The Secret is out? (part 2)

By graham397

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Tags: humiliation, denial, tease, female orgasm, submission, femdom

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What have I got myself into?
After I served Mistress Sarah her drink, she took a sip and just looked at me. Instantly, for some reason, I knew what to do next.
Sitting on the sofa, I began to massage her feet, when she quickly saidl "erm, little one, on your knees on the floor, I didn't say you could sit there!".

"I'm sorry, Mistress", I replied apologetically not making eye contact.

"Graham, I do believe this is going to work out nicely. By the looks of your little erection, so far so good baby", she teased while I continue massaging her feet.

It was humiliating, though extremely exciting. My deepest secret desires were about to come true. Almost like a dream to me, I begin to wonder, would this all disappear tomorrow and my life return to the same dismal existence?.

After 20 minutes of Mistress Sarah's sly remarks, and my massaging her feet and shoulders, she pushed off and said, "wank for me, you little pathetic stroker!".

My penis twitched which made her giggle as I began stroking slowly, my already stiffened cock.

"Oh, honey, remember our number one rule! You must ONLY cum when I say! Got it?". She reminded, to which I replied, "Yes mistress Sarah."

Then, she ordered me to stroke faster. Obviously following orders, it wasn't long before I was totally on edge and still she refused my siletnt request, almost a desperate plea.

"Mistress, PLEASE I'm edge. PLEASE Mistress," Im begging now, knowing how she'll refuse me.

"Little one, how badly do you want to cum?!" she teased, whilst stroking my inner thigh, watching with glee my penis bounce about with anticipation.

"How much do you want me to grasp your penis and take you right here and right now?!" she says stroking my inner thigh, her touch making me twitch for release.

Laughing, she taps my chest saying, "Well, good then, wash up, clean that kitchen and meet me upstairs! I'll be waiting for you little one!" she instructed.

Quickly responding, "Yes Mistress!" She slaps my ass and hurries upstairs. "Hurry up, I'm tired and might fall asleep".

Once finished, washing up the kitchen, I dash upstairs naked, but not fully erect. Entering the room I notice her on the King sized bed, naked except for the sexiest black thong I have ever see and am instantly hard. Forgetting myself, I bend to her to kiss her. She pushes away. "What ARE you doing? We don't do that ever, unless I SAY. I am YOUR Mistress...NOW, lick me well, till I cum!".

"I'm sorry Mistress, I forgot my place, forgive me, please!" I apologized.

"Hush. Be quiet and get on with it!" my Mistress scolds.

I remove her thong, then lick her deep and hard, varying my speed, using the middle finger to play with her pussy, until I feel her tense upon my finger, an intense orgasm rips through her body as her juices flow all over my face. "Don't stop! I've all night!". So I continue my pleasuring, bringing her from orgasm to orgasm, whilst she bombards me with humiliating remarks about my penis; how pathetic I am for needing her and how I would be made to earn my very own orgasm.

After her 5th or 6th, she whispers "Babe, get us some water. Its your turn, when you come back!".

I'm so aroused, I've been hard for hours. Dashing down the staircase, I fetch cold water, returning quickly as I can. "There's a good boy. Now, lay here and let me care for you".

I lay there on the bed, legs spread wide open. She strokes over my torso slowly. Starting from my inner thighs, I watch my cock twitch as it stands to attention. Holding firm my penis with one hand, she slowly lowers her head towards my penis. I hold my breath eagerly waiting her warm beautiful mouth to encompass me, when suddenly an evil smile curves her perfect lips and she laughs softly into my ears "You honestly thought I was going to give you head? You did, didn't you? Your face a dead give away, little one!". With that, she turns to the dresser table to flick off the light.

"But, but Mistress, I ... Please, please Mistress!" I beg, but to no avail. Softly, she taps my balls. "Go to sleep baby. You can rub against me in our sleep, but no cummies for you little one, I'm having too much fun".

A full erection glistens into the night as delicate fingers swirl the precum about the head of my hardened shaft. Soon the sound of gentle breathing against my neck, lets me know she's drifted into the land of dreams. And with that, I lay here thinking just WHAT, have I got myself into?. And still, sleep eludes me...... (End of Part 2)