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Succulent Desires Chapter 5

A twisted Faery Tale set in Scotland with lots of BDSM, fetish, voyeurism, and much, much more.

Alice pressed her head back against the headrest and closed her eyes as Aidan drove towards the Malmaison hotel.   The car was silent, but not a heavy silence.   Alice reached for Aidan’s thigh since his hand had to be used to shift and delighted in the feel of him underneath her hand.   She remembered how he felt, how his hands felt on her and in her.   These thoughts caused Alice ’s breath to quicken and her pulse beat a bit harder.   When the car stopped and Aidan turned the engine off, Alice opened her eyes and watched Aidan’s profile. They were parked in the hotel lot.

Alice turned to look at Missa who had fallen asleep in the back.   Smiling gently at her, Alice got out of the car, and opened the back door to rouse Missa from sleep while Aidan got the bags from the trunk.   She leaned into the back seat and ran a finger along Missa’s cheek and down her neck gently to see if it was enough to wake her up.   Missa moaned and slowly opened her eyes.   Alice smiled while speaking softly down at her, “We’re here.   Time to wake up.   You’ll be in your bed soon.”   Alice held a hand out for Missa who took hold.   When Missa was clear of the door, Alice shut it and made sure it was locked before following behind Aidan towards the hotel gently tugging Missa along behind her like a sleepy child.


When they reached the elevator, Alice pressed the button and put an arm around Missa who was standing a bit unsteadily from exhaustion.   As was one of Ronin’s training techniques, he didn’t let Missa sleep for a few days straight before she was handed over to Alice .   What he did to them to keep them awake was very specific to the person and their desires and fantasies and he never fully told Alice the details before hand.   So she knew Missa would sleep like a babe in the bed, which left her plenty of time to take advantage of Aidan’s lovely body.


Alice continued to walk down the hallway with an arm wrapped around Missa’s waist to steer her towards the room and opened the door to their suite.   She held the door for Aidan to walk through and then sat Missa on a chair.   Meanwhile, Aidan had placed Missa’s bag into the other room and took Alice ’s bag into the larger bedroom.   He didn’t turn around and didn’t come back right away, but Alice wasn’t concerned.   She needed to make sure Missa had a bit of cheese and water before sleeping.   She also knew that Ronin probably hadn’t made sure she ate enough before the party or Missa herself was so nervous she hadn’t eaten properly over the last few days.   She didn’t want Missa to get sick before the fun had begun.   She hand fed Missa a few pieces of cheese and bread, and then placed the plate in the refrigerator with the fruit.   She got her to take a few sips from a bottle of water, and was satisfied and got Missa to stand back up and took her into Missa’s bedroom.


Alice left the door wide open and placed the bottle of water next to the bed on the night stand before allowing Missa to sit on the bed.   She proceeded to undress Missa.   Missa would be naked every second of the weekend they were in the room.   She placed Missa’s clothes on the chair in the bedroom, knowing Missa would place them properly in the morning and pushed back the covers to allow her to fall asleep underneath the covers.   Alice kissed Missa’s forehead before turning to leave the room.   She noticed a shadow in the doorway and smiled at Aidan.   Putting a finger over her lips, she walked towards him and motioned him into the sitting room. When she reached where Aidan was standing, Alice grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to the other room.  


“I’ve put the food and cheese in the frig if you’re still hungry.   Missa will sleep until morning.   I would like to take a quick shower, but feel free to make yourself comfortable or fall asleep.”   Alice whispered up at him.


As she walked towards the bathroom, Alice began stripping and throwing her clothes onto the floor.   She didn’t care if Aidan was watching or not because he had seen her completely naked earlier in the evening.   However, she really wanted to wash her body from the hands at the party.   Her skin was sensitive and sometimes someone’s natural body oil was enough to throw her skin into a hissy fit, so before she ravaged Aidan, she wanted to make sure her body was clean and soft and not irritable.   Alice was so tired she didn’t even realize that Aidan had begun following her after he watched in amusement for a few moments.


She reached to turn on the shower, when she felt hands slide across her hips and nails dig in slightly as they cupped her ass.   A soft gasp of surprise escaped her mouth mixed with a moan of pleasure.   Alice knew it was Aidan and wasn’t going to resist him or her desires any longer.   She straightened back into him and felt his hands slide forward on her hips as she rubbed her back and ass along his skin.   Moaning and reaching for his thighs with her hands, Alice slowly dragged her nails up Aidan’s thighs as she pulled him closer into her body.   Her breathing became quicker and ragged as she turned her upper torso around to face him enough so she could finally taste his mouth again.


Alice raised an arm to encircle Aidan’s neck and pull his mouth closer to hers, as she sought his lips with her own.   This time she wasn’t in the mood to tease, to savor, but wanted to taste him so urgently she quickly parted his lips with her tongue and sought Aidan’s inner flavors.   Her tongue twined with his, as her lips pressed against his and her body slowly turned in his arms so she was facing him and kissing him more deeply.   When Alice began to pull away, Aidan’s lower lip was caught between her teeth and she tugged on it while running her tongue along in front of her teeth until she reached the end and let go gently.   Groaning, Aidan’s hands pulled her closer to his body, but before he could kiss her again Alice turned her head away.


“In the shower.” Alice spoke raggedly at Aidan as she pulled him towards it with her.   Alice turned the hot water down a bit so they wouldn’t steam to death and continued stroking her hands over Aidan’s hard, solid, tall body.   Moaning and continuing to kiss him, Alice allowed the water to splash down on her, adding to the sensations flowing across her body as it contrasted against the feel of Aidan’s hands on her body and his bare skin against hers.   Pulling back for a breath, she allowed the water to wet her hair and then switched places with Aidan.


Reaching for the conditioner, she rubbed it into the ends of her hair, and then reached around Aidan’s waist to rinse her hands off.   When she was satisfied that he had enough time under the water, she reached for the soap and began to lather it on her hands.   She wanted to feel him against her hands again and ignored the washcloth in the shower as she began rubbing the soap onto his back.


Alice slowly stroked down his back to his ass, rubbing the soap everywhere and then proceeded down to his left thigh and calf.   Lifting his foot, she rubbed soap all over it before setting it down and moving to the back of his right thigh and calf.   She repeated the process with his right foot, but when she set it down she stood up.   Alice pressed her body against his back as she began to rub his chest and stomach with soap from behind, and slowly began to rub herself against him to get some soap on her as well.   Mostly, she just wanted to feel him against her and knew he’d turn around when he couldn’t take it much longer.   If you were watching from the outside, you’d see a small smile across Alice ’s face as she rubbed against him like a cat rubs against catnip.


Sighing against him, Alice felt Aidan’s body begin to twist in her arms and she loosened her arms a bit to allow him to turn around more easily.   She lifted her face to look up into his mesmerizing eyes, smiling she just watched his eyes as they watched her. Alice didn’t speak any words once they entered the shower, but used her moans, hands and body to speak to Aidan.   She lifted her soapy hands up to rub his neck and down the parts of his chest she missed earlier.   Alice continued washing him and stepped back from his body a little as she soaped both of his arms, his stomach and the front of his thighs and shins.   Then she proceeded to soap his throbbing, hard cock and balls, before she soaped his face and turned him to rinse off under the water.   Smiling as Aidan moaned and growled under her ministration, Alice ignored his verbal signals and continued to soap and rinse him off.


When Aidan turned around, he found an impish grin on Alice ’s face as she had reached for the soap and began to quickly lather herself down.   Growling at her, Aidan spoke in a thick voice, “Oh no you don’t.   It’s my turn.”


Alice stopped moving and continued smiling at him as she handed him the soap.   As Aidan started lathering Alice down from her neck to her ample breasts, Alice reached out to touch his thick, long shaft, and was rewarded with a soft moan as he tried to focus on teasing Alice .   So he quickly turned her around so her back was to him.   When he reached her ass, Alice bent forward slightly so her ass cheeks would part slightly.   Just because she wasn’t allowed to touch him from this position, didn’t mean she wasn’t going to tease him.   As Aidan began to run his fingers down her ass, Alice lifted her leg so his hand could continue around to her inner thigh from behind and a moan could be heard from Alice .   Aidan ignored the bait that Alice was dangling because he wanted to rinse her off and fuck her in earnest, so he continued lathering her legs with soap until her whole body was covered in soap.


Aidan put Alice under the water and rinsed off her body while running his hands over her.   He teased her nipples, and then moved to tease her clit as his cock pressed in between her ass cheeks.   Alice moaned, and wiggled her ass back into Aidan’s cock while lifting her leg so his hand could touch her more easily.   Her hands rubbing against the front of his thighs as she moaned under the water, Alice whimpered when he moved away from her.   Aidan pulled her hips back with him though and pressed her upper body down so she was bending over.   Kneeling, Aidan began to finger and lick Alice ’s pussy until she orgasmed, and then he stood quickly thrusting his cock into her ass.


Screaming out in surprise and pleasure, Alice squirmed back onto him as she moved her hips to take more of him into her.   Reaching for her clit, Alice forced herself to climax quickly again, knowing she’d relax more and Aidan would enter her ass more fully.   Trying not to force him out with the strength of her muscles as she orgasmed, Alice pushed back into him as Aidan pulled her hips onto him.   When she finally relaxed her muscles, she could feel Aidan’s cock enter to the base of his shaft and sighed in contentment.


Alice began to move her hips against him, until they reached a common rhythm and she felt her body tremble as she began to climax again.   Alice ached to have Aidan’s fist inside her pussy at the same time though, and as she remembered the party and the feel of his hands, Alice began to slam herself back on him harder.   She could feel his cock thicken as he reached orgasm and she was so close that she reached for her clit so they could cum together.   A growl erupted from Aidan’s mouth as a scream came from Alice and she could feel him spurting inside her.   Their bodies continued the motion, as Alice clamped down on Aidan inside her, and their climax seemed to slow.   When they both stopped moving, only gasps and water running could be heard in the bathroom.


Slowly, Alice regained a normal standing position which forced Aidan’s cock to slide from her ass a bit.   Alice reached back for his hip and wiggled into his groin a little with a giggle, before she stepped away from him to turn around.   Rinsing the conditioner out of her hair, Alice smiled at Aidan and then stepped out of the shower to leave him in there alone.   Alice was enjoying not saying a word to him as she toweled off and walked to the bed to await him.   When he slid into bed next to her, Alice curled up next to him and finally broke the silence, “That was wonderful.   Thank you.   And if you wake up in the night and wanna fuck me, feel free to wake me.   Better yet, feel free to start fisting or fucking me and I’ll wake up and join in.   Unfortunately, right now, I must sleep.”   Alice ’s voice was husky and soft against Aidan’s neck, which she kissed before pressing her body against him tighter and falling asleep.

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