The Secret is out?

By graham397

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The day my life changed for worse or better?
(Based on my last relationship, true story).

I've been in a stable relationship for six months with a beautiful girl, called Sarah. I couldn't be happier, work was going well and the two of us had a great sex life. Until one evening when all was forever changed, and the relationship was thrown into a whole new realm.

Usually, I get home first. That day, I came home from work as usual and to my surprise, found Sarah was home early. She smiled at me, but I could tell something was up; normally, she'd kiss me. A little distant, she walked over to the sofa. where lay my laptop. It was opened, AND, it on. At this point, all I could think about was, my browsing history, emails, downloads and how the heck she got onto my laptop?!

Blushing bright red; I just hoped for the best even though I knew, what was coming!

"Honey what have you been looking at, online? Why's there all these video clips on here? Aren't I fucking good enough, FOR you?!" Sarah scolded.

"Mmmmm, babe, I'm sorry!" nervously getting redder by the minute, looking down at the floor.

"Seriously Graham! THIS, is so offensive! WHAT?! Don't I DO IT, for you? You want me to be mean and dominate you, do you? Is THAT, what you want?" she barely whispered, her temper rising.

I remained silent, thinking of all the femdom, humiliation, cfnm clips on there.

"Answer me!" she demanded. "You want me to be your Mistress? Your Princess, and own that poor excuse of a penis?" Sarah blasted!

I felt a strange sensation of humiliation and embarrassment, yet my penis was growing in my pants and I didn't know what to say. So I just mumbled, "Sorry Sarah".

"To be honest, Graham that isn't good enough! I feel like crap that I don't turn you on, that I'm not good enough for you," Sarah raged, "I'm so pissed off!"

"Sarah, please, I'm so sorry. You STILL turn me on! You're the most beautiful and sexy girl I ever met! Please! Please forgive me, Sarah, I beg of you. Honestly, I'll do Anything! Anything, for you. Just please, give me another chance," I pleaded.

Than just like that, she smiled to herself. "That was easier than I thought!" she giggled.

"What? What do you mean?" I questioned.

Laughing again, she said, "well I've been home all afternoon, little one. And have been reading. Yes! I even checked your email to mistresses, whom you have pretended to be their online slave. Pathetic! I've learnt a lot, Graham. Now! Is this REALLY how you want it to be? Because, I'm willing to try it, if you want it."

"Sarah please. Tell me, I'll try anything?!" I said.

"Do you WANT me to be your Mistress, little one? Humiliate, deny and tease you like these girls, online? Yet in real time, you don't bullshit me like you do the others?!, Tell me you want it! And perhaps, I will! WHAT do they say, on these videos? That's it, little boy, SUBMIT to me!"

"Sarah please, I submit! I'll do anything, ANYTHING you ask!" I replied instantly. Then, it hit me. What had I just done? Forfeit my freedom! NOW, there'd be no going back. My heart was racing, as realization hit with full force and the monster erection continued to grow in my pants.

"Good! Because I thought you pathetic enough to submit, I prepared some rules, especially, for you, Graham. I am a good Mistress, little one." She said with an evil smile.

"Firstly, get naked now and kneel down at my feet, let's see how hard this submission has made your little willy!"

I quickly stripped and kept my eyes down, released my erection which felt great, but was humiliating at the same time. Then, knelt at her feet and waited.

"OK. Rule one. You are to call me Mistress at all times, understood?"

"Yes mistress," I replied quickly.

"Now, rule two. You are NOT allowed to cum or even touch yourself, without my permission..." she paused, then laughed as she saw my penis twitch, "No need to answer that one, your little dicky already did!"

I looked down and was speechless. I didn't know what to do. "Yes Mistress, thank you."

"Now baby, there's only one rule that covers everything. You must do everything, I say, Without hesitation. Are we understood?"

"Yes, Mistress Sarah!" I replied.

"Good boy. Now, go make us drinks and comeback. I would like a foot massage...correction, I want my feet massaged, when you return. Sorry babe. Even I am not used to such power, in our relationship and must also learn the ways of being your Mistress," she said, with a dawning realization and a smug smile that was to become a common fixture on her beautiful face.

I hurried off to the kitchen for our drinks when I heard quietly behind my back, "Oh, by the way Graham, I do love you!"

To be continued...... (End of Part one)