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Trip To The Store - Part 4

Some days turn into very eventful days!
Dinner was a blur of conversation about topics I am hard pressed to remember, since almost as soon as we sat down across from each other I found the pleasant addition of her foot in my lap. I kept one hand on her foot, gently rubbing along its length while I ate with the other. Occasionally her foot would slide down my leg and then run back up again to rest on my thigh. I couldn’t help but be mesmerized with the stare of her deep brown eyes. At one point during the meal she relaxed back into her chair for a few minutes saying, "I ate that too fast." About a minute later, in an amazing sleight of hand, a pickle appeared on my plate. The pickle was slightly disheveled and a little worse for wear, smelled like a pickle and something else familiar.

Marisa smirked at me, "Aren’t you going to eat your pickle?"

I put on a western drawl, "Mamma always told me to finish whatever someone is nice enough to fix up on your plate. Ah believe ah’ll enjoy this," and I made a slow meal out of the pickle with my eyes focused on Marisa’s.

When desserts arrived, she moved her foot closer to my crotch and I could feel her toes stroking my bulge. She seemed to enjoy tapping and alternately pressing hard to feel for the outline of my member. Marisa pressed down hard as she shifted around and then she withdrew her foot. I heard her right a shoe on the floor. I looked over the side of the table and then noticed her pump dangling off of her right foot. Marisa was looking around the restaurant to see if anyone was paying attention, and before I knew it, she deftly took a forkful of my cheesecake dessert and tucked it into her shoe! In one fluid motion she changed around and put another fork of my dessert into her other shoe. She had a merry look in her eyes as she whispered: "Don’t worry, you’ll get it back."

I retorted, "I guess I’ll need to order that soufflé, I won’t be able to get up for quite a while without sharing my excitement with anybody who looks our way!"

Marisa had a devilish smile on her face at this point. "Oh, just hide it under your jacket; surely you’re not that big!"

"I’ll manage." I collected the check and suggested to Marisa, "I guess we should go."


I put on my sly smile. "I’ll take you anywhere you want to go!"

"OK, let’s go to my place, Chloe shouldn’t be home."

I watched Marisa’s pumps as we walked out of the restaurant. By the time we got to the door, my dessert had started to poke through her visible toe cleavage, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

The hostess, an older woman, was also looking at Marisa’s shoes, and noticed the extra as well. She tried to stop Marisa saying, "Oh, miss, there’s something on your shoes."

Marisa turned to her and said, "It’s his fault, and he’ll be taking care of it." I don’t know who was redder, the hostess or me!

Marisa was pealing with laughter as we stepped outside. "Come on home and help me out with my shoes…and anything else you’d like to help out with."

"You’re incorrigible!" I ranted.

Marisa cocked an eyebrow at me, and said sternly "You haven’t even tried to correct me yet."

"Oh, nononononono! I like you just the way you are. Why would I want to screw that up? I promise I don’t!" I apologized.

Marisa put her arm around my waist, hugged me, and said up into my ear, "OK, you can clean me up, you have to finish what you started."

Oh yeah! Cheerfully!

Marisa tucked herself into my side with her arm around my waist as she steered me back towards the store. I could hear some squelching noises coming from her feet as we sauntered along. As we stopped in front of the doors she turned to face me, I hadn’t realized that she was just two inches shorter in her heels. She nibbled on my ear and whispered "Time for our dessert," as she gave me quite a firm hug. She handed me the key and as I turned to open the door her arms snaked around me, her hands making a very fast trip down my front into my shorts. Marisa grabbed my cock and rotated it up, keeping her palm pressed firmly against it.

I fumbled with the keys as I tried my best to get the door open, the more I struggled with it the more she moved her hand up and down in little strokes. Finally the latch let go and I slid the door open. "Are you going to march us in?" I asked.

Marisa’s fingers curled around my turgid member and gripped like she was holding a broom handle. "I’ll steer!" she giggled.

She marched us inside, steered me quickly around to close the door and murmured "Lock it." Now she was actively stroking my length, in time with my repeated fumbling with the lock.

At last! "Here’s your keys." I rasped out as I jerked the key out of the lock, jingling the ring against her arm. I decided to tease a little, "So, how about the rest of my dessert?"

"OK, go sit down behind the counter, I’ll be right back."

I found a short stool behind the counter and sat down; I was reminded of being on pervert’s row at a strip club, since the countertop was at the same relative height as the dancer’s floor.
I heard a toilet flush, and running water, then Marisa rounded the corner as she sashayed her way to the front. The exaggerated sway of her hips made her skirt flare from side to side. As she reached my side, she steadied herself with her hand on my head and climbed up on the counter top. I heard her unzip her skirt while I had a close up view of the rest of my dessert poking its way out of her toe cleavage.

"Help me out of this, please," came the gentle command from above.

I stood up as she slid down the skirt, I pulled the hem away from her pumps as she stepped out of it, and I draped it over a nearby chair. I looked up to her smoldering gaze framed by her hair and the low light of the room. "Will you suck my toes?"

"I guess you want me to finish my dessert, right?"

"Uh huh," was the quiet reply.

I then noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties now, and that I could smell her excitement. I bent over to start licking at the visible dessert from her left pump. I reached around to hold the heel down on the counter. Marisa slowly popped her heel up, and then withdrew her foot, and I hungrily took as much of her foot into my mouth as I could, sucking the cheesecake and thrusting my tongue under and the in between her toes. I could hear the countertop glass display case next to me rattling as she used it to support herself.

I heard Marisa moaning as I continued to lick the remnants of my dessert and as I finished her left foot I looked up to see that Marisa was gently rubbing her mound.

I moved over to her right pump, licked off as much as I could, and when I reached for the heel, she pushed me back as she lowered herself to sit down on the counter. "Sit down on the stool."
Her left heel was hooked over my shoulder as she maneuvered her right foot in front of my mouth. She gently pushed all five of her toes into my mouth and my tongue roamed under and in between her toes as I sucked away the squished cherries & cheesecake. Marisa was moaning a little as my tongue moved around, I noticed that her fingers were a little more involved with her pussy.

I pulled a few inches away from her foot, and I tilted it upright. I licked the remainder of the sweet dessert from under the ball of her foot and she shook as she giggled.

"B-better ch-check the other one," Marisa’s voice stammered out as she switched her feet around, hooking her right heel over my shoulder and giving me another go at her left.

A few quick licks later I said, "I think I got everything. What was your dessert?" with an upturned eyebrow.

"Can you get me out the pumps that still have pickles in them, please?"

I had to fumble around in the dark, and as I leaned forward to reach down for them her heels crossed in behind my head pulling my face down into her pussy. When my chin hit the countertop she scooted forward a little, firmly pressing her pussy lips over my nose. After about a minute of pressing into her while my hands wandered over the shoe shelf under the counter, I found the pair, pulled my face away, and put them up beside her on the counter.

"Thanks!" Marisa said, "I have to go get my yoga mat from the back. See if you can find the shoes I was wearing today when you came in."

Marisa stood back up on the counter, stepped into the pumps, and I heard the pickles crunch some more as she said, "Help me down, please."

I looked at the other pumps still on the countertop, there were some more remnants of the cheesecake visible, and I couldn’t help myself, the cheesecake tasted better with some extra flavoring from Marisa. I used my fingers to get out what I could. As I finished up with the second one, I looked down to see that the white flats were just in my reach. I picked them up and tried to stand up just as Marisa was lugging a large mat towards me. I bent my cock a little as I stood up, since it was still trapped inside my shorts, and Marisa dropped the mat and giggled.

"Better let that out!"


"Take off your shorts and lie down here on the mat."

Like I was going to argue! I dropped my trou & undies as fast as I could and I then stretched out on the mat.

Marisa grabbed her white flats from the counter walked around and stood over my head, with her toes touching my shoulders. As I looked up at her I could see her pussy was very wet. She leaned forward, making eye contact and said, "Don’t come in my mouth." She then started her descent to me, with her knees on the mat squeezing my ribcage, and she dropped her flats on my thighs when her hands landed next to my hips. She dragged her hair across my pelvis, and my cock wasted no time in saluting her efforts. She rocked backwards and I felt her ankles resting on my shoulders as she settled her pussy to cover my nose. Her mound was pressing on my chin, and I pushed up with my tongue as high as I could. I was rewarded with a loud, singular "Oh!"
Marisa then started stroking my cock with her fingers and at the same time her tongue circled the end of my shaft. I did my best to mimic her motions, every time that she took me inside her mouth I responded with a tongue thrust as high as I could. I stroked her thighs and bum, and when I felt her bringing me to the brink I pushed up on her rear so she could hear me say, "I’m coming!"

Marisa then lifted her head, clamped her fingers over the shaft, squeezing very hard, and she started to pump furiously.

"I’m coming!" I said louder.

"I know!" Marisa said, and when she felt my first thrust coming she twisted my cock sideways. I felt my cock being pointed onto a soft cool surface as her pussy slammed back down onto my waiting nose and tongue. I shot everything out that I had in several spurts, for every spurt I gave my nose was flattened by her bouncing weight. She pushed back a little more and I could feel her hard clitoral bump on my teeth as she moved with the tiniest twitches. I could barely hear her moans and ohs as my face was getting a thorough smashing from her wet pelvis.

A loud "Ohhh!" gave me a gush of her wetness and she then lifted off of me, as she moved up on to all fours.

She was dripping a little on my chest as I watched her thighs shake with her excitement. Marisa then leaned back on to me again, enough to get the momentum to stand back up. As she got up, I watched her from below. I could hear her flex her foot inside her pump, giving me the occasional crunching noise. She was looking down at her hands which I noticed were holding her left flat level. She seemed to be rolling it back and forth.

"Watcha doin?" I asked after about a minute.

She leaned over and put the flat on my chest. I could see the insole where my cum had ended up, Marisa had spread it out over the insole. She then shook off her pump and slid her foot into the flat. I could hear more squelching noises as she wriggled her toes and then placed her foot back on the floor next to my head. She then swapped footwear on her right foot and stepped back.
"Could you please put the pumps back on the shelf, don’t clean them up, OK. Put your shorts on, too, we need to get going."

As I got up she grabbed my still erect member to steady herself while she reached for the mat and only let go when she needed her hands to roll it up. In mock frustration she scolded, "Get dressed, and get going with putting those things away!" as she picked up the shoes she wore to the restaurant.

"Yes Ma’am!"

I sat down on the stool in behind the counter again to put away the pumps and I took my time getting my underwear and shorts back on. That did take some doing as I usually feel exhausted after a thorough thrashing like I had just received. My legs were shaking like those of a newborn colt.

Marisa walked up and I noticed that she had her nylons on again. I could see that the nylons under her toes on her left foot were wet.

"You like?" she asked, doing a pirouette in front of me.

"Oh, baby," was all I could manage.

She came around the counter and stood in front of me. My face was at the level of her belly. I leaned forward and she met me by pushing the back of my head into her. My nose was tickled by her pubic hair. She lifted her right thigh over my shoulder and pushed my head down a little, and then she tilted her pelvis up so that her wetness was touching my nose.

"This feels so good," I murmured.

All too quickly she pulled back, saying, "Help me get my skirt on."

After she was properly dressed again, I stood up. Marisa tucked something into my shirt pocket, she had folded up her satiny underwear into what looked like a folded handkerchief.

"Looks elegant, thank you." I offered.

"Let’s go." Marisa took my hand and led me to the back of the store.

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