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The Ravishing of Beauty (Beauty and the Beast)

Belle's choice to become the Beast's prisoner changes her in ways she never imagined.
Pulling her out of her intense reverie, her Beast arrived at her cell. Her gaze ran along the thick, dark chest hair exposed by his partially unbuttoned white shirt. His transformation back into a human hadn’t completed all the way, probably because she had been having sex with him when it happened. He had a thick, hairy chest and was at least six foot three, always towering over her. His muscles bulged everywhere, making most of his clothes appear slightly too small, unable to contain him. His cock had remained the same size, too, for which she was grateful.

He grinned down at her, his blue eyes bright with mischief. His face was perfect - the model of a man. His jawline was chiseled, his cheekbones impossibly high, and reddish blonde hair draped along his broad shoulders.

He squatted down next to her. She realized she had woven her arms through the iron bars of her cell to prevent herself from masturbating while arousing herself with memories of their first time. She wasn’t allowed to touch herself in the cell. At least, not until he arrived.

He ran his fingers along her arms, teasing her. She stared back at him, already in a dreamy haze of arousal.

“Thinking of me?” he asked, grinning. His teeth were white and strong, befitting a prince.

“Maybe,” she said, teasing him back.

He knitted his brows. “You’re shivering. If you take your arms out of the bars I’ll come in and warm you up.”

She removed her arms from the bars and scooted across the cell. She wouldn’t move more until he invited her to do so. She was his to do with as he pleased. There was something freeing about putting her body in the hands of such a wild creature. Even in his human form, he would always be her Beast.

He shoved the keys into the door, the brush of metal against metal sending tingles across her skull and down her spine. The sound was a promise of pleasure to come.

He entered the cell, swinging the door shut behind him. He stood over her, radiating heat. He offered her his hands to help her up. She placed her ice-cold fingers in his enormous hands and stood up.

“Come here,” he said drawing her against him. He wrapped his arms over hers, encasing her with his furnace-hot body. She stopped shivering almost instantly. He slowly moved his hands down her front and pressed against her lower abdomen. The pressure felt incredible and she moaned. His breath was warm and heavy against her sensitive neck. She breathed in tandem with him, allowing their arousal to build together like a slow crescendo.

She could feel his cock hardening against her thighs. She adjusted herself in his arms, wiggling her butt against his throbbing, huge cock. She placed her hands over his, the movement again wiggling her butt against him.

“Are you trying to drive me mad?” he gritted through his teeth.

“Only a little,” she teased.

He wanted to be inside her that very instant, but he had to wait. His size was problematic only in that he had to be sure she was ready to receive him. This usually meant she had to have an orgasm first, so she was thoroughly wet and widened. Being with her forced him to learn patience.

He wrapped his right hand around her neck, immobilizing her so he could touch her as he pleased. She relaxed into his grip, the pressure of his hands sending hot tingles down her neck and through her arms. He pressed his nose into her soft brown hair and inhaled deeply. It smelled like lilacs and freshly mown grass. “Been rolling around in the garden again, ma Belle?” he asked, subconsciously gripping her neck more tightly for an instant. Her only response was a shudder of pleasure, causing her to arch against him, her butt pressing harder against his cock. He was pleased to see she was already so deep into wonderland she couldn’t speak without drawing herself back down to reality.

He rubbed her left breast in circular motions, enjoying the bounce of the perky flesh in his hands. He pinched each nipple tightly between his strong fingers. She breathed air in quickly and moaned, the pain shooting like hot, lovely daggers through her sensitive body. She moaned as he pinched them again, pressing herself against his hot body.

He lifted the scoop neck of her chemise and peeked at her breasts. They gave him a delightful chill every time he saw them. They were perfect. He gripped each one, pressing against the gland. She breathed heavily and arched against him, the adrenaline racing in her veins so fast it was almost painful. He ground against her, aching to be inside her.

He released his grip on her neck and pushed her away from him. He ripped her chemise down the back and drew her naked body back against him in one swift motion. “Now that’s better, isn’t it?” She nodded as he slid his hand down her abdomen and between her labia. It was like a gushing river down there and he grunted with pleasure. He drew his fingers up and down her slit and teased his finger in a circle where he would enter her, soon.

He drew a pale pink rose petal from his pocket and rubbed it against her parted lips. She gasped, surprised and titillated by his having chosen to fetishize an object so sacred to them both. The petal was satin-soft and she could tell it had been freshly plucked. Its scent was pungent.

He drew the petal down the slender line of her neck and lingered over her nipples. The petal was thick and velvety, its softness an arousing contrast to her Beast’s pinches and tugs. He trailed the petal slowly down her abdomen. He rubbed the petal around her inner thighs, teasing her. She began breathing heavily, aching for him to go further. In one hot motion he slid the petal down her wet pussy. He pressed it up against her vagina, pushing it in just a little, not putting his finger in all the way. Not yet.

He took the sopping wet petal between his fingers. “Open your mouth,” he demanded. She parted her lips cautiously. “Wider.” She stretched her lips further. He pressed the petal against the inside of her cheek, rubbing it against the tender flesh. Her saliva blended with her cum and she could taste its sweet-salty flavor mixed with the bitter-sweet of the rose petal.

She turned around and stuck out her tongue, showing him the petal against her tongue. Holding his gaze, she chewed the petal and swallowed. Watching it slide down her hot little throat, he grunted.

She fished in his pocket and took out another petal. Still holding his gaze, she licked it, slowly, and then slid it between her labia. “Open your mouth,” she demanded. He did and she placed it on his tongue. Her taste was like salty caramel against the rose petal. He chewed the satiny petal and as soon as he swallowed it he swooped down to her mouth. He kissed her deeply, his hot, thick tongue diving into her mouth. Kissing was still new for them, since they couldn’t kiss when he was in his Beast form.

She kissed him back eagerly and unzipped his trousers, unleashing his giant cock. She dipped her fingers into her wet pussy and ran her hand up and down the length of his cock. Her fingers couldn’t even encompass its girth. She took another rose petal from his pocket and rubbed it against his frenulum while rubbing her hand over his penis head. He groaned, succumbing for a moment to the waves of pleasure running from his groin and down his thighs.

“Okay, enough of that,” he growled. “You have to come first.” He overcame her, pressing her against the cold, rough concrete wall. He pinned her there with the weight of his body and rubbed her clitoris viciously, his hot breath pouring down her neck. She breathed heavily and moaned when he thrust his fingers into her.

She enjoyed the roughness of the concrete wall against her back, but its chill made her shiver. He quickly noticed, pulling her away from the wall. He pressed her back to his chest, still rubbing his fingers vigorously against her clitoris.

He wanted to be inside her so badly his dick ached, but she had to come first. He ground his penis between her thighs.

“Do you see the pre-cum on my cock?” he growled in her ear, his breathing heavy.

She nodded. He kissed her neck, licking the tender skin. “I need to be inside you soon. I can’t wait much longer. Come, Belle.” He pinched her nipple hard between his fingers. “Come now.” He felt the first shudders of her orgasm against his fingertips. He entered her almost immediately. She shrieked with pleasure, the pressure of his penis inside her expanding the explosion of her orgasm. Her vagina pulsed violently along his penis and it took all his control to not come immediately.

She was so high she thought her soul might unzip from her skin. Her vision was blurred with large washes of hot pink, jade green, and cerulean blue. A drugged rainbow over the cell walls.

He moved inside her slowly, bringing her toward a second orgasm. His penis was like a sword of flesh, stuffing her sharply with every stroke. He put his hand over her lower abdomen, the pressure building hot pools of adrenaline inside her. He moved his hand down lower, teasing her clitoris with his middle finger as he rammed harder into her.

His vigorous movements sent whirls of hot butterflies fluttering chaotically through her, their wings beating against her parted lips. As he speared harder into her, warm tingles spread through her system, almost numbing her senses. All she could think was color my worldcolor my world, color my world.

He could feel the shudders of her orgasm building, so he removed his fingers from her clitoris and slowed his thrusts inside of her. Even though his penis was aching to explode with cum, he needed to tease her. Her wild lust required control.

“Are you trying to kill me?” she breathed, groaning. She wanted to come again so badly. She was so close to the edge she felt like she might boil over at any moment.

“That has always been the plan.” He softly kissed her shoulder and slammed hard into her, building the intensity again.

He moved faster. Her vision blurred indigo and violet with hazes of bright green against the iron bars. Hot darts of pleasure shot down her thighs and through her abdomen. He fingered her clitoris again as he pushed himself harder, faster into her. His cum exploded in hot torrents inside her. As he came he bit hard into her shoulder, causing her to orgasm again with him. She moaned, breathing heavily.

He pulled out and cupped his hands under her, fingering his cum back inside her. He stuck a cum-drenched finger in her mouth. It was hot and salty with a hint of cumin.

“Sweet and spicy,” she said, cum dribbling out of her mouth.

“Mhhmm.” He nuzzled his scruffy jawline against her neck and rubbed his fingers against her clitoris, drawing out the final tremors of her orgasm. She gasped and arched against him.

She felt drained completely. Her body was so loose and relaxed. She leaned against his hot, hard body. He weaved his fingers through hers, her hands on her belly. His long hair draped over her shoulder, mingling with her own. Their hair twisted together just like they were. A twisted couple.

Even though she was in his arms, she began to shiver again. “Let’s go upstairs,” he said.

She made to move toward the cell door, but he held her arm. “Let me carry you.”

“Okay. But piggyback.” She couldn’t help grinning. She wanted to be carried that way so he could feel her hot, wet pussy against his back.

He grinned, a twinkle in his eye. He knew what she was going for. “Alright. Get on.” He squatted down before her. She took a moment to admire the long, knotted muscles along his back. His shoulder blades were like muscular wings along his upper back. The tips of his collarbones stuck up where the bold curve of his upper bicep met his shoulder. He adjusted his arms, making his back muscles ripple.

“Alright, now stop staring, dear. Hop on.” She quickly climbed onto his back. She would never cease to be amazed at how such a gorgeous, finely muscled man could be so warm, so alive. The only other men with such perfect bodies were those white, cold statues in museums. There were even some statues like that in his castle. He was better than them all.

He stood and walked along the dungeon aisle toward the stairs. “Your pussy is hot as an iron, Belle.” She giggled, her laughter like bells tinkling through his body.

Her soft hair draped across his chest and his arms were hooked under her knees. Her body was so soft and sturdy all at once. He loved her so thoroughly he often thought he might explode. His love for her was always growing, like an infinite fountain that welled deep within him.

He set her down near the crackling fireplace on the pelt they’d had made, modeled after his body when he was a beast. The fur was soft and silky under her. He sat down next to her, his arm draped around her. She snuggled up against him and stared at the fireplace. The flames licked the logs, slowly turning the wood to ash.

The room was decorated with large, solid furniture in the style of a hunting lodge, all rich browns, hunter greens, and rich burgundies. It smelled richly of burning wood and aged whiskey. She was so warm, cocooned in the safety of her Beast’s embrace.

He traced his fingers over the scars across her back. His claws had swiped across her back diagonally both ways, forming an X that wrapped around her back. Slow rolls of pleasure flowed through her from his fingertips. She thought back to when she got the scars on her back. They had been the most painful.

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