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The Perfect Girls to be Bored With

This is my first story. I haven't written in a while so let me know what you think
I expected an uneventful night out at the typical college house party. The beer was flowing and the music was overly loud for my liking. I sat on the couch with a red solo cup of Sam Adams while my best friend sat with a blond sorority girl on his lap as they threw back shots. I got up to refill my cup and as I got to the fridge I spotted a girl standing in a corner with a friend. She was short with long black hair. She had sun kissed skin and coke bottle curves. Her tits protruded from her tight white shirt and her denim shorts were worn and tight around her firm ass. The trait that attracted me most was the fact that she looked just as uninterested in this party as I felt. I poured another cup and walked over to introduce myself.

"Hi. I'm Chris. What's your name?"

She looked surprised and smiled wide "Sandy. This is my friend Angelica."

"I was looking for someone to be bored with and you two looked like the perfect people to do that with."

"Yeah this party is so blah," Sandy said making a thumbs down with her hand. "Angelica here has been looking for a hookup. You interested?" Sandy smirked.

"Well I was more interested in you," I said winking at Sandy. "But your pretty cute too."

Angelica was the same height as Sandy and had blond curly hair. She had bigger tits than Sandy, but a much skinnier frame.

"How about the three of us take this back to my dorm?" Sandy asked seductively, but before I could give my answer her and Angelica were pulling me by my arm out of the frat house down the street towards the dorms. They lived close to the party so we were all still in the mood. As soon as we got in the room Sandy and Angelica pushed me on their bed and pulled my shirt and pants off. They kissed my chest, my neck, and my stomach. Sandy stroked my hard cock slowly while Angelica stroked my balls softly. They both kissed down my body slowly until they both got down to my cock and began licking either side of it. they moaned as they kissed it and played with it. They Angelica took my cock from Sand and wrapped her mouth around it and took it all in her mouth. She suck slowly and began to speed up, moaning as she did it.

"You like dirty boy?" Sandy said as she slid up to my face and began to kiss me vigorously. I felt her crawl up on bed next to me and begin to remove her clothes. Her plump breast fell out first and my hands were quick to grab them. Her warm, hard nipples were sensitive to the touch and each time I pinched them Sandy let out a cute moan. I pulled her up so that I could pleasure her tits with my mouth. She pulled her pants down and began to run her clit as I licked and stroked her hard nipples. Angelica was now taking my cock deep in her mouth. Her mouth was warm and she was shinning my cock up with spit. She was gagging on my cock so much her eye liner began to run. She looked so dirty it turned me on. I sat up pulled Angelica's shirt off. She stood up and took her bra off and her tits fell out revealing her rock hard pink nipples. Angelica dropped her pants revealing her wet pink pussy. me and Sandy pulled her down onto the bed with us and we each suck on her breast. Angelica moan and and began to finger herself. I could hear her fingers squishing inside her pussy as she began to go faster and faster.

"Please fuck me!" Angelica cried out.

"Slow down babe," Sandy said with a wink as she sat up. "I get to ride first." Sandy pushed Angelica off of me and got on top of me herself. She grabbed my still wet cock and put it inside of her.

"Wait! Let me get a condom," I protested.

"Fuck that! Just fuck me with your fat cock baby." Sandy began to bounce up and down taking all 8 inches of me inside her pussy. She felt so good and she moaned loudly while on top. Angelica then swung her legs over my head and sat on my face so her pussy was in my mouth. I began to lick her from her anus to her clit, making circles around her clit when I reached it. She let out cute moans and gyrated as I pleasured her. her sweet juices ran down my throat as she became wetter and wetter. I heard her and Sandy begin to kiss as they both were pleasured in some way. Sandy began to grind on my cock. I could feel her body tense as she rode faster.

"Shit! I'm gunna cum!" She screamed as her pussy tightened around my cock. I could feel her warm juices seep down my cock and into my pubes. She panted and fell off of me. But before Angelica could hop on for a ride I pushed her off of me.

"Bend over," I commanded.

"Yes sir," she said with a wink. "I like to be dominated baby. Fuck me like the dirty animal I am," she said as she stuck her ass in the air for me.

"Oh really you dirty slut. Eat this wet pussy then," Sandy said as she slid her vagina in Angelica's mouth. I teased Angelica with my cock before slipping it in. Angelica was even tighter. As I fucked her I could feel her G-spot bulging and I knew she was going to cum hard. I squeezed her ass tight and fuck her hard. The sound of me smacking into her ass with every thrust and he sound of Sandy moaning were turning me on to a point I had never been to before. The rawness of the sex made me want to fuck like I had never fucked before. I started spanking Angelica.

"Oh my God! YES! Spank me! Fuck me! Oh yes! I'm your little whore tonight!" Angelica screamed.

"You're fucking her so good she can't even eat me out," Sandy said as she sat up and come over to kiss me. Then she looked down at Angelica "Put it all the way in and hold it there." I did. Once I was all the way in Sandy licked two of her fingers and put them in Angelica's anus. She began to finger her anus and told me to fuck her while she did. I kept it up for a while, but felt like I was going to explode.

"I'm close. I'm so damn close!" I screamed out.

"Don't you dare cum!" Sandy yelled out as she pushed me out of Angelica.

"Sandy! I need to squirt! Let me cum please! I'm begging you!" Angelica cried out.

"You will you slut," Sandy said back. "Chris. Fuck her in the ass."

"Without protection?"

"Do it! She's clean anyways. She needs to cum Chris. She needs too bad." Sandy said all of this while digging in her bag for something. She pulled out a bright red strap-on and put it on. This strap-on was at least 10 inches and was quite thick. Sandy layed down and Angelica immediately got on top and began to ride.

"I'm gunna cum! Oh my God, just like that! Keep fucking me just like that Sandy."

"Put it in Chris!" Sandy commanded.

Reluctantly I pushed angelica down and put it in her ass. She was tight and I could feel the dildo pushing against the walls of her vagina from inside her asshole. I began fucking her in the ass while Sandy kept fucking her in her pussy.

"Oh my God! I'm cumming! Chris faster! Please dump a load in my asshole! Please my little ass needs cum!" She yelled out as I felt her anus contract as she came. She slid forward off of Sandy and a gush of slick, sweet smelling cum poured out of Angelica. Her tightened ass squeezed the cum out of my dick like never before.

"Oh my God, yes! Cum Chris! In that dirty little hole of mine. Ah! It's so warm! Yes Thank you! Ah So good!" She exclaimed. I pulled out and fell on the bed next to the two women. We were all panting, sweaty and covered in bodily fluids. The room was musty with the scent of sex. A smell I have come to enjoy very much. But that night we laid, panting in the small dorm room in the mist of a wild sexual encounter.

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