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The saleswoman that just had to pee (Part 2 of 2)

2 - A meeting in the street

In the afternoon the same day, Jenny closed the store and went out to shop and have her hair done. On the way she met Penelope, who was her best and oldest friend.

Penelope noticed that Jenny was in a good mood and asked what was up. "I have just gotten myself a new boyfriend today, Mr. Pipp-Thompson," said Jenny; she had never thought about what had happened earlier that day as a way to capture a man, but it had worked just fine — at least in Mr. Pipp-Thompson's case.

"You mean THE Pipp-Thompson, the politician?" asked Penelope.

"That's right, Spencer Pipp-Thompson," Jenny replied proudly.

"But how did you get to know him?" Penelope asked, puzzled.

"I just peed in a bucket!" was the reply.

"You did what?" Penelope exclaimed in amazement.

"And then I poured over his head the piss in the bucket, didn't I?" Jenny said, giggling. Ouch, it was not quite right to tell Penelope, she thought, but since she was her best friend, it was surely in order.

Jenny, who loved having an audience, raised her head, made big eyes, opened her mouth, stretched her tongue far out of her mouth, and said, "This is what he did when I poured the piss over him". Then she began to lick wildly in the air. Penelope cast a nervous glance to the side to see if someone was watching them, but Jenny grabbed Penelope's arms in order to force her attention back to herself and said, "And when the bucket was empty, he shouted, 'Don't stop now!'" Penelope could not help but laughing.

Then Penelope tore herself free from Jenny's grip, got serious, and asked worriedly, "Jenny, is this really true?"

Jenny nodded eagerly and said, "Yes, but remember, Penny, you must never tell anyone." Penelope was shocked. She could not believe what Jenny had said was true. She looked at her mouth, noted the determined expression on it, and thought of all she had heard pass through it over the years.

Penelope thought of the time when they were little. Jenny had been the great joke inventor, presenting the jokes as facts to Penelope. She had tried to be the wise one herself but had proved to be too gullible for that. Jenny could bring herself to say anything about the male body, and Penelope was fooled.

Once Jenny had told her that the sound of ringing church bells was produced by clergymen pulling down their pants and making their balls swing in the air by hitting them with small metal hammers. Huge speaker systems in the church towers should spread the sound across the community. She had herself objected saying that this could not possibly be true because women could not do that, until it had dawned on her that female clergymen did not exist...

Penelope sighed. What Jenny says must be based on pure imagination, she thought, she must need help! She said, "Jenny, dear, maybe you should see someone".

"But I shall," said Jenny excitedly, "I'll see Mr. Pipp-Thompson again tonight! He will drive us in his Bentley to a restaurant out of town. He said I could drink as much wine and champagne as I wanted." Penelope merely looked at her; she did not know what to say.

Jenny felt a little sorry for the slightly baffled Penelope. She thought she had to say something positive for Penelope to hear. She said, "By the way, he was very nice, and he helped me clean up afterwards". With a smile Jenny added in her thoughts, "— with his mouth," but did not say that because it looked like Penelope had had enough for one day. Then they said goodbye and parted.

3 - At home at Spencer's

Late in the evening the same day, after the restaurant visit, Jenny and Spencer climbed out of Spencer's car and went up the stairs to his house, or, more precisely, hall. Jenny wore a wide skirt, and her hair was elegantly set up, and Spencer was wearing an evening dress.

"Oh, I'm pissed," said Jenny, she tripped on a step of the staircase. Quickly Spencer took a firm hold of her arm.

"Yes, you did have a few sips of wine, didn't you?" he said and smiled at her. And how, he thought, I had to order two extra bottles!

"Spencer, I have to pee so bad," she said dully as they reached the entrance door. She put one leg in front of the other and squeezed her thighs together.

"The toilet on the ground floor is not working, I'm afraid, but the one on the second floor is in order," he said and put the key into the lock.

She moaned. "The second floor? Then you must carry me!" Oh, there will be a way, he thought and smiled to himself. He opened the door and let her in, turned on the light and closed the door behind them.

Jenny made big eyes when she entered the hall. She had never been in such a stately house before. She stood still for a moment and looked around. Spencer followed her gaze. Paintings of Spencer's ancestors from up to several hundred years ago were hanging on the walls. "Originally we were called Topp-Prudence," Spencer informed. Yes, I know that story, but it's a different story, as they say, Jenny thought but without saying anything.

Jenny looked down on the soft area where she was standing. "Oh, what a wonderful carpet," she said. She squatted and let her hands glide over the carpet. Then she began to do forward rolls across it. Spencer laughed and followed her movements keenly with his eyes.

A few times, when her butt was in the air, her panties appeared from under her skirt. They were large covering her hip completely and having legs. Once he saw the shape of her pussy through them. She finally collided with a chair and remained hanging there with her back against the chair and her long, wide skirt hanging over her face. She was so tired that she almost fell asleep in that position.

"Why don't you just pee on the carpet?" Spencer asked.

"No, I can't pee on that beautiful carpet - I'd rather drink the pee myself," she said from under the skirt. Spencer lifted her skirt so that he saw her face.

"That old rug?" he said, "Never mind that. It will soon be disposed of anyway," ha added but thought, I can hide it and take it out on special occasions to revive the smell of her pee.

"I could pee in my skirt," she said, "Then there wouldn't be so much pee on the carpet".

"That was a good idea," he said. Then he thought for a while. "Did you mean what you said about drinking your own pee?" he asked.

"Well..." she hesitated.

"We can drink your pee every other time," he said, "What do you say?"

"Okay," she said then, "that could be fun!"

Spencer pulled her hip slightly forward from the chair, lifted her skirt, and pushed it down between her back and the chair. There her panties reappeared! They had lace along the edges of the legs and the waist. They emphasised her broad hips.

Jenny giggled when she saw that he paused to gaze at her panties. He seems to love my new knickers, she thought.

Spencer ran his hands over the soft fabric of the buttocks and the legs of the panties. He looked at her. "Your panties look really exclusive, and they are made from such comfortable fabric," he said, nodding approvingly.

"Yes, I bought them today along with the skirt," she said.

He let his hand slide further to the area between her legs. Her pussy felt soft under the panties. He rubbed his fingers back and forth over her pussy while looking at her. She put a finger into her mouth and bit on it. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his touch.

"I need to kiss your cameltoe," he said and put a hand on the butt of her panties. She opened her eyes. She giggled; time for a little stunt, she thought. Just as he was about to bow down, something happened.

A small hissing splash of pee came out through her panties! He gave a start, and she laughed. "Excuse me, I couldn't hold it in anymore. You don't mind, do you?" she said.

"No, both the spray and the pee pee song were great. It's just that I was a little surprised," he said.

He abandoned the attempt of kissing her panties, and instead threaded them down her legs until they lay strung out between her knees, the crotch of them touching her chin.

Spencer stood staring at her pussy; he saw it up close for the first time. "Isn't my pussy a gem?" she said, giggling; it seemed as if he had lost the power of speech.

"It most certainly is!" he admitted and smiled at her. Then he thought of the episode earlier that day, shifted his gaze back to her pussy and said tenderly, "How lovely to see you again!"

He bent and kissed her pussy. The pussy hairs tasted of pee. His mouth kissed again and again all over her soft, slightly fat pussy.

"Oh, now it comes!" she exclaimed suddenly. Spencer straightened up, and a thick squirt of pee poured out of her pussy. Jenny laughed when part of the pee stream hit his hair.

"What a great fountain," Spencer said, "I would have liked to have one like it in the garden!"

Yet again he bent over her, but when his face was right over her pussy, she sent another pee squirt out of her pussy, and it hit him in the face. "What a bull's eye!" she said and laughed.

He turned his face towards her, chuckled and said, "You are quite a bit of a joker, aren't you, Jenny!"

Jenny did not answer because she was fascinated by the sight of her own pee running down his hair and face. I seem to like peeing on men, she thought, it's a new experience.

"It's time to taste your pee," he said and placed his mouth on her pussy where the stream had come out. His mouth sucked her pussy. He made his mouth wide to cover her pussy as well as possible. Then he made a thumbs-up gesture to tell her that he was ready. She pressed on, but it took some time before she started peeing. He took advantage of the pause by sticking his tongue into her pussy crack and moving it back and forth inside it. Lovely pussy taste!

Suddenly a gurgling sound was heard. It was her cunt that sent a powerful pee stream into his mouth. His mouth was immediately filled with her pee. He swallowed the pee.

Jenny saw his Adam's apple move. She stopped to pee while he finished swallowing. Then she pressed more pee out of her pussy. Spencer's cheeks bulged out as his mouth was again filled with pee. His mouth got full, and he swallowed.

How carried away he looks when my piss is gurgling down his throat, she thought, he just loves my piss! She felt her heart beating heavily, and her cheeks were hot.

"Mmmm, doesn't the pee have a familiar aftertaste?" Spencer thought, "Yes, it's the taste of the champagne we were drinking – I guess this is my turn of drinking the two extra bottles of wine!"

Jenny continued peeing, and Spencer continued gulping. My God, swallowing large amounts of piss can't be good, Jenny thought after a while, time to stop! "Now it's my turn to have a sip," she said. Spencer swallowed the last mouthful of pee and straightened up.

"You're welcome to it," he said. He was rejoicing because he figured it would be an event.

Jenny opened her mouth. She looked up at her pussy — which direction will the stream take? Spencer was waiting anxiously.

A short pee jet splashed out of her pussy, but, oops, a rattling sound was heard when pee drops hit the stiff fabric of her dress. A new pee stream, more powerful this time, came out of her pussy, but it hit the carpet. Spencer decided to help.

He placed a finger on each side of her pussy slit. He tried to get the stream to hit her wide open mouth, but the thick stream was too strong and hit her hair. Spencer failed to prevent the stream from pumping pee into her thick, carefully done hair. Ouch, there goes my hairdo, Jenny thought, it cost a small fortune!

Now the pee stream had proper strength and hit her face. Some pee hit her mouth, and she showed it by spitting a little pee. She smiled at him. "It's the first time I taste my own pee," she said, adding, "— at least in many years".

Jenny thought of the time when she and Penelope had, as little girls, compared the taste of their own pee with the flavour of the other's. First they had peed into their own hands and tasted the pee and then filled their hands with the pee from the other's pussy and again tasted the pee in their own hands.

"I hope the taste has improved," Spencer said. Jenny chuckled, and then she opened her mouth and started peeing again.

He fine-tuned his aim, and now he succeeded in getting the stream to hit her mouth. A steadily higher, bubbling sound was heard as the pee jet splashed into the growing pond of pee in her mouth.

She looked up at him. His mouth was open, and his big eyes were gazing at her mouth. "This sure makes a big impression on him!" she thought. She tried to smile at him while pee continued to splash into her mouth.

I've never seen a girl pee into her own mouth, he thought, it's amazing! She seems to like it, too. This keeps getting better and better.

Her mouth became full, and she stopped peeing. She closed her mouth and swallowed. "Mmm," she said, licked her lips and smiled up at him.

Spencer commented, "I'm impressed with your drinking your own pee, Jenny. Thanks!"

She responded, "And I'm impressed with your aiming". He smiled, thinking, she probably thinks of the hunting stories that I told her during dinner.

She resumed peeing, and with Spencer's help, her mouth was filled again. She gulped the piss down. When she began to pee again, he put a flat hand in front of the stream, so that pee ran from his hand and hit her skirt and panties. There was not much strength left in her pee stream now.

"Done!" Jenny said and sent a last gush of pee splashing onto his hand.

"Thank you, Jenny. You have made an astoundingly great performance," Spencer said, "The best performance I have ever seen!"

"Thank you," said Jenny, glad that he was so happy with her.

Jenny began to wipe pee away from her eyes while Spencer tried to get an overview of the situation. Her delicious pussy was wet with pee. Pee drops on the black pussy hairs were flashing along the pussy slit. There were streaks of pee on her thighs and from her pussy down her stomach and on her dress. The crotch of her panties was soaked. Her light blonde hair was now dark of pee, and still more pee kept flowing into it from her face.

Spencer pulled her panties off of her and threw them on the floor. Then he helped her up in a standing position. He loosened her skirt and pulled it off of her. Being drunk, she staggered a bit. He took a few steps back from her and looked at her. She was now standing stark naked in front of him.

Jenny put her hands on her hips and placed coquettishly one leg in front of the other. She giggled. Blushing, she just let him keep watching.

Spencer's gaze moved all over her body. He saw her as a pee wet mannequin with a joking smile playing about her lips. Her previously beautifully made hair hung in wet, curly tufts down her arms and breasts. Her face and body were glistening with pee. Her black pussy hair, now even darker because of the wet pee, formed an elegant triangle at the bottom of her stomach.

She put a finger into her mouth, bit it, and looked uncertainly at him. What was he thinking now that all the pee fun was over?

However, her concern was unfounded. "She looks like a subterranean with an ethereal, sensual power!" Spencer thought. He looked tenderly at her and exclaimed, "You're just gorgeous!" He walked over to her, pressed her body onto his and gave her a big kiss on her pee wet mouth. Once more he felt the taste of her pee. "It's probably not the last time I get to experience that taste," he thought, being happy to have finally found a true pee lady. He took her hand and together they left the room.

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