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The Toy Party Accountant

I was the only guy at a ladies toy party, and met someone I knew.

A woman Sherry I met online in a chat room owned a small business selling sex toys. She and I really hit it off and she told me she thought it would be awesome to have a demonstration model to show off how things worked to the participants at her "parties". I asked what did she mean by "model" She told me that it was always women that came to these parties, with the exception of a stripper, men just don't come to these parties, and wondered if I would be willing to come and be her test dummy. Of course I obliged.

When I arrived at her home she gave me a mask to wear and introduced me to her latest gadget she wanted me to showcase. It was a strap on cock that a guy wore on his head, which rested on his chin, and could be interchanged by screwing different sizes of cocks on and off. I gladly obliged, who knows I might get lucky. She told me that all she wanted me to wear was my boxers, the mask, and the strap on. She asked me to go to her bedroom and wait for the participants to arrive.

It seemed like hours but finally she came to the door and requested my presence. She informed me that the participants were all women in their 30's-50's, and were eager to see their suprise gift for the evening. My heart was pumping rapidly and the bulge in my boxers was notably recognizable which Sherry told me "was a nice touch to those plaid boxers she led me out of the room. The mask I was wearing had zippered slits for my eyes and mouth alll three of them were zipped tight, so I couldn't see or open my mouth. When I walked into the living room, I heard some "oooo's and aahh's and a few applauded.

Sherry instructed the women that this is her "test dummy" She said "He can't see you, fyi" and they all laughed. Sherry began to explain the workings of this thing strapped to my head. She carefully would screw off and on different dildo types and I could feel the weight differences between the different ones. I was seated between two different women because there was a mix of perfumes on either side of me, and one of them kept patting my leg.

"Should I let him see what he has gotten himself into ladies" I heard Sherry ask. "Yeah" the group responded. Sherry came over in front of me and unzipped the eye wholes and suddenly I could see. I counted them, 9 different ladies, different ages, body types, but all your typical class of cacasuin women, and all of them were lit after a few drinks they had been sipping on. Good I didn't really recognize any of them, I think." Mr. Test Dummy, could you please lay down on the floor on your back please?" Sherry requested. Gladly I did as I was told. I laid down in the middle of the floor. With that, Sherry knelt down next to be and began to unscrew the dildo from my chin. Laying next to me was the "freebie dildo" that each woman received as a free gift. Sherry explained how to screw and unscrew the dildo and the ease of its use. She then straddled my head, though she had her jeans on, she guided the dildo across her glory space and explained how to ride it. All of the women were excited to see how it would work.

"Now ladies you can buy this strap on for a low $19.95, but the test dummy is sold separately" Sherry said jokingly as if she was doing an infomercial. Every laughed. " No seriously, tonight if you want the strap on it is $30.00, but normally it is $50.00." she stated. Out of no where a woman asked" Can we try it out?" Cheers rose up from the room. "Um, that would be up to the Test Dummy" Sherry responded. I think they all could see the bulge in my boxers, just the thought of it was making me harder. Sherry still straddling me looked down and asked" Would you like to demonstrate?" I nodded yes. "Whoo hoo went the crowd." Sherry got up and instructed me to go to the bedroom and wait.

Without hesitation I did as I was told. The lights were off and I laid down on the bed, mind racing. I waited for a few minuets and there was a knock at the door and it opened. "Hello?" a short petite framed woman stood at the door. I nodded. She came in and said" I am Rhonda, are you sure your ok with this?" I nodded yes. Quickly she shed her jeans and I laid back on the bed. "Can you breathe through that nose opening?" I said yes but I unzipped the mouth portion and said" Is it ok if I open this?" She said" I was hoping you would." She handed me her freebie dildo and I quickly screwed it on  and laid there waiting for her to mount it. I didn't see her lose here panties, but as she straddled my chest I could feel how wet she had become. "How many of these parties do you do" she said as she giggled. "this is my first one" I said. "Wow, and I your first?" she said enthusiastically. "Yes, ma'am" I said. "Well I am a little drunk" Rhonda explained. "And if my husband knew I was doing this he would kill me" she touted. "Well I promise not to tell" I said with a smile. She laughed and with that her knees where on both sides of my head.

though she was a small girl, her pussy was trimmed on top, but her lips were smooth. I must say her pussy lips were pouty and beautiful. Probably the fates part of her whole body!. I watched as she slipped the cock inside her and slowly descended upon my face."MMMM" she muttered. Slowly she began to move up and down. I thought this is better than a porno. Watching her pussy lips part and open taking in more and more of that cock with every second. She was facing my head and I soon learned that the hood of her clit was coming down right onto my mouth opening. Slowly I could see her pussy relax and open up to take more of the cock. It was hot, my own cock began to throb in my boxers.

Her scent at first was unnoticeable but the more she began to fuck that dildo the more the scent of sex began to fill my nostrils. "This feels really good, but do you care if I turn around? she asked. Not at all. With that she pulled the cock out of her and turned around facing my feet. Her ass was small, and as she inserted the dildo back inside of her, my nose was exposed to her tiny tight asshole. The harder she fucked that cock, her asshole puckered. I felt her hands run down my legs and on to my boxers. It was inevitable my cock found its way out of the restrained boxers. " She giggled and began to grasp my hard fate 6 inch cock. She began to get wetter, I could feel her juices dripping down onto my chin and neck. "Are you ok?" she whimpered? MMHMM I replied. Harder she arched her back, I could feel her muscles in her legs begin to flex. She was getting close. She came down hard this time and began to push that dildo deep inside her. Her asshole now pressed firmly against my nose, and then I felt my cock plunge deep in her mouth.  She slurped and sucked me hard.

Without hesitation  her asshole flexed around my nose it was so tight, she began to orgasm, and feverishly began pumping that cock as she came, her juices gushed out all over my face. It seeped through my eye openings, it flooded my mouth opening, squirting she was, pumping that cock. My dick firmly being attended to I exploded into her mouth. She sucked my explosion pulling more and more of my jizz out. The sweet smell of her ass and the salty taste of her cum she kept riding it harder and harder. "Oh shit, Oh shit" she clamored. Ahhhhh she exhaled.

She stopped, the her pussy lips were swollen, a dark red tint across them. The cock was still embedded deep within her. She began to slowly grind her hips. Rubbing her little wet asshole all over my nose. "This feels so good." she said. She kept grinding slowly. The scent of her freshly fucked pussy engulfed my breathing. Slowly she got up. I laid there just looking at her. She knelt down beside the bed  and looked at me." Can I see your face?" she asked My eyes were glued shut because of all of her cum. "Sure" I said. I untied the mask and took it off , without warning she turned on the night stand lamp. I was blinded. I reach out " Can you give me something to wipe my eyes?" I asked. She handed me something satin. I wiped my eyes, realizing it was her panties. As I opened my eyes I looked up at her.

"Unh don't you work at my bank?" she asked " Then it hit me. " I did know her, Rhonda XXXXXX", I had opened her and her husbands account.

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