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Succulent Desires Chapter 8

A twisted Faery Tale set in Scotland with lots of BDSM, fetish, voyeurism, and much, much more.

When she came back into the bedroom, she found Missa lying on her pillow.   Smiling, Alice reached for the lotion and handed it to Missa.   Now, put lotion everywhere on me first, and then I will put some on you.   Missa obeyed and began rubbing Alice down from neck to toes, front to back with lotion, making sure it absorbed completely.   If she put too much on in one spot, Missa would rub a part of her body against Alice so her skin would absorb the extra lotion.   When this happened, both Missa and Alice would giggle a little at the silliness even though their pussies were getting wetter as their bodies continually touched each other.   Alice took the bottle from Missa, and rubbed lotion into the spots that were not covered in lotion by their bodies rubbing against each other and then put the lotion on the dresser.

Alice joined Missa on the bed and snuggled up with her.   Lying there, Alice would’ve dozed due to a lack of sleep, but was too worked up to possibly think about sleeping even though she didn’t want to rush things with Missa.   She allowed her hands to caress and randomly scratch Missa’s skin as they lay next to each other.   Soft moans escaped from Missa’s mouth as her body arched into Alice ’s hand and nails.   Propping herself on her elbow, Alice looked down into Missa’s sweet face enjoying the emotions of pleasure cross it.   Leaning down towards her face, Alice slowly ran her tongue along Missa’s mouth, which parted with another moan as her hand found Missa’s clit and began to tease it gently.  


Missa lifted her head to feel Alice ’s tongue invade her mouth and lips against hers.   Alice pulled back, with a slight giggle, which caused Missa to open her eyes with a whimper.   Responding to her plea Alice spoke in a teasing voice, “Is there something wrong Baby Girl?”


Missa shook her head and responded softly, “No, Mommy.”   Her head returning to rest upon the bed and watched Alice ’s face and body for the next move.   Knowing Missa expected her to return kissing her mouth, as Alice leaned down she turned Missa’s head to kiss her ear and neck.   As her head got closer to Missa’s nipples, Alice smacked Missa’s pussy a few times before moving her hand to tease one nipple as her lips and teeth teased the other.   Aidan came into the room carrying 2 bags and Alice lifted her head to smile at him before speaking, “Could you go into the grey bag and find the nipple clamps please?”


While Aidan searched in the bag for the clamps, Alice returned to teasing Missa’s nipples with her nails, fingers, teeth, lips, and tongue.   Licking, sucking, pinching, pulling, and biting one, then the other.   When Aidan found them he placed them on the bed next within reach of Alice ’s hand and then pulled a chair closer so he could sit and watch, as well as dig around for toys to hand to Alice when she requested them.   Alice winked at Aidan when she reached for the clamps and began to place them on Missa’s nipples.


“Tell me when to stop tightening them and when they get to be too much let me know when you want them off, ok baby?” Alice spoke to Missa as she began to tighten the clamps.   Alice knew that Missa could take the clamps as tight as they would go, but she didn’t want to assume that Missa would want that right now.   So, Alice watched Missa’s face for clues, signals, anything that would indicate too much discomfort.   Once the clamps were tightened as much as possible, Alice took her hands off the clamps and let them fall onto Missa’s chest.

Whispering softly into Missa’s ear, Alice spoke “Remember, everything I do to you, remember how it feels, how it makes you feel, and when something is good you tell me, if it’s not good enough you tell me.   Don’t let the nipple clamps distract you or anything else I might do and don’t forget to ask permission to cum first.” Moving to stand next to the bed, Alice didn’t wait for a response from Missa but walked over to Aidan.   Aidan had taken a brief shower in the other bathroom before bringing the toys into the room.   Smiling down into Aidan’s face, Alice leaned her body into his and gave a brief kiss on the lips before bending to open the other toy bag which held the floggers.   Picking up the lightest one she would use it to flog Missa’s nipples and pussy randomly, because she wanted to make it more challenging for Missa to remember the actual details of how a woman touches compared to a man.


Women tend to be softer in touch, but also more assured of spots that can set off little tremors and explosions on the body.   That doesn’t mean that every way a woman touches herself will work on someone else, but she’s got a head start in knowing what works and what doesn’t.   And everyone enjoys different intensities of touch in different places.   Alice had not begun scratching Missa hard and worked it up to a medium intensity, but Missa never complained once yet.   However, instead of continuing to scratch her, Alice wanted to flog her a bit and watch her squirm on the bed, make her beg to orgasm.   Alice decided that she would allow Missa to go unbound the first time, but next time her wrists would be tied, and then eventually her ankles, and slowly working up to the point where Missa was completely bound and didn’t care what happened to her.   Alice liked to ease into things slowly so she could learn nonverbal signals from new play partners and they would be comfortable speaking.   Sometimes when people are bound they feel restricted in communication as well, even if they don’t have a gag, their mental processes are not focused on communication and reading nonverbal signs is an absolute for creating the mind space and physical experience I want them to have.


Missa wasn’t blindfolded either, so she watched what Alice was doing and moaned softly when she saw the floggers pulled out.   She began to shift a bit on the bed, and Alice turned to smile at her, “Don’t move.” She said gently, so Missa returned to her original position.   Walking back towards the bed, Alice just stared Missa in the eyes until Missa broke eye contact.   Alice leaned down, and scratched up Missa’s leg that was closest to her, up her thigh, stomach, and chest to flick the clamps attached to Missa’s nipples.   Then Missa’s breasts were hit with the flogger causing the clamps to shift and jump in response to the movement.   Missa’s eyes closed and her nostrils flared as she fought to catch her breath.   Alice continued to lightly flog near or on the clamps until Missa began to cry out with every stroke and then she stopped abruptly.


Missa’s eyes flew open as she watched Alice handed Aidan the flogger, and then reached to remove the nipple clamps.   Alice avidly watched Missa’s face as she began to gently tug on the clamps.   She didn’t want to hurt Missa too much and knew if she was slow about removing the clamps it would hurt worse, but she did enjoy teasing Missa as if they would be removed quite slowly.   A slight giggle escaped from Alice ’s mouth shortly before she placed her fingers on the release catch.   “Are you ready baby girl?” Alice spoke to Missa.   “Yes, Mommy.” Missa whispered softly as she prepared for the rush of blood to cause an intense searing white hot pain before the endorphins kicked in.   Alice quickly released the clamps, and smiled down at Missa as she screamed from the sudden release of pain.


Handing the clamps back to Aidan, Alice began to distract Missa with scratches, nibbles, and bites along her stomach and then down to her inner thighs.   Alice allowed her nails to scratch along the edge of Missa’s slit before she spread Missa’s outer lips with her fingers to leave her clit open and exposed to the air.   Alice blew on it a little to watch Missa squirm and a giggle escaped from Alice ’s mouth.   Bending closer, Alice began to lightly lick along Missa’s exposed lips and up to her clit.   Pressing her tongue firmly against Missa’s clit, Alice heard an increasing moan escape from Missa as her body began to squirm slightly underneath her tongue.   Alice increased the pressure on Missa’s clit as she trapped it between her teeth to nibble on it slightly while flicking it with her tongue.   Alice lifted up for a moment as Missa whimpered, to adjust her position on the bed.   She wanted to be able to put her hand inside Missa’s pussy but still keep her mouth on her clit without getting a crick in her neck.


Lying on her stomach, Alice placed her left hand so it would keep Missa’s lips open without blocking her juicy, wet, pussy or her clit.   Then as Alice leaned in she blew on Missa’s clit again to hear her squeal and squirm a bit, as well as to watch her clit bounce around under her breath.   Smiling and giggling a bit, Alice captured Missa’s clit in between her teeth and began to tease it with her tongue as she gently rubbed her fingers and hand in Missa’s pussy juices seeping out of her.   When Alice began to suck upon Missa’s clit she deftly inserted two fingers into Missa’s pussy and searched out her g-spot to rub against with her fingers or knuckles depending on how she moved her fingers inside Missa.   She knew that Missa’s noises and pussy clenching would tell her what and where she liked it best.


As Alice sucked and bit on Missa’s clit, she randomly would pull back to blow on it and lick lightly further driving Missa to the edge of orgasm.   Meanwhile, she pulled her fingers out a bit to put in three fingers and tease against the soft fleshy mound of Missa’s g-spot in rhythm to her clit licking and biting.   She could tell Missa was getting closer, not just from the screams emanating from her mouth, but the bucking of her body and the clenching of Missa’s muscles on Alice ’s fingers massaging her g-spot.   As Alice ’s fingers were squeezed harder and harder by Missa’s pussy muscles, Alice increased her sucking and biting and tongue licking of Missa’s clit as she flipped her fingers around to rub the g-spot with her knuckles.   This would allow Alice to use a minimum of movement, considering she didn’t have the forearm strength of most men to compete with Missa’s muscles, but also increase the intensity and pressure upon Missa’s g-spot to force her to the edge of orgasm with such force that it would take little on Alice’s part for Missa to continue orgasming if she removed her hand.


Missa began to get closer to orgasm, as her breath shortened and her screams got louder, Alice could only hear a soft please coming from the other end of the bed.   Lifting her head from Missa’s clit, Alice spoke “I’m sorry baby girl, what did you say?”


“Please…. Please… let me cum.” Missa pleaded as her hips bucked against Alice ’s fingers still inside her pussy.   Alice responded, “Not yet, count to 100 and then you can cum.”   And returned to tease Missa’s clit, while she could hear Missa counting in between gasps.   Occasionally, Alice would increase the speed of her knuckles and pressure against Missa’s g-spot to distract Missa from her counting to prolong the anticipation of release.   Alice also continued to suck and bite really hard on Missa’s clit to the point where Missa began to count faster and faster because she wasn’t going to make it 100 without orgasming if she continued counting slowly.   Giggling silently, Alice tried to drive Missa over the edge before she’d reach 100 so she could punish her for it later.   Alice increased the speed of her fingers and her tongue, while she began to hum as she sucked Missa’s clit as far as it would go into her mouth.  


Missa reached 90 when Alice could feel her body begin to orgasm.   Missa’s body twisted itself off the bed to the point where Alice couldn’t keep her lips on her clit except when her hips rested back down on it.   Her fingers were beginning to get pushed out of Missa’s pussy, and Alice forced her fingers against the muscles, pushing back in when Missa’s muscles relaxed in the slightest.   Alice gave up trying to keep her mouth on Missa’s clit, and used her other hand to brace her arm so she could continue to keep her fingers rubbing against Missa’s g-spot while Missa writhed on the bed; orgasming, screaming, and trembling.   As Missa’s body began to relax and descend from its peak, Alice could feel the muscles relax on her fingers and slowed their movement on Missa’s g-spot.   When she felt Missa’s body completely relax, she slowly pulled her fingers from Missa’s pussy and sat up on the edge of the bed.


Alice moved to lay next to Missa and proffered her hand to Missa, saying “Lick it clean.”   Missa eagerly licked her juices off of Alice ’s hand while moaning the entire time.   When she was done she looked expectantly at Alice .   Smiling at her, Alice spoke softly, “Did you enjoy yourself babygirl?”


“Yes, Mommy, very much Mommy!” Missa responded quickly.


Alice leaned back into the mattress and closed her eyes, before continuing, “Now, it’s your turn to touch me.   I’ll let you know what I do and don’t like, but I know you’re eager to see if you can make me squirm as much as I made you squirm.   Oh and you will get punished for not making it to 100, but I’ll do that later.”   Alice refused to give Missa a hint as to how she’d punish her, and smirked with her eyes closed as her exhaustion caught up with her.   Alice felt Missa shift on the bed to lean on her elbow and begin running her hand down Alice ’s chest and stomach.   Touching Alice a bit timidly, Missa began to think about how she enjoyed being touched and attempted to mimic it upon Alice’s skin while waiting for verbal cues from Alice to tell if it was good or not.


Moaning softly as Missa added nails to her caress down Alice ’s chest and stomach, Alice spoke, “You can touch a bit harder including the nails.   If it’s too rough I’ll let you know.”   Alice opened her eyes to look at Missa poised above her, smiling up at her Alice resisted taking control as she allowed Missa to explore her body.   Missa’s face looked a bit stern as she concentrated on touching Alice and attempted to draw a stronger reaction from her.   Taking pity on her, Alice grabbed Missa’s hand and guided it along her chest so that Missa’s nails scratched around her breasts, circling each one, before Alice guided her hand over one breast to circle her nails around her nipple.   Alice let go of Missa’s hand as Missa took control again and repeated the caress and scratching on Alice ’s other breast.


Missa leaned down to flick Alice ’s hardened nipple with her tongue and began to suck on it as she continued to scratch down Alice ’s stomach and back up to the other nipple.   Missa increased the intensity of her tongue and her nails which caused Alice to moan and gasp.   Alice grabbed Missa’s hair and pulled her mouth towards hers so she could kiss Missa.   Grasping her lips in hers, Alice nibbled and licked them before forcing her tongue into Missa’s mouth to explore its silken depths.   Alice rubbed her legs against Missa’s as she used her hands in Missa’s hair to trap her mouth to hers and continue kissing.   Missa raked her nails along any flesh she could reach causing Alice to moan and wiggle on the bed.   The space created between them as Alice wiggled allowed Missa to slide her hand down Alice ’s stomach to reach the top of Alice ’s sweet mound.


Alice ’s breath caught in anticipation as she let go of Missa’s hair to release her.   Missa moved down the bed so she could look at Alice ’s pussy while touching it and still see her face.   Alice attempted to slow down her breathing, so she could give coherent directions to Missa, as well as not overwhelm her.   Alice would not be disappointed if Missa didn’t go down on her or decided she needed to stop, but Missa surprised Alice when she lay on the bed in the same position Alice had been in earlier.   Alice spread her thighs further apart for Missa as Missa settled herself on her stomach.   Missa placed her hands on Alice ’s outer labia to separate them to expose Alice ’s inner lips and clit.   Missa licked Alice ’s pussy juice from the outer edges of her lips causing Alice to moan softly.


Moving up to Alice ’s clit, Missa licked it softly, causing Alice to respond in small gasps, “Harder, touch it harder.   It won’t hurt.”


Missa began to lick and suck on Alice ’s clit in a similar to what Alice did to her, but not quite as rough.   Alice moved her hands to hold her lips open so Missa could move her hands and put one inside Alice ’s pussy.   Speaking in between moans and rather slowly, Alice said “That feels good.   Don’t stop with your mouth, but put fingers in my pussy now.”   Missa moved to place two fingers inside Alice who began grinding her hips against them and Missa’s mouth almost immediately.


After a few minutes, Alice could be heard moaning “More, more fingers…. Put in more fingers.” In a more urgent plea Missa could hear her say, “Please!”   Obligingly, Missa put in four fingers and watched as Alice fucked her hips down onto Missa’s hand.   A deep moan, bordering a scream, escaped Alice ’s mouth, when Missa’s hand slipped in passed her thumb and down to her wrist.   Missa put her lips back onto Alice ’s clit and began to suck and bite it as she twisted her fist inside Alice ’s pussy.   Alice moaned and writhed and fucked herself on Missa’s fist as she lost control of her composure and thought only of the sensations coursing thru her body.   As Alice got closer to her peak, her hands found Aidan’s flesh near her.   She grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to her so she could kiss him as she screamed her orgasm into his mouth and pushed Missa’s hand out of her pussy.   When Alice relaxed enough to let go of Aidan’s head and look at Missa, she saw Missa licking her hand much like a satisfied cat that has caught and finished off the canary.   Alice smiled and laughed and made room on the bed for Aidan to lie down next to her before she snuggled up next to him.   Missa spooned Alice from behind.   Within minutes, Alice and Missa were sound asleep.

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