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Three Way Fun

Being fucked by my man, while he and my best friend suckle my lactating tits.
I had just given birth to my first child about four months earlier. I had been feeding two people from the beginning, my man and our child. I had also started giving him blowjobs about two days after birth. I try my best to keep him happy. My best friend came to visit from England. She was going to stay with us for a couple of weeks. The second day she was their she told me how exciting is was to watch me breastfeed. I asked if she wanted a taste when my little beast was finished, put in its room and asleep. She quickly accepted. She finished draining both breasts once the wee one drifted off to sleep. When she was finished she asked if she could have more later. I told we would have to talk with the man if the house because he was still due his after work treat.

Once dinner was finished and the little one was asleep. I asked my man if he would share his evening treat. He agreed to but only if he could fuck me while he sucked one and our guest sucked the other. I quickly agreed. Now, my man and I have a few rules we respectfully agreed upon early in our relationship. I won't have intercourse with other men orally, vaginally, or anally. He in turn will not have intercourse with other women orally, vaginally, or anally. So, the evening was going to be a lesson in restraint for him. We all stripped down and I began sucking my man as my friend dove into my pussy. I came hard on her glorious tongue and thought of all the previous times we had been together. This was our first with another person. Once I was good and wet I straddled my man and eased my soaking wet pussy down onto his stiff rod. He immediately took my left breast into his mouth and began sucking my warm milk out of it. My best friend in turn took my right breast and began suckling it. I was in heaven.

I was being milked and ramrodded for all I was worth. I had to bite down on a pillow to stifle my moans of pleasure for fear of waking the wee beast. Suddenly I knew my man was about to blow as his back stiffened and he rammed me down extra hard. The sensation of him filling my pussy as I was having my breasts milked sent me over the edge. Once he was finished shooting his sperm deep into me I lifted myself off of him and over my friend's eagerly awaiting mouth. She quickly gobbled the juices out of my well-fuck cunt. We all agreed to make this a nightly occurrence for the next few nights.

Each night our passion grew and I think the load that my man shot into me also grew. Each night it was cleaned out of me by my own personal hoover. While my best friend and man never did anything with each other I am sure she gulped down pints of his sperm. It was a sad day when she had to head back to the airport and fly home to England.

I was amazed my man played by the rules the whole time we had our three way fun. He was repaid with suckles in both the morning before he left for work and in the evening be we drifted off to sleep. I love my man and thank him for sharing me with my best friend whenever she visited!
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