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The Art Of Shaving

A shaved pussy story

A barely audible question issues from my heaving chest “would you shave me”? You look into my eyes puzzled, I continue rapidly so as not to loose my nerve, I can barely believe I've just asked you this, I watch closely as your eyebrows raise and knit together in a wordless question but you remain nonchalant and collected. My breasts swell heavily and my nipples harden sensitively from the friction of my t-shirt alone without provocation. With your hands on my shoulders you turn me toward you guiding me to the mirror backward so that I am standing front of you. I am becoming hotter and more bothered by your touch. I squeeze my thighs together to calm my aching pussy. The restraint I am using to keep my arousal in check makes me a model of self control, my knees feel weak & my panties are wet, I want you to touch me more. Silently you raise me up onto the sink lifting me off my feet effortlessly. I am eager and nothing is going to stop me from offering my body to you for the fulfillment of my request!


  I slide forward and recline on the vanity unpretentious with my knees wide apart displaying the cluster of delicate curly hair that I want you to remove in your artistic way. You begin to get ready: hot water, lather, razor, baby oil and towel. Barechested swathed in a thick towel around your firm waist you kneel before me taking a wet towel and pressing the warm cocoon around the mound of my sex taking deliberate care to press your fingers through the cloth into the swelling of my outer labia massaging my clit at the same time. Next you bring a frothy concoction of soap to me and begin to lather me from bottom to top getting some of it on the insides of my thighs. At this I laugh involuntarily because the sensation feels like nothing I've ever experienced. The soap is so thick that it stands up in little peaks like white meringue and the countless bubbles tickle my erect clit increasing my arousal. My legs shiver with anticipation as you pick up the sharp razor and bring it to the lowest point of my pussy just above the cleft of my ass angling upward toward the hollow of my thigh


The blade is warm from the hot water and I know you won't hurt me but I still hold my breath without really meaning to. You rake the cutting edge gently over my skin and as tender as you are I am nervous but excited at the same time. Losing my shyness I begin caressing my enlarging breasts. I watch you closely as you clean the blade again and skim through a soapy trail over my clit. I moan softly and you lean in blowing cool air on the newly exposed skin making me extremely wet and unbearably horny, pre cum forming at the entrance of my pink slit descends out of me liberally. You are expert with the blade and soon all that remains is a little residue from the soap but nothing else. I am as smooth and hairless as the day I was born. Once again the hot water is running and the warm towel is pressing into the most sensitive parts of me making me grind my hips into the palm of your hand.   Still kneeling you affectionately apply baby oil to my skin with your strong hands slipping your fingers skillfully into me fucking me exquisitely while you begin to circle my navel languidly with your tongue, biting my waist sensuously, kissing my hips reverently then using your hot stiff tongue replacing your fingers instead parting my pussy smoothly and plunging inside until your soft full lips press mine. I inhale sharply exhaling your name, I can no longer control the gyrations of my hips seeking your tongue for more, making me cum over and over.


You stand up before me fully upright broad shouldered and impressive I want to touch you, I lean forward and you allow me to touch & discover in my own way guiding my hand with your own from your neck to your waist moving down the front of your body gradually so I can feel every swell and dimple. I rest my hands for a moment on your stomach loving the sensation of your diaphragm rising deep and measured. I close my eyes. I don’t need my eyes to tell me what I already know; you are all man. When you let go of my hand I don't even realize for a few seconds that without you I am still lightly guiding my hand down your body over the towel massaging the stiff shaft of your generous dick to attention. By this time imperceptibly I have moved closer to you my body near enough that my thighs touch your towel your erect cock is contouring a visually stimulating silhouette.


You seize my hips roughly and in your arousal pull me to you removing the towel revealing the soft hair trailing down from your navel to the fluffy triangle between your thighs and mounting me with a fierce erection gliding between my oiled legs kissing me muffling my moans and letting me taste my juices on your lips as you suck my mouth hungrily and bury your dick deeply in my stomach. I rest my head on your shoulder while breathlessly locked together with you and being fucked well I wrap my legs around your waist. Easily and spontaneously you lift me solidly in the air impaling me on your thick long shaft firmly guiding my round ass up and down in your hands my pussy contracts over and over again sending white sticky cum sliding down your cock. Wrapping my arms around your strong shoulders whispering nasty things in your ear, “Tell me whose dick this is.” “Fuck Me good, give it to Me, Give Me MY dick”. “You need My pussy don't You Daddy”? “Then do it to me, make me cum, don't stop until I tell you to”. “You want to cum on me? On my titties & my ass and inside of me? In my mouth & my pussy right? So then use Me, give Me everything You have”. “Make me call your name, make me forget mine”. “Work Me out, this is YOUR pussy.”


Letting me down slowly to my feet you balance me over the sink in a new position facing the mirror with your expansive chest behind me you bring one hand up to caress my breasts and one hand down to palm my kitten, your hands are everywhere at once your cock pressing into the cleft of my ass I must support myself with my arms my legs are no longer reliable. I watch your hands moving over my skin and the contrast of our complexions, the contrast of your brawn and my femininity, I fit perfectly within the width of your body everything about you turns me on.   And with just the pressure of your body you spread my thighs with your knee then teasingly slap my plump flesh rolling my ass upward and outward in the palms of your hands. You pump the length of your cock between my legs back and forth over my slickness stimulating my clit directly with your dick, the bulging veins and engorged head providing a new sensation over my hairless pussy. Parting me effortlessly you begin to ride my ass holding my hips steady for the next push again and again you thrust against me and through my half closed eyes I can see the ecstasy on our faces in the mirror reflecting back at us.


“You make me feel so good” I moan and just when I think I have reached the pinnacle of my pleasure and I cannot go any higher you move me to the floor laying me down arranging my legs over your shoulders your chest against my thighs aggressively punishing my pussy delivering with all your strength each thrust penetrating me deeper each time than the last burying the plum colored head of your cock further into my pink depths. I raise my hips with each thrust to meet you, the rug burning under my hips and between my shoulders but I won't complain. I've been waiting for you to take me, I want you badly. Now your breaths are coming to me heavily rough & uneven, you and I are writhing together in a struggle for release of our sexual energy.   Finally you are ready to deliver, expending all of your essence from reserves of deep passion & pleasure inside of you. You withdraw long enough to ejaculate warm white cum on my breasts and belly then suddenly plunging back into me pumping especially pleasurable long strokes into my pussy issuing yet a second stream of gushing warm fluid inside of me and with this we lay together spent and satiated until the next time.


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