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The Adventures Of Kitty continued

How Kitty discovered her feline side...
After he left Kitty carefully removed her mask and gloves, putting them in the top drawer of her bedside chest to keep them safe. It was only as she turned that the tail swished against her thigh, so with a chuckle and a bite on her lower lip she eased it from her ass.

After a quick clean it, too, joined the rest of her kitty outfit in the drawer. Her fingers went up to her could stay on a while longer, she loved the fact she was now an Owned kitty for real. She sprawled across her bed smiling to herself...who would believe that a meek and mild Solicitor's Clerk could have such a delicious alter-ego.

If the guys at work knew about her kitty side they would probably be amazed. She knew they had her down as a bit of an ice maiden. She had politely turned all of them down over the years and though she had dated, not always successfully, it was only when her most recent ex had passed a comment one night that she discovered this other side to her.

He was in bed watching the TV, and she had for some reason felt extra horny that night so decided to get his attention. Slipping out of her robe so that she had just her bra and panties on, she had gone to the bottom of the bed and started to crawl towards him, making sure she was in the way of the TV.

As she crawled and saw him look at her she had an image in her mind of a big cat she had seen in a documentary, how it had stalked some poor little animal, so she tried to move in the same way. She kept her eyes on his as she slowly and sensually moved closer to him, and she could see he was transfixed.

Their relationship was not what you would call very hot. The sex was a little disappointing for her...he tended to be much too quick. She could see in his eyes the “WHAT the FUCK?” expression building and a glance down at the thin covers showed a very promising lump!

She slid and slinked closer to him, and when her hands brushed over that lump she gave a little growl, the twitch that brought told her she had him now. She licked her lips slowly and lowered her head down to graze her teeth over his covered erection, bringing another twitch and a groan from him, but it was the look on his face when she turned her hips towards him and lowered to her elbows that told her just what effect it had on him. She turned her head to smile at him as she spread her thighs.

“Would you like to see if you can make this pussy purr?!

He had scrabbled behind her quickly, pulling her panties aside and pushing into her now very wet pussy. He had barely started to move when he grunted and came inside her (damn she hated it when he ALWAYS did that!) before he fell back with a long sigh.

On heat now she had reached between her legs and rubbed herself off; not what she had hoped for but the ache was too strong in her, and she had fingered herself to two very strong orgasms as he watched bemused from the pillows.

Finally sated she had slid under the covers next to him, surprised when he slid his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. She could feel his eyes on her as she lay against him letting her breathing return to normal.

“Where did THAT come from honey? We have been together for nearly six months now and that is the first time you have shown a naughty side!”

She had bit back the first response of “You don't exactly inspire me to be naughty by coming so fucking fast!” but instead she had hidden her face in the crook of his arm and just mumbled.

“I wanted to make you look at me, so thought I would try something different.”

He had chuckled and given her a squeeze. “I have never been in bed with a sexy kitty before, I'm looking forward to seeing her again!”

She had not responded, but her mind gave him a very positive answer. “You are already history buster, she is wasted on you!”

True to her thoughts she had gently but firmly given him the push the following week. Even his tearful declaration of love could not sway her; she wanted to explore this new thing inside her!

Not knowing if it was a “normal” sex game she had done what millions had done before her...Googled it!

She had read so many articles on “Kitties” that her mind boggled at the variations and depths that girls (and a few guys?) would go to in their quest to be a naughty kitty! She had stopped and had to play with herself at some of the stories she read (she wanted THAT...oh and THAT!) and that was the moment she decided she would seek out someone who would appreciate this new side to her.

Her first tentative steps into what she thought of as the kinky side of life had been horrendous; she had joined various on-line sites and created a profile, the replies she received had shocked her. She had sat shaking her head wondering if these men should be actually allowed out in public, the things they said they wanted to do to her had made her wince and cross her legs as she read and the pictures of their cocks attached had done nothing to ease her concerns. She had almost given up hope when HE appeared.

His mail had been courteous and funny. He had also called her Kitty...the first to do so, and she had felt herself drawn to him. He was average-looking, no great handsome hunk - she doubted that Hugh Jackman would be hunting for a Wolverine-ess on those sites anyway - yet his way of talking with her made her feel like a little kitty, and that made her throb! He did “something in the city” so when he had suggested dinner after he had completed a meeting she took her courage in both hands and said yes.

The meal had been fun, he made her laugh and made her feel sexy, so when he stroked her back and thanked “a beautiful kitty for spending a lovely evening with him” she had felt herself start to dribble, and knew she would go back to his for “coffee”.

As they entered his very plush apartment he had taken her coat, his hands stroking down the tops of her arms making her shudder, and when he placed a very large cushion on the floor with the quiet “make yourself comfortable” she had wobbled over on shaky knees and tried to lower herself as gracefully as her tight dress would allow.

After pouring two large amber-somethings (she couldn't remember what it had been...she never got to drink it!) he had pulled a chair up close to the cushion and sat looking at her with a little smile on his lips. She could feel herself colouring up under his gaze - he had looked at her as though deciding which bit to eat first - and when he reached forward to take hold of her ankles to ease her shoes off she had jumped at the touch, making him chuckle.

“A pretty little kitty shouldn't wear such restrictive things, her soft paws don't need to be covered like that.” He had held and stroked her toes making her whimper slightly...damn she was horny!

She had bitten her lip when the sound had escaped her, and she knew he had heard it, yet she could feel herself getting very warm in places; she was going to leave a puddle on this cushion if he carried on. When he asked her to turn around a little, so he could play with her “fur” she had nearly melted, having hands in her hair always turned her on and he knew just how to tease by giving little tugs and dragging his fingers over her scalp.

She had been lost in bliss when she felt the zipper on the back of her dress being pulled downwards...his lips on the side of her tilted neck as he spoke quietly to her.

“You truly are a beautiful little puss-cat (which caused another throb!) and should be seen without covering, it is a lovely dress but does not do you real justice!”

She had allowed him to ease the dress down to her hips, his hands stroking the length of her spine making her purr for the first time. She heard an intake of breath from him when she did that and she arched at the sensations, bending her back and leaning into his touch. She went up onto her knees as the dress slid down her thighs, then dropped forward onto all fours so he could pull it down her legs and off fully.

She could feel her heart thumping as she imagined the view he had as she wore no bra and only the skimpiest of thongs - the dress was too tight for anything else - and now her exposed ass was up in the air in front of him. She purred again when he ran his hands over her hips and ass cheeks. When his fingers found the dampness on the inside of her thighs she moaned and parted her legs, the invitation obvious and taken immediately as he cupped her sodden pussy in his hand.

The feel of him pressing against her, and her own thoughts of being exposed like that, made the trembles in her tummy start immediately. When his large thumb moved the thong aside and slipped inside her she groaned and pushed back to take it deep, the orgasm springing on her immediately and her hips quivering as he moved the thumb slowly inside.

She rocked on his hand, mewling and panting, and when she heard him rumble quietly, “What a good little kitty you are,” she came again, shocking herself into falling forward to press her face into the cushion and grinding her hips against his fingers.

When he held her hips she knew he was going to take her; the size of the cock pushing into her made her yelp and turn to look at him, her eyes wide at the feeling of being filled.

“Please be gentle with your kitty?”

His eyes were dark, and yet he smiled and eased slowly out of her. “Kitty would like me to stop?”

She said the words before her brain registered their meaning. “Oh god no...I need to be fucked!”

He chuckled again and pushed in deep, making her whimper again at the pressure inside her. He took her slowly with long deep thrusts, and she nearly swooned at finally meeting someone who knew what he was doing with a woman. By the time he started to speed up she was a dripping, panting mess of tingles just waiting to explode. He was talking to her quietly all the time...

”Such a pretty kitty...That's a good lil puss-cat.” She was lost in the feelings of being exactly what she wanted to be. When he became more forceful, pushing harder and faster, she pressed back against him to let him sink deep. God she loved that! When he growled and came inside her she lifted her hips and virtually dropped herself onto him, her own orgasm making her cry out in its intensity.

They both fell forward onto the cushion, his arms going around her to pull her against his chest as he rolled to the side. The crazy thump of his heart sounded against her back as she gasped in air through the warm glow spreading through her. 

They had lain there for quite a while, his hands stroking her, little whispers in her ear of what a beautiful kitty she was, until she had jumped at that sensation of catching herself falling asleep. She had floated back into her dress, through his soft kiss goodnight, and the whole of the taxi-ride back home.

Falling into bed after throwing her dress towards the laundry basket she was asleep before the smile had fully formed on her lips.

From that moment on she became his and had started the journey towards being the best kitty an Owner could wish for. His gifts for her today had completed the transformation and confirmed his ownership, so she would do everything in her power to make him happy...after all, it was only as his Kitty that she had found what she needed.

It was one very happy little kitty that climbed into bed and closed her eyes.

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