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The Cum Bath

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A woman visits a special spa, with a hot tub filled with cum.

As she walked in, she was nervous.  It had always been a fantasy, but she never imagined it coming true.  A spa with a hot tub filled with cum.  She imagined it oozing in all her holes, dripping off her tits, being able to scoop it into her mouth. She had put it on a sundress – not too revealing, but sexy.  Skinny straps and a hem that stopped a few inches above the knee.

At the desk was a man.

“Hi,” he said. “I’m Steve.  Welcome to the Cum Bath.”

“Hi,” she responded. “Thank you.  This is my first time here.”

“That’s quite all right,” he said. 

He was tall and clean cut, the type of person who you would want at the reception of a place like this to assure new customers. “So, we have a few packages.  The basic is just a thirty-minute soak.  The Gold package includes a pre-soak session with Sean.”

“What does the pre-soak session include?” She asked, interrupting him.

He looked up from his clipboard. “Well, that kind of depends on you.  We’re a full-service spa, if you know what I mean.” 

He waited for her to comprehend for a bit, then continued.  “Is that something you would be interested in?”

She pondered for a bit. She hadn’t planned on being with a man tonight.  But, the more she thought about it, the idea of a strong jaw in between her legs, or a thick, hard cock deep inside her pussy was making her wet.

“I’ll take it,” she said, opening up her purse and pulling out her credit card.

“Perfect,” he said.

He swiped the credit card and took her information.  Then, he walked out from behind the desk and led her down a hallway.  There were several doors, and he led her past them all until they reached one marked “#4.”

“Just knock on the door and Sean will let you in,” he said.  “Remember, you’re in control, so don’t worry about doing anything you don’t want to do.”

She took a deep breath, contemplating her next move, her gushing pussy and her racing heartbeat at odds with each other.

She composed herself. “Thank you,” she said and knocked on the door.


In a moment, the door creaked open, and a man appeared in the doorway.  He was about six-feet-one-inch tall with dark hair, dark eyes, and broad shoulders. He was toned, but not bulky.  He welcomed her in genteely.

As she looked around, she smiled. It was a large, well-lit room with candles and mood music.  There was a massage table on one side, a comfortable couch on another, and a bed set up in the corner.

“Your design team did well,” she said. “It feels comfy in here.”

“Yup,” he said.  “Different women want different things.  We like to be accommodating.” 

He let her look around for a bit, inspecting the chest with the candles on one side and running her finger along the material of the massage table. 

She then turned around to face him.  “So,” she said. “What happens next?”

He smiled.  He had nice teeth and a boyish look, but a little five o’clock shadow to give him some maturity.  He walked over to her and stroked her arm slowly.

“Well, that depends on you,” he said.

He ran his fingers up and down her bare arm. 

She was starting to get nervous.  Her mouth filled with cotton and all she wanted to do was say, “Fuck me like an animal.” 

“I kind of like to be taken,” she said. 

“Oh, really?” he smiled and began to move his fingers down her sides to her hips, his fingers going down and playing with the hem of her dress.  “We can do that.”

He turned her around and pressed her against the massage table, her hands propping her up and her ass out.  He moved his crotch against her ass, gently, until she started to press back.  Then, he started to lick and suck her neck.

She began to relax in his mouth and hands, her body relenting to his touch.  He began to kiss and lick more firmly as she moaned louder and louder.  He slowly moved his hand underneath her dress and lifted it up until her round ass cheek was revealed and he gripped it tightly with his hands.

“Please,” she said, plaintively. “Please.”

He smiled and began to take off her panties, slowly bringing them to the floor and helping her out of them as she lifted her legs one-by-one.   

He began to lick his way up her calves, slowly, until his tongue found it’s way to her sucking wet button.  She relaxed further as he spread her legs and began to tongue her clit with the flat of his tongue, licking and sucking it slowly as her juices pooled around his mouth. 

He dove in, licking more vigorously for a bit as she gasped and quivered and continued her plaintive cry of, “Please! Please!” 

When she got really into it, he added two fingers, quickly finding her clit.   She began to buck and choke out her breaths, harder and faster. 

“Oh God, yes! Oh, God, Please! Please! Don’t stop, please!” 

He continued, pressing slightly harder as he rubbed her g spot and continuing to lick and suck on her engorged clit until she lost all control and bucked and shook all over and he had to hold her body steady while she came in his mouth.

He continued, slowing down for a little bit, letting her come down from her orgasm.  She laid herself flat on the massage table, inert, while he came up, licking and kissing her entire body until he was pressed up against her with his lips on her right ear. 

“Do you want to soak in the tub now?” he asked. 

She nodded, reaching back and rubbing his crotch through his shorts. “Are you going to join me?” She asked.

He assured he would, and led her out of the room and down the hall to another room. Her dress was still on, but her panties were gone and her juices made her thighs glisten.


When they arrived, she looked at it.  It was what she had thought it would be.  A large hot tub, filled with thick, creamy white cum. 

Having just cum, she was both relaxed and horny and beginning to feel more and more comfortable with Sean.  She didn’t think much of it when she took off her dress and undid her bra.  She was about five-feet-seven-inches tall with smooth legs and B cups with a round ass.  She couldn’t help but rub herself a little bit when she exposed herself, and she surprised even herself with just how damp she was. 

“Here goes nothing,” she said, walked up the small steps to the tub, and got in.

It started around her ankles.   Creamy, warm, and gooey.  She always enjoyed the way it felt on her skin, but she had never had it soak and embrace her in quite this way.  She moved further, and it climbed up her calves and thighs until she was in up to her waist.  She could feel as it filled her pussy and asshole and she closed her eyes at how comforting it was and how right it felt.

“So, I know they said this was safe, but I just have to make sure, “ she said.

He laughed.  “Yes, don’t worry.  We have a special process for filling the tubs.  You will be pregnancy and STD free.” 

She smiled and relaxed, sitting on the seat by the side and sinking down until it covered her breasts and neck.  She rubbed it into her nipples underneath the surface and luxuriated in its soft gooeyness. 

“This is amazing,” she said. 

“It’s not for everyone,” he responded.  “But, we find women enjoy our services.” 

She played with it in her hands and rubbed it all over her body.  She focused on the sensation of it all inside of her and scooped up a few tastes.  Then she turned back towards Sean.

It was everything she imagined it to be, and yet, there was something missing.  She loved the warm cum, but, she missed the human connection she associated with it.

“You’re still mine, right?” she said, surprising herself with how forward she was being.

“I am,” he smiled.

“Well, take off your pants and get over here.”

He smiled, and slowly dropped his shorts. He was wearing dark grey boxer briefs underneath.  He stood there, with his lean body and large bulge, rubbing himself as he admired her body, teasing her.  Then, he pulled them down as well, revealing a thick, veiny cock that was already half hard.

He stepped out of his boxer briefs and walked over to the side of the tub.  She reached out her hand, wiped off some excess cum, and began to stroke it until it was fully erect, the large head bulging and his balls tight. 

Then, she placed her mouth on it.  She licked the base of his cock first, then swallowed it, going down to the hilt then coming back up.  She moaned as she went down and come back up, over and over.  It felt incredible – soaked and filled with cum, a warm, hard cock in her mouth.  She wanted nothing more than one more load.

She began to work harder, rubbing his balls as he began to grunt and moan under his breath.  She felt that familiar power over him that she loved about giving a blowjob, and she continued faster, noting as he somehow got even harder and bigger in his mouth. 

“Oh, fuck,” he said.  “Oh, fuck.”  She knew what was coming.  “I’m gonna cum soon.”

She looked up at him with her big eyes and told him she wanted him to cum, to give her one more fresh load.

She put her eyes down and began working up and down his cock as it spasmed and then started to shoot load after load of his jizz down her throat. 

He emptied his balls into her and then she pulled away.  She hadn’t planned to get her hair wet, but, at that moment, something primal in her needed to be fully covered, filled in her mouth and pussy and ass.  She slowly made her way down beneath the surface until she was fully submerged in the cum bath and then came back out a sticky, gooey mess, ecstatic and horny and totally fulfilled.

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