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Succulent Desires Chapter 3

A twisted Faery Tale set in Scotland with lots of BDSM, fetish, voyeurism, and much, much more.

As the elevator reached the lobby, Alice took a few deep breaths and made sure her ample cleavage was covered adequately before the doors opened.   She also realized that whatever had been ordered from room service had not arrived, so she stopped at the front desk and asked them to have room service re-deliver the order at closing and leave it in the room.   She knew they would be back by then or after then and either way Missa was sure to need some sustenance, as would Alice , before she allowed her little girl to sleep.   Continuing with her forward momentum, Alice kept silent so as not to break the fragile hold she had over herself and got into the rental car.

She could feel her excitement mount as the surprise Ronin had in store for her was closer to being revealed and all she knew was a small list of people there and the location.   She was looking forward to flirting openly and being able to spend time with friends, and maybe just watch others while her desires were left unfulfilled until later in the evening.   She was also looking forward to meeting Missa and engaging her in light flirting and sensual play until she brought her back to the hotel.   These thoughts crossed her mind as she settled into the car, turned on the music and looked out the window to watch Edinburgh pass by.


Aidan had silently followed Alice and placed the bag in the car before holding the passenger door for Alice .   He was slightly perturbed by her sudden silence, but somehow it intrigued him that someone so chatty and vivacious was suddenly so quiet.   It made him wonder what she was thinking, and hoped she was planning some naughty acts in her head with him as the lead role, like he’d been doing with her off and on all day.   The distance she put between them mentally in the last 20minutes disturbed him and made him want to touch her all the more, made him ache to be alone in the hotel room with her, but there seemed to be a fragile hold upon her attraction for him and he didn’t want to break it.   So, sighing in frustration, Aidan continued to maneuver the car towards the play party, and wracked his brain for something to say to her; to ask her so she’d just speak to him.


Alice turned to the enticing man sitting behind the drivers’ wheel, “I really don’t know what kind of party it is and I’m a wanderer by nature. So if you want my attention and you don’t want me to wander very far, then you’ll need to hold my hand or touch me or put an arm around me.   If I’m not being physically touched I tend to walk away, even during a conversation unless I’m sitting down.   However, even then my attention span will wander away and if there’s lots of people and lights and conversations I can have a hard time focusing.   I just wanted you to know since I don’t think you’ll know many people there and I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.   By the way, in case I’ve forgotten my manners, thank you for driving me to Edinburgh , to the hotel, to the party, and thank you for coming with me.   I know we don’t know each other very well, but it’s as if there’s a spell or force pulling us towards each other and I have no idea where it’s leading us.   But, I want you to know that I look forward to the adventure and when we have time together you are welcome to ask me anything you’d like and I will answer honestly.   I just wanted you to know before you enter the lion’s den what is waiting for you and I can’t promise you more than what may happen with my time here, but I can promise you that I will not intentionally hurt you without your consent.   And if you find someone you’d like to play with at the party then feel free to indulge yourself as long as you’re safe and having a good time not much else should matter.”   Alice spoke quietly with a strength of will and honesty that required no comment, no response, but an acknowledgement that what she said was understood.


Smiling at her, “Ok. I can go with the flow and I’ll make a mental note to keep my arm around you as much as possible.” Aidan spoke earnestly in response to her as he pulled up out front of the luxury apartment.   “And it looks like we’re here.   The apartment is on the top floor of that building.” Aidan spoke and pointed before getting out of the car.   Alice took note of where he pointed and met Aidan at the back of the car before he could reach her door.  


Smiling up at him, “Would you mind carrying the bag?” Alice asked before she heard someone shout her name from the balcony of the apartments.


“ Alice !   What took you so long??” A woman yelled, while a man appeared to have opened the door and stood at the top of the steps.   Alice waved and smiled while Aidan grabbed the bag and they walked to the stairs together.   Shouting back at Natalya, “Hi!   How are you?” Alice continued up the stairs in front of Aidan and locked eyes with the man at the top of the stairs.   And as he just watched her walk up the stairs, she watched his eyes and face to see his reaction, not only to the sight of her but also to the man behind her.   His eyes lingered over the man behind her, assessing him, and returning to Alice ’s face with a quick flicker in his eyes.   Alice registered this flicker as curiosity and questioning her judgment in bringing a stranger without warning and knew she’d have to explain herself to Ronin later.


As Alice reached the top of the stairs, she drew herself closer to Ronin and gave him a kiss on his neck while hugging him.   She reveled in the feel of him for a brief second before pulling away, teasing him with the smell and touch of her.   Alice turned to the side to allow Aidan to reach the landing and introduced the two men to each other, “Ronin this is Aidan, Aidan meet Ronin.   I almost ran him over on my way here but he rescued me from getting lost and I just knew he’d have fun here tonight.”   She began explaining while introducing him to Ronin, a bit nervous as to whether they’d actually get along, well more nervous that Ronin would be angry.   However, Alice knew Ronin would adjust and Aidan was so easy going that she knew he wouldn’t try to set off the alpha alarm as most people did with Ronin.


Ronin’s presence seemed to intimidate even the most confident person, which led them to challenge him in ways that could cause a fun time to turn into a drama filled night.   However, tonight there were select friends and toys of Ronin from around the world and some of them had played with Alice before and some were new.   Alice smiled as she was almost between the two men and allowed her desire for them both to lead her brain into a threesome scenario with her at its center.   However, it was shattered as Ronin spoke, “Welcome.   Come in and set down your bag.   Did you check in at the hotel?   If not I can send Missa there now.   How was the trip?”


Alice locked her arm with Ronin’s as they walked into the apartment, answering “Yes, we checked into the hotel.   The suite is fine and the room will be suitable for Missa and I.   Other than almost running over this small giant the trip has been wonderful so far.   I really like the greenness and it feels so different here.   I definitely feel like I’m in a different world.”   Alice liked touching Ronin, teasing him with the feel of her even if it was only an arm, a hand that reminded him he could have her when he wanted, if she allowed him.   She liked knowing she was such a distraction for Ronin and knew that just by talking to him was almost enough to make forgive her for bringing a complete stranger to the party.   So she continued, “Oh and I have some delicious ideas for Missa, would you like to hear them now or later?” Alice ’s voice became excited and thick with anticipation as thoughts of Missa entered her mind.


Smiling briefly at Alice ’s excitement, Ronin quickly masked his reaction, but not before she understood that he was looking forward to details.   “Oh, I’m sure you both will give adequate accounts once all is said and done.   Thank you for training her and I know you’ll give her exactly what she needs to accept her fantasies and desires.   Or course, I look forward to listening to the audios of your sessions with her” he grinned devilishly.


Laughing, Alice reacted, “Oh, I know you’ll get a very detailed account by my hand and yes, I know it disappoints you but I still refuse to do videos of my sessions.   However, the audio will not be a problem.   I have a new recorder and I think it’d be fun to see what two will record from different points in the room and then merge them so they play simultaneously?   Possibly, not sure as I’m still fooling around with it all, but I think merging them will create more of a real sound, as if you’re actually watching and there, even when you’re not.   Then as you read the account the audio will align with it perfectly!”   Alice continued to talk as she looked around the apartment, “This is a nice place!” was all she got out before Natalya came to give her a hug.


Missa was sitting anxiously on the couch, and Alice smiled at her before making small talk with Natalya.   Who promptly propelled her to the couch to introduce her to Missa.   Natalya told Alice Missa’s real name, but Alice spoke before Missa could react, “I know that’s your name dear, but I’ve decided to call you Missa.   Ok?   It’s my name for you and when you’re with me you’ll respond to it as if it’s your own.   You can call me Mistress, Miss, Alice, and if you’d really like Mommy, but you may not touch yourself at any point tonight with out my permission.   Understand?   Ronin has given you to me now, so you will do as I tell you.   If you are confused at any time, just ask for clearer directions and if someone wants to play with you then tell them to ask me first.   OK?”    Alice said these things softly, so only the three women could hear and then waited for Missa to acknowledge.


A soft voice escaped from Missa’s lips, “Yes, mommy.” And a blush could be seen traveling up Missa’s face as her nipples hardened.


Taking a sharp breath in, Alice smiled down at Missa, and stroked her hair, running her finger along her jaw so she would look into her face while saying, “That’s my good little girl.” As she leaned down to give her a kiss on the lips, Alice heard a soft moan escape from Missa.   Alice didn’t kiss her deeply, passionately, or forcefully, but gave Missa a soft press of her lips and a quick flick of her tongue along Missa’s lips to tease and entice a reaction from Missa.   Alice was pleasantly pleased to have Missa’s lips part for her and heard a soft mewl that begged Alice for more than what she gave her.   Alice pulled away from Missa, and smiled down at her “I will be back my sweet little girl.   Don’t worry, I’ve only just begun with you but I must meet the guests now. You may speak to whomever you wish, but remember you can’t touch yourself and this includes your nipples, without permission.   If someone wants to play with you and you’re not sure, then come and find me and we’ll talk first.   Ok?”


Missa’s flushed face nodded silently up at Alice .


“Missa, if I can’t hear you, I don’t understand, did you understand my directions?” Alice ’s tone was soft yet conveyed to Missa that verbal communication was not negotiable.


Missa blushed a bit harder, and spoke breathlessly, “Yes, Mommy.”


“Good.” Alice spoke in an upbeat voice as she stroked Missa’s hair and turned to Natalya.


Alice spoke with Natalya as she walked her around the apartment to introduce Alice to the guests.   The couches were placed into small alcoves with play stations set up in the center space as well as along the walls.   There were random spots with bondage tables as well as sanitary stations that held antibacterial wipes, condoms, sweets, and other random necessary cleaning supplies.   Natalya told her that about 40 people should arrive before her present was delivered.   Alice smiled and continued to meet and greet with people.   She hadn’t forgotten Aidan, but could tell that Ronin was still speaking with him, so it wasn’t safe to return to interrupt them.   She could feel both men’s eyes upon her as she floated around the apartment, and when she left the room she felt little relief as she needed to make sure they were getting along.   The need was so great that she’d return with the excuse that she wanted to check on Missa, but really wanted to gauge whether Ronin approved of her guest or not.


The third time Alice came back in the doorway, she realized that Ronin’s stance had relaxed so she sauntered over to the pair.   Not much time had passed, but Alice was glad that Ronin had finally relaxed.   The room visibly and audibly seemed to get louder as more people arrived and the tension had subsided.


“I didn’t realize you knew so many people.” Alice spoke to Ronin, while planting herself between the two men and putting an arm around each of them.   She smiled as she continued, “I love the apartment!   And it looks like there’ll be lots of fun going on later.   But how long will I have to wait for my present??” Alice joked with Ronin.   “I mean, it took so LONG to get it, that a little longer makes no difference, but I do hope I can carry it home easily.”   Alice fished for information on the present.   Ronin was known to spill the beans on her surprises long before she got them, but not this time.   Alice knew Ronin would get caught up in playing the host and making her anticipate her present, so she decided she should enjoy herself.   Ronin just smiled at Alice and said nothing.   Sighing in disappointment, Alice gave up and turned to Aidan.


“Would you like a tour of the place, a drink maybe, and an introduction to my sweet little girl?”   Alice asked Aidan in a sweet voice as she pressed her upper body into his side, looking up at him from under her lashes and smiling.


Aidan could not only see her adorable face staring up at him, but her ample, beautiful breasts and could only smile down at the lovely vixen.   When Alice raised her eyebrows at him, Aidan forced an answer from his mouth, “Of course, whatever you wish.”


Alice smiled and began to walk away, catching his hand in hers to make sure he would follow and that she wouldn’t wander off distractedly, towards the back of the apartments.   She planned the tour to end up on the couch with Missa and showed him the hot tub, the spare rooms that were turned into naughty play dens and could be used to close the door if people wanted something more private, the TV room which would be playing random porn and sometimes anime throughout the night, and thru to the kitchen where they got drinks, and back into the living room to where Missa was sitting.


Alice and Aidan chatted with people randomly as they walked the room, but mostly touched each other and found excuses to press their bodies closer together.   As they walked closer to the couch, Alice smiled and she could see Missa begin to fidget and blush.   Of course, this only caused Alice ’s smile to get bigger.


“Missa, I want you to meet someone that will be staying with us in the hotel.   I know it wasn’t planned and you don’t have to worry.   You won’t be touching him or vice versa, unless you want to, and you’ll have your own bed as was planned.   This is Aidan.” Alice spoke to Missa before she sat down next to her on the couch.   Patting the spot next to her, Alice motioned for Aidan to sit down.


Before taking his seat, he held his hand out to Missa and said, “Hello.   How are you?”   Missa looked up, smiled and shook his hand but that was it.   Quirking his eyebrows at Alice, Aidan sat next to her and put his arm around her shoulders.   Smiling at him, Alice turned to Missa and took her hand.


“I believe he asked you a question.” Alice sternly reminded her in a soft voice while placing Missa’s hand on her knee.


Missa blushed and spoke softly, “Hello, I am well.”


Alice smiled at the blush creeping up Missa’s face, and turned to Aidan, “Isn’t she quite adorable?”   Aidan nodded in agreement, while a small smile of amusement crossed his face.   Alice ’s enthusiasm was contagious as she continued with an increasing speed, “Oh yes, and she’ll be staying with us and she’s all mine!   You must promise not to touch her without my permission, but you can watch if I let you.   And maybe, maybe I’ll make her watch us? Ok?”   A glint of mischievousness could be seen to grow in Alice ’s eyes as her face flushed at the thought of Aidan watching her with Missa, and her lips parted slightly to disguise her increased breathing.


Aidan responded huskily with a hint of desire in his eyes, “Of course, I wouldn’t touch her without your permission, but I’d love to watch the two of you together and I think it would be interesting to let her watch us.”


Pleased with his response, Alice smiled like a pleased cat, and snuggled into his arm, while reaching for Missa to snuggle up onto her lap.   Alice stroked Missa’s hair, neck and back, while slightly tugging on her hair and scratching behind her ears as she continued chatting with Aidan.   They sat this way for awhile, as Missa whimpered and moaned, and Alice and Aidan watched the party goers playing with each other, teasing each other, and just simply chatting.  


One scene in particular caught Alice ’s eye, it was with a woman being flogged.   She simply loved the sound of someone being beaten and tortured and the sound of pain mixing with pleasure.   The woman made a face of absolute bliss, like a cat that’s purring because it’s being stroked in just the right places, and she moaned so sweetly rubbing herself against the man flogging her at every chance she got.   Alice would’ve loved to make the woman moan, scream, and be the object of her lust, but she knew she’d have lots of fun with Aidan and Missa.   So she enjoyed the show, and waited for Ronin to give her the surprise he promised.

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