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The Tease

I would call you several times through out the day knowing that your phone is set to vibrate and you
I would call you several times through out the day knowing that your phone is set to vibrate and you can’t answer your phone while at work. The constant vibration from your phone is building up in your body sexually stirring the juices. I called so many times you have lost count and with each call you begin to roll your eyes with a slight pleasure from all the vibrations from your phone.

When you finally get your break for lunch you noticed how many missed calls you had. You saw that I had called you over thirty times since you left for work this morning. You push away from your desk to get up to go to lunch when you noticed that you are a slight bit wet. “He wants to play? Well, two can play that game,” you thought to yourself. After a slight pause a devilish grin came across your face.

On your way out to lunch you head to the women’s bathroom to inspect the damage that I had caused. You pull up your business skirt to see a wet spot on your sexy see-through red panties. Feeling a bit frustrated, you wash your hands and leave to your car.

During your lunch break you grab something to eat while pondering your next move. After all, this is chess, not checkers. Your focus is now to teach me a lesson that I will not soon forget. “I know that he likes to be teased, so just teasing him wont work to the desired effect I wish to place,” you thought.

Once in your car, you drive back to your work and park your car in a secluded place where no one can see you - at least not from a distance to make out if anyone is in the car or not. There is no one even close to your car in the parking lot, when a naughty thought crosses your mind. You have a great view of the parking lot because you backed into the parking spot. You raise your butt off the seat just slightly enough to slide your skirt above your waist. Next you grabbed your cell phone to begin a video starting with a full facial of you then you say “You think you're funny right? Guess what, Baby. Two can play that game.” After finishing that statement, you focus the phone on your pussy, and I see you rubbing your clit through your red see-through panties. You timed the video just perfectly. As you begin to moan you rub your clit more vigorously. Your moans are getting louder and louder, then your panties get a real big wet spot on them. “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did,” you say seductively.

Here is the brilliant part of your plan. You had all along planned on sending it to me as a video message, and that is why you started out with the face as your starting point of the video. Hoping I would open it up at work to watch the video. You get even more excited at the thought that you might even make other men jealous at my work. Well, your plan worked as you planned it. I did open it up at work, not thinking about what I did to you earlier. You have never did anything like that to me before so I thought nothing of it. That is until I opened it up and some of my co-workers were next to me.

You slip off your panties, pull down your skirt, and go back to work to finish your day.

You call me during your next break to see if I enjoyed the view. “I did,” I responded but you could tell that there was something wrong.

“What’s the matter? Did I get you horny?” you asked.

“Yes and I think you excited some of my co-workers. too,” I said.

“Good. Maybe next time you won’t be messing with me while I’m at work,” you said with a smile on your face from ear to ear. “Have a good day at work and I will see you when you get home.”

“Well it looks like I’m going to have to work a bit of overtime tonight - two hours, max,” I replied.

“No problem. I will see you when you get there,” you said.

The rest of the day went peacefully. You hurried to get home before I did just in case you thought that I was lying about working overtime. You knew how I liked to play games and this time it was all about you playing your games.

You get home to see that my car isn’t in the driveway. “Perfect,” you thought as your plan is working out better than you could have imagined. You walked into the house and fire up the computer. Usually the best way to get even with someone is to tease him but if someone already like to be teased you need to elevate the tease to where I won’t do it again so you go through the internet looking for ideas on teasing when you come across a website that catches your eye.

It says unsatisfying orgasm. Intrigued by this you click on a video that explains what this was about. A woman voice comes across the video and says “Stroking the males cock with the intent of brining him to orgasm. Then letting go of his cock as soon as or just before he begins to ejaculate. “ really curious now you get aroused and more horny than ever before. Wanting to learn more before I get home you continue to search.

Then there was another topic on the same site titled post orgasm torture. Wondering what that is you click on the video and the same female voice comes through the speakers. “Stroking the males cock in a rhymic manner with enough pressure and speed over the head and shaft of his cock till the male reaches orgasm. Now this is where the real fun begins ladies. Instead of stopping after the male ejaculates, you continue stroking the shaft and sensitive head of his cock to your heart’s desire. Trust me after a period of time he will be thrashing around and screaming for you to stop.”

After hearing that you find that your fingers have slipped downwards and began to stimulate yourself through your panties again. After a couple of minutes you slip your fingers into your wet awaiting pussy for some soft massage. You massage yourself to huge orgasm just thinking about what the co-workers thought. Were there cocks hard too. Dam I’m good. Not only teasing my man but his co-workers to. You wonder if they went home to their wife’s or girlfriends fucking them while thinking about the video message you sent me. You thrust your hips forward as you cum harder than you have before. Shaking and toes curling from the massive orgasm that shot through your body.

You shut down the computer to cover your tracks and just sit and wait for me to get home. I finally get home.

“Well baby how was your day? Did you have a hard day“, you asked with a smile on your face knowing you just made a double meaning.

“You knew I was at work. Why did you do that,” I questioned.

“You started it or did you forget about all those calls this morning,” you asked.

You motion for me to sit next to you still wearing your work clothes because you know that I love the look of a professional woman. I sit next to you, embrace you with a passion, and then go in for a kiss when you stop me in my tracks. You place your hand on my chest and nudge me backwards against the couch and just tell me to relax. You begin to rub my dick on the outside of my pants.

You now got my full attention. I take your orders to just relax and enjoy. You show off your skills of soft touch massage and in no time I’m up at attention. “You look a bit confined in those pants. Let me help you out of them“, you say as you unbutton my pants and zipper. You slide down my pants and boxers, but not all the way off. Just above my knees. Then you continue to stroke me slowly building me up to an explosive orgasm. After a few minutes of stroking you stop and say. “Turn around.”

You slip off your pantyhose to use the legs in the pantyhose as cuffs. You bound my hands behind my back adding extra stimulation, but with a bit of confusion. You just don’t tie a single knot. You use the entire length of the legs to ensure that I won’t be breaking free of my bonds.
You turn me back to where my back is against the back seat of the couch. You sit on top of my legs with your legs straddling mine. We are now face to face looking at each other in our eyes. You lean forward to whisper “I want to give you the best orgasm that you have ever experienced in your life,” softly. When she finishes whispering in my ear she rocks her body back just to where the tip of my cock meets her panty. I can feel her heat coming from her pussy through the fabric. “What’s the matter don’t want to admire your work.” you asked.

You grab my cock to run it the length of your panty from front all the way to the back slowly so I could feel the fabric running the length of my shaft. At the base of my shaft you have a death grip around it and move in in a very slow circular motion.

You stop when the tip of my cock is at your pussy entrance but the only thing stopping it from entering is your thin panty. You sit back just enough to where I can feel like it wants to slide in. “Oh this isn’t just about you,” you said. Without missing a beat you grab the back of my head and smother my face into your tits outside your blouse. “Suck on them,” you commanded. You roll your head back with pleasure as I begin to suck and lick my way around your nipples through your blouse leaving a wet mark where my mouth was. After a few minutes of sucking you sit down on my cock a bit deeper as a reward of a good job I was doing.

That action sort of caught me off guard and I paused just long enough for her to raise up off my dick just a bit. Now I’m more than determined than ever to get that feeling back so I work harder than I ever had before in my life.

You push me away from your nipples, jump off my legs, spin me to where I can lay on my back on the couch, and you climb right on my face. No instruction was necessary as I went directly to work on your clit and pussy with out having the access to using my hands. As soon as my tongue begins to probe your pussy you grab the back of my head to force my tongue deeper. At this point you being to rock your hips and I can only take a breath about every thirty seconds or so. I could tell when you were so close to Cuming when you just stopped rocking your hips and grab with both hands the back of my head. I had no choice and couldn’t breathe until you came. You let go of the back of my head as it flops back to the couch to catch my breath.

You move in between my legs. “It’s my turn to return the favor,” you said. You kneel down to take my shaft into your mouth and on the way up you hear a popping sound as the seal around my dick was lost. “Have I told you that I love the feeling of a hard cock growing in my mouth,” you say teasingly. Now its fully hard again you cup my cock with one hand so that you can run your tongue along the length of the underside of my cock. Stopping at that point just below the head and you close your lips around it to suck just on the weak spot for a brief time of about twenty seconds or so. It felt so good that it must have been like a minute. Then teasingly probing that soft spot with your tongue before running the length of the shaft again. Then you take my cock into your moist await mouth and you use your free hand to massage my balls but you’re not sucking. Just teasing my balls while your mouth is around my shaft. Now you begin to speed up to build my orgasm again. Just before you give me to much pleasure you just stop. “Not just yet. I don’t think that you have learned your lesson yet,” you say. You laugh as you see me desperately trying to fuck the air to orgasm.

You sit on my stomach, look at your feet, look at my face, and move your foot to my mouth. “Open your mouth. I want you to suck on my toes,” you commanded. I refused, so you use your other foot to poke my throat which caused me to open my mouth. With out hesitation you slip your foot into my mouth. “Lick them and make sure that you get in between the toes too,” you said.

At first I hesitate, but she still has her other foot on my throat and starts to add pressure on it so I decided to lick her toes with the same tenacity as I did her pussy earlier. She looked pleased as she began to play with her pussy trying to make her come again. It wasn’t to much longer that she did just that.

You reach around you and grab my cock again to stroke it up and down. You make it hard, but u noticed that I had a different look on my face. “What seems to be the matter,” you asked as you take away your foot from my mouth.

“My balls are starting to hurt will you just make me cum already,” I said.

You just smiled at your handy work. Your working my cock alternating between fast and slow strokes. You sense that I’m getting close to cuming so you slow down to a crawl. Then stop completely. Again I thrust desperately trying to get friction on my dick to get off, but to no avail.

You get off the couch and stand over me to remove your clothes. Another tactic to prolong the teasing torture. “Honey I thought that you liked being teased,” you asked.

“I do, but this is to much,” I replied.

“To bad. You will cum when I want you to. Maybe next time you will think before you tease me like that again,” you said.

Once all the clothes were removed you straddled my legs again. You lean over and pick up a bottle from the floor. You pour on some cold lube onto my warm soft cock. You stroke it lightly touching it enough to begin its climb to hardness again. Once hard you place my cock at the entrance of your soaking pussy from all the orgasm you have had. You now change your technique of the stroke to only touch the sides of the cock instead of stroking the underside of the cock giving me less friction and pleasure. My cock is becoming more and more sensitive each time it gets hard. Knowing this you stop stroking to let the head slide in, but no further than that. You massage my balls while my cock head is just sitting inside your wet pussy. Totally ignoring my cock at this point. Then after a couple of minutes you feel my cock twitching inside your pussy as I’m trying to push my cock in deeper, but you caught on and quickly dismounted from my aching cock and balls.

“No, no, no. I will guide you in when I feel I’m ready,” you said.

You give me your bare nipples to begin work again. I use my tongue to circle the nipple as if I was running laps in a circle. Tracing the outline of the nipple and giving it a good long suck as my tongue flicks away at your nipple before releasing to work on the other nipple as well to repeat the same pleasure. The next ten minutes my cock was completely ignored so it went soft again.

“Do you think that you can be a good boy now,” you asked.

I nodded in a yes motion. You pour more lube on my cock. You use both hands to rub the lube in very well. Even at my balls where I wince a bit due to the pain in my balls. All I could see was a smile across your face as you continued rubbing in the lube. Then you take the lube, pour some of it on your clit area. You take my cock and rub the lube that you just poured onto you with my cock using just the head of my cock because by now you know its very sensitive.

You slide back down on it just as before not letting my cock go all the way in. you reach in between your legs to gain access to the side of my cock again to stroke it ever so slowly, but more importantly lightly so that your not providing enough friction for me to cum. A couple of minutes pass so you move on to massaging my balls again, but this time you add a new twist. You begin pulsing your pussy muscles trapping my sensitive cock head in your moist wet pussy knowing the feeling is driving me insane. Then just as quick as you start you abruptly stop. Now you take my cock all the way inside of you and just sit there not moving a muscle.

“Do you like the feeling of my warm pussy being wrapped around your cock,” You asked.

“Do I. It feels great,” I responded.

“Good then don’t move a muscle or I will take it out,” she stated. You just sat there letting my orgasm that was about to explode subside. Then you start up with your pussy muscles again. Now it feels so much better because your hitting that soft spot just under the head. Then your pussy has a tight grip of my cock as you slowly work your way up to my tip as your pussy muscles relax and back down you go to repeat this slowly sweet torture. My orgasm is approaching its boiling point. After five minutes of this very sweet torture you let it all the way out.

Again I feel very frustrated from not being able to cum. My balls are hurting, my cock head is sensitive, but nothing could ever prepare me for what she had next. You leaned over so we are nose to nose. I took that opportunity to suck on your neck like a vampire. Then moving towards your ear lobe to suck on that too while blowing air softly into your ear. As you roll your head around I kiss you passionately on the lips before I repeat trying to leave my mark on you on the other side.

Your looking over my body and see a part of me that you haven’t given any attention to. I feel your tongue lap around my nipple as you softly suck on it. You focus on one nipple at a time spending about three minutes on each nipple to let my orgasm subside again.

You take your bra from the floor to place it over my eyes so I can’t see what you are up to next. I can feel that you are searching for something but not sure what it is. Being blindfolded seems to slow things down and increase your other senses. Then I felt a light breeze on pass by my cock head followed by your breathing. I couldn’t believe it. You was actually just blowing on it to get it hard again. “I think I love it when your cock is this sensitive,” you said. Then I heard something just click on. A buzzing sound followed by vibrations directly on my shaft just below the head on that soft spot. “How do you like vibrations honey,” you asked. Once my cock is harder than it has been all night you take away the vibrator from my cock to slide it in your pussy all the way down.

I’m going to cum one more time before I let you cum.” you said.

“Okay,” was all I was able to get out but was thinking about time. I finally get to fuck her to orgasm.

Then she placed her vibrator on her clit as she began to moan loud. I must admit it felt good to. I could feel all the vibrations from her vibrator but also her pussy was pulsing around my cock being inside her. This was driving me crazy between the vibrations from the vibrator, her pussy pulsing, and her pussy juices. Then I felt it. It felt like a flood of water hitting my cock. I knew she had cum. “now it’s my turn,” I thought.

You rested up to catch your breath from a minute or two. Then you slide my dick out of your very wet pussy. I started to protest, but you quickly quieted me down. You pick up your panties from the floor, resituate yourself on my legs to keep me in place, and place your panties on my cock. You grab a piece of your panties in both hands on either side of my cock. You begin the push, pull technique focusing only using your panties to stimulate my already very sensitive cock head. I begin to thrash, but your sitting on top of me so I can’t move around all that much as you continue the technique. There isn’t really enough friction to get me off, but you know that all cocks can only take so much before they cum from fatigue. It feels like your tickling my cock head relentlessly. Just like your hand job earlier you alternate speeds as you sense that I’m getting close to cuming. You noticed that I have stopped squirming so much so you know that I’m ready to cum so you picked up speed and forced me to my orgasm finally. She stops as soon as she sees the first drop of semen shoot out of my cock. I couldn’t believe the feeling of cuming without some sort of cock stimulation. My cock was twitching sending thick ropes of cum out of the head with six good spurts and some of it just spilling out. It was a feeling of pleasure and pain from my balls aching. She was right about one thing it was the most intense orgasm of my life.

“Congratulations dear. You’ve just experience your first of many to come in the future ruin orgasm.

As soon as my cock stopped twitching from the orgasm you placed your mouth on my cock to clean the mess I made on my cock. Then you started sucking on me and stroking me and like a true queen that you are you had me hard again in no time. Now that I finally came my cock is even more sensitive than before so you pick up the pace. As you speed up I make my attempts to squirm around because of the ticklish sensation running through my cock. I’m sort of laughing and bucking my hips at the same time. You must be able to read minds because she stopped sucking on my cock and just worked it with her hand then let go again.

“NOoooooo,” I screamed as my cock began to twitch and it started cuming again.

“That is called a touchless cumshot honey. You see normally I would have just teased the living hell out of you, but you like that so I had to go beyond that. How did I do,” you questioned as my cock stopped twitching.

“Enough is enough babe. You win,” I said.

“It’s not about winning. It’s about learning a lesson. I must thank you for something too,” you said.

“What’s that,” I asked.

“You gave me more tools to work with in my sexual arsenal,” you replied.

You begin the process to get me hard again by jacking me off. Once hard enough you slide my cock back inside you. You ride me enough to get me solid hard again then decide to switch places. You instruct me to stand on the floor as we face each other. You keep touching my cock just enough to keep it hard while you move into position and pull my cock towards your pussy guiding it in.

“Go ahead baby. I know you have been waiting to fuck me all this time. My pussy is all yours,” you said. I began pumping with everything I had my cock is so sensitive and sore but I ignore that to focus on making her come one last time. I could tell that she was enjoying it because she would spread her legs a bit wider and thrusting her hips up and down motion. The more pleasure that she is having the more harder I try to make her cum. My balls being smacking against her butt checks to show how much I’m loving her and enjoying the sex just driving my cock as deep as it would go. Then you would alternate with a circular motion just driving my cock wild. Finally we shared a moment together as we both cum very hard after thirty minutes.

I pull out, but I guess you still wasn’t done. You took my cock to just focus on the head of my very sensitive cock for the nest three minutes like you were polishing a knob. You wouldn’t touch no where else on my cock and I squirmed and begged for you to stop. Finally you had enough and decided to show me mercy.

“I bet you will think twice before you do that again,” you said.

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