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Underneath Her and her proposal!

My first face sitting.

I was a freshman in college on a basketball scholarship at a state university. I signed up late for classes, but seeing I was pre med taking a jr. level science class seemed undaunted. I soon learned this wasn't high school anymore.

I was always in the gym, a red shirt freshman gave me time to add some weight to my 6ft 180 lb frame. Women's volleyball practice always coincided with men's basketball practice. Drinking fountains were shared, so as my face was stuffed sucking water from the fountain I always dunked my head under the stream after I was finished quenching my thirst. When I stood up there she was. "Looks like you, you enjoy having your face wet?" she asked. Being a naive freshman, I didn't get it. "Yep" I said. Water streaming into my eyes, rubbing them I realized that whoa she was hot. A tall, sandy haired thick blonde with her hair pulled back in a pony tail staring at me. My mouth must have been open as I stared. She kept looking back at me as she slurped water through those amazing pouty lips. " Yeah I have a tendency to have that kind of effect one guys" she laughed. I still wasn't catching on. She said" You come here often?" I guess I was dumbfounded that something so beautiful was talking to me because I didn't answer. "It was a joke, get it?" "Uh huh" I stammered.  "Keller get your ass over here and quit flirting" a coach yelled in my direction. "OK" I yelled. Admitting that I was intrigued. "Nice knee pads" I told her as I walked away.

"Nice knee pads?" I thought. Dumb ass, now she will never talk to you. Though all throughout practice all I could think about was her. When practice ended I walked out to fetch my bicycle( freshman weren't allowed to have their truck on campus first year) as I got on it, I came around the corner and there she was talking to her friends. She stopped me "Hey, if you want a pair of knee pads I let you borrow mine" she said with a big grin on her face. Dumbfounded I said " I didn't need them." She said " You never know, they have plenty of other uses". I laughed thinking to myself "stupid, stupid, stupid" Chris Farley line. "I'm Kelly" she said gesturing to shake my hand. Out of sheer genius I took her hand and kissed her hand. Startled she was without words. I said" I have been wanting to do that all practice." That is were it started. I was smitten and so was she. Kelly and I were inseparable. She was a sophomore and I was a freshman.

We began having sex the first date. She had a nice plump ass, and everyday after practice we went directly to her apartment off campus for hot sweaty sex. I loved the way she smelled, loved eating her out, and she had never came from oral until me. As you can tell, she always had dirty on her mind, she turned me into a kinky motherfucker.

It was a Friday, and just like every practice end, we'd go back to her place and strip off and get down to business. My clothes were off first, not erect yet, but she kept her clothes on, rather her  gray bikini panties, the bra was off and I began sucking her breast licking the sweat off her. She said" I want to do something different" I said "hell yeah" She told me to lie on the bed on my back. I did exactly that. She got on top of me and kissed me pushing my arms out above my head. I felt something cold go around each wrist. CLICK.... CLICK. "There" she said smiling. "Your all mine" she said. Yep, I was handcuffed to her bed. This was new, to be out of control.

She looked at me and asked" How bad do u want me?" I said" really bad" She said " No how bad do u want to taste me?" Duh...I loved her taste, playing along I said " I want to taste you really bad" She said " I want you to prove it to me" I said "Ok". She turned around facing my feet and put her knees on both sides of my face and said" I want you to smell how hot you make me while I practice, thinking about you eating me out. And with that he knees expanded and she thrust her pussy clad shorts on my face. She began rubbing her ass back and forth across my face. All I could breathe was her scent. For some reason her scent was overpowering. her scent was strong after practice don't get me wrong, but this day was different. She concentrated on rubbing her clit across my nose and all of sudden she got up off me. She looked at me and said" I need to run to the store, I'll be right back. And with that she was gone. Here I was stuck, handcuffed to her bed, alone with an extreme purple 6 inch cock standing end, without anyway of stroking it. I started to get pissed, but her scent was all over my face. I remained erect.

It seemed like forever but it was only about 10 minuets, because the clock read 4pm. She came back into the room, and asked" How bad do you want me?" I said get your ass back on top of me" She laughed and said" I think I just started." At this point I didn't care. I said" Please get back on top of me. And with that her shorts came off, her bra came off, and then her panties.

She said" I can put a tampon in if you want me to" But I wanted her so bad I said again" Get your ass on top of me now". She got on top of me and repositioned her self above me  and sat down on my face. I began licking  her outer lips she tasted so good a mix of sweat and wetness was intoxicating, I thrust my tongue deep inside of her and she began to fuck my tongue. She came instaneously but kept on bobbing. She came again, and I pulled out my tongue  and said" I want your ass." She had never let me lick her asshole, but she gave me what I wanted. She sat up straight, repositioned her knees and I began lapping her tight little asshole. All of her cum had retreated around her hole. It was sticky, sweet and salty. She stoked her clit as I rimmed her asshole, she came again, and again.

My cock was throbbing, she knew I needed release. She gave me her pussy back and swallowed my cock. I could feel her uvula on the tips of my dick I was so sensitive. Within seconds I exploded in her mouth. She gagged at first, cause I unloaded the first load when she was taking a gasping breath. But she kept sucking me, gripping the base of my cock not allowing the second load to come forth. My begging was muffled because my mouth was engaged with her clit. Finally she released her grip and I unloaded again into her throat. She swallowed and kept sucking, I squirted again and once more and she took every ounce of my offering.

After the final gush of my jizz she sat up on my chest. And said " Rob.... will you marry me?

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