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Succulent Desires Chapter 7

A twisted Faery Tale set in Scotland with lots of BDSM, fetish, voyeurism, and much, much more.

“Mommy?” the sound of Missa’s voice finally penetrated her slumber, causing Alice to squint her eyes in the direction of the voice while grunting at her.   This encouraged Missa to continue speaking, “Mommy?   May I eat breakfast now, please?”   Alice ’s voice was rough from all the screaming and moaning but she had enough strength left to respond, “Yes baby girl, there’s fruit and cheese in the frigerator.   Also, call room service and order what I wrote down next to the phone for breakfast for Aidan and me.   When it gets here, return and wake me.   Then we will all eat together, so don’t eat too much cheese and fruit ok? And you may put a robe on only to answer the door, and as soon as they leave you must take it off.   There’s one on the back of your door.”   Missa responded, “Yes, Mommy.” And left the doorway to do as she was told, while Alice curled her back into Aidan’s side, and drifted back off to sleep for a few more minutes she knew that it was soon time to play with Missa.

When room service arrived, Missa returned to the doorway of the bedroom calling out “Mommy, breakfast is here.”   Moaning softly, Alice untangled herself from Aidan and the bed sheets to get out of bed.   And as Aidan felt Alice ’s body warmth disappear he squinted at Alice ’s back as she sat on the edge of the bed.   Alice spoke softly to him as she turned around and said, “Breakfast is here, help yourself.”   Alice continued to walk into the main room to sit at the table with Missa and drink some coffee.   There was fresh fruit, biscuits, butter, jelly, toast, eggs, bacon and sausages for Missa and Aidan.   Alice didn’t eat meat.


Missa sat next to Alice , and Alice motioned her closer so she could touch her bare flesh when she pleased while they were eating breakfast.   As the caffeine settled in Alice ’s body she spoke softly to Missa, “After breakfast we’re going to take a shower together and then your lessons will start.”   Aidan joined them shortly after throwing on a pair of boxers and dug into the hearty breakfast.   Alice smiled at him, and decided to see how silent Missa could be during an orgasm and reached towards Missa’s thigh.   Pulling it slightly apart with her hand, Alice began to scratch up Missa’s thigh to reach her pussy.   Tracing her nails along the outer lips of Missa’s pussy, she could hear a soft moan escape Missa’s mouth.


Alice parted Missa’s lips with her fingers and reached in to moisten her fingers and knuckles.   Using Missa’s juices to lubricate the clit, Alice began to rub, tease, and pinch Missa’s clit.   At first Alice moved gently, soft, and slow and then would randomly speed up and slow down while varying the intensity and focused on Missa’s face and noises to judge how she liked it best.   Knowing that her nails are sharp, Alice used her fingers and knuckles to help vary the sensations and intensity on Missa’s clit.   Occasionally sipping coffee and eating a bite of eggs or toast, Alice smiled at Aidan from across the table, but didn’t stop until Missa begged to come.   Alice removed her hand from Missa’s clit and said, “Maybe later, if you’re a good girl.   Not right now.   You haven’t finished your breakfast. Now lick my hand clean.” Alice told Missa and proffered her hand to Missa to be licked clean before she continued eating her breakfast.


Once breakfast was done, Alice told Missa to clean up the dishes, put her robe on and to push the cart outside the door, and then meet her in the master bathroom.   She watched Missa do as she was told while continuing to sip on her coffee and when Missa was walking towards the bathroom Alice took one last swig of her coffee and stood up to follow her.   Alice came into the bathroom behind Missa and turned on the shower while motioning to Missa to enter the shower first, Alice let her robe slip to the floor before joining her.


Grabbing a washcloth, Alice put it under the water to wet it a bit then set it aside.   “Put your head under the water and begin to wash and condition it.” Alice spoke softly to Missa.   When Missa was done, she had her switch places so Alice could do the same.   Then she grabbed the soap and washcloth and began to suds the washcloth to wash Missa down.   Cooing to Missa, “You’re such a dirty little girl, letting Mommy touch your pussy while you were eating.   You enjoyed licking your pussy juice off of Mommy’s hand didn’t you?”


Moaning and responding Missa spoke, “Yes, Mommy.   I’m a dirty little girl, but you’re going to teach me to be a good girl right Mommy?” she asked plaintively.


Smiling at Missa while she continued to soap her, Alice responded “Yes I am.   You’re going to be a good girl for Mommy and you’re going to learn to fuck Mommy the way she likes and make Mommy happy like all good little girls do.” Turning Missa around, Alice began to soap her back, ass and back of her legs.   She wasn’t rough, but didn’t tease her with her touch.   She wanted Missa to be clean and then make her wash her so they could go get dirty again in the bed.   Once Missa was completely soaped, Alice nudged her into the spouting water so she could rinse off.   As Missa’s body was underneath the shower spray Alice pressed her body against Missa’s body and rubbed her skin with her hands to help the water wash the soap off.   Occasionally teasing her nipples and pussy as her hand brushed lightly against them with the flowing water, Missa gasped and moaned each time Alice ’s hands brushed against her nipples.


Once Missa was completely rinsed, Alice handed her the washcloth and the soap and said nothing.   She waited while Missa soaped up the washcloth and began to rub Alice ’s body with it.   Missa took her time touching Alice ’s body with one hand while the washcloth followed in the other.   Alice smiled encouragingly to Missa, allowing her to explore her body, knowing that Missa had never touched another woman so intimately.   When Missa’s fingers reached her nipples, Alice moaned softly which encouraged Missa to touch it more roughly.   “Keep moving Missa, we can play longer in the bedroom and in the shower later, but right now just keep washing me so we can go have a bit more fun.” Alice spoke gruffly as she willed her breathing to stay steady and calm.   Pouting a bit, Missa obeyed and washed Alice ’s breasts, stomach and then knelt in the shower to be able to continue the lower half of Alice ’s body.


If Missa had looked up at that moment, she would’ve seen Alice ’s eyes darken in desire.   Alice bit her lower lip to distract her from the desire to force Missa to lick her clit and pussy before washing it.   Raising her leg, Alice rested it on Missa’s shoulder so she could have a good look as well as be able to wash her legs and pussy more easily.   Missa leaned in and kissed Alice ’s inner thigh gently before beginning to wash her thigh and calf.   She switched to Alice ’s other leg and then looked up at Alice with a glint in her eye.   Alice quirked her eyebrow down at Missa and just smiled, while avidly watching Missa’s body language, hands, and face.   Alice knew that if Missa put a hand inside her pussy, it would go in smoothly due to all the pussy juice Alice knew was slowly dripping out of her pussy.   She wasn’t sure if it was noticeable in the shower, but she didn’t care if it was.   Missa leaned in and licked Alice ’s slit clean, but didn’t go any further because she didn’t want to be punished for not obeying Alice ’s earlier orders.   Alice moaned and leaned her head back as she enjoyed the feeling of Missa’s tongue teasing the outer edge of her pussy lips.   It became so difficult for Alice to control herself that she abruptly moved her leg down from Missa’s shoulder and turned around so her back could be washed.   The sooner this was over, the sooner she could fuck Missa senseless kept reverberating through Alice ’s mind.


Missa began to wash Alice ’s ass, and ran the washcloth gently over her rosebud and ass crack, then standing she continued washing Alice ’s back and neck.   Alice turned around and had put soap on her face and switched places with Missa so she could step into the water to rinse off.   Moaning and smiling, Alice could feel Missa pressing her body against hers as she ran her hands over Alice ’s body along with the water just as Alice had done to her earlier.   When Alice turned around to rinse her back and the conditioner of her hair she spoke, “Good girl!   You’re a fast learner.   Are you enjoying this baby girl?”


Missa smiled and spoke adamantly, “Yes, Mommy!   Can we fuck in the shower soon?”


Silently moaning in desire, Alice spoke a bit unevenly, “When you’ve learned to fuck me properly, then we’ll fuck in the shower.”   She switched places one last time with Missa, “Rinse the conditioner out of your hair, and dry off.   Then lie down on my bed and wait for me.”   She proceeded to get out of the shower and put one towel around her head as she used one from last night to dry herself off.   As Missa turned off the water and got out, Alice handed her a towel and went into the bedroom.   She wanted to talk briefly with Aidan to let him know what she had planned.

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