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The Saleswoman That Just Had To Pee (Part 1 of 2)

1 - In The Shop

"Ta-ra!" Jenny said, waving goodbye to a customer. She glanced around the shop from her place behind the counter. "No more customers to see. I'll take the opportunity to have a pee," she thought. Just then, a bus stopped in front of the store. It appeared to be full of sixteen or seventeen years old boys from a boys' school. "I'll wait to see if they'll buy something," she thought.

Jenny was the store's saleswoman. The goods were souvenirs made locally by artists and craft artists. The store was located in an idyllic village. The village was a popular tourist destination.

The day was a beautiful summer day. Jenny had learned that the store became hot on such days. When she had heard the good weather forecast on the radio the night before, she had decided not to wear panties under her skirt the next day. She had taken the chance that the smell of pussy sweat would not spread in the room of the shop.

It turned out that all the boys wanted souvenirs. They bought presents for sisters, mothers and aunts Etty, Letty, and Netty and brothers, fathers and uncles Tom, Dick, and Harry! And how long the guys spent deciding! And their teacher was not better.

This went on for two hours, and she got more and more desperate for the toilet. Eventually, it got so bad that she started making small steps in the place where she was standing, the lower part of her body being hidden behind the counter. As often as she could, she crossed her legs, and sometimes she sneaked her hand down past the opaque plate of the counter in front of her and pressed it against her pussy. Finally, there, the teacher shoved the last boy out of the store! The teacher smiled and winked at her; she did not understand why, but she did not think about it at the time — half of the shop was empty of goods, but she was full — of pee!

Standing behind the counter with her legs crossed and with a stiff but brave smile, she waved to the boys in the bus as the bus drove away. They all waved back, and some of them threw her a kiss. They seemed uncommonly pleased — how nice!

"My God, what a sexy girl!" said a boy to the boy sitting next to him in the bus.

"Yes," replied the other and continued, "how annoying that the teacher should decide to make us leave now. If we had stayed on for another five minutes, she would have peed right in front of us. What a show that would have been!"

"And did you notice the pussy smell?" said the first boy, "The whole room was stinking of her cunt!"

"I sure did!" said the other, "When we get back to school we must arrange a wanking competition. I bet someone's gonna set a new record!"

The bus disappeared, and Jenny stopped waving. She cast a casual glance down at the counter in front of her, and suddenly a scary thought struck her. Swiftly, she bent down and looked into the glass shelves under the counter plate. "Oh, no!" she said. She had thought that she had been safely hidden behind the opaque counter plate and the objects in the shelves, but now the shelves were completely empty. The boys and the teacher had all seen her while she had made small steps, crossed her legs, and held her hand on her pussy! She sighed. "Well, now they are gone, hope they never come back," she consoled herself. She bit her lip; she had doubts about the latter. "Forget it," she said bitterly to herself and rose, "After having spent all that time attending to a whole boys' school I deserve to make a torrent of piss!"

Quickly she placed a hand on her skirt in front of her pussy and grabbed her naked pussy through the thin fabric of her dress. Her fingers pinched her pussy such that the pussy lips were squeezed together in front of the pee hole. "This will prevent pee from coming out of my pussy if pee were to leak through the pee hole," she thought. With this firm grip on her pussy, she hurried towards the trash can. "I am sure no customers will come now," she thought, "at least there are none to hear or see". However, there seemed to be no end to Jenny's accidents this morning ...

Yet another person had noticed Jenny's desperation, namely Spencer Pipp-Thompson, a local man. He had been standing outside the shop and peered into it for the last half hour. He was halfway hidden beside the shop's display window. He had a clear view of the area that Jenny occupied behind the counter.

"There, Jenny bends down and grabs the waste paper basket!" Pipp-Thompson observed, "She has been desperate for the toilet a long time now — only a single thought in her head now, ha, ha! She's my kind of girl! There she sits down on a shelf with the trash can in her hand. She spreads her legs and lifts her skirt. Oh, she doesn't wear panties — what a large bush for such a young girl! Is that her cunt crack hidden in the bush of black pussy hairs? Hard to tell. It's time to make one's entrance, hehe..."

Using one hand only, Jenny manoeuvred the empty plastic bucket into a position directly in front of her pussy so that all pee would end up in it. Then she released her grip on her pussy and closed her eyes. She sighed and relaxed, waiting for the pee to come.

Just then the doorbell rang. She gave a start, opened her eyes, and looked to the side, towards the front door.

A man was standing in the doorway! "It's Pipp-Thompson of all people," she thought, "he's on the local council and everything. What a disaster!"

"Ouch! She's seen me," Pipp-Thompson thought, "No doubt that will put an end to the show, but I can't complain, it's been a great show!" But then something more happened.

A sharp, hissing sound was heard; the sound of pee splashing out of Jenny's pussy. "Oh, no!" Jenny exclaimed. Quickly she shifted her gaze to the bucket. "Oh — oh — oh — oh," she continued as she frantically moved the bucket here and there in an effort to capture the two or three rays of pee that burst out of her pussy.

"What a fantastic spray she's got," Pipp-Thompson thought amazedly, "and what a sizzling, hissing pee sound!" A smile spread across his face as his amazement turned into a feeling of happiness while Jenny continued to concentrate on fine-tuning the position of the bucket.

Finally, Jenny gained full control of her peeing, and her pee stream began to drum steadily against the bottom of the bucket.

The sound of pee hitting the bucket was the only sound that was heard. It filled the room. The pitch of the sound fell as the quantity of pee in the bucket increased.

She shifted her gaze back to Pipp-Thompson. He was still standing at the front door. He gazed at the bucket in front of her.

Jenny thought, "What do you do when a man appears while you are peeing with your legs wide open?" There was nothing about that in the etiquette books she had read. "Anyway, a worldly gentleman such as Mr. Pipp-Thompson should know that sometimes a girl just has to go!" She hoped he did, and that it would serve as an excuse for her behaviour. "But what should I say?" she thought, "That the weather is beautiful, for example, but was maybe a bit chilly this morning? The latter part in particular would have suited me because there was definitely an airy sensation around the pussy area this morning!" She had to giggle but pulled herself together by biting her lip.

"Good morning, Mr. Pipp-Thompson," she said, "Excuse me, I hope you do not have too much against it — against what is happening, I mean. There was no time to go to the toilet, you see". Then she just stared at him — she did not know what more to say.

"Hello, Jenny," Pipp-Thompson said feebly. He shifted his gaze from the bucket to her pussy hair, which he could discern below the part of the skirt that was lying in her lap.

Jenny got the impression that he had hardly heard what she had said. Now she noticed that his eyes were directed to her stomach. She looked down at herself, at the widely spread thighs and the pee stream emerging from under her skirt and hitting the bucket. Oh, her big pussy bush stood out between her legs and the edge of the skirt that she had squeezed up against her stomach! "At least I can get my pussy out of his view," she thought and quickly pulled her skirt a little along her thighs.

"Ouch, her pussy's disappearing," Pipp-Thompson observed, "but the hissing sound from it still remains because she continues peeing. As long as there is life there is hope..."

The satisfaction of allowing pee to stream freely out of her pussy filled Jenny. She could not stop. She closed her eyes and hoped that Pipp-Thompson would be gone when she opened them again when she was done. "Abracadabra, go to Candelabra," she thought. "By the way, it's almost like he had been standing outside the store waiting," she continued thinking. "No, can't think thoughts like that about the honourable Mr. Pipp-Thompson!"

Finally, her pussy was empty, and she opened her eyes. To her amazement, she saw that Pipp-Thompson was not gone, but, on the contrary, stood on all fours next to her with his head in the bucket!

"Hmm, the bucket is almost half full of pee," Pipp-Thompson thought. "How impressive!"

"What can I do for you?" she said, confused.

Pipp-Thompson raised his head, looked at her and smiled. "Well, I can see that you just finished, my dear Jenny, otherwise I would have asked you to do the same again," he said.

Jenny noticed that his face was red, and his eyes were staring. "Well!" she thought, "He has gotten horny by my weeing, the good Mr. Pipp-Thompson! That changes the situation". She smiled. The disheartening feeling of being humiliated in front Pipp-Thompson was blown away. Her misfortune was about to change...

"She smiles," Pipp-Thompson thought, "This is better than I had hoped for. Maybe the next thing to do would be to sample her pee..."

"Perhaps the situation can be used to get better acquainted with him," Jenny thought. She glanced out of the shop — there was no one about that could disturb them. Then she noticed that the bucket was moving.

She looked down at Pipp-Thompson and saw that he was about to take the bucket out of her hand. "Now he lifts the bucket," she observed, "it seems like the next thing he will do is to pour piss all over himself, ha, ha!"

"Would you be so kind as to pour the bucket over my face, Jenny?" he asked, but with a commanding tone that would have suited better for: "Do as I say, girl; remember, you are within my beat!"

Jenny was surprised when she realised that what she had thought he would do was what he actually wanted. "He looks so handsome in that fine suit of his," she thought, "The finest gentleman in the village he is, more well-dressed than the mayor himself!"

"But what about your suit, Mr. Pipp-Thompson," she said, "I suppose it is going to be soaked with pee!" "By the way," she thought, "maybe he deserves to get his fine suit soaked with piss because of the nasty tone he'd had in his voice!"

"Don't worry about that, Jenny. There are more suits in my closet," Pipp-Thompson said. He rose from the floor, held out a hand to her and said, "Just get up on the counter. I'll help you".

Jenny took his hand and crawled up on the counter. To do that, she had to take hold of his shoulder with the other hand. She giggled, since she liked the bodily contact.

There and then, Pipp-Thompson decided to like Jenny. He and everyone else in the village did know her, but this was the first time he had had such a close contact with her.

Now she was up on the counter, and he gave her the bucket. He said, "I'll arrange my clothes so that all your pee flows into them and is absorbed there instead of ending up on the floor. If you just pour cautiously over my face, I think it is going to work".

"How practical you are, Mr. Pipp-Thompson," she said and thought, "Yes, that way there will surely be no pee on the floor".

He loosened his tie, opened the top shirt button and opened the lapels of his jacket. He opened his waistband as well. "Did I see his cock down there?" she thought. She turned her eyes away for a moment because she did not dare to look.

He turned his face towards her and leaned back. "Now I'm ready, Jenny. Go ahead!" He smiled and patted her encouragingly on the leg. She sent him a nice smile in response and lifted the bucket cautiously over his head. He followed her movements with an expectant look.

Jenny poured carefully. She grimaced when the first small streams of pee hit his head and face and trickled down his body. In order to keep the floor free of pee, she tried to pour directly on to him, but, oops, there a splash hit the floor!

Pipp-Thompson opened his mouth. "Must drink as much as possible but without choking," he thought. He grabbed her arms and pushed them in order to make the stream of pee hit his mouth.

He gulped down her pee. He behaved like a tramp who had not drunk anything either that day or the day before. Jenny was excited to see it and could not resist the urge to comment, "My goodness gracious, how thirsty you are, Mr. Pipp-Thompson! Does my pee taste good?" She giggled.

He looked up at her and chuckled. "Yes, your pee does not taste bad at all," he replied and added in his thoughts, "And especially because it has come out of such a beautiful pussy and trickled through such a big bush of black, curly pussy hair!" There it ran down his chest under his shirt. Great! And now down to his cock and further down his legs.

Now the bucket was empty. "That's all!" said Jenny.

"Thank you!" Pipp-Thompson said and bowed gallantly. His fingers were still gripping her arms. She sensed a beginning affection for him. Then he lowered his eyes and looked down at himself.

"Oh, what a pity!" he said when he discovered the pee on the floor. He let go of her arms, lowered himself, and got down on all fours. Then he began to suck and slurp pee from the floor. Jenny was astounded but not for long because, by now, she knew him too well for that. She took the opportunity to jump down from the counter and fetch a bucket and a floorcloth.

After Jenny had returned and wiped up the rest of the pee from the floor, she examined Pipp-Thompson's body from head to foot. "Oh, dear," she said, putting a hand over her mouth, "you look like a wet duck if there ever was one, Mr. Pipp-Thompson!" His hair was wet, and pee ran down his face. The breast of his shirt was soaking wet. The lap of his trousers was wet, and the legs of them had long, dark lines of pee. His jacket was mostly dry but had some wet spots.

Pipp-Thompson spat out a little pee and smiled at Jenny. "Relax, your wonderful pee is no problem. Besides, my Bentley is parked just around the corner. I'll be safely home in no time," he said. "By the way, do not worry about me having seen you pee," he added, "I shall not tell anyone".

"I shall not tell anyone either, Mr. Pipp-Thompson," said Jenny relieved, "I'm thinking of all the weeing". She giggled.

"Thanks, I appreciate that," said Pipp-Thompson.

He put his hand out to her and said, "By the way, please call me Spencer".

Jenny took his hand, smiled at him, and said, "I'm glad to get to know you, Spencer".

"And I am very happy to get to know you, Jenny," he said and shook her hand generously while he was thinking, "Yes, this has indeed exceeded all my expectations!"

They continued talking for a while. Jenny found that Spencer was pleasant to talk to, and so did Spencer find Jenny. As Spencer was going to leave, he said, "We can't just end this singularly pleasant meeting this way. May I ask you out to dinner tonight?"

Jenny smiled and said, "I would like to very much!" They agreed of time and place, and Spencer left the shop.

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