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Two Feet Across

Be careful hanging your feet out of the car window.
It was an overcast afternoon so I decided to run to the park and read my book for lunch. When I pulled into the lot I saw no one around and drove the whole length of the little dirt road that followed the river where I found a little pull off that faced the river under some old oak tree. The air was fresh and I could hear the gentle flow of the water in front of me. I kicked my seat back, took off my shoes, stretched my legs out of the window and draped my feet out into the breeze.

Before long I heard a car creeping down the little dirt road that brought me here and I briefly looked up to see a car slowly passing by. A smiling gentleman passed by with no hand wave or signal that he even saw me but I did notice that his eyes did not stop looking my direction until he absolutely had to and then I heard his car stop some distance away. I continued reading but was interrupted several times by an opening door, a closing door, footsteps on the gravel and some clicking sounds. I peered from the rim of my sun glasses and watched a handsome young man slowly walking past my passenger window staring into my car but he quickly looked away and stepped a little faster when it looked as if I might catch him staring. I smiled as I was flattered.

He walked to the edge of the river and I sat up enough to see through my windshield. He had a big camera and was frantically snapping pictures of the river, up into the trees, down the river’s edge and all over. I went back to my book but could hear him wandering around in front of my car. Soon I heard him near my window and I sat up slightly to see him taking pictures of the birds up in a nearby tree. His ass was nice in the tan cargo shorts he was wearing and he looked as if he might be in shape and possibly around the early to mid-forties. His calves were well defined and looked to me like he hiked a lot. He began to turn towards me so I quickly buried my face in my book and soon I heard footsteps heading my way.

Soon I heard the clicking of the camera again and glanced over to where I thought he was and caught him pointing the camera at me, well not exactly at me but at my feet. I startled him slightly but he quickly spoke.

“I am really sorry to bother you but would you mind if I photographed your feet?” He said softly as his face began to flush. “You really have beautiful feet.” I looked up from my book just over the rim of my sun glasses.

“You want to take pictures of my feet?” I said with a confused smile.

“Absolutely!” He said enthusiastically. “You’d be surprised how wonderful a picture of a good set of feet would do to someone.” He hesitated. “I mean, your feet would make a really nice picture.” He really started to turn red and I gazed my own feet. I noticed the ankle bracelets and green polish and put them together and pointed them outward toward him.

“Sure, go ahead,” I said with a slight chuckle and returned to reading my book. I glanced up several minutes later and saw him clicking away, sometimes close up, sometimes far away with the camera tilted. I was kind of enjoying the attention my feet were getting. He stopped after several close up pictures and held him camera to the sky. I gathered he was looking at the pictures that he had just taken.

“Oh yes!” He said. “Thank you so much. Thank you, these are great!” He looked at me and smiled. “Wow. Your feet are really photogenic. My, God.” He tilted his camera to the sky again and his enthusiasm was getting almost creepy but it was quite cute, too. I sat up slightly and noticed a significant bulge in his pants just outside my window and began to wonder if he was some foot fetishist. I realized that I was probably right on target as his moans were nearly orgasmic.

“You can take more if you like.” I said. “I think my feet are enjoying the attention.” I wiggled my toes and he jumped on the opportunity, clicking away at every angle possible. Soon he stepped up onto a large cement block that was next to my car and was standing straight up, pointing the camera straight down on my feet and I watched him inch forward, nearly touching his crotch to my toes. I set my book down and watched him as I wiggled my toes right in front of his growing bulge. He clicked away at the camera as if he were a professional but I knew I was teasing the hell out of him. I couldn’t help it, though.

“That’s great!” He said. “Oh my God, that’s awesome!” He returned to clicking away. I wiggled my toes again and accidently bumped the front of his shorts. I tried to play it off as if it hadn’t happened but his bulge was getting larger and I was getting more curious. I spread my toes and swiped them down the front of his shorts and felt the whole length of his erection. Watching his eyes widen as he looked into the camera I felt him backing up but tucked my big toe under the zipper flap and drew him in closer. The clicking stopped. I ran my foot down the length of his cock again and then pinched his zipper between my big toe and the next one. Slowly I began to tug downward on his zipper while he stood perfectly still and got about a quarter of the way down and lost grip. He stared in amazement.

Again I attempted to get his zipper down by digging my toes into his undercarriage, pulling him into my feet and forcing my big toe into the opening. I worked my toes into his shorts and felt his hardened tool against his underwear. I felt a definitive wet spot towards the top and it was very slick. He reached down, grabbed my ankle after sliding his hand along the top of my foot and then he pressed my foot harder into himself and let out a low moan.

“Oh, my God,” He said with his eyes closed. “You are beautiful.” I wondered if here talking to me or just my foot but didn’t think about too long and manipulated his thick tool between my big toe and the others, holding my big toe just underneath the head of his cock. I felt a distinctive lip there and pushed my toe into him. He frantically reached into his pants and struggled for a moment but eventually exposed a beautifully thick sausage with a very prominent head on it. It was only 5 or 6 inches long but thick and very hard. I ran my left foot over the top as I rested it against my right toes and began to stroke him with my right foot. I never knew how sexy this could be nor did I know how turned on I would get. I could feel the moisture in my panties and I could actually see a wet spot on them as they seemed to be exposed by my hiked up miniskirt.

I squeezed and twisted his hard, thick cock with my feet for several minutes and then peeked up at him from the comfort of my car seat. He looked like he was in Heaven with his eyes rolled back in his head and then I felt his hand on my foot, pushing himself harder into the bottom of my right foot. Again I fit my toes around the lip of his swollen head and felt a cool spot right between my toes. When I looked at my foot I could see a glimmer of liquid and realized how much of his seed was getting all over my toes and then heard the clicking of the camera. I nearly jumped up to yell at him but quickly noticed he was only taking pictures of my feet. I thought about it for a minute and figured that I was alright with that as long as he didn’t point the camera at my face. I pulled my straw hat down at the front so he wouldn’t be tempted to take my picture.

Shifting in my seat so that my back was pressed against my console and pushing my legs further out of the window, I found my feet missing the hardened tool they had once been caressing and before I could look up and out of the window I felt warm lips against my toes. I directed my view out of my open window and saw no one, just my knees and then felt him sucking on each one of my toes, one by one. Confused at first as to how this felt, I let it go on and soon began to enjoy the feeling of this man sexually molesting my little tootsies. My wet spot began to grow and I placed my hand over my exposed panties, pushing my finger into the nook of my lips. I was getting pretty worked up about this whole experience.

I felt him pull away from my toes and looked out of the window, watching him rise to a standing position by my door. Putting my feet together I could feel the slick sheen that coated my toes and then felt his hands against the tops of both my feet. Soon I could feel his cock forging its way through the pads of my feet and then brushing the bottom of my toes. I wiggled my toes every time he thrust his cock in between my feet and before long I could actually hear the slapping sounds of sex coming from my feet and I could feel his testicles bouncing against my heals.

I giggled. I actually giggled like a little child and he began to pump his cock harder through my toes and I then saw myself spread eagle against my car door, feet out the window and a hard head of a cock spreading my toes apart and allowing them to come back together, over and over. I giggle even harder and then hollered like a cowgirl, feeling the slick sausage slide in and out from between my feet. I moved my right foot to the front of his swollen member and let his cock dart in and out from between my toes and then he stopped abruptly.

I felt the rush of a river flow between my toes and eagerly watched a white stream spray from the tip of his snake. It shot straight up in the air and landed on my thigh. It felt warm and thick and as I felt him quickly pump his cock through my feet again, I pulled his hammer down with my left foot and pointed his gun straight at me while squeezing it against the top of my right foot. Again I felt the surge and watched the thick cream head for my face but only felt the warm liquid against my clavicle. He jerked and pushed himself through my feet again and as I flipped my big toe across the lips of his head a constant flow of semen drained over the front of my foot and across my toes. He twitched several times then held my feet steady for a moment.

He stood there momentarily with his mouth open and his eyes closed and then he spoke. “That was absolutely fucking awesome!” I watched him take a deep breath and then he picked up the camera again and began frantically snapping pictures of the white blobs all over my toes. He pointed the camera at my face and I held my hand up in front of my face.

“Don’t even think about it, Luv.” I said sternly from under my hat. “My feet are one thing but not the face.” I smiled and looked up as he dropped the camera back to his chest.

“OK, I’m sorry,” He said quickly. “Could I get your number?” I cut him off with a wave of my hand signaling him that I was saying good bye and going back to reading my book. “OK, ok, uh…. It was great meeting you.” I heard him say as he stepped off the cement.

“Nice meeting you, too.” I said with a smile and returned to my book. I could hear his footsteps in the gravel slowly getting further and further away and by the time I finished the next three paragraphs, his car was starting and he drove off. I looked up at my toes again and wiggled them in the sunlight, noticing the creamy glisten and then set my book down, grabbed my ankles and pulled myself forward. I stuck my big toe in my mouth and licked my toes clean, grabbed a tissue and cleaned off my thigh. Sitting up in my car seat I glanced in my rear view mirror and gazed at the huge streak of pearly juice across my neck. I swiped my finger across it and sucked it into my mouth. It was sweet. I swiped a tissue across my neck and pulled my seat up, started my car and drove back home.
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