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As 18 year old Lori kept coming in her lovely little blue cotton knickers for me, I kept whispering, "Do you like this, Lori? Do you like me making you come in your sexy little blue cotton knickers?"

Writhing and twisting against my fingers, she sobbed, "Yes, Oooooh, fuck, yes, Adam - this is the first time anyone has made me come and I just can't even begin to describing the sensations, it feels as if my whole pussy is on fire."

Happy that she was finding her first sexual experience so enjoyable, I gently moved my fingers till they were at the leg of her knickers, saying softly, "It can get better, Lori."

Opening her legs as wide as she could, she groaned, "I'm coming again, Ooooooh, Adam,you're making me come again, you're making me come in my cotton knickers so good ..... Ooooooh, so good."

I just couldn't believe the way Lori kept coming. Considering this was the very first time for her, she sure was one hot girl.

After maybe five minutes or so, I could sense Lori starting to calm down and, as she was still sitting with her legs wide open, I could see clearly the now large dark stain on her blue knickers where she was creaming and coming in.

"Jesus, Lori," I groaned, "Your knickers are wet, your knickers are so lovely and wet I want to kiss you through them."

Opening her eyes wide, Lori moaned, 'You want to what, Adam?"

"I want to put my head between your legs and kiss your knickers till I make you come in them again."

Obviously finding it hard getting her head around what was happening to her, Lori croaked, "B ... but my knickers are wet, Adam, surely you don't want to kiss them while they're like that."

"Why not," I said, "Your knickers are wet with your love juices and your come and there's no better taste than that."

Looking at me for a few moments, she asked, "Do you really like the taste of my love juices and my come?"

"More that anything else," I responded, adding, "How about I put my finger in your pussy so you can taste what they're like."

Moaning loudly, Lori sighed,"Alright, Adam, y ... you know you could talk me into anything now."

"I just want to make you happy," I told her, "And there's nothing dirty or wrong about sex - as long as we're both happy with what we do to each other, that's all that matters."

Loving this new experience, I eased my middle finger inside the leg of Lori's little blue cotton knickers and, when I was sure it was good and wet, I withdrew it and held it to her mouth."

Shaking like a leaf, Lori opened her mouth and took my finger inside and, as she sucked her love juices and come off it, she came in her knickers again.

"Well, what did you think of that, young lady?" I asked.

"I ... I loved it, Adam," she groaned, "I really did like the taste."

After a few minutes during which we were alone with out thoughts, Lori surprised me by asking, "You've made me come a few times, Adam, what can I do for you? If you show me how to, I'll masturbate you."

I think Lori had a bloody good idea of what to do as, the minute I opened the front of my jeans, she slipped her hand inside and eased my throbbing prick out."

"Fuck, Adam, Oh, fuck, Adam," she gasped excitedly as she looked at my prick, "It's big, so big and hard.''

"Is it any wonder," I asked, "Having a gorgeous 18 year old girl with me with her navy blue skirt up round her waistband her lovely legs open, letting me see where her little blue cotton knickers are wet where I've been masturbating her through them."

Nervously, Lori reached out and took hold of my prick, groaning, "Fuck, Adam, I ... I want to masturbate you tillI make you come."

Wanting to make sure Lori was comfortable with everything that was going on, I asked quietly, "Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Never more sure about anything," she told me, adding mischievously, "You're such a wonderful teacher and I have to put into practice what you've taught me."

Never taking her eyes off my prick, Lori started wanking me, moving her hand up and down the length of my prick and the feeling was absolutely indescribable and I couldn't stop myself from slipping my hand between her legs again and stroking her through her wet blue cotton knickers.

There was a delightful aroma of sex, love juices and come in the room as we quietly played with each other till before too long, I could feel the come building up inside me.

Lori must have sensed it too as she gasped, "Are you going to come, Adam? Are you going to come for me?"

"Yes," I croaked, surprised at the way Lori quickly moved around then,when I was kneeling between her legs, she whispered, "Let me make you come on my knickers, Adam, you'd like that, wouldn't you, coming on my little blue cotton knickers."

Unable to control myself, I came, shooting a long stream of come between her legs, seeing it covering the tightly stretched crotch of her knickers and making her cry out. "I can see it, Adam, I can see your come on my knickers," - then, taking me completely unawares, she sobbed, "Fuck me, fuck me, Adam, put your big hard prick inside my knickers and my pussy and fuck me till I come."

Without any hesitation whatsoever, I eased the sticky wet crotch of her cotton knickers to the side and very slowly worked my prick up inside her pussy."

"Fuck, Oooooooh, fuck, Lori,"" I gasped, "You're tight, your lovely little pussy is so tight round my prick."

Throwing her legs wide apart, Lori screamed, "I love it,I love it, I love feeling your prick in my little pussy," then, as I suddenly came inside her, she passed out.