The Foot Slave

By Kim

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Pandora displays her foot slave, Victoria.
Mistress Pandora beamed at her lovely foot slave. Her beautiful, willowy body, with tanned and soft skin, gleamed in the low lighting. In the short time that they had been together, Victoria had been perfect. She knew the right way to sit; her legs slightly parted and totally naked.

“Victoria, I have a surprise for you,” Mistress said.

Her foot slave remained silent, but had a small smile. Pandora watched, as she sat straighter; opening her legs a bit wider. Victoria loved to displayed, and she trusted Mistress to make sure she remained safe.

“Tonight, we are attending a private gathering. It’s very formal…well…for me, it is. You will be gloriously naked, except for your 4 in black stilettos and this,” Mistress told her.

Eager to see what was in the box, Victoria waited for Mistress to beckon her closer. Her eyes widened, when she saw the diamond choker that her Mistress had bought for her. Victoria knew that Mistress was wealthy, but never knew just how wealthy.

Pandora, pleased with the reaction, leaned forward and gently cupped Victoria’s face. Pulling her closer, she brushed her lips lightly against her love slave’s, and then plunged her strong tongue into Victoria’s warm, sweet mouth. With their tongues tangling, it seemed that they were trying to eat each other up.

Breaking the kiss, Mistress said, “Go see Chloe. She will prepare you for the night’s festivities.”

Pandora knew just how much Chloe liked Victoria. Once the room was empty, she pressed a certain panel on the wall, revealing a secret room. She considered herself a voyeur and loved watching Chloe get her foot slave ready.

She sat down in front of the two way mirror. Bracing her feet on either side, Pandora began to circle her tight clit, as she waited for them to appear. Just watching others use her obedient slave any way that they wanted never failed to get her off.

Chloe led Victoria to the mirror. Unbeknown to Victoria, Pandora watched on the other side, with two fingers already deep inside her sopping slit. Victoria knew the drill. She bent over a low table; her legs spread widely and her back to the mirror. Pandora groaned softly. She had a direct view of Victoria’s tiny anal pucker and her pink pussy. Chloe, aware of her boss’ presence behind the mirror, knew to stand to the side, as she worked. Pandora wanted to see everything.

“Your Mistress wants you nice and clean for the party,” she said, as she soaped up a soft wash cloth.

Victoria moaned, when Chloe began to rub her bouncy ass cheeks. She felt the rich lather begin to drizzle it’s way down the back of her thighs and into her crack. The fragrant soap coated her skin, and the vigorous rubbing had her ass tingly. Her clit was throbbing, but as much as she wanted to rub the ache away, she stood still.

Chloe pulled her ass cheeks apart, baring her soapy pucker. Abandoning the cloth, she used her fingers to circle the tight, brown star. She probed Victoria’s hole ever so slightly and heard the woman moan.

“You’re such a wicked, little girl. What would Mistress do, if she heard you moaning like a bitch in heat?” Chloe purred, as she ran warm, clear water over Victoria’s ass.

Pandora watched, raptly. Her maid knew just how to get her slave going. She pinched her erect clit, sending shock waves down through her pussy to her ass. She was so wet; her thighs were coated in her own special cream.

Chloe, unable to resist any longer, dropped to her knees and buried her face in the clean ass in front of her. Victoria gasped; her knuckles white from gripping the table. With the first swipe of Chloe’s wet tongue, her knees felt like they were about to buckle. It never failed. Every time Chloe bathed her, she ended up tongue fucking her ass.

Chloe’s strong tongue plunged in and out of the tight sphincter, making Victoria tremble with need. And like every other time, she knew that Chloe would make her ass loose and her pussy contract, but she would not let her cum.

Pandora let the scene unfold in front of her. Her lovely maid was driving her luscious foot slave wild with need. Any minute now, Chloe would pull her tongue free and climb on the table, making Victoria eat her pussy.

Chloe pulled the sex starved woman upright and positioned herself just the way she wanted, and then she yanked Victoria downward and pushed the woman’s face into her dripping cunt. Pandora, all the while rubbing her clit furiously, exploded from the sight of Victoria’s relaxed sphincter. She kept her gaze on the trembling hole, as it snapped closed.

“Lick my clitty, Vic. Make me cum,” Chloe moaned, rubbing her clit against Victoria’s lips and tongue.

Victoria sucked and slurped. Chloe humped and moaned, until she screamed out loud. Dropping back weakly, she caught her breath before hopping up and grabbing the wash cloth. She quickly waxed Victoria’s pussy, washed it, and then lotioned the skin.

Pandora, having exited her secret room, went to her suites and readied herself for the party. She dressed in a black satin corset, paired with a pair of snug leather pants. She smiled to herself, because she knew a secret about these pants. Finally, she slid her perfectly pedicured feet into a pair of 5 in sandals; the ones with the skinny, long heel. Her curly, auburn hair was pulled up into a stylishly, messy bun. Dark make up adorned her stormy blue eyes; her lips matched the scarlet paint that covered her toenails.

She descended the stairs. Victoria awaited her at the bottom. Her beauty was dressed just how she wanted. Her body naked; long legs enhanced by a pair of fuck me heels. As she got closer, Pandora was pleasantly surprised to see that Victoria’s nipples were painted the same scarlet that her Mistress was wearing.

“Very nice, love. I really like the nipple paint. It seems to make them stay erect, Pandora remarked; gently tugging a turgid peak.

“Yes. Yes. Your bare pussy pleases me, as well. Turn around, love,” she said.

Victoria turned and lifted her long, brown hair, so that her Mistress was able to clasp her choker around her neck. Pandora stepped back to admire the view. Her slave was the picture of perfection.

Chloe draped a velvet cloak around Victoria’s shoulder to ward off the chill of the night. Then helping Pandora into her coat, she ushered the women to the car.

“You’ve been mighty quiet, love. What’s on your mind?” Pandora asked.

“It is my heart’s desire to please you, but I’m a little nervous,” she confided.

“Don’t be. I will not leave your side,” Pandora assured her.

“Will there be men?” Victoria asked.

“Yes, but they will NOT touch you. They may watch, but never touch,” Pandora answered.

Victoria sighed in relief. They sat in silence for the remainder of the trip. Suddenly, she gasped. Pandora looked over her shoulder; smiling. The mansion that was hosting the party was mammoth large. Pulling up to the front of the mansion, both women were assisted out of the car and escorted to the parlor. Pandora greeted their hostess with a warm hug.

“Pandora, how are you?” the tall blonde said.

“Athena, I’ve missed you!” Pandora answered.

Victoria stood quietly, waiting for her Mistress’ instructions.

“Athena, you must meet my lovely, Victoria,” Pandora said.

Athena surveyed the stunning brunette. She approached the woman, cupping her chin.

“Pandora, she’s lovely! I must see her body. Let’s get this cloak off,” Athena said, and then pulled the cloak from Victoria’s body.

The slight chill from the hallway made her already hard nipples tighten even more. Athena pinched Victoria’s peaks, tweaking them. Running her soft hand down the woman’s tight belly, Athena parted a pair of very bare lips and pushed her middle finger deep inside. She carefully watched Victoria’s reaction, as she pushed another finger and rubbed the wall of her pussy, seeking out the sweet spot. Victoria’s eyes rolled back in her head, as long and very strong fingers twisted and turned.

“So responsive. Very nice indeed,” Athena murmured.

“Yes. She is. Say, would you like to join us? I could always use an extra pair of hands, or even feet,” Pandora inquired, slyly.

“Of course!” Athena beamed.

Victoria, horny beyond belief and dripping wet, found herself being led into a massive ballroom. In the middle of the room, a king size, four poster bed was situated on a two foot high pedestal, making it the center of attention. There was only a black satin fitted sheet on the bed, so the room was warm. About twenty richly dressed people sat, surrounding the bed.

Athena stripped off her elegant clothes and climbed on the bed. With her back against the head board, and her long legs stretched in front of her, she waited. Pandora led her foot slave to the bed.

“Climb on the bed, love. Look at Athena’s feet. Aren’t they beautiful?” Pandora asked.

Just the mention of sexy feet had Victoria’s pussy humming. She nodded her head, and then looked at her Mistress.

“They are lovely. May I worship them, Mistress?” Victoria asked.

“It would please me, if you did,” Pandora replied.

Victoria, on her knees, leaned forward and ran the tip of her tongue along the delicate instep of Athena’s narrow foot. The skin was so soft, and her toes were so pretty. She kissed the tip of an elegant big toe.

“Suck it, my sweet,” Athena urged.

Victoria sucked the big toe into her mouth, laving her tongue around and around. Pandora watched from behind, admiring the view. Victoria’s round ass was high in the air; her pussy gaping.

Athena wiggled her toe, before saying, “Open wider. Take all of them.”

Eager to please, she sucked and licked every toe, coating them thickly with her saliva. Athena, impatient, began to push them in and out. Satisfied, she pulled her foot free.

“Lick my pussy, slave!” she demanded.

Victoria scooted upward to the older woman’s slick cunt. Using her thumbs, she opened a pair of puffy, neatly trimmed lips and inhaled the fragrant aroma of Athena’s pussy. Her clit was huge; the hood fully retracted. She sucked her nub, deeply, almost like she was trying to suck a thick milkshake through a small straw.

The older woman moaned, tangling her fingers in Victoria’s hair. Without breaking suction, she shoved three fingers into Athena’s rippling hole. Victoria used her whole arm to thrust her fingers in and out.

Pandora maneuvered Victoria’s body so that she was straddling Athena’s leg. Guiding Athena’s foot to her foot lover’s pussy, she used Athena’s toes to rub Victoria’s turgid clit.

Athena wiggled her toes around and trapped the pulsing clit between her big toe and its neighbor. With her digits already slick with spit, she squeezed and tugged on Victoria’s ever growing bud.

“Push your toes up her cunt, Athena. My dirty girl loves that,” Pandora said.

“Sit up, slave! Ride my foot,” Athena demanded.

Victoria shimmied to her feet and squatted directly over the narrow foot. She opened her pussy lips and sank down on Athena’s big toe. She watched as a red painted toe disappeared.

“More!” Athena said.

Victoria sank lower, until she had three…four…and then all five toes in her greedy puss. Athena, amazed, watched the top half of her foot disappear into the warm and wet sheath. She wiggled her toes, watching the younger woman groan; her head thrown back.

Once Victoria was adjusted to the size, she started bouncing. Her cunt cream coating the foot buried deep in her pussy. She looked down. Her lips were thin; her hole stretched tight.

“Don’t let her cum,” Pandora asked.

While her lovely slave was getting fucked by another woman’s foot, Pandora unbuckled the straps on her pants, transforming them into chaps, and then removed the material covering her breasts.

Her full breasts bounced free; nipples pebble hard. As she reached for the leather harness, she looked out at the crowd. Satisfied, she saw the majority of the audience was either stroking cock, fingering pussy, and some were even fucking.

Pandora pushed a large glass dildo through the harness, and the secured it snuggly. Victoria was panting; pulling her nipples roughly. She pulled Victoria off Athena’s foot; her pussy making a wet, sucking sound as it exited. Pandora quickly turned her slave around to where she had her back to Athena.

Straddling Athena’s leg, Pandora pushed Victoria back down, burying the foot back into the younger woman’s dripping slit. She grabbed Victoria’s slim hips and pulled them back. The lubricated glass cock nudged her twitching asshole.

“Relax, baby,” she whispered, “Bear down.”

Following her Mistress’ instructions, Victoria felt the glass dildo sink into her ass. Pandora pushed in slowly, using Victoria’s hips as leverage. With every thrust into her ass, she rode the foot in her pussy harder. Faster and faster, they moved in unison.

“Tug your clit, love. It’s time to cum,” Pandora urged.

Victoria’s fingers were a blur. She rubbed and pulled; she was so close. Her chest was flushed; her hair plastered, wetly, to her forehead. The first wave washed over, making her nipples contract, and with the second wave, she bucked and screamed. Every lightning bolt of pleasure streaked from her clit, through her pussy, and out her ass.

Pandora supported her convulsing lover. When she stopped bucking, Pandora gently eased out of Victoria’s ass and pulled her off Athena’s foot.

“Turn around, Victoria. Bend over; spread your ass cheeks. Show your audience how open your holes are,” Pandora instructed.

Victoria leaned over the bed and reached behind her. Grabbing her ass, she pulled it open and heard applause and cheers. She could feel her juice oozing from her pussy, dripping down her inner thigh. Warm lube dripped from her gaping asshole.

She looked at her Mistress. Pandora stood before her; glass cock jutting from her harness. She looked at Athena; her foot slimy with Victoria’s cunt cream. Both women beamed their approval.

“Now, that we got you warmed up, my love. Let’s start the show,” Pandora said.