter transformed back to giggles. “She’s a work of art!”

“Bridget’s too,” Natalie confessed, lowering her voice, “she likes to play prim and proper, but wait until she lets loose. She once pushed a finger up my bumhole when I was over for lunch.”

“I bet you loved that!” I declared, trying to sound world-wise, and the way she bit her lip and winked was all too telling. “I’ve already tasted a bit of that too,” I made my own confession, “she woke me up with three fingers in my pussy earlier.”

“No way!” Natalie’s eyes went wide. “That’s so cool!”

Cool? I was stranded in the land of sexual deviants, it seemed, and quickly turning into one myself. “It’s quite an experience.”

At that moment Bridget came back into the room, and we struggled to look properly contrite.

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