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Stephannie's Foot Rules

Attractive young woman, kicks Timmy's balls into ejaculation
Stephanie (a supervisor at work), was 22, had long jet black hair, and stood at 5'2". Short but hot. She often wore a dress that broke just above the knee, her feet always shod in black heels that sparked my fetish for a woman's feet.

It was during an employee meeting, held in a crowded break room, when it took place. With an absence of seats, Stephannie had hoped up on a counter shelf, causing her dress to rise up and expose her beautiful thighs, as her legs dangled below the counter. As my boss, Tracy, talked at the front of the room, I repeatedly looked to my side at this sight of feminine glory.

When the meeting was over, my cock was rock hard, and tenting my slacks. I waited for the room to empty so I could leave without my condition being noticed. But when everyone else left, Stephannie remained seated on the counter shelf.

"Timmy, go lock the door and come here," Stephannie ordered. I rose from my seat with a crimson face, as my tented slacks became apparent to her gaze. I locked the door and then stood before her.

"I noticed you staring at me during the meeting, is that little cock hard from looking at me? Being caught off guard I stuttered an apology for being so rude, when suddenly her leg raised up quickly, and her shoe kicked me right in the balls. I immediately fell to my knees, gasping air, and feeling sick to my stomach.

As I knelt before her, recovering from her kick, I felt my cock was still hard, and actually throbbing in excitement. I was turned on from being put in my place with that sexy foot, and being on my knees before this Goddess!

"You obviously need to learn some respect for your superiors, Timmy" As I knelt , my eyes were level with her pretty knees, when she brought her foot up to my mouth. "I want a proper apology from you Timmy, and you can start by kissing the feet of your better"

In adoring obeisance, I kissed the shoes of her feet. She then put her shoe on my face, and pushed my face away. "I have been on my feet all day Timmy, I want you to remove my shoes." In total sexual heat, I removed first one shoe, and then the other. Without realizing how openly I was displaying my surrender to her, I unthinkingly put my nose in her shoe and inhaled. The odor of her musky shoe was like aphrodisiac to me, causing me to groan with desire, she giggled at my reaction to her foot smell.

"My oh my Timmy, I think you have a crush on my feet," she said laughing. Take off you slacks Timmy, I want to make sure you are following Tracy's orders, and wearing panties. She was referring to my punishment for stealing panties from the woman's clothing store I work at. You can read the details of this incident on the posting called Punished by female co-workers. My boss Tracy made me log the detail on .

Standing up, and removing my pants, I stood before her in my tented panties. "How sweet Timmy, you are wearing the panties that I choose for you." She again raised her leg and kicked me in my balls." You should be kneeling Timmy" as I again dropped to my knees from the kick.

As before, the kick caused me pain, but also sexual excitement! This last kick was with her bare foot, and my balls were separated from that feminine foot, only by my silky panties. I could feel the shape and fleshy softness of that exquisite foot as it struck my testicles.

It was at that point that I realized that her blows to my grapes had caused me profuse leaking. Being that I was already erect and excited during the meeting, my scrotum's had manufactured seaman. When Stephanie kicked my loaded sac, it forced the seaman to splash out through my throbbing erection, and now made my panties wet.

"Timmy, I think you are attracted to me feet. Why don't you ask them out for a date? Obviously wanting to humiliate me, I gazed at her feet and complied. Looking at her feet in a daze, I lowered myself to her demand and asked her feet for a date. "Timmy," she said giggling at my lack of self respect, "the girls want to see if you are a good kisser, go ahead and make out with them."

With no further prodding, I gently held a foot, and lovingly gave long repeated kisses to first one foot, and then the other. I really was attracted to her feet, and couldn't stop myself from my kissing worship, I even darted my tongue between her perfectly shaped and manicured toes. She was a princes, and I was there to worship at her beautiful feet.

At one point, I looked up, and saw she was smiling in triumph because she had so easily conquered me with just her feet. That look caused me to shiver in sexual heat as I submitted to her powerful female dominance.

"Timmy , the girls, referring to her feet, want to make sure that you will be a good lover, they heard that you had a small penis. Go ahead and rub your penis on my feet."

I was now faint from hearing these words, and I spread my knees more and mounted her foot. My silk, pantie encased penis, was now humping the top of one of her dangling feet.

As I was sawing my cock across her foot, she declared that :her other foot was jealous, and angry for not being paid attention to."You better watch out Timmy," warned Stephannie, "my other foot will take revenge." Stephanie then kicked my balls with her other foot. "See what I mean Timmy, You better hump her too." I groaned in pain but also pleasure and mounted her other foot.

This went on for several cycles, first humping one foot, getting kicked in my balls, and switching to the other foot. Each kick causing spunk to be forced from my ball sac, into my now cum saturated panties.

"Timmy, you are behaving like an excited puppy who humps your leg," declared Stephannie. "Are you my puppy dog Timmy?" "Oh yes, Mistress Stephannie" I answered. She patted me on the head for calling her Mistress without being prompted.

"I've kicked you balls so much, I may have busted your balls Timmy" Stephannie laughingly stated. "I hope you are not planning on having children Timmy, my kicking your balls must have messed up you baby making goo."

This possibility, weirdly enough, caused me to hump her foot with more fervor, as Stephannie now went on to deliver quick successive kicks to my balls.

Sensing my impending orgasm, Stephannie very lovingly, pushed my head to rest on her pretty knee, as I continued my frantic humping. "That's my good puppy dog", Stephannie cooed to me.

 It was such a tender moment for me, that I put my lips to her knee and kissed it in appreciation for allowing me to make love to her foot. I was also sexually thrilled that such a gorgous young girl, would focus attention on my balls with her sexy, kicking, feet.

"Well Timmy, seeing as your penis is obviously to small to please a woman, and I have kicked your little marbles so they won't make babies, I think you need to be castrated. What do you think Timmy, should I take some scissors and snip off you marble sac right now?"

Most men would run at that point, most would be in total fear, if not righteous anger and indignation, if a young girl would suggest this.But Stephannie's power over me, manifested a perveted reaction in me.

Stephannie's humiliating judgement of my inadequate manhood size, and a possible castration by her was the ultimate control, dominance and humiliation this young girl could have over me.

I exploded in orgasm on her foot. I froze in mid hump, as cum dumped in multiple squirts from my ball sac into my panties, as I groaned aloud. It went on far longer than my usual one or two squirts during my masturbation sessions.

"I guess that means you agree Timmy!" Stephannie said with humor. "I will have my very own eunach," she laughed.

Her laughter at my self debasing at her feet, caused a a rare occurrence to me, a second orgasm. My cock and balls began to tingle anew, and I returned to a frantic humping of her foot, I was very emotional and wanted this young girl to have complete rule over me.

"OH Stephanie!" I cried out in sexual lust, "Please let me be your slave! You own my balls" I then went over the edge again, and my balls went into convulsions in a pitiful attempt to pump out more cum, but non came. It was a dry orgasm as I screamed in pleasure, and babbled incoherent statements of love, and devotion to Stephannie, as it finally came to an end.

Stephannie cradled my head on her knee for ten minutes or so, as she massaged the top of my head. "Of course you silly sissy Timmy, you are my slave."

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