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Teen Diaries 15: Milky Breasts

Jenny is desperate for sex after her teen pregnancy
My name is Jenny. I'm eighteen and somewhat of an outcast at school after having a baby three months ago. A lot of girls won't hang out with me anymore and I've been labeled a "slut," even though the guy who got me pregnant is the only guy I've ever slept with. His name is Jack and he's in college. He disappeared after finding out I was pregnant, but I'm working on getting some child support out of him. My parents have been really great about it, paying for my pregnancy. My mom even quit her job to stay home with my baby while I'm finishing high school.

My body has fully healed now and my vagina is back to normal again, but lately my sexual urges have been driving me nuts. I've shed my baby weight and my breasts are so much bigger right now because of the milk. Yesterday I decided to ditch school and instead went to an adult store called Cupid's Playchest. My original intentions were to buy a vibrator and get off on it in my car.

"Have you ever had so many orgasms that you couldn't walk?"

I was somewhat shy and reserved. A stranger had never talked to me like that before. I brushed my red hair behind my ear and told him I hadn't.

"Well you look like you deserve to be treated like that at least once in your life. I'd be willing to get a hotel room if you're interested."

I was kind of interested. Dave looked to be in his mid-to-late forties. He looked about 6 feet tall, compared to my 5'4. He looked like he had a decent amount of muscle, but was a little overweight. He had brown hair that was turning grey. I noticed the wedding ring on his finger.

"Won't your wife mind?"

"She doesn't have to know, baby. This is about you getting the pleasure you look like you deserve." He gave me a wink. I knew it was wrong to sleep with a married man, but I was so desperate for sex that I couldn't turn him down.

"Okay. I'll come with you to your hotel room." Dave took the vibrator up to the counter and bought it for me. I got in his hybrid car and he drove me about half-a-mile to a quiet little motel. It only had two cars parked outside. He ran in to the office and came back out quickly with some keys as he escorted me to our room.

Once inside, he started kissing me and holding me close, pressing my boobs against his chest. He held me in that embrace, rubbing his tongue against mine, for a minute when he pulled away and looked down at his shirt. The pressure on my breasts cause some milk to leak out and got two wet spots on his shirt.

"Did you have a baby?"

"Yes. Three months ago."

"Oh fuck yes," he said as he tore my shirt off and quickly unhooked my wet bra. "I fucking love breast milk!"

"You've had it before?"

"Yes. I have three kids." He bent down and started squeezing my full breasts, forcing milk to leak out of my nipples as he licked it up. "Mmmm."

I felt awful that he had kids, but it felt so good to have my breasts stimulated by someone other than my baby. Dave was more gentle than the painful suction of my hungry child. He took my nipples in his mouth, gently sucking and swallowing my milk as he pressed his lips together around my tits. He unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down to my ankles while still playing with my breasts. Then he picked me up and carried me to the bed, lying me down and fully removing my pants. He slid my panties down and took a look at my pussy, which I shaved that morning.

"You sure you had a baby?" he asked as he slid a finger inside my wet pussy.

"Yes. Why?"

"Well my wife's pussy never got this tight again after giving birth."

He got between my legs and started kissing and licking my lips and clit as he fingered me. It felt so amazing I couldn't resist moaning with pleasure. He climbed on top of me and started kissing me again, tasting my juices on his tongue. I grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. He was so hairy all over. His chest, shoulders, back and arms were covered in a mix of dark and grey hairs. I rubbed his hairy back as he started kissing me again, then kissing down my neck and back to my breasts. He sucked on them harder this time, causing some pain as the milk left with force. He went back to my pussy with a mouth full of milk and pressed his lips against my hole as he spit it out into me. I could feel the gush up inside as the warm milk quickly left and dripped down my butt cheeks onto the bed.

Dave got on his knees and took off his belt and dropped his pants. His white underwear was filled to the max with a big bulge. As he peeled them off, his dick shot straight up into the air. It was big, maybe seven inches long, and looked pretty thick. He stood up and dropped his pants and underwear to the floor as he took his socks off too. Climbing back onto the bed, he straddled me with his knees on either side of my torso as he brought his dick to my face. I grabbed it and started sucking his head, which was already leaking with salty precum. He gently humped my face, sending his dick to the back of my mouth, but not trying to push farther.

He pulled out of my mouth and rested his butt on my belly as he placed his dick in the middle of my chest. With both hands, he squeezed my breasts together and made more milk leak out, pushing it onto his dick in my cleavage. He started titty fucking me with more force, exclaiming, "Oh fuck," as he did. I watched his dick as it disappeared in my breasts and poked back through, like a snake ready to attack. Looking up at his face, he had a fire in his eyes as he stared at my lactating breasts surrounding his cock. Finally, he let out one last, "Oh fuck," as he came. A shot of his cum squirted onto my chin as he grabbed his dick and moved it to my mouth.

"Swallow for me, sweetie. Take it all like a good little girl."

After swallowing his tangy load, Dave got between my legs and laid on me again, sucking on my neck as he breathed heavy. His chest and back were already sweaty and as I rubbed his back enjoying his lips on my neck, I noticed some of his hairs were sticking to my hand. I wiped them off on the sheets. Then he got on his knees and grabbed my legs under the knees, spreading them open as he angled his dick against my hole. He pushed it in and my hole body started to tingle with pleasure, my toes uncontrollably curling. Dave kept gliding his cock in and out of me, deeper each time, until it was all the way in. I grabbed my boobs and gently rubbed my nipples as he held my legs and fucked me, building up speed and force. Dave leaned over me, placing his hands on either side of my head as he looked at my face as he slammed me hard. Getting closer, he sucked on my bottom lip and pulled up. Then he put his lips agains my ear and said, "Cum for me baby," as he licked my ear.

My body started trembling as my pussy seized up and started to cum on his dick. Dave kept pounding me, grunting and moaning and saying, "fuck yes," as I came hard. Tears started welling in my eyes from the pleasure as my entire body shook. I felt like I was about to pee when I suddenly felt a lot of pressure and Dave pulled out as my vagina shot liquid all over the bed.

"Oh my God!" I said mortified.

"Oh wow baby. You're a squirter."

"I'm so embarassed!"


"Well... didn't I just pee?"

"No no no. Baby, you squirted. It's like female cum. Here, I'll show you." He cupped his hand and scooped some of the liquid off my pussy and smelled it, then held it out for me to smell. It had no odor. "See?"

I collapsed onto the bed, relieved that I hadn't peed all over him. Dave laid on the bed and gave me a wink. "You ready to go again?"


"Then get on facing that wall."

I rolled over to Dave, who was laying in bed face up as I climbed on top of him, sitting in his lap facing the wall. I braced my feet on either side of him and grabbed his dick, angling it against my hole and sliding it in me as I rested my ass against his pelvis. Dave grabbed my waist and bent his knees, bracing his feet on the bed as he started humping up into me. It felt so good that I started bouncing on it in a counter motion. Anyone outside would have heard us as we both moaned and our bodies made a "slap" sound as my ass hit his pelvis. Dave's hands moved, one reaching up and grabbing my neck, the other down to rub my clit as he pulled me down to lay on top of him as he continued to thrust into me. He held me down and still and I started to cum again, moaning so loud as he grabbed my right breast and squeezed milk out. He brought his wet hand up to my open mouth and stuck his milky fingers in. My breast milk tasted kind of sweet on his fingers.

Dave continued to hold me close to him on his chest as he fucked me, my orgasm subsiding. Suddenly, Dave started to shake as he wrapped both arms around my waist to hold me as he started to yell and cum.

"Oh my God!" I repeated over and over as I felt Dave's hot cum fill my pussy and leak out as he kept thrusting. Slowing down, he reached down to rub my clit as he held me there, his dick holding cum in me like a cork in a bottle.

"What's the issue sweetie?"

"You came in me! I can't get pregnant again!"

"Relax. I've had a vasectomy. You have no worries about getting pregnant from me."

Phew! I relaxed and laid there as Dave grabbed my hips and slowly slid me off his dick. I felt my hole close up almost instantly, holding his juice inside me. He lifted me off him and laid me down, grabbing my legs and lifting them over my head as he spread my lips to see his cum inside. "That is so beautiful." He let me sit up, but pulled me towards the edge of the bed as he fingered his cum out of me, feeding it to me off his fingers.

I took a shower in the bathroom while Dave checked the score of the football game on the crappy TV in the room. After getting dressed, he drove me back to my car at the porn store and gave me the vibrator. "Thanks again, sweetheart." I was so glad I skipped school.

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