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The Beast Within You

An intense story

Look into my eyes. Does what you see there scare you? It should, because I’m going to turn you into something you never dared to dream about, I’m going to make you say things you’ve never heard yourself or anyone say aloud and I’m going to make an animal of you. You’re going to be scared for me because I’m allowing you to lose control, all the things that you know to be right and wrong, don’t exist now. Your primal animalistic urge is going to take over your being and abuse your moral decency codes as well as every part of me.
Can you see how badly I need this? It’s like I need it to survive and that realisation scares me also.

I won’t paint a delicate detailed picture of our surroundings because soon we wont see them, we won’t even see each other we’ll be blind to everything that we knew before now and everything that makes sense to us won’t exist. It’s getting dark and though the day was warm, there’s a chill in the air now. We’re outside and there are no people around for mile and miles.

Are clothes are discarded at our feet and we haven’t touched each other yet, we are afraid to.
We make silent promises to one another, promises that we can’t define.
Our fingers are trembling as we reach for each other we touch each other’s faces gently as if to check that we are real, out lips press themselves together gently without our permission they betray us before the tenderness ‘the dictionary definition kind’ is lost and replaced with something

Your hand grabs my hair tight and you throw me to the floor, my knees are instantly sore from the scattering of twigs that is my landing. I look up at you wantonly excitedly. You still have my hair as you manipulate my head as if to show me that you have the control, as though you are playing with the buttons of something forbidden to you as a child. My eyes, my open mouth and the hot breaths that waste themselves, show you how wild I feel, how badly I need you, and how much I want you to need me like you needed no other.

I whisper and I don’t know what I’m begging for, you don’t know either and fuck fuck fuck you’re just going to have to keep trying until the begging stops, you need to make this begging stop because eventually it will drive you crazy, make it stop, whatever it takes. Your fingers are first to act, they thrust into my open mouth, they want to violate me but I suck them willingly, hungrily.
You’re enjoying the sensation because immediately it causes you to imagine what my mouth will feel like on your needy cock.

“You don’t need to wait”

I say reading your mind. You pull me towards your nakedness and force your cock into my mouth. “It’s okay” my eyes say as you clutch my head and ram the pair of us together, forcing yourself deep into my throat and causing me to gag around you. You like the fact that though I’m gagging around you, my eyes still ask you for more and will continue to do so until… until I get what I need.
“Fuck my throat”
I would tell you if I could, if my mouth wasn’t full of you. My hands they grasp you from behind, pull you closer than you can get. You lose control and you fuck my throat so hard that I have tears
streaming down my face from all the gagging that I’m doing. Don’t stop though! Please don’t stop until you’ve given me what I need. You roar loudly like an animal as you thrust harder and harder carelessly before explode inside me, coating my throat with your delicious cum.  You look down at me and I look to you to like I’m your fuck doll, your plaything, but you want to break me, your destructive nature the one that your mother used to complain about when you were a child is back and it’s welcome by me, I want you to break me and then fix me afterwards.

You want me on all fours now and I feel like an animal like this, my head falls to one side and I close my eyes as you watch me and decide what’s next for us. Your fingers spread my ass and thrust into the tightness that wants you. I cry out with both my pleasure and discomfort, it doesn’t
matter to you what I’m crying out for because you recognise the neediness in my tone and it just encourages you, not that you need encouraging.
“Fuck yesssssssssss”
then a continual noise one that wants to be heard by anyone that will listen reveals itself and so much more. You have fingers in my pussy now too and you thrust them harder and harder your strength unleashed, your speed edging it’s way above the invisible line on your speedometer. Your fingers they seek and they seek until they find what they’re after and my orgasm rushes over me, out of me and over you. I look around and silently thank you, manners never cost a thing.

“I want you to go for a little walk in that direction”

you say to me and though I am puzzled the only question I have is

“Can I get dressed?”

you nod and I quickly put my skirt, top and flip flops on, my knickers are snatched away by you.
I set off nervously in the direction you’ve indicated and I wonder about my purpose. I’m walking for a good five minutes before I hear you creeping behind me. I hope it’s you anyway. I realise the game we’re playing and I quicken my pace, you increase yours too and before I know it, I’m running and you are chasing me. A naked man is chasing me! My adrenaline takes over and I really don’t want you to catch me, the fear is mock but it has a sense of reality to it, of course running
in flip-flops isn’t an easy task and you’re catching up to me. I try to hide behind a tree my heart is beating so loudly I fear you’ll hear it. You grab me from behind and I try to break free, your grip is firm and instantly I feel juices flowing in my pussy.

Your hands are around my throat and you push me up against a convenient tree. I’m still trying to get away from you even though I know you won’t let me, and if you did well I wouldn’t go.
Unleash your darkest desires on me and I will take them to a place that wants to meet them.
I’m panting and my need is obvious, before I have a chance to think about your next move, your hand wrenches up my skirt and you thrust your cock into me. You roar as you push deep and then lose control with me, you fuck my pussy harder than you ever imagined yourself capable. Your hand squeezes my throat tight and I have trouble catching a breath, it doesn’t matter to me now though, what matters is that you’re ravaging me, fucking me like an animal.

“You filthy fucking bitch”

you say to me, and I gasp because it’s true and I never heard anyone say it to me before.

“You want you tight cunt fucked until it’s raw?”

you ask me through moaning.

“Yes oh fuck yes”, I say in my pathetic begging tone.

“Fuck me please please fuck my needy cunt.”

Your hands are on my shoulders now pressing down as you push up again and again bruising me inside, sating my minds desire for something special. You squeeze my breasts through my thin top and the yelp that I give out as you intentionally push my limits by squeezing too hard, gives you
the extra stimulation you need. A tingling that started in your balls some time ago is moving, it’s rushing down your shaft and it explodes into me, I can feel it spurting and I milk it when my own orgasm causes spasms deep inside me and my pussy grips you tight. We collapse to the ground beneath us in a satisfied heap and sit silently listening to the natural sounds we never heard before now. I’m starting to get cold when my adrenaline levels return to normal, the goosebumps on my skin are an obvious tell tell sign. You take me in your arms and hold me close to you, your fingers they stroke the smoothness of my bare shoulders and I close my eyes and breath in the outdoor smell.
I notice the change in your touch as you become aroused again, the strokes are hosting a subtle urgency that only I can recognise because I feel it too. I’m ‘needing’ you again and will continue to need you forever more. My pussy is sore and I wince ever so slightly as your fingers find me again. You don’t care that I’m sore because you know that my needs are more intense than the pain.
As your fingers thrust into my cum drenched pussy I cry out because I’m so wet and you gasp at the discovery.

“Fist me”
 the words are out and they betray my already sore body. My eyes betray me too because they ask you, they beg you and you cannot refuse. I’m lying on my back and my legs are spread, you look at my pussy as your fingers group and force there way into me. My body doesn’t take a fisting easily and as my pussy meets the widest part of your hand I squirm under you as I feel myself stretching to accommodate you.

"Fuck fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk fuckkkkkkkkkkk" I cry hoarsely and squeakily. You’re encouraged driven wild by my reaction to your hand violating me, and you lose control with me again, thrusting harder and faster until you cannot don’t know how to give me any more than you’re giving me. Still I beg you, and beg you until you’re scaring yourself with the force you’re inflicting. I’m crying real tears that show you more than I wanted you to see, but still you know that if you gave me more I would take it. My orgasm takes me by surprise and juices well if there was an escape route they would gush from me instead you feel a pool of them around you and it pleases you that even with the pain that you’ve given at my request, there was a prize worthy of it.
The beast within scared you, and soon it quickly subsides like a jolt, as you wrestle with all the kind moral fibres of your being, reaching out a kind strong arm around my waist you ask me a question to reassure your guilty conscience and well being...and whisper ‘are you okay babe?’
I smile and kiss you a kiss that tells you everything will always be okay.

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