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Time for dessert

Time for dessert

the sexual tension over dinner continues as her breasts ache to be touched by a worshipper
After dinner seduction

He had to wait until his thick pulsing hard cock had a chance to settle down before they were able to leave the restaurant. Paying for the meal and making small talk with the waiter helped to pass the time and achieve the reduction in his boner. God he ached to be alone with Sheri, everything about her turned him on, and the fact that she initiated the discussion about adult nursing blew his mind.

Sheri's comment at the end of the sexy meal they had shared, that they consider an adult nursing relationship caught her unaware. Sometimes, when we humans obsess on an idea, we forget that others may have no idea what we are thinking or talking about. We sometimes need a reminder that our thoughts and obsessions are not only foreign to others, but would be regarded as disgusting, degrading or even reportable to authorities. She took the huge grin that broke out on George's face to be the validation she needed that in this case, inappropriate as her topic for dinner conversation may have been, she was glad she took the risk in bringing it up with him.

She could not stop her nipples tingling, but even more distracting was that her clit was fully swollen and she knew her panties were exceptionally damp, just from being this close to a man who seemed to show so much enthusiasm for participating in her deepest desires. She was exhilarated to feel so desired, however her internal wantonness was well masked by her feminine ladylike mannerisms. Although he could detect a glint in her eye of naughtiness, no one, not even George could be privy to her thoughts at that moment. For she was thinking just how desperate she was to feel his rock hard cock naked in the palm of her hand as she slowly stroked his shaft up and down, up and down against her her full and sensitive breasts.

She was enjoying the tension between them, wondering who would make the first move. Would he take her home simply to give her a kiss goodnight or would there be more? She didn't think she would make a move, her submissive nature preventing her from taking that step. As George held the door open for her to leave the restaurant, her amazing scent wafted through his nostrils, and straight to that part of his brain that controlled lust. He wanted her in the worst way. He wanted to take her home, kiss her passionately in the car until she was breathless, feeling her luscious body against his hands as they trailed over her hips, her waist, her back. He imagined she would throw her head back and he would bury his face in her neck, nuzzling and drinking in more of her scent.

He respectfully tried not to let his eyes feast on her inviting cleavage in public as they walked to his car. He wanted a full adult nursing relationship, and more, from this woman so he took his time, not wanting her to bolt if she detected he was sleazy in any way. He asked if she had work or other commitments the following day to gauge whether he should make any move on being intimate with her tonight. He was pleased that she, like him didn't have any plans for the next day, which gave his mind full reign to imagine a full night and day of passion with this goddess.

They walked to the car and he could see the weight of her large breasts causing them to sway against her dress. It was hypnotic. She loved knowing just how captivated he was by her. Although he was clearly a breast man, she felt sure he was really into the sensuality of sex, not just the fucking. He watched her talking to him, the way her lips moved and could imagine them forming a wet home for his cock. Everything about her was sexy. He couldn't keep sexual images from flooding his mind. Doggy, licking her pussy, watching her play with herself, jerking off all over her tits, groping her breasts, sucking her nipples, being rewarded by a flood of milk, all were racing through his mind, with no particular sequence. It was like his mind was a gallery of porn thumbnails with her as the only porn star.

The entire walk back to her car, she was aware (and so was he) that her nipples just would not go away. They were poking hard against the fabric of her dress. Every step, every jiggle, conspired to stimulate them further and she was acutely aware by the pressure inside her moist, throbbing pussy that having his lips sucking on her nipples was all she could think of.

The drive back to her place seemed to take forever. Meaningless small talk and the aroma of two sexually charged people filled the confined space. When they finally reached their destination, she unclicked her seat belt and turned to face him, to thank him for a lovely night out. He didn't hear her words and just took her face in his hands and kissed her firmly on the lips. He smelt so good to her, she invited further intimacy by opening her mouth and allowing his tongue to explore and entwine with hers. She broke the embrace and whispered seductively in his ear, 

“I believe you said you were thirsty, please come in for a drink.”

His cock back at full attention just from the kiss, and the promise of what is to come, replies with a cheeky grin and gets out of the car. He can't wait to caress and fondle this woman in the privacy of her home and is moved that she is so trusting. He has no desire to do any evil to her. He wants to play for keeps as he knows she's a rare jewel. A lusty wench in private, a lady in public.

She invited him to get comfy on the couch in the living room while she poured them a drink and chooses some music. She joins him on the couch and he started kissing her, feeling her bodyweight sink against his. Her desire is as palpable as his. He crushes her against him and the kissing continues, her lips, her cheek, her neck, making his way to the breasts that have been distracting him all night, and that he has been wondering about half his life. He pulls away to really look at her, her cleavage spilling upwards and so full. He also notices something unexpected. A small, almost imperceptible wet stain spreading out from where her nipples are straining against her dress. Crushing her tightly in their passionate embrace had caused her breasts to start leaking. The temptation to lick at them was great, but so was the idea of just seeing how much could be flowing. She allowed one of his hands to reach down and press against the damp fabric, teasing the nipple some more. As he was doing this, her hand gravitated to his aching cock. The knob pulsing like it was going to burst. She touched it so gently, running her finger along the length of it... purposely not touching the sensitive head. 

'OMG,' she thought to herself, 'it's much bigger than I had ever thought, and so so hard.'

They both look down at his hand fondling her nipple and as he presses against it, more milk oozes out and the material is so wet now it is clinging to the outline of her large straining nipple. She uses her free hand to guide the back of his head down so that his lips are just about to taste the milk through her dress. So close, he can smell its goodness and his cock jumps against her hand.

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