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The Awakening of Ben's Foot Fetish

The Awakening of Ben's Foot Fetish

Ben meets a woman who appreciates his fetish.
As a private school teacher, I have a part time job to help make ends meet. I am working at the local shoe store. My infatuation with women's feet started in my teens.

Corrine and I met at the shoe store. She is twenty-five years old and very attractive. Corrine is 5’6” with shoulder length auburn hair. Her eyes are light brown. I always make sure to help her every time she comes in.

One particular evening, Corrine came in just as I was getting ready to close up. She wore a knee length pleated gray skirt with a white polo shirt. She also wore a pair of six inch stilettoes with a gold ankle bracelet. Telling her to take her time while I locked up, she asked where my coworkers were. I told her they left as it was my turn to close.

"Oh, I see," she said smiling, while looking at the shoes.

With the store securely locked up, I went over to Corrine. She picked out four pairs of athletic shoes. Knowing her size, I told her I would be back in a minute. When I returned, I noticed that Corrine shifted her skirt midway up her thigh.

Approaching her, it was all I could do to conceal the growing bulge in my trousers. Placing the four boxes on the floor, I then took my seat in front of her. Seeing Corrine still had her shoes on, I asked for her left foot. Lifting her foot to me, I noticed her knees part, offering me a view of her bare labia. I glanced quickly, hoping she did not notice. As I took her foot in my hands, I noticed that she was looking at the vertical bulge in my trousers.

Holding her foot with one hand, I unbuckled the strap with the other. Placing my hand just above her heel, I removed her shoe. 

"Mmmm that feels good, my feet are killing me today," said Corrine, watching me closely.

I took that as my cue and began gently massaging her heel. After a minute, I moved to her ankle, then to her sole. Continuing with a gentle motion, I rubbed each toe, then back up her foot to the ankle. Corrine closed her eyes and relaxed. I began to massage my way up her calf, slowly.

"Oooooohhhh that feels so soothing, Ben," she said as I kept massaging up her firm thigh as she became more relaxed.

While my hands massaged their way up her leg, her foot came in contact with the bulge in my trousers.

"Mmmm, did I do that to you Ben?" said Corrine, while rubbing her long slender foot along the vertical bulge.

Opening her eyes she looked at the bulge and wiggled her long toes along the seven inch length. When my hands reached her knee, I had a clear view of her bare labia. My hands moved to her thigh as I tried to be discreet in getting a closer look.

"Like what you see, Ben?" said Corrine as she slapped my hands, stopping me. "You naughty boy, patience."

I was caught and felt my face reddening in embarrassment.

"Aww... Ben please don't be embarrassed, I love watching you trying to be discreet every time I come in.”

Without saying a word, I massaged my way down her leg to her red polished toes. Massaging each toe gently, I then rubbed between them. When I was finished, I placed her foot down. Taking her right foot in my hands, I held the heel in one hand as my other hand unbuckled the strap. I felt Corrine place her left foot on the bulge in my trousers. Placing my hand just above her heel, I removed her shoe. She moved her left foot along the bulge.

I began gently massaging her heel for a minute. I then moved to her ankle then to her sole. Continuing with a gentle motion, I rubbed each toe then back up her foot to the ankle. Corrine had closed her eyes and was relaxing. I began to massage my way up her calf.

"Mmmm, that feels so soothing Ben," she said as I kept massaging up her firm thigh. Corrine became more relaxed once again.

Corrine was now watching as my hands kept massaging up her thigh. She spread her legs further apart, her bare labia now clearly visible, my hands kept massaging their way up her thigh.

"You naughty boy, I said patience," she said again while slapping my hands to stop me.

"I would now like to try on the shoes you brought out."

"Ben, would you like to go out Friday night?" said Corrine, as she tried on the fourth pair of shoes.

"I look forward to it Corrine."

"You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this, Ben." 

Corrine told me that she was purchasing all four pair and would wear the pair she had on. While I finished ringing her up, she asked for my number and address.

"I will pick you up at six Friday night, Ben."

Arriving at her car, she thanked me for not being impatient. She went on to tell me that she was really looking forward to our date. Kissing me on the cheek, she wished me a goodnight. Opening the car door for her, Corrine slipped into the seat. After closing the door, I kissed her on the cheek. She flashed me once more saying to be patient. Then drove off into the night. I walked to my car and headed home with thoughts of what just took place.

Thursday evening

As I was waiting on a customer, Maxine came over and told me I had a customer who asked if I could help her. Looking up, there was Corrine! 

I immediately glanced at her feet, she wore a pair of opened toed Sam Edelman platform sandals with leather straps and buckled ankle strap. Her toes matched the pink sandals and she wore a gold ankle bracelet on her left ankle. I knew before even looking up, that it was Corrine. When I saw the gold toe ring on her right big toe, I could feel myself getting turned on. She wore a blue skirt which came down mid-thigh. I finished with my customer and went over to Corrine. 

"Hello Corrine, I see you have picked out a pair of open-toed red shoes."

"Hello Ben, I thought these would be nice for tomorrow night." 

"I will be right back."

I went in back, quickly returning with the box. Sitting across from her, she gave me a seductive smile. Corrine parted her knees just enough to give me a view of her white thong. I took quick glances while I removed her shoes as we talked. After I put the shoes on her feet, she stood and walked. Returning to her seat I asked Corrine how they felt.

“Perfect Ben, I will take them."

While she sat, I was afforded another view of her white thong. Removing the shoes, I let my hands touch the silky smooth skin of her feet, careful not to draw attention from those around us. Corrine let out a soft sigh and said that the shoes are very comfortable. After I put the shoes in their box, I then put Corrine's shoes back on. We both stood and walked over to the register, Corrine then paid for the shoes.

Handing her the bag that her shoes were in, Corrine touched my hand and winked at me. I watched as she turned and sashayed her way out the door. The rest of the evening, all I could do was think of her and what tomorrow night may bring. 

I went to the back room and was straightening out the mess from the day shift when Maxine walked in. She is 5' 2" with short curly brown hair and hazel eyes.

"Is everything okay, Ben?" she said, walking over to me, looking down.

"Yes Maxine, why?" I asked, knowing that she sees the bulge in my trousers.

"I can help you with that problem, Ben." said Maxine, reaching out and placing her hand on the bulge that grows longer and harder under her touch.

"Maxine I am sorry, but I am seeing someone," I said as I gently removed her hand from my bulge. 

"I understand Ben, but if you ever find yourself alone, I am here." 

Maxine kissed my cheek and walked back out to the customers. I spent most of the evening straightening out the stock room. 

It was nine o’ clock by the time I got home. Waiting for me was a stack of papers that needed to be graded for tomorrow. The grading took longer than usual as I kept thinking of Corrine and now Maxine crept into my thoughts. 

By the time I finished it was one o’ clock, I was exhausted. I went to bed, when my head hit the pillow I fell asleep immediately.


The entire day all I thought about was my date tonight with Corrine. My morning classes flew by, the students were happy with their test scores. Then came the afternoon, the students were happy with their test scores too, but it seemed to take forever for three o' clock to come. 

When it finally did, I hurried home to get ready for my date. Corrine would be coming at six o' clock. The first thing I did was to grade the worksheets that my students did in class. I wanted to have the weekend free from school work. Afterwards I went to take a shower and get ready.

While showering I noticed that I needed to shave my pubic area. I like the way it feels and looks with no hair. I have had no complaints from the few women I have dated. When I finished showering, I went to get dressed.

I chose a blue pin stripe dress shirt with a blue striped tie. My trousers are charcoal gray with pleats topped off with a pair of black wingtip shoes. It was a quarter to six and I was waiting patiently for Corrine.

Friday Evening

At six o' clock the doorbell rang. I answered it. Opening the door there was Corrine, standing there wearing a little black skirt with a gray dress shirt and matching open toed shoes. I noticed the ankle bracelet on her left ankle was silver with a matching toe ring on her right big toe. Corrine was wearing a silver pendant with matching earrings.

"Corrine, you look stunning," I said as I greet her with a kiss on her cheek.

"Ben, you look handsome," she said, greeting me with a kiss on the cheek.

Taking her hand, we walked to her car. I walked her to the driver’s side and opened the door for her. Corrine slipped into the soft leather seat, her skirt riding up to her mid-thigh. Closing the door, I quickly got in the red convertible BMW Z4. 

"Where are we going, Corrine?" I said as I reached over placing my hand on the hem of her skirt.

"You will need to wait and see," she said, placing her hand on mine.

Corrine placed my hand on her firm tanned thigh, looking at me she told me not to go any higher and to be patient.

"All good things will come in time Ben," she said, looking at me with a seductive smile.

We arrived at the restaurant and the hostess escorted us to our table. Corrine told me that she had never done anything like she did yesterday or the other day. She told me that over the last month of coming to the store, she hoped I would ask her out. When I did not, that is when she decided to act.

I told her the reason I never asked her out was because I felt she was out of my league. Corrine began to laugh saying she thought I was shy. I laughed along with her telling her I was going to ask her out the next time she came in. Once we settled down we spent the rest of the time getting to know each other.

When the check came our waitress started to hand it to me. Corrine told her to give the check to her. Before I could say anything Corrine told me I could pay the next time. We then left the restaurant and as we drove off I asked where we were going. Corrine told me we were headed back to her place.

Helping her into the car I noticed that her skirt rose up higher on her thighs than before. I went around and as I got in I could not help but notice that Corrine had pulled her skirt up to her waist. Corrine looked over at me and watched the bulge in my trousers grow longer. 

"Oooooohhhh Ben, I see that I did it again," she said, smiling as she slowly ran her tongue over her full lips.

Placing my hand on her thigh, I gently moved my fingers upward toward her sweet honey pot. As I moved closer, Corrine did not stop me.

"Mmmm Ben that feels so good," she said, spreading her knees further apart.

Moving my hand slowly toward her honey pot, Corrine told me that I could only touch the edges. That there would be more in due time. Stroking the edge of her labia, Corrine's breathing quickened. As I gently moved my finger along the edge she let out a gasp. Corrine put the pedal to the metal as my finger gently teased her clit.

"Oh God, please wait we are almost there."

Taking the corner at a high rate of speed, wheels screeching we pulled into the driveway of her place.

"Let's go inside and continue this," Corrine said as she quickly exited the car. I was right behind her.

"Go make yourself comfortable on the couch in the living room."

I sat on the couch as Corrine entered barefoot, bringing a bottle of White Riesling. After she filled our glasses, she sat down and put her feet on my lap. As we drank our wine Corrine wiggled her toes while smiling at me. Pretending not to notice as I continued with our conversation, she lifted her right foot.

"What do you need, Corrine?" I asked, as I took another sip of wine.

"You know very well what I need, Ben."

"No, you need to tell me Corrine."

"Please massage my feet," she asked, lifting her right foot a little higher.

Without hesitation I lightly rubbed each toe while holding her heel with my other hand. Moving to the top of her foot I used a gentle circular motion. Taking both hands I then rubbed her ankles using the same motion. Corrine was moaning as I rubbed her heel then moving to her sole. I watched as she took a sip from her glass then seductively run her tongue over her lips.

Corrine moaned a little louder as I rubbed the ball of her foot. Moving back to her toes I rubbed the skin between them. When I finished fifteen minutes later I moved to her left foot and gave the same treatment.

After thirty minutes, Corrine was completely relaxed. She was enjoying the attention I was giving her feet. Smiling, she asked if I was finished. I just looked at her and smiled as I lifted her right foot. I started to kiss the top of her foot down to her toes.

"Mmmm Corrine, I love the fresh clean scent of your feet," I said as started to kiss her big toe. She let out a gasp.

"Are you about to do what I think you are going to do?"

Without answering, I parted my lips and swirled my tongue around her big toe. I slowly let her toe slip into my mouth. I watched Corrine's reaction as I sucked and licked. Her eyes were as big as saucers, as she watched her big toe disappear into my mouth.

"Oooooohhhh don't stop, it feels amazing."

I moved from one toe to the next giving the same amount of attention that the big toe received. Finishing with her little pinky toe, my kisses then covered the sole of her foot. Using my tongue, I licked Corrine's sole from her heel up to her toes.

Five minutes later I moved to her left foot, giving the same attention as I did to her right foot. Corrine was watching intently, her moaning becoming a little louder. Five minutes later I was finished and placed her foot in my lap.

"Oh Ben that felt so good, it was amazing," she said, reaching over for her glass, to take another sip of wine.

"I enjoyed that Corrine, your feet are beautiful," I said as I reached over for my glass to take a sip of wine.

"Corrine, this was my first time."

"It was mine too, Ben," she said as she stood, reaching out to take my hand.

"Let's go see what else we can do with my feet," said Corrine, leading me to her bedroom.

This was just the beginning.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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