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The Summer Pool Boy

A summer job with perks
My name is Jon. I'm 19 years old, white, about 5ft 8in, athletic build with brown hair. I live with my parents in Richmond, a leafy suburb of London where a lot of wealthy people live. We're a well-off family, but my parents have always insisted I work to earn my own money - to teach me the value. Term time I go to university in Edinburgh, but during the summer months I work as a pool cleaner.

If you're not from London, or from Britain, you probably can't imagine how many people have swimming pools considering how rubbish the weather is most of the year. But when the sun comes out, there's joy all around.

It pays quite well, about £6 an hour - a few quid more than minimum wage for my age and normally with tips. You'd expect so with these wealthy people, and I like to work hard to really make the pools shine. It can be pretty hot work, especially in the middle of the day, so I often have my shirt off, showing off my nice tan I got from a holiday at Easter. I wear shorts to get between the pools on my bike, but when I'm cleaning I prefer a pair of Aussie Bums. I have a few different pairs - wouldn't want to be seen twice in the same ones! Range from speedo-style to trunks or tight shorts, depending on my mood.

You have to be quite rich to live around here. Quite a few retired people and quite a few families. Most of the time my tips are some ice tea from a nice old lady or a few quid from a family with kids.

One house though, is different.

It's on one of the most sought-after roads in Richmond, but a modest house for the street with only four bedrooms. It's a  house I haven't been to before. I got the contact from their neighbour recommending me. While the house may be smaller, the pool isn't. At its longest point, it's 20 metres. Pretty long for a garden pool, almost the length of the 25 metre pool at the university. It has a bulb-like shape towards the house, which is the shallow end and with steps off the side letting you do lengths without hitting your legs on the bottom.

I arrived on a beautiful June afternoon. I leant my bike against the garage and rang the door bell. The mighty wooden door swung open and a stunning blonde women of about 40 answered it. She was wearing skinny jeans and a polo shirt. She spoke like most women around here, with a posh London accent.

"Ah good afternoon, Jon"
"Yes, Jon - Mrs Maidstone"
"Wonderful, wonderful – come in Jon. Can I get you a drink"
I walked into the beautiful house replying "not right now, thank you". The decor was modern and colourful.
"Let me show you around the pool then!"

Mrs Maidstone walked ahead, through the hallway and into the kitchen. For a women of her age, who must have children in their teens, she had a great figure and I couldn't help giving her ass a quick look.

"I try to use it as much as possible" she continued as we walked through the kitchen, explains the wonderful figure I thought, "but life's very busy at the moment, but my daughter gets a lot of use from it. I think she's out there now."

We stepped out of the kitchen through grand double doors and onto the patio. In the breathtakingly long pool was a girl swimming front crawl with some power. She was approaching the deeper end furthest away, did a turn and started swimming back again.

"That's my daughter, Stephanie" Mrs Maidstone continued as we walked down the steps to the poolside. Stephanie came to the end nearest us, the shallow end and stood up.

"Stephanie, this is Jon, the new pool boy" Mrs Maidstone said to her daughter.
She removed her goggles and looked up at me, "Hi Jon!" she said in a sweet soft voice.

I looked down at her. She was wearing a red one piece swimsuit, with a square cut at the top, revealing a little bit of cleavage. The swimsuit clung to her tight teen breasts and showed a hint of nipple. They were stunning, not very big, but not small either. Just perfectly formed and tight. She had brown hair, tied up, and blonde eyes - quite an unsual combination, but very stunning. She looked about my age, maybe a year younger.

I managed a "hii..." as I bashfully looked at her in a moment of awrkwardness. The phone from the house suddenly bleeped and Mrs Maidstone rushed up the stairs.
"Stephanie, show Jon the pool house will you dear" she said as she disappeared into the house.

"YES MUM!" Stephanie shouted back.
She walked towards the steps and walked gracefully out of the pool revealing all her gorgeous body to me. Her red Lacsote swimsuit clung to her. It was a high leg swimsuit and showed off her long, lush legs well. There was hardly any fat on them too, leaving a nice gap between them. She was the definition of a teen dream.

She walked past me to get a towel from the bench behind. I turned as she was leaning over and caught a glipse of her perfectly formed ass, with her swimsuit clinging. She turned, smiled and nodded towards a small building attached to the side of the house.

"Call me Steph please, I hate Stephanie, you know what mums are like..."
I let out a little reply "yeah..."
"I guess I'll show you where all the cleaning equipment is kept."
"That'll be great, thanks."

She walked ahead, drying her face and arms as she walked. Her swimsuit had an open back and I could see those little dimples some girls have, on the small of her back just above her ass.
"Everything you need is in here. Dad normally does it, but he's been so busy at the moment he just can't find the time."
Steph opened the door and the noise of the pump and filter filled the air. I glanced in and looked around. Everything had its place and was well decorated for a pool house! She walked in and turned around, looking at me standing in the doorway.
"Come in! Don't be scared!"

I wondered in and saw the various adapters for the pool vacuum on the floor. They had all kinds I'd never seen before and leant down to have a look. I picked one odd looking one that looked like a dildo with the end cut off, and turned around, catching Steph looking at my ass.
"This is an odd one" I said, catching her off-guard. She glanced and giggled, "yes...".

She showed me the controls and what quantities of chemicals they used and led me back out to the poolside.

"It's a huge pool, you're very lucky, I have to pay to use this kind of pool" I remarked.
"Yeah, it's wonderful. You're welcome to stay for a swim if you want, after you've worked obviously!"

Steph went inside the house, explaining that she was going out this evening to meet some girlfriends from university who had come to London for the week. Soon as she had gone, I stripped off my shirt and pulled off my beach shorts, revealing my Aussie Bums. Today I had a pair of grey tight trunk shorts, with red and white stripes on each side, cut just below my ass.

After I cleaned the pool, I pulled my shorts back on and walked up the house. I tapped on the kitchen door, Mrs Maidstone came over.

"Great job Jon, I can see the difference from here!" She folded a £10 note in my hand.
"Thanks very much. It's a great pool to clean, even if it is a little big."
"Well you won't mind coming back next week, same time Only Stephanie will be here, just let yourself in around the side gate, I'll let her know you're coming. Is that all right"

"That's wonderful."

A week later I woke in my bedroom with the midday sun streaming through my window. Normally I'd have a pool in the morning to clean, but the owners where having a party today and having the pool boy around wasn't needed, so I'd gone to bed later than usual and was almost late for my second house on Petersham Road. I leaped out of bed and into the shower. In my haste to get dressed quickly I didn't think about what I was wearing. I put on a pair of loose blue nylon Aussie Bum speedo briefs over a pair of heavy cargo shorts and a t-shirt.

I jumped onto my bike and raced around the streets to my usual lunch-time slot. They weren't in today - no need to worry about being 20 minutes late. London was enjoying a summer heatwave and working in my heavy cargo shorts was hard. With nobody around, I stripped down to my speedos and got cleaning. I love wearing speedo-style trunks and they are increasingly fashionable these days, but some people still find them a little odd - unless you're an athlete I guess. These are one of my favourites, being really loose fitting - great for the beach.

As I was cleaning the filters around the edge of the pool (there's normally a little plastic cover and a gap in the side of the pool at the water height), I dropped a bag of tablets in. These things are expensive and left in water will dissolve - no tip and probably no payment if I left them in there. My hand wouldn't fit through the small hole on the filter, so I leant into the pool to grab them from where the filter meets the pool. I was at the wrong angle and couldn't see properly, so I jumped into the pool.

The water was refreshing, as I'd worked up a bit of a sweat and now the pressure of loosing money was looking likely. I reached in and just caught the edge of the bag the tablets where in, bringing them out and throwing them onto the side of the pool. I climbed out and looked down at my speedos. I forgot, these where non-lined nylon and clung around my cock! The sides are white and became sheer. They where low cut at the front and showed off my toned stomach well.

I went to use the pool-side shower to wash off the chlorine. I felt confident and looked great. The water trickling down my torso and over my speedos. By myself, my mind started to wonder. I thought of Steph in her tight red one piece last week. I looked down at my semi-erection. Nobody was around. I cupped my hand over my speedos and gave my raging cock a squeeze. I hadn't had a wank for a while and my cock was pressing against the nylon, dying to get out. I closed my eyes and imagined Steph coming up to me and grabbing my balls. Steph... Steph. Steph! I'm suppose to be at the Maidstones!

"Shit!" I muttered to myself. How could I have forgotten that I can be forgetful and last week was the first time I'd been, it wasn't part of my normal week. I dried quickly and left a note to say I'd visited. I jumped onto my bike and rode the mile to the Maidstone's house.

Mrs Maidstone had said last week that it would only be Steph in and I should let myself in around the side gate. I parked my bike against the garage and wondered around. There was a gate with a folded piece of paper pinned to it.

'Jon, Stephanie is at a friend's house for lunch and will be back at 3.30 this afternoon, she'll give you your payment then. Please let yourself in, I left you a Coke in the fridge in the summer house.
Mrs Maidstone'

It had just gone 2 o'clock so I had plenty of time to clean the pool. It was still pretty clean from the week before, but I started like a usually do, cleaning out debris with the net. If you've never used one of these, it's quite hard work. The drag of the water on the end of a long pole breaks me out into a sweat, so I always remove my t-shirt before. With Steph not back for an hour and a half, I decided it was safe to remove my heavy cargo shorts to give me the freedom to move around easily - and to get a good tan.

It was 3 o'clock and the sun was high in the sky. I'd drank the cool Coke but was still quite hot. Although the pool is big, they keep everything very tidily and it was easy to clean, I'd finished not soon after 3. I could collect my money next week, but I couldn't resist a swim in this beautiful pool.

I stepped down into the pool. The crisp cool water felt great having been working solidly for an hour cleaning. It went up over my speedos and they clung to me, the white sides going sheer. I started doing a relaxed breast stroke down to the deep end, as I turned I heard the gate locking. Somebody had just come into the garden.

Steph walked around the side of the house and down to the pool side.

"Hey Jon!" she called over.
"Hi there" I shouted back.

She had a pair of big designer sunglasses on, her hair let down around her shoulders. She wore a strap top, with a halter neck bikini top on underneath. The strap top just met a pair of cropped white pinstriped shorts, which finished just above the knee.

"How's the water" she said with a smile as she got to the pool edge.
"Great, lovely and cool..." adding "...needed a swim after all the work" to try and justify why I was leisurely swimming around.
"It looks really clean, I don't think dad ever got it like that." she replied.

I had got to the shallow end by now. I wanted to show off my body. I'm a modest guy, but you don't get many opportunities like this. The problem is, if I stood up, it could be embarrassing if the speedos clung again. The water was cold and I was feeling pretty cold down there. I wouldn't want her to see the shape of my shrivelled up cock in my speedos. But then I'd rather that than her to see me with a raging hard on. She might not even like speedos. I played it safe and kept my body underwater.

She asked me about the job, the great perks and what I did during the term time. I explained I went to Edinburgh university and asked her what she did. I wish I could tell you what she did, but as she talked she started to undress.

Steph pulled her strap top over her head to reveal a yellow triangle bikini top. The triangles just covered her tight chest, leaving a little gap just around the edge and showing a great bit of cleavage. Her stomach was firm and flat with a perfect inny belly button. Her fingers went to undo the button and fly on her shorts and she pulled them off her long legs. Underneath she had a matching yellow pair of boy shorts (or French knickers some people call them). They where low cut and very inviting. She sat on a sun lounger by the pool.

"Do you like it up there" said said.

I managed to just hear she went to Aberdeen University, not far from me so went with that. "Yeah it's great, but it is a little colder than down here."

Steph reached into her bag and pulled out some sunscreen "yeah, the summers here are nice."
She laid out on the sun lounger with one leg flat and the other up. I could just see between her legs, the fabric stretching over her pussy.
"Jon, could you do me a huge favour" she said with a smile.
"Yeah, sure..." I said, swimming over to the steps, still staying underwater.
"Could you put some lotion on me I know it's a little odd, but I pulled a muscle in my arm at the weekend and it's just always easier with a second pair of hands."

If I was going to leave the pool with her watching, now was the time. She wasn't going anywhere soon and I couldn't really say no to this. After the glimpse I got, my cock wasn't shrivelled up - it just filled my speedos well without looking like a raging hard on.

"Sure..." I replied hesitantly.

I stood up so the water level was at the bottom of my chest. I'm on the swimming team for my university, so I keep it shaven smooth. I flicked my hair back as I took the first step. My hips left the water and my speedo clung to my cock. I briefly looked down. To my relief, there was just a bulge - no outline. The water left the sides sheer and she could probably see my smooth skin underneath. I prefer a clean shave, not just for swimming, but it feels cleaner and looks great.

I looked up and Steph was starring right at my speedos, her mouth slightly open. "They're really nice, you... you" she mumbled a bit and caught her breath, "you look great in them".
"Thanks," I replied as I took a seat next to her sunlounger.
Still looking she continued "I think they're so hot, I can't stand beach shorts. I've always tried to get my boyfriend to wear trunks, but he doesn't like the idea."

As any man will know, these words, "my boyfriend", ruins everything. It's almost better not knowing and just hoping that they're single. Still, here's not here now and I am, so I ignored it for now.

"Yeah they're so much more comfortable. So long as you've got the confidence to wear them."
"And so long as you look good in them!" she added with a smile.

Steph passed me the sunscreen, I splashed a bit in my hand and placed it on the table.
"Erm..." I hesitated. Lying before me was the most beautiful teen body I'd ever seen, wearing a gorgeous bikini and I was about to rub sunscreen all over it.

Steph grabbed the sunscreen, took a bit and started on her leg. She looked at me. "Start here", pointing to her neck.
I put one hand on her soft skin, it was sun kissed and very warm - the sunscreen was cool. "Oh that feels cool" she added, "I needed that."  

Stumbling, I said "the pool is... er... nice and cool if you want... to... you..."

She gave a grin at my stumbling as I moved towards her chest.
"I pulled a muscle swimming in a gala at the weekend. It's not too bad, but I should just take it easy for the week. No lengths today, but maybe a little dip once I've soaked up the sun. Do you swim, Jon"

I had trailed off, concentrating on not being too enthusiastic with the sunscreen. "Err.. swim Oh, yeah! At university I'm in the team. We're not too bad, but I really need to do more training while I'm at home."

We talked about favourite strokes, fastest times and where we'd been on swimming tours.

"Can you do my back for me too, Jon"

Steph turned over onto her front. I'd see her ass before last week, held tight by her one piece. Her yellow bikini boy shorts fitted snugly around them, leaving a little bit of cheek at the bottom and running tight down her crack. My hard on had faded while talking about times and places, but was now on its way back as she untied the tie around her neck.
"Could you untie the back for me please" Steph asked with a smile.

I took each end of the tie and pulled slowly. The strings came apart and fell beside her. I picked up the sunscreen and started at her back, massaging it in. "Umm that's nice, you know how to hit the spot." she sighed. A previous girlfriend of mine loved massages and so I'd had quite a few years of experience.

I worked down her back to her bikini bottoms. She'd done the front, avoiding me the embarrasement. "Could you make sure you run a bit of sunscreen under the edge - that's the worst place to get burnt." I ran my finger around the top of the shorts and onto her hips. I put a bit more sunscreen on my hands and placed a finger under the bottom of her shorts, right on her ass cheek. My cock was swelling - this was almost too much to handle. I looked up and she was biting her bottom lip, she was clearly enjoying this.

I glanced down at my speedos - my cock was still pointing down, but swelling against the nylon crying to be let out. Steph had her eyes closed and in the heat of the moment I decided I could get away with touching her ass "sorry, got a bit of sunscreen on your shorts."
"Ah, thanks - I like these, don't want to ruin them." she replied without opening her eyes.
I ran my finger under the end of her shorts, as down far her crack as I dared. She really seemed to be enjoying this and flinched a bit.

I finished off the inside of her thighs, she had done the rest of her legs.
"That's great Jon, there's nothing worse than being burnt all summer."
"Yeah it sucks," I replied quickly, looking down at the bulge in my speedos.
Steph opened one eye and looked at me, "Do you want some sunscreen, you can chill here if you'd like"
"I'd love to, but I'm going out later with mates, so I better be off."
Steph leaned onto her side, facing me and looked away, worried.
"Oh no, I forgot to get cash for you, I'm so sorry!"
She was so preoccupied with worrying, she forgot her bikini was undone and one side of falling off slightly, giving me a great view. I quickly moved my legs to conceal the giant bulge in my speedo, she didn't see.
"That's all right - I'll be back next week. Will you be swimming by then" I asked.
"Yeah... should be. Bring your trunks and we can have a race after you've cleaned!"
"Sound great," I got up and faced away quickly, quickly walking over to where I left my cargo shorts and slipped them on, "I'd like that, I've lost my stamina being away from a pool." I pulled my t-shirt on and made for the gate.

"See you next week!" I shouted back.
"See ya!" she waved at me as I left the garden.

During the week, Steph added me on Facebook and we had sent each other a few messages. You can't help but read other people's walls - a few friends of hers had left comments like "he's a dick, don't worry" and "is it really worth it" I didn't read into it too much, but it must be about her boyfriend, who doesn't seem to be on Facebook.

The talk was quite harmless, with a little flirting. She told me she'd bought a new Nike one piece swimsuit for our race and I'd better get myself in shape or I'd be beaten.

This week I was prepared - wasn't going to be caught out wearing a loose speedo again. The night before I'd shaved and trimmed to make sure I'd look good in whatever I wore. I decided on a pair of black square-cut trunks. They where simple, looked really hot but more importantly where Lycra and well fitted, so any excitement I did get could be held down! The heavy cargo shorts worked well as an excuse to take them off, I figured, so went with another pair similar and a nice loose t-shirt to match.

I got on with the first two pools at the other houses, trying not to be distracted. My mind couldn't help but wonder - what was her new swimsuit like How fast is she Should I let her win Maybe we could have a prize

I rode round to her house. It was another hot day and I built up a bit of a sweat getting over there. Only her VW Polo she told me she owned on Facebook was in the driveway, so I went around the side into the garden.
"Hullo!" I shouted out as I closed the side gate.
"Hi!" Steph's voice shouted from around the side of the house.
I wondered around and she ran out from around the side. She was wearing a white bikini, with a halter neck top again, but with brief bottoms, low-rise and slimly cut around her hips. She ran up to me with arms open and gave me a hug. We'd spoken a lot during the week, so this didn't surprise me too much. I put my arms on her back, feeling her back I was so lucky to massage last week.

"How've you been Jon"
"Good, thanks," I nodded, "how about you"
"Great! Finished my book lying in the sun all morning." She paused and smiled. "Ready for our race!"

I smiled back and got to work on the pool. I took off my shirt and cargo shorts revealing my black trunks. She laid by the side, sunbathing and I did my job. Despite the wonderful positions Steph sat in, I managed to keep myself under control and my tight trunks kept any semis down. We chatted for the hour, about the book she read, about university, life the universe and everything.

"Jon, I bought these for my boyfriend," she said with a sarcastic tone, "but he didn't want to wear them - somebody might as well, they're about your size."
I was just putting the lids back on the filters and looked up. She was holding a pair of Adidas speedos, black, with the famous three stripes down the sides.
I hesitantly replied "err I guess if you're sure..."
"I can't take them back to the shop because they're swimwear, but they've never been worn - they even have the label in them." She held them up by the label. "I figured seeing as you like wearing them you might be interested"
"Thanks," I took them from her.
"Try them on, I want to see if they fit! I'll put my new one piece on as well and we can start warming up for our race!"

Steph pointed to the summer house at the end of the pool. It had a middle section with some chairs inside and a small bar, with a fridge. On one side was an open shower and on the other, a curtain.

"I'll just put the cleaning stuff away and I'll try them, thanks" I said. Steph smiled and walked with a skip down the pool to the summer house. She went behind the curtain to the side of the summer house. I walked down the pool side after her, picking up the bits and pieces I'd left. I'd got to the end and was about to walk back down the other side, when she walked out from behind the curtain.

Her legs where golden brown from all the sunbathing she'd been doing. The high-legged silvery black one piece just covered her pussy and ran up over the top of her hips. It was an athletes' swimsuit and was very tightly fitted to the contours of her body. The round shape of her breasts was clearly visible through the fabric, with the Nike tick logo in between them. It was quite high necked too - no cleavage to show at all, but you didn't need any help with imagining what it might look like. Her nipples where poking through a little bit and she stood proud.

"What do you think" she said with a smile, leaning her head to one side and adjusting the hips.
"Err..." I made myself look at her eyes, "it's really nice, suits you well."
She turned around and looked down at her ass. I looked too. The swimsuit held it tight with her cheeks poking out the side.
"My boyfriend always wants me to wear thongs, but I can't stand them, this is much nicer."
"Oh yeees," I agreed quickly, taking the opportunity to stare at her ass.

"Let me take those," Steph said taking the box of chemicals from me, "and you can go change - I want to see you, now!"

I walked over and behind the curtain where she'd left the Adidas speedos. I pulled the curtain shut and picked them up. They where lined, thank goodness, but looked quite small. No chances of an escaping erection today - not like last week, that was too close. I slipped off my Aussie Bum square-cuts and pulled up the Adidas speedos. Nowadays, I wear jammers when swimming in competitions - tight fitted shorts than run down to the knee, popularised by the Sydney Olympics in 2000. I hadn't worn a pair of competition speedos for a while. They where very tight, possibly a size too small. My cock and balls fitted snugly into them, making a great bulge. They just covered my ass, as I pulled them out my crack slightly. Lucky I'd had a trim the night before, as the cut left little room for much else.

"Let me see!" Steph called out.
I pulled back the curtain and watched her mouth drop. She stared right at them.
"Ohh," she took a breath, "they look hot on you!"
"Thanks - good choice."
She looked up at me, "ready for a swim"

Before I could answer she had grabbed my arm and before I could even react, threw me into the deep end of the pool. After the hour of work, the cool refreshing water felt great. The speedos remained tight and felt great, I forgot how comfortable they where to wear in the water.

"You bitch!" I yelled out, watching her laugh on the side of the pool. I swam over to the side and tried to grab her leg, but she dived in over me.
I turned around and watched her head poke out of the water.
"How are the trunks" Steph asked.
"Really comfortable, but I think I left the label in, there's something poking me in the ass."
She chuckled and swam over to me. She put her hand down my back and under my speedos onto my bum. She grabbed the label pulling me towards her. I felt her breasts press against my chest, they where very firm. I felt my cock get a little excited and press against the fabric of the speedo.

"Got it!"
Steph pulled the label out of the water and put it on the side.
"Oh hold on," she put her hand down my speedos again and felt around for the bit of the label tag left in. She gave my ass a little feel and I smiled. She found the tag and pulled it out.
"Don't want to leave that in there!"

We swam a few gentle lengths of breast stroke and agreed the conditions of the race. Four lengths. One front crawl, one breast stroke, one back crawl and one of whatever we liked - one after the over. No heats, just a winner and a loser.

"I'll grab some goggles." We where in the deep end, nearest the summer house. She pulled herself out of the pool frontwards, then turning so she was sitting facing me in the pool. Her legs where slightly apart and the water had made her one piece tighter, showing a bit of a pussy lips to me. I had a quick look while her eyes where shut and she was sorting out her hair. The water was running of her and I could just make out her lips in the tight fabric. She got up and went into the summer house, grabbing a couple of goggles, threw one to me and told me we're doing a diving start.

All the day's emotions, and her little display just then, had got to me and I had a hard one forming. I climbed out the pool without hesitancy as not to cause suspicion. My cock was pushing the fabric away from my body slightly on the sides. I looked down as I was getting out of the pool, 'oh shit!' I thought to myself, 'she's going to laugh at me, or it's going to be really embarrassing, too late now...'

"My boyfriend isn't that big down there, sorry, you could probably do with a size bigger." Steph smiled at me. Before I had time to reply she shouted "ready on three!"

The race was neck and neck. I went at full speed the first length and turned to see how far away behind me she was, assuming she'd be slower - but she had already turned and was on her way back up the pool doing breast stroke. All her days swimming lengths had given her a lot of stamina, even though she wasn't that big a girl, like most of the girls on the swimming team at university, she had a lot of power. I tried to catch up, but on the last length lost it completely and she powered ahead winning by a few seconds.

"That... was..." I was out of breath, "really... hard..." I took off my goggles to see her smiling proudly at me. "You're quick."
"Thanks - I only work at weekends, the rest of the time I'm swimming up and down here" she replied.

We did a few calmer lengths, chatting a bit. I noticed the sun was starting to go behind a tree, where it was when I was leaving last week.
"I better get showered" I said to Steph.
"Me too, I'm going out this evening."

We where in the deep end. Steph pulled herself out of the pool the same way she did before, giving me a view of her pussy through her tight one piece while she sorted out her hair and took off her goggles. I quickly pulled myself out next to her, so as not to seem like I was hanging about perving.

"Is there just the one shower" I asked, innocently.
"Yeah, but it's quite big" Steph replied, standing up. All the swimming had left the swimsuit clinging to every line on her body. You could make out her belly button and her nipples quite clearly now.

I walked to the left side of the summer house, where the shower was. It had frosted glass facing the pool and was secluded behind by trees. You could probably tell if somebody was in there, but you couldn't see them without poking your head around.

I went behind the screen and switched the shower on. It had a large head spraying water over a large area - it was set at the perfect temperature. On a little shelf where some shower gels.
I called out, "Could I use some shower gel, please Steph"
She came around the corner and joined me in the shower.
"Sure, I think there's a nice man one somewhere."

I had a look through and found an FCUK one at the back, pulled it out and poured a bit on my hand then rubbed my chest and under my arms. Steph was pulling out her hair tie and pulling it back out of her face.
She looked at me and smiled. I loved this smile, more than any bikini or swimsuit, no matter how tight, it was stunning.
"Do you want me to do your back, Jon" she asked, tilting her head to one side.
"Yeah..." I became hesitant again. I feebly poured some shower gel on her hand and put it on the shelf and turned away. She smoothly and calmly massaged it in. It was a little awkward and my mind was racing again. The warm water, the gorgeous girl, the cool outdoor breeze and the suds played with my mind and before long my cock was pressing against the fabric of the speedo.

Steph had got down to the small of my back and gave me ass a quick squeeze. "Could you do me, please"
She passed me her shower gel from the shelf and turned around. To my amazement, she slowly took off each of the straps on her shoulders and peeled down her swimsuit, just leaving it on her hips. I was speechless. I couldn't see her breasts, but just knowing they where there sent me wild. My cock pressed even further against my speedos, almost pulling them down, the drawstring popped out.

"Can you massage me like you did with the sunscreen That was nice..."
"Suure," I said with a stutter.
I started on her shoulders and worked down her back. The water pouring over us. She let out a little moan as I got to the small of her back. "Keep going..." she said.
I've never really massaged an ass before, so I went around for her hips. I rubbed up and down the contours and around onto her back again. She turned her head towards me and bit her lip, letting out a little moan.

"That's nice" she said, closing her eyes. I rubbed down her back, around her hips and up onto her back again. She opened her eyes, looked right in mine and turned around. I saw her breasts for the first time, in the flesh. I had a pretty good view before from the various bikinis and swimsuits, but they where even better than I imaginged. Her nipples where hard and her breasts perky. There was no fold, just full and firm.
"You're beautiful" I said shaking my head.
She smiled and pulled in for a kiss, stopping just before my lips. "Thanks".

The kiss probably lasted a second, but it felt like forever. Here was an utterly gorgeous girl, with a swimsuit around her hips kissing me. Me, in a speedo with a cock drying to get out.

Steph pulled back a bit. "You're not so bad yourself"
She kissed my shoulders, looking up occasionally. Her hands felt their way down my torso and onto my hips. My cock was crying out for attention, I could feel its pulse. But it was still strapped by the tight speedo.

She kissed my chest and her hands wondered down to the band of the speedo. She ran her fingers along the inside and looked down.
"Somebody wants to be let out, don't they" she said like she was taking to a dog.
I looked up. "Tell me about it," I laughed.

"You'll have to have patience first, though," Steph stood up, "I'm not clean yet!"
She turned around and pressed her ass against my cock, picking up her shower gel. She put some in her hands and gently massaged each of her legs. She bent over to clean her feet, pressing the crack of her ass, still covered by the tight one piece up against my cock.

Steph stood up straight, pulling her swimsuit back on covering her back. She turned towards me, putting her hand on my cock and balls. She bit her lip, closed her eyes and gave another moan. She looked up and opened her eyes.
"You're so fine, I wanted this from the moment I saw you walking around in your grey trunks the first time."
She came up close and kissed me gently. "Let me dry you off, in here."

She took my hand and pulled me out of the shower, switching it off as she pulled me away from the wall. She ran round the screen and pulled me into the summer house.

I'd been in here before to get my Coke. To the left there was a fridge with glasses, like a little bar. To the right, a chest of drawers. In the middle where two large wooden sofas, with plenty of cushions. I was still dripping wet with my speedos still clinging to my cock. Steph hadn't quite adjusted her swimsuit and it was clinging to her ass, revealing her crack. The water was still running off her and the chill having got out of the warm shower had made her nipples stand on end.

Steph turned away closed the curtains then closed and locked the doors. She took both of my hands and led me over to one of the sofas, lying down dragging me ontop. She kissed me with great passion.
"I know what you want Jon," she said, between kisses.
"Oh yeah" I replied jokingly
"The longer you can keep me before I come, the longer I'll keep you."

She stopped and looked right into my eyes.

I kissed her neck, slowly. The best piece of advice I have ever been given in my entire life was that every girl likes being kissed on their neck. No love bites, just gentle kisses.
"Yes, Jon, yes" she sighed, biting her lip and closing her eyes.
I moved down her body, moving away each strap of her one piece swimsuit, kissing it and replacing it before moving across her chest. Her swimsuit was still wet and clung to her, her nipples poking out. I softly kissed them ontop of the swimsuit.
"Do it!", her body flinched. "Take me!"

I removed each strap and pulled her swimsuit down, revealing those amazing firm breasts again. I licked the tip of her nipples, my hands on her hips, pulling her swimsuit. I kneeled between her legs, she gave me a pout. I pulled the last of her swimsuit off her hips, revealing her hairless pussy.

I moved back to her chest, kissing every part of it, my hands taking off her swimsuit and dropping it on the floor. It had left her body moist and soft. I ran my hands up her legs to her thighs, as I kissed further down. Her body flinched again and she let out a cry. I looked up, her mouth was open and her eyes tightly shut. She ran her hands down my back. I kissed down her tummy, to the top of pussy. My hands ran up her thighs and stopped just before her lips - I could feel the heat coming off.

I looked up, she was looking down at me, her face slightly red with one hand cupping her chest and another on my neck. I ran my finger around the edge of her lips. She quivered, letting out a moan. "Fuck" she muttered, drawing a big breath. I got to the top of her lips and ran my finger over them. She was wet and hot, her body shaking at every touch. I pressed and made gentle circles around the top. "YES, YES! THERE!"

I took my tongue and made the same shape there, moving a finger slightly inside her. "MORE!" she cried, biting her lip, moving her head from side to side. I went a little faster with my tongue and went a little deeper with my finger. She climbed across the sofa, breathing very heavily. "MORE!" she cried again, her eyes scrunched up. I put another finger in - it almost didn't fit! She was tight and she could feel it. She let out a big moan as I started to run my fingers deeper inside, my tongue lapping her pussy.

She kept crying "MORE!" and eventually "HARDER!" as she started moving her hips up and down. I was having plenty of fun, but I could still feel my bulging erection, becoming quite painful now, in my tight, damp speedos. As much as I'd enjoy being played with for as long as possible, I wanted to come more than she did.

I curled my fingers up and reached inside. Steph cried out "FUCK YEES! I'm coming! I'm coming!" she put her hands on my head and breathed heavily, her pussy pumping around my hands. She was calming down, "yes, fuck yes" but her breathing was still strong. She was completely out of breath. She swung her head back as I slowed to a stop.

"That was..." catching her breath, "amazing. You lasted... quite a while."
I smiled at her, running my hands over her hips as she calmed down. Her breathing become steady again.
"Now," she smiled, "I know what you really want."

Steph sat up on the sofa, her hair a mess and her body moist from sweat and water. I stood up infront of her and she went towards my torso. She kissed it lightly, running her hands up my chest and down my back. She ran her finger nails down my cock over the fabric. She looked up at me, taking one hand and playing with the tie-cord. She pushed me away slightly and stood up to kiss me. "Lie down, I've got make this last."

She pushed me down onto the sofa and sat on my legs. She ran circles around my stomach, occasionally lifting up one of the tie-cord strings. She looked at me and smiled, bit her lip and pulled on both ends of the tie-cord, releasing the top of the speedo. My cock moved as she ran her fingers over the fabric.

Steph leaned towards me, her hand grabbing my cock through the tight speedo.
"This is what I want."
She kneeled and pulled down my speedo in a swift movement. My cock, having been restrained for nearly half an hour with an erection spang out. I'm an average size guy, but after having a trim, not having had a wank for a while and the heat of the moment, it seemed to be bigger than usual.

One hand went to her mouth as she gasped, her other hand on my hip.
"It's big, and really wants to come!" she laughed. "You're going to explode if I don't treat this carefully" she said as she moved her hand down and grabbed it firmly. She pulled up slowly and down even slower. She was going up or down on each second. Up, one second, down, one second. I opened my mouth and swung my head back. If she could keep this going, it will be amazing.

Steph's breath was getting faster, but not her hand. It stayed at a steady place as I whimpered for more. Her other hand went for her pussy, she was enjoying this as much as I was.

If you've never had a slow wank, it's pretty amazing as you're brought to the breach of orgasm many times, without ever coming. She knew this, as whenever I got close, she'd bit her lip and look sorry for me, letting out a little "aww" as she continued with her slow paced torture. Eventually I could bare it no longer. I cried out "faster, make me come!"
"No, that's too easy Jon, you have to wait." She kept the pace going. Time slipped by, I had no idea what was happening. I wanted to just reach out and grab her hand, but something stopped me. Instead I cried out "finish me, please!"

She moved her head down and licked the end as she continued the pace. She drew circles around the top of my cock, still on every second. Up, one second, down, one second. My body cave in eventually. I could feel my balls moving and my cock throbbing. "I'm going to come, I'm going to come!"
Steph pulled her head back and kept the slow motion, as come came shooting out, all over her chest, my chest and down her hand and my cock. It just kept coming. I was crying out "STEPH, YES, STEPH" as she slowed and stopped.

I was out of breath, panting heavily. She'd enjoyed it too, closing her eyes and biting her lip again. She jumped off and ran into the corner, grabbing a box of tissues.
"I needed that, so much. Jon, you where amazing. So good..." She got a little flutter and closed her eyes.

During the week Steph and I texted each other and spoke on Facebook. We chatted about everything; very little about that afternoon in the summer hose - but plenty of flurting.

As my next visit got closer, she asked for a request. She wanted me to wear the blue speedos with the white sides I wore. I said I'd love to, on condition that she wore her red one piece that she was wearing the first time we met. She agreed and also revealed she had a suprise for me.

The day arrived. I got up earlier than usual to have a proper groom, hoping that something similar would happen - if not more. I dressed in my blue Aussie Bums, a pair of beach shorts and a shirt.

I got to Steph's house at the usual time, but with no cars in the driveway. I let myself in around the side and got to work. It was getting late into the summer and the days where warm. The pool cover had been left off and a lot of debris had got into the pool. I stripped off my shirt and shorts and got to work in my speedos. I was working up a bit of a sweat, trying to get the last few leaves out of the pool. The nylon clung slightly around my cock as it swelled thinking about what might be to come.

I'd nearly finished when I heard a car pulling into the driveway. As the doors closed, I could hear two female voices, one of them Steph's, as they walked around the side of the house and into the garden. Steph came around the corner first, followed by another girl.

"Hi Jon, how're you" Steph called down to the pool side
I looked at her friend. She was as stunning as Steph - same sort of height, but with blonde hair. They both wore skinny jeans and t-shirts.
"I'm great thanks... you" I smiled back.
"Good. This is Kate, friend from uni. Kate this is Jon, our pool boy." Steph checked me out and gave me a little smile.

"Hi Jon" Kate said with a little grin. I was still wearing my speedos, she was obviously checking me out and made no attempt to hide it.

Steph turned to Kate, "they're in the pool house, let me find you one," she turned to me as they walked past and towards the summer house, "we're going to get some bikinis on and join you in the pool Jon."
"Ah, great, I need a swim."

They walked towards the summer house. Steph's ass was as tight as I remembered. Kate was much curvier, not skinny like Steph. I tidied up, listening to the girls chatting and giggling in the summer house.

The girls opened the door and walked out. Steph, true to her word, was wearing her red one piece from when I met her the first time. It fitted snugly around her firm breasts, showing a little bit of clevage. It was high legged and was pulled tight around her tight pussy. Kate had Steph's yellow boy-short bikini on. Kate's breasts where a little bigger and filled the top well and her curves showed off the shorts well, showing her perfect hour-glass figure. Her skin was well tanned and she looked like the ideal beach babe.

Their asses had got my cock going and it was pushing against the fabric a little. There was little I could do about this now, as putting shorts on would be obvious. Besides, it seemed to please Steph.

The girls lowered themselves into the water. "You comin' in Jon You look like you need a dip" Kate smirked.
"Yeah!" I jumped in, I think my happiness was obvious.

The water was cool and felt great. I swam to the surface. On the side where the two most perfect girls in the two most perfect swimsuits, it doesn't get much better than this.

We swam a few lengths, chatting a bit. Through trying to make some kind of polite conversation, I'd ended up being challenge to a hand-stand competition. Steph went first, the competition being how long you can hold a stand for. She disapeared under the water and her legs poked out the top. Her ass was facing us, her one piece clung to it. Memories of last week came flooding back. Her ass against my cock in the shower.

She did well, but Kate reckoned she could do better. She went under and poked her legs up, facing us. The yellow shorts had gone slightly clear, the shorts tightly clung to her thighs. While she was underwater, Steph swam over to me.
"You look so hot in those trunks, I think Kate only wore that bikini to get your attention."

Kate righted herself, an impressive time. "C'mon then Jon!" Kate shouted.

I drew a deep breath. Partly because I was about to do a hand-stand, but party because the display and Steph's comments had an effect on my cock. I went under, Steph was behind me and Kate infront. 'To hell with it,' I thought. I put my hands on the floor of the pool and lifted my body out. I could feel the nylon cling to my raing cock. It pulled the fabric from around my ass too, going up my crack slightly.

I righted myself and swept my hair back. Kate was infront of me, "impressive", she grinned at me.

We swam around a bit more, doing some dives - with great views - and having a great time. Rather annoyingly I had to get going soon as I'd foolishly said I'd meet with friends in the evening in town. Announcing this to the girls, they said they where getting cold, and they'd get showed and dressed too.

Where've I heard that before?
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