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The Operative: FIle 02

The Operative Has Two Tough Nuts To Crack (Or maybe four...)

The Operative: File 02

by SizeQueenSupreme ©

Sgt. Ranier Braddock was a hard man. Too short for my tastes, appealingly layered with thick muscles though, and he would have been an interesting specimen. But he was also an asshole. He passed his first day of interrogation simply giving me his name, rank and serial number, no matter how I enticed him.

At the same time, I was having trouble with Agent William Pierce, a matchless face who brilliantly turned aside my every inquiry with a flirtatious wit, always affixing me with the incandescent depths of his huge emerald eyes.

I'd had enough out of both these captives, and today would be different. I zipped up my tight black leather jumpsuit, not even showing my trademark J-cup cleavage, donned my square lens shades, and clicked on stiletto heels towards work.

The drugs wore off. My captives blinked themselves awake, each one clasped to a vertically angled restraint table, facing one another at a slight angle.

I stood in the middle, arms folded to form a shelf for my formidable breasts.

"Morning boys," I purred, "Did you sleep well?"

"As well as could be expected without the company of a beautiful woman such as yourself." Said William in that charming British accent. He added with a smirk, "And you simply must give me the recipe for whatever you're doping me with each night; I wake feeling so refreshed."

So he was as annoying as ever, but Sgt. Braddock had something new to say at least, "Who the Hell is this queer?" He snorted.

"Ah," I replied, "It can talk! You have the pleasure of sharing today's session with Agent William Pierce. He infiltrated this compound by seducing some very foolish women lower down in the organization. He's here to tell me their names. And if he's queer, I shudder to think what that makes you, given that he goes through pussy like sticks of gum."

I smiled sweetly at the Sgt. letting my taunt sink in. I had gambled that his competitive nature would make him emerge from his shell and forget his training; so far it would appear that I was going to be correct.

"Now here's the game," I explained, "I will ask you questions. If you give me the answers I seek, I will reward you. For example, I will allow who answers the first question 30 seconds to suck my tits."

I was met with silence, but I launched into my interrogation all the same. "Who sent you?" I asked both of them.

There was a pause, than Braddock piped up, "Why don't you answer her question, pretty boy?" He taunted at Pierce. William seemed a little taken aback and then resolute."I was sent by the Delta Initiative." He answered. I turned my back to Braddock and pulled down the zipper of my outfit, leaning forward to fill Agent Pearce's world with titmeat.

The feel of his confident tongue exploring my yielding bra-breakers was exhilarating. This was indeed a man of experience, his mouth expertly creating white-hot tingles of sensation all over my resplendent rack, only to unite all those tingles at once in dot-connecting explosions of pleasure that nearly brought me to my knees.

This was a dangerous man and I would have to be careful.

"How do them titties taste?" Braddock finally asked as the sounds of slurping faded and I coyly wiped Pearce's mouth with my sleeve.

"Sweeter than you'll ever know." He shot back with an impish grin.

I interrupted their conversation.

"Next on the menu, I will suck to hardness whomever tells me what their respective employer is up to."

There was another brief pause.

"Oh fuck it!" Said Braddock at last, "I might as well show this girly boy what a real man's dick looks like. My employer has a personal vendetta against the head of your organization."

"Interesting." I said as I knelt before Braddock, and unzipped his fly. Soon I was sucking on a dangling four inches, letting my tongue bat the dangling meat all around my mouth. It was just a tease of a blowjob, and when I was looking at a very thick 8-inch hard-on, easily the width of a Twinkie plus some, I pulled back.

"Now you see that you pretty little bitch-boy?" He snapped at Pierce. "That's what a real man's dick looks like."

Braddock sneered at the rival detainee, presiding over a defiant lurch of his fat brazil nuts.

"Oh." Said William with a playful smile. "I'd always wondered what a real one was like. What's next, oh curvaceous captor?"

"Tell me what you were going to do with your access to the compound Agent Pierce, and I will lick and suck your balls."

"I was going to get all the information I could on the Epsilon Project." He confessed.

"And no doubt," I said as I leaned over to unseal the spy's fly, "You hoped to get information from me about it now. Sadly I don't get told anything, I'm just the interrogator and-- HOLY SHIT!" My eyes widened with surprise and delight as I unlimbered a titanic limp dong. This Piece was almost as long as Braddock was hard, already a little thicker, and the head was a beauty.

"So that's why they call you 'Pierce'" I said, giving the silvery bar a tug, lifting the super fat schlong out of the way to get a look at the balls I'd promised to service.

Those would be a job! They hung low, clearly from weight alone. Like two giant limes in a shaved leathery sac.

I purred deep in my throat as I began to lick and lap around the circumference of his succulent, sweaty spheres.

As my tongue beat his balls around with heavy, warm wet slaps, the mammoth cock awakened and slowly began to rise. I greedily sucked one fat nut into my maw, then the other, stuffing one in each cheek so they bulged with grotesque potency.

As his cock towered upward into a rigid pillar, coke-can thick and 11 inches long I could hear a strangled noise. I turned my head, tugging the nutsack selfishly with me, to catch Braddock whimpering at his emasculation, his own cock reduced to nothing, his balls drawn high and tight as though attempting to escape the superior alpha male across from him.

There was a lurid slurping noise followed by the sound of a whole mouthful of saliva splatting to the ground as I finally released the mighty morsels from my lips.

"I can see why all those stupid whores gave you access to our division." I exclaimed with a gasp.

"I'd rather have access to your gorgeous ass." He smiled, face proud above his huge prizewinner.

"I turned to Braddock. "Tell me everything right now, or I'll give him what he wants."

Braddock blinked.

"That isn't incentive... I kind of want to see that thing ruining your ass."

"Exactly. I plan to make it yours. You'll do it for me, won't you sweetie?" I smiled at William, giving his huge shaft a vigorous double-fisted pump that left my boobs bobbling.

"Sure!" He chirped. Braddock was no friend of his.

The sergeant eyed the huge Prince Albert crowned head with something that was almost awe, but this was rapidly replaced by his homophobia, and all the information suddenly came out.

He was a merc, hired by the billionaire Arvin Daniels, to destroy our facility with explosives. It seems our recent raid of weapons from a south-american warlord had ruined some of his plans.

"Now your turn Donkey-Dick. Tell me everything and I'll let you fuck me till those balls are totally drained."

"Don't think I don't want to, but it just isn't worth the risk."

"Braddock will have to watch."

Pierce swallowed hard.

"Give me a third reason."

I leaned down and wiggled, letting his cold metal adornment rake across my hard nipples. "Okay. You know there's a chance if you fuck me well enough that I'll be so enthralled you can use me to escape."

He smiled dreamily, "You're right." Then he told me all while I boob-punched his dick all over the place.

It was nothing new; the Delta Initiative has long been a thorn in The Operation's side. Project Epsilon, whatever that was, would be safe for now. He also coughed out the names of four different women he'd made into cockslaves along the way.

"That's all I needed to hear, stud." Of course I could have walked away there and done nothing, I am hardly a woman of honor, and I don't need to keep my word. But I had to try that fuckpole on for size.

I unzipped my jumpsuit the rest of the way, letting Braddock get an eyeful of my lush curvaceous hips and heart-shaped ass. I could tell he was dying inside when my pout-lipped pussy was unveiled, shaven and moist, just begging to get stuffed.

I climbed up Pearce's sturdy frame and hung my ass low, teasing his head with my lewd, dripping snatch.

He grinned arrogantly and gave an unusual thrust. His aim became clear as the piercing on the thick head of his prong caught my clit. I could only moan open mouthed as he worked his hips in an intricate swivel, spiraling searing waves of sensation from my stiff button all the way up through my pussy and into my chest.

Clearly enjoying the effect this was having, he worked my clit for what must have been twenty minutes, each new pattern bringing me over a slow pleasing plateau of climax.

And he hadn't even put it in yet.

Jamming my tits into his face to keep him distracted let my ass drop, spearing myself. Then I was forced to arch backwards away from him instead and let out a howl; my pussy had never tasted anything anywhere near this good. His thick head split me so wide that even lips as plump as mine were stretched thing.

Eyes shining at his own prowess, he leaned his head down and fished a pen from his pocket.

I panicked, wondering if this was a gadget for his escape, perhaps a laser of dart gun.

No. As he clicked the end of it against my giant left breast, I could feel a shift inside me.

He had a mobile Prince Albert ! The shape of the metal changed and as he suddenly thrust up inside me, I could feel a new flange, designed to rake my G-spot with perfect accuracy.

I went limp in his arms as my now pulverized cunt dumped out enough nectar to drown a dolphin.

As his cock struck bottom inside me, I could feel massive nuts, drenched my own joy-juice, slapping up to punish my ass.

So this was his revenge, to fuck me to death!

He certainly tried, kicking his bucking hips into high gear; he ripped orgasm after orgasm from my body, crumpling and straightening me like an accordion with each mind-bending thrust.

His escape attempt came after climax 38 or so. He whispered into my ear, "I can do twice this well in different positions. Be a lovely little cumslut and let me out of these shackles."

I wanted so badly to. He was VERY good... but the man who trained me was better, and I just said "NGH! I'm afraid not today! GOD YOU'RE DEEP! I...Got... OH FUCK ME.... What I needed from your bull-cock already!"

Then I fought back, using the power of my skilled kegal, I forced him out and my ass up, landing on the ground in front of him, sweaty and panting.

I was victorious, but I couldn't leave such large and perfect balls blue. I bent my head and sucked down half his behemoth baby-cannon, slapping my tits around the remainder. Two pumps of my J-cups and three bobs of my head and I got my reward; a hot flood of gooey spyspunk. Ten swallows, two gags, and one prolonged choke later and I was full of Agent Pearce's thick gunk. I hadn't spilled a drop.

"You're very good." The ball drained captive groaned.

"You have no idea." I responded. My poker face betrayed nothing at how close I came to helping Pierce escape.

Then the boys were getting treated the sight of my hot, naked, wiggling ass as I departed the room.

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