The officer


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Fantasy story inspired by a friend telling me of her desire to have sex with a policeman
"POLICE! STAND STILL!" you immediately do as you're instructed. "Up against the wall, arms outstretched. Spread your legs." Again you comply. You lean slightly forward on your outstretched arms, legs spread level with your shoulders.

"I'm officer Walker, i'm stopping and searching you under section seven, do you have anything on you that you shouldn't have?"

"N-no." you stammer, wondering what this is all about.


"Smith er Sarah Smith ."

"OK Sarah, i'm going to search you."

Something in his voice arouses you, you know you shouldn't be aroused in a situation like this but you can't help yourself. He begins with your outstretched arms, left one then right, down towards your torso. Feeling your back through the thin, loose top you are wearing. As he works his way down your back, a tingle shoots through you, causing a spasm in your pussy.

"Oh god, this is turning me on" you think to yourself, his hands reach your secret spot on the small of your back and he lingers there, you feel the heat of his hand and you groan, almost but not quite, imperceptively.

A bead of sweat forms on your brow, and he moves his hands downwards, checking both of your legs on the outside, before moving up your inner thighs. You part your legs as he reaches under your skirt, getting nearer and nearer to your groin. His hands seem to travel ever so slowly up your inner thighs, making you shudder, your legs grow weak.

He cups your pussy through your panties, now starving to soak with your juices. You feel him press two fingers onto you, just for a second or two, before if moves his hands back from under your skirt. To continue searching you.

Back up your body his hands travel, around to your front, your tummy, lower chest and then your breasts. Oh god your breasts feel like they're on fire, you almost beg for them to be touched, your nipples stick out and he discovers this as soon as his hands search there. They linger, one hand covering each breast, the nipples sticking into his palms. You wish that you could grab his hands and hold them there, you hear him tell you something, but don't quite understand,


"I said turn around."

He spins you around and you are now face to face with this police man, he's not handsome by any means but as you cast your gaze over him, you realise that you want him, he tells you to lower your arms to your side, and he leans in as he to kiss you, but this is not to be. He only wants to check your collar, so close, his face is so close that you want to kiss him.

His body presses against you, and, yes you can feel that he is aroused as you. His erection pressing against you.

"Ok Miss Smith, you're clean."

"Hmmm, I CAN be dirty!"

Your hand reaches for his uniform trousers, settling on his growing excitement. You start to unzip his fly to release his cock, and as his hand reaches your panties you expose him to the air, and begin to stroke him slowly, his fingers worm their way into your damp panties, his fingers getting coated in your juices. Your Clit hard against his probing digits,

"Hmmm, oh yeah, yeah, Hmmm, rub me, make me cum" his fingers speed up in their caress, back and forth across your Clit, once, twice, three times.

"Fuck, i'm gonna cum" just one more stroke of his fingers, and your pussy spasms, as it does he inserts his fingers into you, you clamp down on him as you cum, juices flowing over his fingers. He moves his fingers slowly back and forth in you as your orgasm subsides. He takes them out and sucks your juices off, before offering them to you to share.

Moving in for another kiss he presses against you, and you part your legs further, one of his hands holds the crotch of your panties to one side, and you guide his erect cock into you. You raise one leg, giving him easy access, and he reaches down to support your leg.

Slowly, slowly he begins to move in and out of you, as he thrusts into you, you grind yourself against him, mashing your Clit against him. You reach behind him as best you can in this position, pulling him into you, grinding against him, forcing him deeper into you,

"Fuck me, oh fuck me!" you pull him right against you. Stopping him from thrusting, you grind yourself against him as you cum again, your pussy walls pulsing against his cock, you keep grinding through your orgasm, and you lean down for a kiss. Your tongues probing and almost fighting against each other. You release your grip on him and allow him to start moving into you again.

He begins to pick up pace with his thrusts, faster and faster he thrusts into you, faster and faster, you still on the edge of your previous orgasm, your juices flowing freely now out of you. Staining and wetting the front of his uniform trousers, faster and faster. You grind against him, wanting, craving another orgasm, when, SNAP your pussy clamps against him. He's never felt anything so tight around him, his cock inside you begins to grow as his own orgasm boils up from deep within him.

"I'm gonna cum, where do you want me to cum?"

"Do it inside me, deep inside me" you gasp "do it, do it now" you feel his cock harden inside you, and he squirts his hot fluids deep into you, your pussy still fluttering against him, you've never had anyone this deep inside you before, never felt an orgasm like this.

As his hot juice floods and heats you up inside, he lets your leg drop and holds onto you to support you through an earth shattering orgasm.........