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Succulent Desires Chapter 10

A twisted Faery Tale set in Scotland with lots of BDSM, fetish, voyeurism, and much, much more.

As the hot water caressed and massaged Aidan’s body, he thought of the look on the two women’s faces as they slept on the bed. They both looked like purely satisfied cats that ate their favorite food. He smiled to himself and continued to let the water massage his taught muscles before he began lathering the soap along his chest, and moved his large hands further down to his stomach. Aidan then lathered more soap and continued soaping his groin and moved down to his legs. His memory of his shower the night before with Alice flashed through his mind and he could feel himself getting aroused again. Sighing he put thoughts out of his head so he could continue washing and rinse off.
When Aidan got out of the shower and dried off he returned to the bedroom to find some clothes. The girls were still asleep, so he realized it would be up to him to get lunch. So off he went to go do some shopping in town. He figured the girls would sleep while he was gone and he would awake them with the smells of food or kisses or both. When Aidan got back he heard the shower on and giggling from the bathroom. Setting the food on the table, Aidan walked into the bedroom and opened the door to the bathroom. He could see Alice and Missa touching and kissing each other in the shower. Alice felt cold air enter the bathroom and poked her head around the shower curtain to look at Aidan.
Smiling, Aidan said in a soft, lilting voice “I got lunch when you’re done.” Alice returned the smile as she squealed a bit from Missa biting her inner thigh before saying, “Ok, great. We’re almost finished.” Missa bit Alice harder, which caused Alice to turn quickly back to Missa and grab her hair, “Careful or you’ll be in more trouble than you can handle. Stand up and rinse off, play time is over.” Missa bit Alice into a zone where she wasn’t willing to play any longer and Alice knew she needed to eat. Alice stepped from the shower and dried off before she put her robe on as her hair was wrapped in a towel and headed into the dining room.
When Missa got out of the shower she dried herself off and put her hair up in a towel and then joined Alice and Aidan at the table in the outer room completely naked except for the towel on her head. Alice enjoyed watching Missa saunter into the room and smiled at her while motioning Missa to sit on the chair next to her. As Missa sank in the seat next to her, Alice gently stroked her hand up Missa’s thigh before saying, “What would you like to drink baby girl?”
Missa smiled and spoke softly, “Milk, please, Mommy.”
Alice looked at Aidan with an eyebrow raised as if to question silently if he picked up any milk while he was out. Aidan smiled at Alice and remembered Missa’s enjoyment of the milk at breakfast and picked some up while he was out. Aidan reached his hand in the bag and set the milk out on the table along with the chicken salad sandwich, tofu stir fry, ceasar salad, salted edamame, fruit salad, potato chips, and a turkey sub for himself. Alice smiled and realized he must’ve found her list for lunch items that she was going to give to Missa to go shopping for before Aidan left to go get food while they slept. Aidan also pulled out some dark chocolate caramel truffles for dessert.
Alice turned to Missa, “Go get a glass Baby, and I’ll pour you some milk.” To which Missa replied, “Yes Mommy!” and popped up from her chair so fast that if Alice hadn’t removed her hand quickly enough it would’ve been smashed into the edge of the table. Giggling and shaking her head, Alice leaned over to Aidan and gave him a short kiss on the lips. “Thanks for finding the list, and thinking of us while were we napping. I really appreciate it.”
Missa set a glass on the table and Alice responded, “Thank you, Baby Girl. Now can you go get plates for the lunch, please?” Missa nodded in assent, before she bounded off to the kitchenette area with the plates in it. Alice watched Missa’s body bounce and contemplate how it would react to a nice, long beating. Sighing softly, Alice turned to see Aidan looking at her with a gleam in his eyes so she raised her eyebrow at him.
Aidan’s voice caressed her freshly washed skin as he spoke, “I can see you are plotting naughty ideas for her and I am wondering if I’ll enjoy participating or watching more.”
Alice smiled at Aidan as ideas and planning and plotting reverberated around her brain. After lunch she would put Missa down for a nap after a brief discussion with her and give her time to journal about her experiences so far and then she would spend some quality time with Aidan if she could stay awake. It was going to be a long night with little sleep, but all was well that ended in sweet release. As Alice’s thoughts fluttered around in her mind, her body reached for a plate that was set down in front of her by Missa who had rejoined them at the table.
Alice barely spoke as she served salad for Aidan and Missa, and then reached for the edamame and served it on the plates, and gave Missa the chicken salad sandwich and put some tofu stir fry on her plate and began to eat. Missa bounced a bit in her seat next to Alice displaying how happy she felt as well as kicking her feet a bit as a little girl would do. The ideas floating in Alice’s head registered these actions, but she was too stuck in her own mind to react to them at all. When Alice and Missa were done with what food Alice served them, Alice dished out some fruit on both plates and handed the bag of chips over to Missa. Missa wasn’t allowed to eat anything without Alice’s permission and Alice only put chips on the list because she knew Missa liked them so much. Since Missa was being such a good girl she was to be rewarded.
Aidan and Missa engaged in some small talk with Missa responding like a little girl, but none of this registered in Alice’s brain. She was busy thinking of what she wanted to do later tonight and tomorrow with Missa and Aidan. She thought about their lips, kissing, and she thought about having a 3some in the shower with a candle or in the dark. Maybe in the morning Alice mused to herself silently. Once she realized Missa had stopped eating and was watching her, Alice turned and smiled. “Did you enjoy your lunch baby?”
Missa nodded her head before responding, “Yes Mommy. Thank you, Mommy. Mommy can I have some chocolate for dessert too, please?”
Alice smiled at Missa before speaking, “Yes, Missa, you may. And then it will be time for a nap. And when you awake I will have a special task for you.”
Alice passed the chocolate to Missa and watched her eat it as her plan formulated in her mind. When Missa was done, Alice watched Missa, while she cleaned up the lunch dishes from the table and put any perishables away in the frig before waiting patiently for directions from Alice.
Standing swiftly Alice turned to Missa and spoke softly, “Let’s go to your room.” When they got there, Alice snuggled up next to Missa in the bed and whispered in her ear, “When you wake up, you’re going to be tied to a chair. You’re going to watch Aidan use his whole body to make me orgasm harder than you can imagine, and the only thing you’ll be allowed to do is sit down on a toy I’ll pick out for you. Every time you close your eyes it will count as one spanking. And you will keep track of this, if you lie to me about how many times you close your eyes you will be tied to the bed and have to piss in a bucket. That piss will be poured over you in the morning. And if you beg sweetly enough I might let Aidan fuck you.” She continued to stroke Missa’s hair until she fell into a troubled sleep. However, considering the amount of sleep all of them had gotten over the past 2 days it was no surprise that Missa passed out quickly.
Alice returned to the main room to find Aidan sitting in the chair that looked into Missa’s room. He was watching her silently,, and waiting for a moment to approach her. Alice smiled and moved to curl up on Aidan’s lap. Aidan obligingly folded his arms around Alice and pulled her close. Alice leaned her cheek against his should and listened to the heart beating beneath her ear. Aidan spoke softly so as not to awake Missa and Alice enjoyed hearing it boom through his body before reaching her. Her delight was so small and yet intense that she barely caught on to what he was saying.
“Are you having fun with her?” Aidan asked, patiently waiting for a response.
A slight smile appeared on Alice’s face before she nodded slightly against him. “Are you having fun with us? You don’t regret bringing me here and staying do you?” She asked quickly, with more curiosity in her voice than apprehension.
Aidan smiled before replying, “Oh it wasn’t what I was expecting but that’s not a bad thing. And I am enjoying myself, even if I wish we were alone. I will absorb even this small amount of time I have you to myself and look forward to more in the future.”
Alice just smiled silently and fell asleep before telling Aidan her plans for this evening.

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