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The Goddess Lisa

Inspired by a page 6 plus-sized lady pic!
We have corresponded, of course. That’s how it is done in this service. For an on-line dating service, it is standard in its operations if not in its clientele. After a lengthy three-week dance of emails, we had the first of our phone calls. The first was pleasant, lasting forty-five minutes. The next two were longer and more detailed, to the point. It was after the third one and the transmission of some computer files that she agreed to see me.

She had not sent me pictures of her body. Only, her face. She was a darker-skinned woman with wide eyes and narrow, sharp eyebrows. Her lips were full, red and generous. Her hair was long, thick and dark brown. She was a very attractive woman. She defined herself as “shapely” or “curvy.” She said that she was no little stick-figure woman, that she had curves and heft. I assured her that I liked such things in women. Among others, I should note.

She had seen pretty much all of me that there was to see. My last set of pictures showed my cock restrained in a cock cage, bulging and purple, the head of my cock shiny from the oozing pre-cum. My balls were thick and heavy and full of swimmers, but they had been denied their release. That was part of why I’d sought her out. She was a Goddess. I was, well, I was a candidate.

She opened the door wearing a sensible business suit. Her stockings below her skirt-line were black. The heels were pretty high, three or four inches. Her wide hips flared wonderfully and the top and jacket combination did not succeed at hiding her full bustline. She smiled at me as she invited me into her inner chamber. I was in the Goddess Lisa’s home, and it felt warm and safe and terrifying all at the same time!

She closed the door behind me. I was standing still in the center of the room, as previously instructed. She walked up behind me, a hand placed softly on my shoulder. Already my penis was alert and growing to full hardness fast. She traced her hand across my back to the older shoulder as she walked around me. The finger over the arms and to my chest, flicking open the suit jacket lapels. She glanced down and clearly saw the tent in my pants, but said nothing. She did not even smile. She flicked the other lapel.

“Remove this,” she ordered me softly. I shrugged out of it, and she pointed to a chair. I hung it carefully, returning to the position. She encircled me three more times, and with each loop my cock seemed to get harder and more anxious.

“You dress well,” she complimented me.

“Thank you, Goddess,” I replied obediently. During our calls, I was to call her only by her true name - the Goddess, or Goddess Lisa if I must. She described herself as a cock-loving, cock-teasing sultry Queen of tease and denial. She loved to touch and fondle and feel a man’s hard penis , she wrote, and tease him until he is a quivering blob of cum-needing man. Then, depending on how I alone feel, I may let him cum. Or I may let him cum with strings attached. Or I may deny him completely.

I read her words, saw her face, and I felt compelled to write to her. Plus, I admit to liking plus-size ladies and she clearly stated that she was in her profile. But no pictures, yet.

“Close your eyes, my pet,” she said demurely. I did as ordered, and I heard the soft shift of clothing being discarded. My cock throbbed hard in my pants, and I felt a droplet of pre-cum ooze out. I was going to set sight on the Goddess; I was completely aroused.

“You may gaze upon this Body, my pet,” she said after returning to stand in front of me.

Oh. My. God. Her boobs were held aloft and brought together by a red trimmed black bustier. Her hips flared widely in it and were perfectly shaped by the garment. But it was her thighs, those thick, heavenly thighs that were visible over the tops of her stockings that captured my imagination. I wanted to be buried between those legs forever, sucking and nuzzing at the nectar of my Goddess. “Oh my god!” I moaned aloud, and actually (not kidding here) fell to my knees and gazed up at her. She held a long piece of black silk in her hands.

“You have pleased me,” she said with a smile. She walked around and placed her hand on my head. “Place your hands behind your back, my pet.”

I did, and she knelt behind me. She looped the silk bonds around my wrists, between my wrists, and tied them off tightly but not too tight. She stood back up.

“Imagine this sight, my pet,” she said softly, cooing into my head. “Behind you I was crouched with my crotch facing you, those nice full boobs and supple thighs so close to your body!”

I exhaled harshly listening to her. Damn she was good! She walked back in front of me, standing about two feet away.

I gazed up at her, taking in the intoxicating sight. She was a picture of divinity in my opinion. I kept thinking I wanted to lean forward and lick her inner thighs. I trembled just thinking about it! My erection strained mightily in my pants. She saw how my tent was bobbing and throbbing, and chuckled ruefully.

“Someone has a massive erection, doesn’t he?” she asked me softly.

“Yes, I do, Goddess,” I moaned.


“I will do what you ask, Goddess,” I said evading.

She smiled knowingly. “I know you will, my pet.” She said this with supreme confidence. She took a step forward. She thrust her hips out towards me a little. “What is it that is so alluring to you my pet?” she asked me.

“Your thighs, Goddess,” I managed to gasp. “They are...perfect.”

“My...thighs?” she asked slowly. She rubbed her hands up and down the soft, silken skin visible over her stocking tops.

“Would you like to caress me here?” she asked me.
“Y-yes Goddess!” I moaned.

She stepped forward again. “Demonstrate.”

I leaned forward in an uncomfortable position, but the moment my lips pressed against her warm thighs, I was lost in the sensuality of the moment. I could smell her spicy, erotic scent and her thighs trembled with her own passions as she watched me lick her thighs. Finally, after two or three moments, she pushed me back. She gauged my rock-hard boner. She slapped it gently. I moaned aloud again, feeling the pre-cum ooze out a little faster. She stepped forward again, guiding my head to the spot between her legs. She still wore her corset but the heat was there. I nursed and nuzzled mostly to be subservient to her. She pushed me back again, and stepped out of the bustier. Her scent invaded my nose. I gasped and moaned.

She pulled me forward again, and I tasted heaven. She was hotter than any woman I’ve ever met, and slick as one too. My tongue pressed easily against her clit, making her shiver with delight. I ran it up and down her slit, pressing my tongue inside of her here and there to make it better. Her juices ran freely over my face, nose and chin, and I lapped them up as fast as she produced them. She shivered several times and gasped more than once, her hands held firmly to the back of my head, keeping me trapped against her pussy. I didn’t care! She gasped and shuddered, and I was bathed by her juices. She trembled, gasping hard, and pushed me away somewhat roughly. Quickly, though, she regained control and turned around, her beautiful bum facing me. She bent over and backed up, and I watched that pink asshole of hers come closer to me. I licked my lips, hoping to savor that taste quickly myself. She came close and I dove in. I had her gasping for air in a few seconds again, and before a couple of minutes had passed, I’d given her another orgasm, this one from rimjobbing her asshole!

She guided me onto my feet, into her living room and onto her couch. She was panting, her mouth open and eyes glassy. She put me on the couch, my hands sill bound behind my back.

“You were excellent,” she whispered. She climbed onto the couch, throwing her leg over my body. Slowly, she descended her body until my cock was poised at the entrance to her pussy. She smiled and dropped down hard, and I groaned aloud as she cried out. The pleasure hammered us both hard. She didn’t speak, just rode my cock up and down with tremendous force. With each slam down of her body she drove me into the couch. I thrust up as hard as I could to meet her.

It didn’t last long. It couldn’t. Soon, I was gasping and grunting, shooting a huge wad of my seed into her waiting pussy. As soon as I was done, she was off the couch, bent over at the waist, pushing her pussy back towards me.

“Make me cum again, lick your cum form my pussy and make me cum again!” she moaned. I leaned forward and ate slowly at first, but soon the usual needs took over and I was wildly licking and sucking her cream and my cum from her pussy. She fell over, actually, gasping and crying out, her legs having given way completely from under her. She lay panting on the floor, and noted with a cry grin that I’d grown hard again. She smiled at me.

“That’s enough playtime for now, my pet,” she said to me, standing slowly and with a couple of moans. She turned me around and untied me. Whispered in my ear: “You’ll be seeing me again soon, my pet!”

I returned her whipser. “I can’t wait, my Goddess!”
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