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Trip To The Store - Part 3

Some days turn into very eventful days!

By the time I gathered all the shoes with extra friends embedded in the insoles, and started walking to the back, I heard water running. When I rounded the corner, Marisa was perched on the counter beside the sink. She had paper towels beside her, and she was soaking her nylons. "Just put those next to me here and relax."

Marisa hung up her nylons, and then took each shoe as she scrubbed the insoles, and when she was done she washed her feet. It was a quick job but thorough. I was surprised when she walloped me across the head with a flat; apparently I was still standing next to her and paying attention to her feet! Marisa the said "Could you dry these out and bring me another pair?"

I used several sheets of paper towel to dry the insoles as she watched, and I then brought her a clean pair; some black leather pumps. Marisa then shocked me again; she put her feet into the pair, sat down on the counter, and then quickly wrapped her legs around my arms and torso. She pushed my head down, dragged her heels up my back and behind my head and then pulled me towards her. "Don’t be coy, have a good smell of me." I didn’t hesitate to breathe in her aroma, since Marisa was still damp, excited, and willing! I bounced my nose against the wet crotch panel of her underwear, and as I did Marisa gave out a little grunt. She asked, "Want some more of that?" as she released me, sliding her legs down my back again as I stood up.

"Heck, yeah!" was my instant reply.

"Are you as turned on as I am?"

"Well, I didn’t need much help, you know. You are a scorching hot woman, and right now, you meet my needs!" I rasped out. You’re not going to make me walk out in public right now, are you?"

"I am hungry. What are you doing for supper?"

I replied, "I have no plans. What are you game for?"

"I know a good deli in the mall, they’re still open. Is that OK?" Marisa asked with a rather soft voice.


"You know, you haven’t said much about being freaked out at all. Are you still OK with me?"

"Why wouldn’t I be?" I didn’t want to screw up this good thing, so I tried to keep my voice as light as possible. "I’ve seen much more violent reactions from other women who accidentally step on something just once, you don’t seem to be bothered, and that doesn’t bother me, I don’t feel judgmental about it." I said the last part very quickly.

"You seem to be very turned on."

"Again, you gave some very good & quick incentive to get me into that state." I decided to go for broke: "I get very turned on when I see a woman trapping something in her shoe. You gave me an amazing display of that tonight."

"Tonight? What about this afternoon?" Marisa had a huge grin on her face.

"Yes," I drew that out, "I had an amazing display this afternoon as well. What do you like to do with your prisoners?"

"Squash ‘em flat!" Came the instant response.

"Do you do that with edible things?" I asked.

"What’s your pleasure?" A very saucy grin was on her face.

"I’m fond of small crunchy dill pickles, particularly the deli variety."

Marisa shrieked, grabbed me by the ears and plunged my head back down between her legs. Her left hand held the back of my head as her right deftly pulled aside her panties. "Lick me big boy!" she panted. "I’m fond of pickles too."

Within a very short period of time (too short!) she gave a loud moan and a drawn out "Ohhhh!" and a shudder, and she pulled my head up by my hair. Her eyes were black, she was flushed and she was very wet.

"There’s a small fridge below the counter, I think there’s a jar of dills in there. Get us out three." Marisa commanded.


I bent down and rummaged through the fridge and brought the pickle jar up to the countertop. Marisa had stood up on the counter, leaving my eyes at her crotch. I raised up the jar and said, "Which ones would you like?"

Marisa said in a little girly-girl voice, "Oh, I’ll take one thick one and two small ones."

I paid close attention as she took the thickest one she could find, hiked up her skirt, pulled aside her underwear and slid it up inside herself. "You’ll have to steady me for the next two," she said.

I grabbed her by the hips as she stood in front of me as she picked up each foot in turn, popped the heel off and slid a small pickle into each shoe under the ball of her foot. As each shoe returned to the countertop, I noticed that she leaned back on her heels. She asked, "Do you like the sound of crunching from my shoes?"

I nodded yes.

"Good, I like the feeling of crunching in my shoes." Marisa added with her mouth set in a firm line. She slowly shifted her weight forward and I heard the small pickles crunch as they slowly flattened.

"Wow, you really stretched that out. I’m impressed." I complimented.

I was surprised at her next move. Marisa swung her left leg out and parked her crotch on my shoulder, wrapping her right leg around me quickly. Back next to heaven. "Lower me down to the floor." And I did.

Marisa sashayed her way to the front of the store, and went in behind the counter and sat down. "Since Chloe bailed on me, and she normally wears these shoes when she works, I think I’ll leave them on the shoe shelf for her. Come here and get up on the counter."

I jumped up as she asked, and I found I could reach the ceiling.

"Loosen the bulb so it goes out." She snickered, "Payback’s a bitch!"

I loosened up the strip lighting but not so loose that it would fall out.

Marisa was sitting on the stool looking at me as I jumped back down to the floor. "There’s a newer pair of shoes in the back room above the counter, I should have grabbed them before. Can you go back and get them? I’ll wear those tonight."

"Do you need more pickles?" I asked.

"No, I’m sure we’ll find something at the deli. Wash your face though, only I should smell like me!"

I quickly washed my face, and sure enough I found a shoebox on the high shelf. I brought it up to Marisa.

"Did you open it?"


"Please check to see if we have any friends in there, as you know, it can happen in here," she smirked.

I opened the box, "They look OK." I took out each shoe and shook the out upside down. "No surprises." They were black kid leather pumps with an A-line toe box, and there was a faint footprint in them.

Marisa dangled her feet as she held her knees up to her chest. "I started breaking them in last fall and I kinda forgot about them. Do you like?"

"They look very nice."

"Help me put them on."

The pumps easily slid onto Marisa’s feet, I never noticed how soft and well manicured her feet were before.

"OK, let’s go," Marisa grabbed my arm and propelled me towards the door. "I’m hungry!"

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