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The game

I arrived just when she told me. Dressed Just as she told me. My mistress doesn't reward failure, but in succeeding the rewards are amazing. She took me into the play room and laid me out in the bed with my ankles secured to the bedposts. My wrists were tied with scarves above my head and I couldn't move anything but my head.

"Today we are going to play a game I call 5. I am sure you will love it as much as I my little slave. I am going to put my fist into your ass but you only have three chances to get it in. I will start with one finger and work my way to five. Each finger will be inserted a number of times equal to the number of fingers I am trying to push in before I stop and add another finger. One time with my index finger. two with my index and middle. Five times with everything including my thumb. When you run out of the warm up strokes I will press into you until I get inside or you call it off. You only have three chances to get it inside and if you do then you get to come. If not I lock that cock up until I decided I want to try again. One final warning.... If you come before I am inside you then all safe words are out the window. You cannot escape and I will force my fist into you whether you are able to handle it or not."

"Yes mistress," I replied as I tried to start relaxing.

She had kept my cock caged for over a week and I was aching for release. It was going to take every ounce of my will power and self


control to relax enough to handle this


to receive my reward of finally being able to come. I was being


stretched further than I had been with her and while I was afraid of the pain the pleasure she was


was forcing into me time after time as she added fingers and thrust firmly into my ass was amazing. Rubbing my prostate with a little flick of her fingers


each time she reached her goal depth. I counted down the last few strokes before she would start the non stop thrust to get inside me. I relaxed and pushed outward trying to relax and engulf the hand, but alas it was too much.

 I cried out, "Stop!"

"That is one down my pet. Two to go."

As she started again I drifted


off into subspace and let my thoughts wander to the pleasure.



The third digit brought back the tightness and her cheating of flicking across my prostate each time she thrust in.


 I started breathing deeply in as she thrust each time. Relaxing with each thrust of her fingers. I was going to make it. I was going to


make it and receive my reward. I knew it and that was my downfall. She saw the smile and when I glanced upon her face I saw her smile and she twisted her hand and squeezed my prostate between her fingers and I couldn't stop the rush of come as it launched out of my cock.

"Naughty Boy," She screamed," I warned you what would happen if you came before I was inside you"

She grasped my cock still tingling from the orgasm and started a rough tight downward stroke and she forced her hand deeper and deeper inside me. My glans being overly sensitive as she thrust into me and stroked in time with it. She drank my screams as one would a fine wine, lavishing in the fact that I was hers. We both felt it as she forced in and the ring of my as opened, or tore, the last little bit that the ridge of her thumb knuckle passed inside me and then it was all downhill. My ass pulled her into me as my ass tightened back down to her thinner wrist and her hand was engulfed.

"Now the fun really begins," she explained as she twisted her hand 90 degrees rolling her knuckles one after another over my prostate and slowly pulling back out. Just about to the point where she would have pulled out and I thought this was over she twisted back to her starting position and resumed the cycle.

Over and over she did this cycle before speeding it up and extending the twists as she did so. I had never come twice in one session with her before but soon the sensation was raising so much that I was spurting come with each cycle. As I cried out in e cstasy she took me farther. at the end of each twist she pulled out fully before returning to her original position and forcing back in and starting over. She wrapped her lips around my dick and with a strong suck with each reinsertion she ran me to my limit and I just collapsed in my restraints. She slowly pulled out of my ass and giggled and she removed my bindings.

"How did I do Master?"

"You did well my pet and I have quite a little reward for you after all that work you had to do," I explained as I collapsed on my side and reveled in the perfect pet I have.

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