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Treasure Chest

Let's Go Shopping at the Treasure Chest.....
A new store has opened in my town. It is called the Treasure Chest. It is a lingerie store. I must go check it out. I am shopping for lingerie and panties. The store has all the usual stuff, bras, panties, lingerie, adult toys, nightgowns, etc. I start looking around and a man approaches me. He introduces himself as the owner. He tells me his name is Joseph.

Joseph asks me what I am looking for. I tell him I am looking for lingerie and thongs. Joseph takes me over and shows me several styles. I see some pretty eyelet bustiers, demi bras, push up bras, thongs, garter belts. I tell Joseph that they have so many pretty things. He smiles and is happy that I like it here. I go into the dressing room to try stuff on. Everything fits so nice and makes me look so sexy. I am just blown away with all the nice stuff. I definitely will be buying everything.

I decide to buy the fishnet lace-up thong, lace trim thong, embellished garter thong, lacy thongs, I buy an eyelet bustier, baby doll nightgown. I am also in need of a new vibrator and some oils and lotions.

While checking out, Joseph tells me that they have a store card. He said that I will save twenty percent, if I apply today. I tell him that would be great and to give me the paperwork. The whole time I am there, I get the feeling that Joseph is really looking at me and undressing me with his eyes. When I am applying for the card, Joseph seems to be staring at what I am writing. I shake Joseph's hand and tell him it has been a pleasure meeting him and leave.

I go home and I am trying all my stuff on. I keep thinking I feel somebody watching me. I go to the window and look around. I don't see anybody. I feel rather turned on. I decide I will play with my new vibrator. I am wearing my new thong and a new bra. I lay down on my bed and start to play with my pussy. I start to rub myself over my panty. I start to play with my nipples, turning them and twisting them. I then move my thong to the side and start to finger myself. My pussy is so wet. I feel the wetness starting to build. My panty is getting soaked. I just get the feel like somebody is watching me.

Joseph is peering into my window. I think I saw him. I am so interested in playing. I don't even care. I put my finger into my pussy. I am so wet, as I am fingering myself. I just keep doing this, and it feels so good. I then insert three fingers, and move that all around. I start darting my fingers in an out, of my very wet pussy. I am so aroused. The more I play, the wetter my pussy is getting.

I hear some noise outside. I really don't care. I am just enjoying myself. I then insert my vibrator into my wet cunt. I turn it up and the vibrations feels so good. I am putting it deeper and deeper into my pussy. I am definitely feeling a presence watching me. But I don't care. I am so turned on. I continue to play. Then all of a sudden, I squirt all of over my new thong. I am moaning and all my pussy juices are all over my vibrator. My new panty is soaked with my pussy juice.

I decide to take a bath. I leave the soaked panty on my bed ,with the rest of the stuff I bought. I go into the bathroom and take my bath. I start to hear noises downstairs. I am not sure if I am hearing things, or if something is actually happening downstairs. I am getting a little nervous. I decide I should get out of the bath and go investigate.

I get out of the bath. I put a towel around myself. I notice that Joseph, the owner of the Treasure Chest, is in my bedroom. Joseph takes my panty and starts to smell them. He seems to be enjoying the scent of my pussy. Joseph seems to have a panty fetish. Joseph is excited and unzips his pants. He starts playing with his cock. Joseph is holding my panty and smelling and tasting them. Joseph is stroking his cock and is cumming into my panty. He is so aroused and has his cock wrapped around my panty. Joseph is getting off on this and has a full erection.

I don't scream, but I say "Excuse me, why are you in my house?"

Joseph looks flabbergasted that I caught him. Joseph explains that he is sorry that he broke into my house. He tells me he has this fetish. He wanted to see me in all of the things that I bought. He tells me when he saw the panties laying there, he just could not help himself and had to smell and taste them.

I am just so aroused by the situation. I drop my towel and tell Joseph not to leave. Joseph asks me if I could put on the bra and the thong and attach the garter belt. He said it really turns him on. I put everything on and stand in front of him. He starts to kiss me and his hands are all over me. We are kissing very deeply and passionately. Our hands are all over each other. Joseph's hands are cupping my breasts. He is twisting and turning my nipples. His mouth is sucking my nipples and I am moaning as it feels so good.

We are laying on the bed. Joseph starts to undress me. He puts his head between my thighs. His fingers are rubbing my clitoris. Joseph's tongue slides all over my pussy. I start to gyrate on his face and my juices are starting to flow. I start to cream all over his tongue. Joseph is feverishly lapping up my cum. He takes a little of my cream and puts his finger in my mouth, so I can taste it. My cream tastes so good in my mouth.

I must have Joseph's cock in my mouth. I slowly put his balls into my mouth. Sucking them each slowly. I suck his pre-cum out. I then slowly put his sexy hard cock into my mouth. Joseph tastes so good and he is so hard and thick. I just want to slide his cock into my mouth. Deeper and deeper I take him. I am mouth fucking Joseph's nice thick cock. Joseph's cock is so big, but I can take it all in. I am looking into Joseph's eyes, as I am sucking his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I am nose pressed against his stomach swallowing his cock.

I then get on all fours and I guide Joseph's cock into my wet and throbbing pussy. I am moaning as he starts to fuck me. Joseph's hands are on my ass. He rams his hot cock into my throbbing and very wet pussy. We are fucking like animals. Sweat is pouring off our bodies. We are grunting and moaning, as he continues to fuck me. Joseph pulls my hair and slaps my ass. A little pain is always pleasureable.

The thrusts are very deep and very hard. I like to feel like I am getting fucked. We both start to climax as we are cumming together. Our cum is mixing in my pussy and it feels so warm and wonderful. I love to feel it dripping out. He decides he will eat our cum out of my pussy. Joseph's mouth is feverishly eating all of our cum. His tongue feels amazing licking up my pussy. He licks my pussy clean and she is shining, when he is done. We start to kiss, his breath smells of our cum, which is incredibly hot.

We get dressed and Joseph tells me he hopes that this day was not too strange for me. I laugh and tell him that I had the most amazing day and that the sex was amazing. I tell him that I will tell all my friends about the amazing merchandise at the Treasure Chest.

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