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Temporary Release

Robert finds himself alone with the hot new temp.
Robert flashed his badge to security and took the lift to the sixth floor, checking himself out in the mirror as he ascended. He was in uncommonly high spirits for a Monday morning, looking forward to an easy week of training temps. Alyssa being one of them.

Alyssa had come from the agency a week ago. A young, wide-eyed blonde who genuinely seemed unaware of her allure. She didn’t dress provocatively, but her curves would have turned heads under a bin liner. She didn’t flaunt them, though, which surprised Robert. She wore spectacles with thick black frames, and Robert couldn’t decide whether her look was calculated geek chic, or she really was a geek. Either way, she couldn’t help but look hot in them. They were new, and when she put them on she always blushed slightly and looked around, clearly very self-conscious.

Robert couldn’t see Alyssa when he entered the office. Margaret intercepted him and explained: “System’s going to be down for an hour, Rob. Alyssa’s down in the vault reading over the manual stuff.” She gestured to the corner, where the other temps were congregated. “These guys already know all that. You take them, I’ll train with Alyssa.”

Shit, he thought. “I thought you hated the vault.”

“Yeah, I do. Why?”

Play it cool, Rob. “Well, I can’t do much up here. Why don’t you give them one of your tours, and I’ll take the vault?”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, no problem.”

“Well…okay. Thanks. I’ll try not to leave you down there too long.”

Robert shrugged his shoulders. “It’s cool.”

Walking down the stairs, he wondered if Margaret had seen through his charade. Then he realised he didn’t give a shit what Margaret thought. I’ve got Alyssa all to myself, he thought.

He swiped his card and entered the vault, the office nickname for the cathedral-like hall of employee records. Instead of pews, there were fifteen rows of dusty filing cabinets, covering the As to Zs. He couldn’t see Alyssa, but he spotted her jacket and handbag on the desk by the door. “Hello?” he shouted. No response.

His footsteps echoed loudly as he walked up the centre aisle. As he passed each row of cabinets, he slowed to look down both ways.

Robert passed the Js, Ks and Ls. At the Ms, a flash of red caught his eye: Alyssa, in a red jumper. Her back was to him. She was seated in a swivel chair, plugged into an iPod that was resting on a trolley. He could just see the black of her glasses at the side of her head.

“Alyssa,” Robert said. No response. He didn’t want to startle her. He coughed loudly to no effect. He walked towards the side of her, hoping she would see him peripherally before he was right on top of her. But as he approached, a mobile ring tone came to life. Alyssa tapped her iPod and brought her phone (which must have been resting on her lap) up to her ear. Robert paused.

“Heyyyy…” she said into the phone, and giggled. “Nothing much. You?”

Robert found himself stepping backwards, trying not to be heard. Later, he would wonder why he didn’t just walk right up to her. Instead, he hid round the corner, his back pressed against the side of the cabinets, like a cop in a film ready to enter an alley.

He could still hear her conversation. He was pretty sure she was talking to her boyfriend. He didn’t know she had one until now.

I’ll wait till she’s finished, he thought.

“A jumper. Uh-huh…no, silly, the red one.”

Great, they’re talking about clothes. Riveting.

“Black skirt,” she said.

Wait…is she telling him what she’s wearing?

“No, I’m all alone.”

Robert, suddenly aware of exactly what kind of conversation this was, felt his heart thump in his chest.

“Nope. I hate tights, you know that...uh-huh, all bare, silky smooth…and black heels. Not the high ones.” She giggled.

Robert peeked round the corner at her. She still had her back to him.

“My legs are crossed,” he heard her say. She looked down at herself. “The hem is just above my knee.”

Robert pressed his back against the cabinets again and made a conscious effort to swallow. Alyssa’s behaviour had completely surprised him. He turned back to watch.

“Uh-huh,” she said, her hand dragging the hem of her skirt up to her thighs. “Mmm, you know it.” Robert looked at her long legs, her black shoe dangling from her toes as she bobbed her foot up and down, and realised with some alarm that he had quite an erection. What if someone comes in now?, he thought. Move back, he said to himself. Put some distance between you. It was all he could think of.

Alyssa idly stroked the side of her thigh as she murmured into the phone. Robert dragged himself away reluctantly. He stepped backwards as quietly as possible, not noticing the footstool behind him. His heel kicked it. He turned and his breath caught as he watched the stool, seemingly in slow-motion, tip over and crash to the floor.

The game’s up, you idiot! Make your way to her now!

Trying to give the impression that he had just walked in, he walked up the aisle and pretended to spot Alyssa. This time she was facing him, looking sheepish.

“Morning!” he said.

She smiled weakly. “I got a bit of a fright there,” she said, perhaps to explain her embarrassment. She stared at him as he approached.

“Sorry,” he said. “I did shout.” He stopped in front of her. He noticed that her right foot was bare; the shoe was off to one side.

“Oh, I was on the phone. I know I’m not allowed, but…”

“No, it’s cool, especially down here; I mean, you can get away with anything here.” Realising how that sounded, he added: “I used to just sit in here and chill out all day.”

She laughed. And looked down at his crotch.

His erection hadn’t completely subsided.

She must have noticed it, because although her head reflexively turned away to one side, her eyes remained locked in place for a telling extra beat. When she looked up again, their eyes met.

Neither of them said anything. Robert searched in vain for a single word to break the silence in what was surely one of the most embarrassing moments of his life.

Alyssa spoke first. “Did you…”

“What?” he said, unintentionally sounding angry.

“Oh God.”

“What is it?” he said.

“You heard.”

“I didn’t,” he said, and immediately realised his mistake. Heard what, you idiot, heard WHAT. “Shit,” he said, and sighed. He turned away and pressed his hand against the bulge in his crotch. He heard giggling.

“It’s not funny,” he said, smiling in spite of everything. “I could get arrested.”

Her giggling erupted into full-blown laughter. Red-faced, he eventually joined her.

“What did you hear?” she said, when their laughter quietened down.

“I didn’t want to give you a fright. Your back was to me, and then your phone went off.”

“Oh, great. So, everything!”


“It was just…my boyfriend.”

“I figured.”

“Kind of.”

“He’s kind of your boyfriend?”

“I don’t know. He’s young.” She dipped her head and peered at him over the rim of her glasses. “I prefer…older men.”

Her display of confidence startled him. “Yeah, very funny,” he said, and she laughed. “You know you’ve only got one shoe on?”

“Oh yeah,” she said. Still seated, she stretched out her leg and put her big toe under the strap of the shoe. She tried to flick the shoe up in the air and catch it, but it hit off one of the cabinets. They snorted laughter. Robert picked it up for her.

“Why, thank you,” she said, as he knelt in front of her, holding out the shoe.

“We also have these in a six,” he said.

“Smell my foot,” she said.


“Smell it!”

Alyssa giggled and wiggled her toes under his nose. Her painted toenails matched her jumper. Robert grabbed her foot to steady it — ticklish, she laughed and jerked at his touch — and sniffed. There was a slight hint of new-shoe smell, but that was all.

“Er…yeah. They don’t smell.”

“Exactly. I have the cleanest feet in the world.”

Robert laughed.

“It’s true! You could eat your dinner off them. Go on, taste my toes.”

He looked up at her. Her wide eyes stared at him through her glasses. She was grinning. We've got a live one, he thought to himself.

“Go on, lick my toes. They’re clean.”

He looked at her foot resting in his hand, right in front of his face. Her toes wiggled, as if communicating to him.

“Lick the little toe.”

It was tiny, like a chick pea. Gingerly, but trying to act cool about it, he licked it. Sucked on it.

“See?” she said.

“Tasty,” he said.

“I knew it. Try the others.”

His tongue flicked across her other toes and he sucked each one in turn. He looked up at her while he was doing it. She was looking down at him, a look of concentration on her face, with just a faint smile.

“Suck my big toe.”

Robert did. It was warm and soft, and tasted wonderful, like all the others packed into one. Or maybe it was just the sensation of having a part of her body inside his mouth. It occurred to him that he had never really done this before, sucked a woman’s toes. What a fool, he thought.

He slid his tongue in and out between her toes, exploring every crevice.

Alyssa slid the shoe off her other foot. She presented both bare feet to Robert, as if about to receive a pedicure. He held a foot in each hand. Her toes wiggled and her feet arched in response to his touch.

“Lick them all. Make sure they’re nice and clean.”

The wet sounds of his tongue hungrily licking her toes seemed loud in the room. He tasted every one, putting them in his mouth, sucking them tightly, popping them out again.

Robert stopped to take a breath. “They pass inspection, all right.”

Alyssa smiled and rested her feet on top of her shoes. Robert stood up.

The bulge at the front of his trousers was even more noticeable. Alyssa stared at it — it was almost right in front of her face, anyway — then looked up at Robert.

“Think I’ll see if this passes inspection.”

She scooted her chair up to him and brought her hands round to his ass. She gave his cheeks a little squeeze through his trousers and brought him closer. Robert reached down and stroked her hair. She pressed her face against the front of his trousers, feeling the heat of his erection through it. Her pressed against her softly. She leaned back and opened his fly. Her fingers reached in and opened the buttons of his underwear, then grabbed his penis. He gasped at her touch. She didn’t mess about: she sprung his cock out into the open and immediately closed her lips around it. Robert groaned.

Alyssa flicked her tongue rapidly across the tip of his penis and then took the head in her mouth, giving it a good suck, before popping it out and repeating the process.

“Tastes pretty good,” she said, smiling up at him.

“How about the shaft?” he said.

She pushed his penis upright and licked it like a lollipop. “Mmm,” she said.

“Does it pass inspection?”

“A-plus,” she said, grinning.

She stood up. She pressed against him and they kissed passionately, tongues meeting covertly, swapping fresh tastes.

Alyssa broke off and looked at Robert. “Will anyone…?”

“What, come in?”

She nodded.

“Possibly,” he said.

She looked into his eyes. Her breath was hot on his face. “Be quick,” she said.

She moved backwards, tugging him along with her. Her ass bumped into the trolley and she stopped. Robert reached around her and pushed the brake handle down, locking the wheels of the trolley. It was steady.

Alyssa hitched up her skirt and turned her back to him. He looked down and lifted the hem of the skirt up past her thighs. It was tight across her ass, but he unzipped it and lifted it all the way up to her waist, exposing the large, pert round globes of her ass cheeks. He squeezed and stroked them, looking down at her expensive knickers. They were riding up into her. She reached behind and grabbed his penis, tugging it awkwardly forward. She rubbed the tip of it against her ass. Breathing heavily, she said simply, “Quickly,” then turned away from him. She bent forward and rested herself on the trolley. Her ass wiggled at him.

Robert pulled her knickers off to one side, exposing her. Alyssa trembled when his hand reached down and cupped the underside of her. He marvelled at the heat against his fingers. He pressed against the inside of her thigh, gesturing for her to spread her legs wider apart. She did so, her legs forming an inverted V. With the throbbing head of his cock he found her lips and slid in between them, and Alyssa released a loud sigh. He pushed forward slowly but forcefully. She was soft but incredibly tight; the resistance felt glorious. He pushed his cock in and out of her with increasing pace, and she had to hold on tight to the sides of the trolley, which was not used to such exertions. It wobbled back and forth as they fucked, its locked wheels skidding slightly.

Alyssa stood up and lifted her leg onto the trolley, giving Robert a new angle to play with. Eagerly, he slipped inside her again, his cock angling upwards as he pressed into her. He looked down at her ass as he bounced into it with each thrust. She brought his hand up inside her jumper and mashed his hand against her breasts. He squeezed them roughly through the fabric of her bra. She bit down on her lips, trying not to cry out.

A noise startled them — they paused in mid-thrust, Robert still inside her. Definitely outside the room, Robert figured. They waited in silence. Whoever it was wasn’t coming in. At least, I bloody hope not, Robert thought. I'm up to my balls here.

They looked at each other. She didn’t have to remind him to be quick again.

Alyssa eased Robert out of her and turned to face him. Her hand grabbed his shaft, wet with her juices. She jerked up and down on it rapidly. When she took her hand away Robert continued on his own, watching as she sat up on the trolley. Her fingers played with herself a little bit, spreading her lips, putting on a show for him as he masturbated.

She brought her legs up and put her feet together, wiggling her toes. Robert stepped forward, one hand still pumping away, and looked at her. She nodded. Her toes danced on the tip of his penis as he wanked himself. He looked at her — her dainty red toenails, her slender long legs and glorious thighs, her hand lost between them, working her crotch. Her eyes were closed behind her geek glasses, blonde hair in disarray. His hand pistoned furiously as he went to the brink and beyond; come spurted out of him and Alyssa opened her eyes as the hot liquid splashed her feet. Her mouth opened and she gasped. A thick jet shot past her feet, some of it landing on her knee, some on her jumper. The come slid down her thigh and she smeared it with her hand. She licked it off her fingers. She watched as his cock pulsed and more semen flew from the tip, landing on her calf and upper thigh. Her hands spread it all over her legs, as if she were washing herself with it. Then she sat up quickly and took his dribbling cock into her mouth, where the remainder of Robert’s copious load found a home. Robert trembled as she swallowed it down.

Alyssa pulled Robert to her and they rested their faces against each other, breathing heavily.

“Your boyfriend,” he breathed.

She pulled back and looked in his eyes. She smiled.

“What’s so funny?” he said.

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”


“Check my phone if you like. Haven’t received a call all morning.”

Robert looked at her, stunned. Alyssa simply shrugged her shoulders. Somewhere, a phone rang. For real this time, Robert figured. He tore himself away and followed the source of the ringing, zipping himself up on the way. It was the phone on the desk, by the door. He answered it.

“Oh, hi Margaret.”

“How’s it going down there?

“Not too bad.”

“Look, we’re still not up and running here. You might as well wait until tomorrow to show Alyssa the computers. Spend the rest of the day down there showing her the manual stuff.”

“I think that’s probably a good idea.”

“All right. Just remember you’re responsible for her training. Her performance reflects on you. So make sure you give her all the ins and outs.”

“Don’t worry,” Robert said, adjusting his crotch. “I plan to.”
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