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The House Party

An invitation unleashes hidden desires
I had been invited to a house party by a friend of mine at work. I’d been to several of their dinner parties, and had enjoyed the company of Mark and Jenny, and of the various women that they had invited to make up the numbers for me. They had always been a bit younger than me, nicely behaved, and I had dated one or two afterwards, but nothing had come of it. There had been a very tastyone though, Serena, who had refused my invitation to dinner on our own, who I had fancied a lot. I think that this latest invitation was another attempt by my friends to, as they put it, get me fixed up.

I had been single now for about 6 years, after my wife and I had divorced. I had reached my career ceiling at work, and with 10 years to look forward to retirement, I needed something more in my life. I’d always been active, playing rugby hard until I was close to 40, and still keeping fit, so I was big and tough and in good condition. But somehow none of the women I met gave me that spark of interest, apart from the one who had turned me down.

The party was out in the country, and I told my friends that I would meet them there, as I needed to go back to change after work. The drive down was pleasant, and as I followed the satnav instruction, the country became more wooded and hilly, until I found the road I was looking for and turned into the drive of the house. Wow, it was palatial, very modern although built in a traditional style. As I pulled in, a young man asked for my keys to park my car, so I left him to it and entered the hall. There was no-one there apart from a butler of all things, who ushered me into the main room, a huge open lounge, where there must have been at least 30 people. It was going to be a big party, it seemed.

Mark and Jenny saw me across the room and came over, Jenny looking lovely as ever, in a low cut red dress that showed off her high round breasts to perfection. I had always lusted after her, but once, when after a few too many glasses of wine, I had made a casual approach, she had rebuffed me in the nicest way, and so I minded my manners after that. We made small talk, and drank the champagne that had been offered to me as I entered, and then Mark drew me aside. He said that he wasn’t sure if this would be exactly my cup of tea, but he hoped I wouldn’t be shocked by some of the entertainment that was planned for later. I wanted to know more, but he simply told me to wait and enjoy.

The evening passed pleasantly, though I was very aware that most of the people there were couples, all of a similar age to myself. Then at about 11, the lights dimmed, and our host stepped forward. He asked us to clear a space in the centre of the room, and then clapped his hands.

A spotlight illuminated the door, through which the young man who had parked my car entered, dressed only in a loin cloth, and holding a metal chain, which I saw in just a few seconds was attached to a collar around the neck of a naked woman who was crawling on all fours, eyes fixed on the floor. It was then that I saw that in the man’s other hand was a short handled cat of nine tails, at least that was what it seemed to be to me. The spotlight then started to move around and suddenly stopped on a couple standing by the fireplace. The naked woman was led over to them, and the man said in a loud voice “Slave, suck him deep”. “Oh Master”, she replied, “I don’t want to”. At which he raised his whip and viciously slashed it across her naked bottom, causing her to shriek loudly. “Please, please....”, she now whispered. And again the whip slashed down, followed by another shriek of pain. In the light of the spot, I could clearly see that this was no play act, the red wheals that sprang from her flesh were all too real.

The woman now raised her hands and undid the zip of the trousers of the spotlighted guest. His cock was already hard, and she cupped her hands under his balls and proceeded to suck him, her blonde head bobbing as she worked moving down the shaft until her lips were pressed down deeply. I felt my cock harden and push out my trousers, whether from the sight of such an expert blowjob, or from the unexpected treatment of the slave, I don’t know. I looked across at Mark and Jenny, to see his hands stroking her bum and her hand obviously squeezing his cock, and her eyes were shining with excitement.

It didn’t take long, before the guest discharged himself, pulling out of the woman’s mouth, and covering her face in his cum. The spotlight and the main lights then went out, and I wondered what might be happening, when they main dimed lights came back on. The Master and his slave had disappeared, and had been replaced by a huge, muscled, naked and oiled dark skinned man, sporting the most enormous penis I had ever seen. It must have been getting on for a foot long, curving upwards and really thick. I’d seen a lot of cocks in the baths after rugby matches but nothing to match this enormous weapon. The man who had been fellated led his partner to the centre of the room, and pulling off her dress to reveal her naked body, then proceeded to bend her over the large leather sofa. He then grabbed at what appeared to be handcuffs, and manacled her so she could not escape. He then stood back to watch.

The giant approached her and proceeded to finger her cunt, dragging her juices up to her asshole, and then to slide a thick finger in that hole. “Master”, she begged, “stop him, he is too big, he will hurt me”. “You didn’t stop the other slave, so now it is your turn to submit”, was the curt reply. The giant cock slid up and down, initially pushing between the woman’s pussy lips, and pausing so that the guests could see how stretched they were. Suddenly and with a big roar, he pushed and she screamed as his giant cock slid down into her womb, and continued to slowly pump it in and out. The woman’s mouth opened again to scream, but all that came out was a guttural moan, as the giant cock started to hit all the right nerve endings, and pulverise her vagina. Two minutes later she was convulsing with an orgasm, which continued for a full five minutes as the giant pumped his tool into her. By now she was moaning, her eyes bulging and her tongue hanging out, her face red in the spotlight. The giant slowed and removed his mammoth erection, glistening even more now with her juices, and proceeded to press it against her asshole, which reluctantly, it seemed, gave way and opened to take in the dark purple glass of the head. By now, the woman was gurgling, and crying, as the pain of his entry was offset by the pleasure of fullness that his penis gave her. Grabbing the woman’s waist, he levered himself into her, until there was no space at all and the foot long cock was pushed deep. Again a short period after she has a second orgasm, this time her body straining against the manacles that bound her, and her wild cry piercing the air.

Watching this, I was spellbound, as well as feeling the horniest that I’d been for ages. My cock was leaking its precum into my boxers, and I was glad I was wearing dark trousers! I looked over to Mark and Jenny again, to see that in the dimness of the edges of the room, she was bucking against him, her dress raised up, and enjoying his cock inside her. I couldn’t tell where he had put it, but this also made me hornier than ever. I had not thought of myself as a voyeur before, but this I was definitely enjoying.

After having fucked the woman’s cunt and her ass, the giant made his way round to her face, and forcing his dirty cock through her lips, he proceeded to fuck her face, holding her head in his huge hands as he reamed her throat. The sounds of her gagging filled the room, but he was obviously an expert at this, as he knew just when to give her air so she didn’t expel all her stomach onto the floor, merely the white stickiness from her throat. Some ten minutes of this ensued, until the giant finally slid his fucking machine out of her mouth and held it in his hand while it pulsed and shot huge quantities of white semen all over her face and shoulders.

Again the lights went out, and I wondered what might be next? I was all for sloping off to the toilet for a quick wank and some relief to the pressure in my balls, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Serena! “Is this to your taste?”, she asked. “’s amazing”, I stammered, surprised by her appearance, and also how she looked. She was wearing a dress that must have been sprayed on her, very clearly no bra or panties, her nipples were hard and pressing through the material of her low cut dress. “I hoped so”, she breathed, “I asked Jenny to invite you in the hope that you would”.

She took my hand and led me from the room, to a staircase that led down not up, and into a corridor from which several doors opened. Through one of these we went, and she closed and locked the door after us. I was in for more surprises, and she now came into my arms and we kissed, her soft lips like velvet on mine, as her body strained against mine. Our clothes came off in an instant, and we almost literally fought, she body writhing under mine, encouraging me to enter her and then shifting away at the last minute. She bit my shoulder and my arm, and I looked down on her and thought I had better do something about this. The memory of how the woman earlier had been shackled came to mind, and I grabbed her hands and held them down above her head. “In the drawer”, she whispered. And there were a selection of silken ropes, no cuffs, but those were good enough, and I tied her hands to the bed head, and her feet to the bottom bed legs. “Now, I will fuck you hard”, I said, my erection bigger than ever, if that were possible, and grabbing her erect nipples, pinched them hard and twisted them, pulling her breasts upright. “Oooh...yessss”, she told me, “I knew you had it in you”. “I’ll have it in you as well”, I said as I pushed my cock against her pussy lips which were drenched from her juices already, so my cock slid right into her with no difficulty. I just fucked and fucked, pausing only to stop myself ejaculating too soon, and was rewarded by a squirting orgasm after a while, and then as I continued to fuck her, her pussy squelching as I did so, she had a second which vibrated through her body. That was enough of that, and so I moved out, kneeling astride her chest, sliding my cock between her full breasts, again working on her nipples, pushing my cock against her lips as I did so, watching her tongue lick my tip, and to my surprise, she orgasmed again from the work on her tits, so as her mouth opened wide, I move up and pushed my cock deep in her mouth. Her throat gripped my cock head and then holding her head in my right hand, I fucked her throat, until I felt my balls tighten and I did what I love to do, spurt my cum deep into her throat.

This was the first night we had together, and over the next few weeks she stimulated my hidden desire for power play, and as our range of toys and ropes and cuffs developed, I learnt just what a turn on it was to have my very own slave., who now proudly wears my collar.

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