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Succulent Desires Chapter 4

A twisted Faery Tale set in Scotland with lots of BDSM, fetish, voyeurism, and much, much more.

When the scene was over, Alice realized the music had turned off and everyone came into the main room.   There were a good 30-50 people milling around and Natalya brought out a cake with candles on it.   As Happy Birthday was sung and Alice blew out the candles, a bondage table was being brought into the center of the room and set up.   Alice didn’t notice at first until people began moving out of the way.   Candles were lit around the room, and a cloth was put down on the bondage table.   Curious, Alice knew her surprise was being set up but was still slightly confused as men gathered behind the table in a row, including Aidan and Ronin.   Little did Alice know that when the two were talking earlier in the night Ronin had enlisted Aidan’s help.   He figured Alice wouldn’t mind if her date joined in.

Missa came up behind Alice and spoke softly in her ear, “Mommy, Master asked me to bring you to the table.   Will you come with me please?”


Alice leaned back into Missa and grabbed her hand before smiling and nodding, “Of course my sweet.   If Ronin has asked for it I guess I must go along.”


Missa held Alice ’s hand as she walked around in front of her and led her thru the people eating cake towards the table.   Alice ’s curiosity arose as she wondered exactly what was going to happen and to whom.   Missa turned around sometimes to make sure Alice was still behind her even though they were holding hands, which caused Alice to smile at her.   Missa knew what was going to happen as Ronin told her what he had planned, but Alice didn’t mind that she wasn’t going to be told.   She trusted Ronin to make sure she was pleasantly surprised and that no harm would come to her under his protection and care.   She trusted few as much as him, but she knew she’d always have a choice to say stop or no if she didn’t like it and he was as good as judging her desires as she was his.   Alice would always try what Ronin suggested at least once and if she liked it would beg for more.   As Alice stood at the edge of the table she knew Ronin would explain things to her and patiently waited.


The men just stood quietly watching her as Ronin had instructed them.   Alice smiled and looked at each of them in turn and glanced down at their hands.   When she was done visually and energetically inspecting them, she turned to Ronin with her eyebrows raised and waited for him to speak.   Ronin smiled softly at her saying, “You’re not going to get what you’re thinking about, but you are going to get pleasure from this little encounter so don’t hesitate to do as I say.   Take everything off and lie down on the table.   You can allow Missa to help if you want, but you’re going to get on this table and if you refuse it’s one less orgasm you’ll have before the night is over.   Trust me, I’ll leave you so frustrated and I’ll make Missa and Aidan stay here tonight while you go back to your hotel room alone.”   Ronin finished in a soft voice, staring into Alice ’s eyes as he communicated that she couldn’t back out now.


Alice stared at Ronin as she battled her urge to refuse.   She realized that she must’ve spoken to him about what he was going to allow to happen to her in passing, otherwise he wouldn’t be doing it without making sure it was what Alice would really enjoy.   Biting her lower lip, Alice took a deep breath and decided to see what would happen.   She trusted Ronin to know when she’d be ready to end whatever he had in mind and she knew that if she didn’t like something she could always hit someone before getting up from the table. As Alice made up her mind to go with it and see what happened, she turned to Missa and began kissing her.   Alice figured she’d make out with Missa to encourage herself to go along with Ronin’s plan.


As Missa and Alice made out, Alice slowly striped out of her clothes.   When she was completely naked, Missa helped her lay down on the bondage table and place a blindfold over her eyes.   Alice knew this would help her initially ignore the spectators, but she also wanted to see what would happen next.   As a hand reached for the blindfold, she heard Ronin speak in her ear, “Don’t touch it.   I’ll tell you what will happen now and when you’re done just say yellow or red.   First all those hands are going to massage, tease, scratch you and the only ones that will touch your clit or pussy are mine and Aidan’s.   When you’re more aroused I’ll take off the blindfold and you can watch as I fist you, making you cum in public with these men’s hands running all over you.   I know you’ll tell us where to put a hand or two if someone is not touching you as you please, but don’t worry no one will fist you without my permission or yours.”


Alice moved her hand from the blindfold and reached for Ronin’s face, aching to kiss him before submitting completely.   As her lips met Ronin’s, Alice moaned softly into his mouth, noticing the feel of his lips against hers, she kissed him harder before letting him go.   She could hear him move away when Alice began to feel a hand hesitantly stroke her shoulder.   No names were spoken as Ronin had worked out beforehand stations and body parts for the men to touch.   Suddenly there was a man gently scratching her neck and shoulders, as another stroked her left breasts, a different hand stroked her right breast, and she felt two different hands massaging her legs and scratching them.  


As the men focused on making Alice writhe on the table, she felt someone spread her legs and a finger teasing her clit.   Moaning and gasping, Alice moved her legs to allow better access to her clit, bending at the knees and lifting her hips a little to thrust into the finger touching her.   She wasn’t rewarded with more pressure on her clit but an absence of it which made her whimper in frustration.   When she relaxed her hips back to the table, the finger returned and each time she thrust her hips into it the finger was removed.   Whining as her sexual frustration mounted, Alice reached for the blindfold so she could see who was teasing her so sweetly.


To Alice ’s surprise, she thought it was going to be Ronin but instead, Ronin was standing at the end just watching and smiling, it was Aidan.   Alice ’s gaze darkened as she looked at the two men towards the end of the table.   Aidan was standing towards the right end and Ronin was directly at the end of the table, waiting for Alice to reach a point where she begins to beg for him.   Alice smiled and lay back down on the table.   Beckoning for Missa, Alice began kissing her gently and then more forcefully as the men continued to tease her.   She wasn’t ready to beg for anything yet and was showing Ronin and Aidan that they had better work harder to arouse her if they wanted her to beg.


She could hear Ronin whispering to Aidan and then felt Aidan’s finger return to her clit.   This time he didn’t add more pressure, but as she began to kiss Missa more intensely he increased the speed of his finger making Alice moan into Missa’s mouth.   And this time, when Alice lifted her hips to meet Aidan’s hand he didn’t take it away but moved it quicker against her clit.   Moaning and whimpering into Missa’s mouth, Alice could barely focus on much more than her increasing orgasm as Aidan played with her clit and the men’s hands scratched her body, teasing her nipples and Missa’s tongue in her mouth.   All the sensations brought Alice closer and closer to orgasm, until she felt a hand begin to press into her pussy.   Wiggling her hips to allow it more room, Alice moaned and moved her mouth from Missa’s to say, “More…. more fingers please” in a very husky and intoxicated voice.


Aidan moved his hand so more of it could enter into Alice while his finger massaged her clit.   Sighing in pleasure, Alice went back to kissing Missa, and thrusting her hips into Aidan’s hands.   As he matched the rhythm of her hips, he felt Alice ’s muscles clench down on his hand as she began her orgasm.   Alice ’s body strained on the table as her hands found Missa’s hair and tangled into them to control kissing Missa.   Moaning, gasping and screaming into Missa’s mouth, Alice continued slamming into Aidan’s hands.   And suddenly, her whole body tensed and her noises ceased as she climaxed, and when Aidan began to stop in response she quickly spoke “Don’t stop, not yet.”   After a few minutes, her body completely relaxed and Ronin made a hand signal to the men and they stopped touching her knowing she had finished orgasming.  


Alice trapped Aidan’s hand between her thighs when he attempted to remove it.   Looking down the table at him, Alice said “Don’t stop yet.”   However, Ronin stepped forward, “No Alice, your surprise is over.   And you can continue this at the hotel.”


Frowning at Ronin, Alice realized that she was being watched and smiling she began to feel very shy.   So she didn’t argue with Ronin, but sighing in disappointment she released Aidan’s hand.   Alice realized Missa was covering her with a blanket and snuggled up under it before sitting up.   She motioned for Ronin to come towards her and gave him a deep passionate kiss before thanking him for such a lovely birthday present.   Then Missa returned to her with some cake and water.   Alice sat while Missa fed her and motioned for Aidan to sit next to her on the table to eat his cake too.


When Alice felt grounded enough she asked Missa for her clothes and got dressed.   Sighing and feeling content and yet exhausted from a long day of travels and adventures, Alice spoke first to Aidan, “I’m a little tired.   Would you like to leave or stay a bit longer?   It’s fine either way with me, but if we stay I warn you that I will snuggle with Missa on the couch and maybe fall asleep.” She quirked the left side of her lips up at him.


Aidan responded while pulling Alice in closer to him, “I’m ready to go when you are darling.”

Alice snuggled into him before replying, “Then I choose now, after a round of goodbyes, ok?”   After Aidan agreed with her, Alice told Missa to get her stuff as they were leaving now and to wait for them at the front door.   Aidan and Alice made the rounds and said goodnight.   Alice gave Ronin another kiss after he walked them to the door and told him she’d return Missa on Monday or Tuesday as they had agreed.   And she would write him a full account afterwards and he had the numbers where she could be reached in case his schedule needed to change.


Once all the goodbyes were said, Alice and Aidan walked out the door, and Ronin helped Missa down to the car with them.   Aidan put Alice’s and Missa’s bags into the trunk of the car and helped Alice into the car.   He then got in the car as Ronin spoke quietly with Missa to make sure she felt comfortable with the change in situation at the hotel and that she was safe, as well as some last minute words of comfort.   It was the first time that Ronin would not be around to supervise her interaction with another Dom/me and he wanted to reassure her and himself that she felt safe enough to proceed.   Once he was satisfied that she was comfortable, Ronin helped her into the back seat and said a final good night.   He returned to the base of the stairs to watch them leave.

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