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Swim Team Love

When the fantasy of fucking a team mate came true
Scott got out of the pool. He was dead tired, the two hour practice had finally come to an end. Every muscle in his body ached as he dragged himself onto the pool deck and pulled his goggles off. He picked himself up off of the deck, dripping water and ready to pass out. He slowly walked over and formed up into the circle of swimmers surrounding the coach. They all felt as shitty as he did, and looked the part.

He looked across the circle at Stephanie. Even after the toughest practice of the season, she was still beautiful as ever. Holding a cap in one hand and goggles in the other, her arms crossed over her abdomen, just below her breasts. They rested on her arms, big and inviting, so sexy in her tight swim suit. His eyes wandered around her body, running from her beautiful hair down her slender neck and past her wonderful breasts. He worked his way down her small waist and to her beautiful hips. They led perfectly into her long, smooth legs. He paused at her hips for a moment, enjoying how the suit complemented them as it led down between her legs. The suit disapeared between her thighs as they came together. He could make out the faintest indent in her suit as it wrapped between her legs, she hadn't bothered to adjust her suit when she got out of the pool, and the camel toe was there to prove it.

He quickly snapped out of it as the coach began to talk. Luckily no one noticed his exploration of her body, but he kept thinking about her as the coach rambled on about working hard and it paying off later. He knew he worked hard, he swam every set they gave him. He couldn't say the same for everyone else in his lane, who sat out from being tired or having a little pain every other set. As the coach began talking about their meet tomorrow against a rival school, Scott's eyes wandered back to Stephanie. She was obviously cold, they all were, and her nipples stuck out in her tight suit. She was too tired to notice, and he was enjoying it. He looked away quickly, he couldn't risk a boner. An erection was extremely noticeable in the tight race suit he was wearing, everyone would see it. He listened to the coach and they all put their arms in. With a "TEAM ON THREE!", they broke and headed to the locker rooms. Now, he watched Stephanie as she walked to the locker rooms.

Round asses were something that the girl's team really lacked. There were girls with tits, but none with noteworthy asses, except for Stephanie's. It was tight, and not very wide, but it was round and oh so sexy. He had wanted to grab it and her big tits many times before, but he held back. She wouldn't go for him, she was a junior who hanged around with college sophomores, and he was a year younger than her. She would go for bigger fish before she got with him. But he always wished, she was so hot, and so pretty. Dating her, or even just fucking her, would not only be extremely satisfying, but it would let him get with other sexy girls that she hung with. He had gotten to the guys locker room by then and walked into the showers, nothing like a hot shower to loosen up with after a tough practice. He normally took quick showers, getting home and eating was the first thing on his mind. It was already 7:00 by the times practice ended, and he hadn't eaten since 11:30 during 5 period. But today he took his time, in too much main to rush. He stood under the shower head for a while after he was done, letting the water loosen his muscles. He turned it off and headed into the locker room. He got to changing, exchanging jokes and laughs with the other guys on the team. Just as he got his pants on, he realized he was missing his goggles.

"You guys seen my goggles?", he asked.

"Man, I cant even keep track of my own shit.", replied the team captain, and the only senior.

"Probably left them on the deck.", Scott said.

"Well get your ass out there. Before they get jacked."

Scott, in just his pants, headed towards the door to the pool and walked out onto the deck. As he walked towards the end of the pool where they meet, he saw his goggles laying on the ground next to a starting block. He bent down and picked them up, then turned to head back and get dressed. When he looked up he saw Stephanie, scurrying out onto the deck. She was clutching the top of a towel that was wrapped around her body, the only thing she was wearing. It went from the bottom of her breasts, just covering her nipples, down to her mid thigh. She was walking briskly, her DD sized tits bouncing as she tried to contain them. She saw Scott and stopped, surprise on her face.

"Oh my God, I'm sorry I didnt think anyone was out here.", she said.

"Oh, hey, no problem, I just forgot my goggles.", he says, lifting them up.

"You forgot something too! I left my cap somewhere....", she says looking around.

He had saw her cap on the starting block, and picked it up. ''Here it is, catch.", he tossed it to her and she had to use both hands to catch it, meaning her towel slipped down a bit and revealed more of her breasts, almost down to her nipples.

She quickly caught it and pulled it back up, blushing and looking embarassed. "Im so sorry, I feel so naked."

"Well if it would make you feel better I could take my pants off, then we'd both be equally naked.", he said with a smile.

She laughed softly and smiled back. "That wouldn't really help. I usually see you almost completely naked because of that speedo, you dont see much of me at all.", she said giggling.

"Well I could just take everything off, then you'd see something new.", Scott said with a grin.

"Well at least we'd be even."

"Wait, if I'm gonna be totally nude, I think you should be too."

"Hmmm, you'd like that wouldn't you?", she says smiling suggestively.

"Well you're a really pretty girl with an amazing body standing in front of me in a towel. Of course I'd like that."

She walks towards him and lowers her hand, going from the top of the towel down to her stomach. She bites her lower lip as she smiles at him, raising her other hand and putting it on his arm.

"Well maybe I'd like too...."

"Oh really?", he says as he moves closer. He wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her close.

She puts her hands on his shoulders and pushes up against him. She reaches up to his face and presses her lips against his, moaning softly in delight. She explores his mouth with her tongue, enjoying every passionate kiss. She runs her hands around his back, and up to the back of his head, running them through his hair.

He feels her body through the towel, going from her hips up to her small waist, with the other hand he brushes the hair away from her face as they kiss. He strokes her still wet hair, and moves his hand from her waist around to the small of her back. He pulls her into him more, she moans softly as he grabs her harder.

She stops kissing him and puts her hand on his chest, feeling his pecs that are well toned from months of swimming. She runs her hand across his chest and down his abs. She runs her hands down his arms, feeling his muscles. She looks up at him and smiles, "We should go somewhere private, that way we won't get caught."

"Hold on, I think everyone's gone from the guy's locker room, i'll check.", he says grinning.

He quickly runs into the boys locker room, and comes back out seconds later.

"Mmmmm, come here.", he says as he grabs her around the waist and pulls her with him into the locker room. He pulls her into the changing room, and pushes her up against the wall. With her back pressed against the brick, he passionately kisses her and runs his hands down her waist. She kisses back intensely and grabs him around the back, feeling his back muscles. He slides his hands around her waist and feels her ass. He grabs her round ass and feels it all over, kissing her hard as he does. She moans in delight and pushes herself hard into his body, feeling his cock hard against her.

She stops kissing him and pushes him back softly. Smiling, she looks at him and grabs the towel. "I think this is what you want." She unwraps the towel and opens it facing Scott. She holds the towel out, her body exposed.

Scott's eyes widened as he looked at her beautiful body. Her smooth curves, her gigantic tits hanging down to her stomach, her nipples beautifully placed at the tips of her boobs. Her boobs give way to a smooth and flat stomach that comes in small in her waist. Then her waist flares out to her hips, as wide as her shoulders. He looks down to her tight, shaved pussy. Her inner thigh was covered as her pussy was so wet it dripped. Her legs were long and smooth, so sexy, and wet from her clit. He loves her body. You can tell instantly that she's Greek, he thinks, she has the body of Aphrodite. Only a god would have those perfect curves and that long, wet hair that hung down around her beautiful face. "Oh god, I have wanted to see this for so long."

She smiles and walks up to him, dropping the towel as she does. She takes his hand in hers and places it on her boob. He squeezes her tit and runs his other hand up to the other boob. He squeezes them and plays with them, overwhelmed by how great they feel. Stephanie's head is thrown back in pleasure, "Ohhhh yeahhhhhh.", she moans.

She kisses him, then runs her hand down to Scott's crotch. She feels his balls and rubs his hard shaft. While he plays with her boobs she unbuttons his pants and zips them down. She pushes his pants down, and then his underwear. Scott pulls Stephanie into him, her big tits pressed hard against his chest. He runs his hands across her soft back and her wonderful ass. She smiles at him and he smiles back, their foreheads touching as she grabs his cock. She slowly begins to stroke it back and forth. With the other hand she grabs his ballsack, fondling them as she jerks him off.

He wraps his fingers around her ass and feels her pussy between her legs. She moans and strokes him harder. He slowly pushes his fingers into her wet pussy, she drips all over his hand. He feels her tight pussy, warm and wet around his fingers. She looks at him and smiles, and puts her hand on his chest. She slowly crouches down and gets to her knees.

Stephanie softly licks the head of Scott's dick, and he groans in pleasure. She slowly wraps her mouth around the tip of Scott's cock, and pushes her head down to his balls. Her tongue explores his dick as she goes back and forth.

"Mmmm yes.", Scott says as he holds her head and hair. She sucks his cock softly, but picks up speed. He thrusts in and out of her mouth as she goes down and comes back. He feels her lips and tongue move all around his cock, the pleasure is amazing. She gets harder and goes deeper, and softly moans in pleasure.

Scott can't take it any longer, he pushes into Stephanie's mouth hard and bursts. His cum shoots into her mouth, her cheeks puff out and she moans. She takes his cock out of her mouth and strokes it. Scott stares into her eyes as he moans, "Ohhhh yeahh baby."

The cum drips out of the side of her mouth as she swallows, trying to get it all down. She wipes up the cum from her mouth and sucks it off her finger. Then she sucks his dick dry, and swallows that too.

Scott pulls her up and presses her against him. "Ahhhhhhhh, you liked that?'', she asks flirtingly.

"Oh yeah baby.", he kisses her deeply. "Now its your turn.", he says with a smile. He pushes her up against the wall behind her. Then runs his hands down her legs and crouches down. He thrusts his head between her legs, and licks her tight pussy. The juice from her pussy pours out of her and onto his tongue. He thrusts his tongue into her, moving all around her tight pussy.

She moans louder and louder, and runs her hands through his hair. She grabs onto his hair and pushes him deeper between her legs. "Ohhhhhh god YES! Don't stop baby.", she screams. He licks harder and harder, forcing deep into her. His tongue moves through her warm, wet pussy. Her legs quiver as he grabs her ass. "Mmmmmmmm fuck Scott. Ohhhhh yeah, oh you feel so good!."

Scott stops and stands up. He kisses her hard and fingers her. He grabs his dick and rubs it along her pussy. He prods her, pushing softly into her pussy, spreading her lips. "Ohh yes, I want you baby, I've been dreaming of this for so long.", she says.

"Me too baby.", he says as he slowly pushes inside her. His big cock spreads her pussy open and pushes into her. She is so tight and warm, closed around his cock. Her legs shake under her weight, and Scott grabs her tight around her back and holds her up. She wraps her arms around his back and digs her nails softly into his back. She puts her head onto his shoulder and pushes into his neck.

He thrusts softly and slowly into her, grabing her tight. He pulls her off of the wall and fucks her standing up. He grabs her tit and squeezes it hard as he thrusts in and out of her. He plays with her tit as he kisses her passionately. She moans as he fucks her harder and harder. She throws her head back and screams in pleasure as she feels his cock inside her. She feels his big cock push deep into her tight pussy, spreading it apart as he thrusts. He fondles her big boobs, his hands moving across her tits. He squeezes them and plays with her nipples. She feels her legs quiver as he thrusts inside her, her pussy throbbing in pleasure.

"Oh fuck yesssssss! Oh god! Fuck me harder!", she screams. She digs her nails into his back as he kisses her neck. He grabs her ass, his fingers digging into her round butt. She screams louder as the pleasure grows more and more.

He pulls out of her, his cock throbbing as much as her pussy. His cock is wet from her pussy as she moans softly. He turns her around and shoves himself back inside her from behind.

He thrusts hard into her, picking up speed as his hips slam into her round ass, which jiggles hard. He grabs her tits from behind, and pulls her close to him. Standing straight up, she feels his cock thrust hard into her pussy as he grabs her tits hard. Her tits feel great, soft and beautiful. They feel amazing as he grabs and gropes them. Her nipples are hard as ice and he rubs and grabs them as he fucks her. She screams loud, feeling his hard cock rip her tight pussy. He drops one of his hands from her tits and runs it down her stomach to her pussy. He rubs her clit hard with one hand, and grabs her tits with the other.

He fucks her faster then ever, his balls slapping against her pussy lips as his cock slams home. She moans, he does too, his cock on fire with passion. He's harder then he's ever been. He's never felt such passion, her tight pussy feels great around his cock. Her wetness naturally lubricates as he fucks her hard. He puts his hands on her hips and fucks her harder than ever before.

"Oh dear god, fuck yes. Please don't stop, keep going, keep going!", she screams.

"Mmmmmmmm yes, oh you feel so good baby!", he says in her ear.

She puts her hands against the wall and leans over as she feels his big cock slam into her, pushing so deep into her pussy, she feels she might break.

Then, he pulls out and turns her around again. He lifts up her leg, and shoves himself back into her. He pushes hard against her, her massive tits crushed against his chest. Their sweaty bodies slide against one another, the sweat dripping from their necks down to their thighs.

He fucks her the hardest he has yet, his cock going as deep as it can into her. He feels her tits slide against his chest as she breaths hard, and he feels her heart rate race. He fucks her so hard, his cock going so deep the base of it pushes into her pussy. She screams so loud, the locker room echos. She wraps her arms around his back and digs her nails in. He kisses her, his tongue moving all around her mouth as they both moan. He grabs her around her back, his fingers sliding along her smooth, sweaty back.

"Oh god! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!", she screams, her eyes squeezed closed from the pleasure.

'Me too baby, me too!", Scott screams back.

"Oh cum in me baby, I want your cum!"

He fucks her hard and deep, then he feels like he can't hold it any longer. His cock is hard as a diamond, her pussy throbbing. Her legs shake hard and she can barely stand, her whole body shaking.

With a loud moan, Scott thrusts deep into her and holds it there. He feels her pussy clamp down, all the muscles contracting hard onto his cock. She screams loud, and throws her head back. His cock bursts, his cum exploding from his dick. His load bursts deep inside of her, filling her pussy as they both orgasm at the same time. They hold each other tight, their sweaty bodies pressed together as they fall back against the wall. Moaning and breathing hard, her tits and pussy throbbing, he pulls out and they hug each other tight against the wall. His dick drips cum, which lands on her leg.

"Scott that was amazing. I've never been fucked that good, you were so big, and so deep.", she says, panting. She kisses him hard.

"Stephanie you were awesome, you're so hot, those tits, those curves......", he replies in between kisses.

As they kiss gravity takes over. The cum leaks out of her pussy, and drips down her leg. She can still feel the hot cum inside her and lets it drip out. She felt him explode and her entire pussy was filled with hot cum, like a bomb of passion as she orgasmed.

They kiss and hold each other for a long time before putting their clothes back on. They leave, holding each other as they walk to their cars, smiling and kissing.

Little did they know, they weren't alone. Still at practice, two other girls on the team had heard their moans and screams. They hid in the locker room and fingered themselves as they watched Scott fuck Stephanie hard. Amazed at his size and skill, they plotted to confront him later, convinced they had to fuck him, seeing how much pleasure Stephanie was in.......

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