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Succulent Desires Chapter 1

A twisted Faery Tale set in Scotland with lots of BDSM, fetish, voyeurism, and much, much more.

Alice was driving down the road, lost, but singing happily along to her mp3s.   She had just left a great week with her friend Sara in New Hampden and had promised to meet Ronin in Edinburgh .   He had some kind of birthday surprise for her.   Now, her birthday was a month ago, but they hadn’t had a chance to celebrate together because of conflicting schedules.   She just knew that there was a new trainee waiting for her special education.   Alice shrugged mentally and tried to focus on the directions, road signs, and getting through Scotland on her own, without a GPS, in a stick shift on the wrong side of the car!   Now, Alice learned to drive on a stick, but being American the driver’s seat was on the left not right and every time she went to shift, her right hand moved, touching the door not the gear shaft.

Trying to keep a steady pace so she wouldn’t have to shift, a man appeared on the side of the road as if from nowhere.   He wasn’t a small man, so he couldn’t have blended into the grass lining the road, but he certainly wasn’t there before she blinked.   Blinking again, Alice realized this tall man (well over 6’) wasn’t a ghost or mirage and if she didn’t swerve she was going to hit him!   Jerking the wheel to avoid him, Alice skidded and hit the grass on the other side of the road, stalling out in the grass a ways in front of the man.   Breathing heavily, Alice rested her head on the steering wheel, lamenting in her head that she should’ve found a way to get to Edinburgh on the train or on a bus and earlier in the week instead of procrastinating and hanging with Sara.   Disappointing Ronin was the worst thing she felt she could do by being late.


As Alice began to consciously slow her breaths down, the man approached her window as quietly and confidently as he appeared upon the road.   Alice was so engrossed in calming herself that she screamed loudly when he knocked on the window, startling her from her thoughts.   Visibly, the man jumped and Alice began laughing at her stupidity while rolling down the window.


“I’m sorry. You scared me and I must not have been paying as much attention as I thought.” Alice rambled in between giggles.   Slowly unbuckling the seatbelt, Alice let her eyes soak in the sight of this tall Scot smiling at her.   He was saying something, but she was so entranced by his voice and appearance that she was too busy enjoying the visual and verbal assault than to bother listening to the words coming out of his mouth.   When he stuck his hand out, she shook her head and smiled, reaching to shake it.


There was an instant connection that seemed to lock Alice in her seat, as if she knew this man and always had.   Slowly, she raised her head to look him in the eyes, “I’m sorry, I think I’m still in a bit of shock. What were you saying?”   The words escaped her mouth breathlessly as they stared into each other’s eyes with their hands still clasped.   As their eyes locked she realized he was smiling at her with his gorgeous blue eyes, and unconsciously she began to smile back.   “My name is Alice and I….” The words seemed to fail her as a grin spread across his face.


Feeling like she was in a Fairie tale, Alice slipped her hand from his and looked down at the road, realizing she was blushing so slightly from his probing eyes.   A little amused that he was making her blush, Alice opened the door and got out to inspect the car for damages, not to mention to distract her from the pull of attraction this stranger was radiating for her.


In a soft, Scottish accent, his words floated across the space between them, “I don’t think there’s any damage to the car.   I think we’re both more shook up than anything else.   I’m Aidan by the way, and I didn’t mean to startle you.”


Turning to face him, Alice smiled, “Oh that’s ok.   I thought you were a ghost is all, a really solid one at that.   I would love to make it up to you with a drink or coffee, but I’m running a bit behind.   I’m not even sure if I’m on the right road or not.   I was just singing along with the songs and enjoying the landscape.   Anyways, I’m trying to get to Edinburgh before 7PM or my ass is toast.” Alice finished rambling with a small smile on her face, but didn’t move.   It was as if his eyes had entranced her and she was waiting to feel his voice caress her skin in response.


“Well, I wouldn’t want you to be toast or we won’t get to share that drink will we?” He chuckled in response. “I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable, but I could go with you to Edinburgh .   I mean, I have to save all the other walkers and bikers from being run over by lovely American women, don’t I?   And I have some friends I wouldn’t mind visiting.   You could have that drink with me if there’s time, and I know the way so you’d be there before 7, I promise.”   Aidan continued, even shocking himself that the words escaped from his mouth, but he didn’t want the encounter to end so quickly.


Alice squinted at him, trying to take his measure and gauge his energy.   She was as comfortable with him as if he was a long time friend, and yet wanted to touch him and attack him.   She began to doubt whether it was truly safe, but got no warning signals from him and even if he was much taller and stronger than her didn’t mean she couldn’t take him down if she were forced.   Of course, there was a sense of peace and rightness about the thought of being with him and she knew that Ronin would be highly irritated with her if she was late.   Meeting his new student was so important that he paid for half of her flight there so she could train this woman for a few days.   She had no idea why he was so insistent she spend time with the new chick so soon, but she wasn’t going to argue with Ronin.   No point in wasting time and energy on what she already agreed to do, and she always kept her promises.   She was already a day late in meeting them, so the sooner and safer she got there the better, in her mind.   All these thoughts crossed her mind in under a minute, as she continued to scan Aidan’s face and body letting her eyes linger on his nice, large, elegant hands.


“It’s a deal.   Would you prefer to drive?   I have no problems driving a manual, but the opposite sides of the road have me confucted.   I don’t mind if you drive, wouldn’t you need to go to your house and get clothes?   Would that take long?   I really can’t be late.   I warn you, I tend to talk incessantly when nervous, excited, and irritated.   If it bothers you, just let me know and I will stop.   And Thank you, for the offer.   I really appreciate it.” Alice hurriedly responded, as her hands animatedly helped the flow of her chattering.   As soon as she realized what she was doing, Alice smiled and bit her lower lip to stop herself from outright laughter at her behavior while lowering her hands behind her back and clasping them.   She hadn’t been this nervous around a guy in well over 10yrs.   Unconsciously sighing aloud, Alice raised her eyebrows at Aidan who was smiling at her.  


His eyes were soaking in the sight, sound, and smell of her from 3 feet away but she felt as if he were next to her.   As he realized she was waiting for a response Aidan opened his sensual lips, “Oh I can drive if you’d like.   I mean we wouldn’t want you to run over anyone or crash the car.   My house is just down the lane behind these woods and it wouldn’t take me long at all.   Just need to send off a few messages and phone calls while packing.   I’d say 30mins is all it would take and we could be off.   You’re welcome to wait here if you like or you can drive me to my house and wait there for me.   It would be faster if you were there with me, but whatever makes you comfortable.   What is confucted?” Aidan finished.


Smiling at him, Alice responded while getting into the passenger seat, “You drive.   I’ve had enough car drama for one day.   Confucted is a word I made up that mixes the words confused, fucked, and conflicted into one.   Sometimes it describes a situation or my mood better than any other single word, I find.   I agree that it would be faster to drive to your house and I’ll wait there.”   Alice allowed the rational side of her brain to rail at what her mouth and body was doing, but figured it was an adventure and if she was going to be killed by this man, at least he was a gorgeous, smooth talking, large fisted Celt and maybe she’d get him to fist her first; not to mention there were worse ways to be killed.   The thought put a smirk on her face, as she watched Aidan adjust the seat and settle himself into the car.


Aidan looked at her before starting the car and smiled back with an eyebrow raised, as if to say what’s so funny.   Alice ’s soft, lyrical voice replied, “Oh it’s just that I didn’t rent a car with the expectation that a small giant would be driving it is all.   Reminds me of clown cars at the circus….” She let her words trail off with a slight giggle. “Are you going to be comfortable enough to drive?” She asked while turning down the blaring music as the car started.


Nodding in response, Aidan pulled back onto the road and on the correct side of it.   Maneuvering the vehicle to his house, Aidan made small talk “So, is it your first time to Scotland ?”


“Yes, I’ve always wanted to come, but never found the time.   I’m half Welsh, but when I researched the name I found it’s actually Scottish.   Don’t remember from where and haven’t done more digging than that.   I get easily distracted sometimes.   Although usually not so much when driving that I attempt vehicular manslaughter.”   Alice replied with a giggle and a glint in her eye.


Quirking his lips in response, Aidan countered “So why are you going to Edinburgh ?”


Alice coyly responded, “Oh, to meet some friends.   I would tell you more but then I’d have to kill you.”  

Aidan jerked his head to look at her and realized she was joking from the smile on her face and the devious glint in her eyes.    Parking the car outside a small cottage, with large trees surrounding it, Alice noticed as she looked around.   Undoing her seatbelt and suddenly feeling foolish for agreeing, Alice decided she’d wait outside.   “I see a bench over there, under that tree, and I think I’ll wait for you there.   I really enjoy sitting outside, amongst the greenery when I can.   It’s so different here, in Scotland I mean, than what I’m used to.” Alice quipped before Aidan could say a thing.


“Ok.   If you need the restroom or a drink, I’ll leave the door unlocked.   It should only take me 30mins.” Aidan countered with his soft accent that made her want to just follow him, if only to hear his voice again.   But as he dashed from the car and opened the front door, Alice just watched him move gracefully into the house before she got out of the car.   Unplugging her mp3 player, Alice grabbed her water bottle and headphones and set off to sit on the bench and maybe meditate or just enjoy looking at the garden.


After some time, Alice could feel that the sun moved slightly or a cloud lifted as she closed her eyes and let her mind drift.   She mused that everyone always complained about the weather here, but she seemed to have come to visit at the perfect time.   Either that or the sunshine followed her because the days were not too cold or too hot, but were still sunny enough to enjoy sitting in the shade of a lovely old tree.   She hadn’t even begun listening to her music, when she heard birds and butterflies, and the pleasant hum of nature at work.  


Smiling, Alice took more deep breaths as the image of Aidan sprinting into the house came to her mind.   She wondered what it would feel like to run her hands along his thighs, scratching up his ass to his back, her ankles crossed at his lower back as he used those nice legs to slam into her, and his thighs pressing against her skin.   As she felt her temperature rise at these thoughts, a shadow appeared before her, so she opened her eyes to find the object of her thoughts in front of her.   A smile spread across her face slowly, as Alice put a hand over her eyes to block the sun and still see him.   Alice didn’t realize that Aidan had been waiting for her, and actually called her name 3 times from the car before standing to block the sun.


As he walked closer to her, Aidan gazed at Alice ’s profile.   Her long light brown hair was blowing with the wind, and her face was lifted slightly to meet the sun, leaving a long line down her slender throat to her large bosom, which lifted gently with each breath.   He couldn’t believe his luck.   To have almost been hit by such a lovely creature and then have the chance to spend a day with her, and who knows how much more once in Edinburgh .   He wished he could just cloister her away here for the weekend, but somehow Aidan knew he wouldn’t survive that suggestion.   Worried she had disappeared or changed her mind, he had kept peeping out the window to make sure it wasn’t a dream as he quickly packed a duffle bag and his laptop and some work to finish up in Edinburgh .   He had made a few brief phone calls and luckily managed to reach a friend who agreed to let him stay with them, that is if he couldn’t convince her to let him stay with her.


As he stood there, Alice realized it was time for her to stand and stretch a bit.   Aidan quietly watched her raise her arms over her head and lean backwards, then forwards before facing him again.   Unwittingly, Alice made small noises as she stretched and enjoyed the feeling of her muscles relaxing, which caused Aidan’s body to harden quicker than he expected.   As she looked him in the eyes, Alice smiled and said “Let me use the bathroom… or is it lou here too?   And then we can go?”   Not even realizing she was affecting him as much as he was affecting her, she innocently strolled towards his door and waited for him to open the door.


Aidan swallowed and took a deep breath and tried to contain his reaction as he easily caught up with her shorter strides.   Reaching for the door, Alice was able to drink in his smell and essence, and she reached for his forearm.   Aidan turned to see what she needed looking down at her upturned face, her sensual lips and deep cleavage gave him a heady feeling that caused him to lower his head towards her.   In the same instant that Aidan began lowering his head Alice reached her other hand towards the back of his neck to pull him closer to her.   She had a sudden, deep need to taste him, to feel his lips on hers, and his tongue touching her.


As their lips touched, it was as if everything else dropped away and they could only focus on the touch, the feel, the taste, the smell of each other.   Alice slowly ran her tongue along the inner edge of his lips, as she maneuvered each of her hands to his shoulders and stepped closer to him, Aidan parted his lips for her.   Alice didn’t stick her tongue in his mouth right away but continued to slowly run her tongue around the opening of his mouth. As she tilted her head, she allowed her tongue to brush against his teeth in search of his tongue, which greeted hers eagerly.   As they tasted each other gently, yet eagerly, a raven cawed in the background which jolted Alice , slowly pulling away from Aidan she sighed and slipped into the door of the house.  

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