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Unsuspected Domme

Middle aged neighbor gets surprise when consoling young neighbor
Unsuspected Domme

When Ariel and her mother first moved in next door, they kept a low profile for weeks. When I finally went over to introduce myself and welcome them to the neighborhood, they seemed an odd family. Ariel was a typical 17 year old except that she dressed in the Goth garb popular with some teens. She wore black eye makeup, lipstick and nail polish. I never saw her in any clothing that was not black, skirts, pants and tops and she was always quiet. Her mother always dressed conservatively and seemed overly shy for an adult.

Sadly just four years after they had settled into the neighborhood, Ariel’s mother was killed in a car accident and Ariel inherited the house and a considerable amount of insurance money that her mother had never told her existed. When I attended the funeral, Ariel approached me and thanked me for being there for her. Although her mother and I had tried dating months before her death, we were not comfortable with each other, but I continued to be a good neighbor.

For weeks there was a string of wild parties next door late at night and sometimes even during the day. On a Saturday morning I stepped out my back door to take out some trash. It was pleasant outside and a soft rain pelted the grass and buildings. I spotted Ariel in her back yard, working in her small garden. She seemed oblivious to the rain. What took me by surprise was her attire. Her hair had grown long and she wore it in a ponytail under a black ball cap. She wore a lacy black bra, a black thong and black high top tennis shoes.

At first I smiled to myself at the absurdity of her gardening attire, but my focus quickly changed to the maturity her body had taken in the last four years. She was still plain looking with no particular facial characteristics, other than her lips adorned with bright black lipstick. Although she was still almost flat chested, her hips were slim but she had a heart shaped ass and gorgeous long legs.

As though she could feel my eyes on her body, she slowly stood and turned around, catching my eyes affixed to her legs. “Something wrong, Mr. Ward?” she asked. When my eyes met hers she was smiling. She began walking toward me and I met her halfway. “I’m sorry to stare; I just never saw someone practically naked gardening in the rain,” I explained.

“First of all, I’m not naked, and pulling weeds is easier when the ground is wet and soft.” She countered.

“Excellent point,” I answered. “How have you been doing, Ariel?”

She frowned and pouted as she explained. “I’m so tired of dating guys who take advantage of me. They only want a good time and to get off; they don’t care about my feelings or my needs.”

I tried to be sympathetic. “Be patient, Ariel, maybe you just haven’t found the right guy yet.”

“No matter who I go out with they take what they want. Young guys my age can’t last very long and a couple married guys I dated only wanted to do things with me that their wives wouldn’t do. I’m disgusted with men right now.”

“Hang in there, Ariel; I’m sure someone will come along one of these days.”

She stared at me in dead silence for a few seconds and then stepped close. Suddenly the world stopped when she placed her hands on my chest. I looked down at the raindrops dripping down her chest and down across her abs. She leaned up to kiss me and I could not resist meeting her lips with mine. She stepped into my frame and my hands landed on her wet buttocks. Ariel was young enough to be my daughter but something kept me from fighting the strange and strong feelings of attraction.

When she pulled away her hand touched the crotch of my pants and she smiled. “You liked kissing me, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Yes, I can’t explain it, Ariel, but it made me feel different than I ever have.”

“I could sense that. I’m going to call you Lee from now on, and you can call me Miss Ariel or Mistress. I have a girl friend who taught me how to recognize a man who can appreciate and take care of a girl, and you fit the profile perfectly. You like to take care of a girl, don’t you, Lee?”

“Yes, of course I do; that’s how I was raised, to respect a woman,” I answered shyly.

“Then follow me into my house. Do as I tell you and don’t speak unless I ask you a question; got it?”

“Okay,” I said.
“What did you say?” she prompted.

“I mean… yes, Miss Ariel!” I blurted.

When we stopped in the center of her living room she stood boldly in front of me with her hands on her hips. “Undress for me, quickly, I want to hold your cock in my hand.” She demanded. When I was naked she took my semi hard cock in her fist. She seemed delighted.

“Excellent. Now kiss me passionately.”

I kissed her softly at first but as her hand began squeezing my cock my kisses got more aggressive. She moaned into my mouth and pumped my shaft slowly. “Mmmm, now, kiss and lick my nipples.”

She released her hold on my erection so I could bend down to attack her tiny breasts and nipples. I unhooked her bra and dropped it and then sucked as best I could on her flesh and sucked her nipples until her hands on my shoulders pushed me down to my knees. She wiggled out of the thong and turned around. “Kiss my ass; I know you want to; you were staring at it today with that horny look on your face.”

I kissed all over one buttock and switched to the other one when she gave me a different direction. “No, not like that; spread my cheeks with your hands and kiss my ass. Get right in there and kiss it.” She said. This was something that I had never experienced with my ex-wife, nor had I ever felt being controlled before. It was more than arousing, it was addictive.

As instructed I opened her cheeks with my hands and slowly pressed my face into her crack. When my puckered lips finally touched her sphincter she sighed out loud, “Ah…yes….that’s what I want to control….to have you do anything I ask….I need that so much….”

She slowly pulled away and walked to the sofa. She sat on the very edge of the cushion with her legs spread wide and leaned back. “Now, crawl over here and use your tongue to please me. You can stroke yourself but don’t come. Tongue fuck me and lick my clit until I tell you to stop.”

For the next hour her hands held my head, applying my tongue as she wanted. Her legs wrapped around my head and she rocked against my face until she came over and over. My nose and chin were glistening with her juices; I was aching for release and had let go the grip on my cock for fear of ejaculating all over the floor.

When she was sated she put the heel of her shoes on my shoulders and pushed me away. I was panting like a dog in heat and precum oozed down my shaft like lava down a mountainside. Arial put a hand between her legs. “Stand in front of me and jerk off,” she commanded, “and when you come, catch it in your hand.”

Masturbation is such a private thing that I wasn’t sure if I could perform, but as excited as I had become, I was willing to try. I also could not help myself from doing whatever she wanted.

Seeing her rubbing her pussy gave me plenty of incentive to stroke with purpose. When I knew I was getting close, she gritted her teeth and groaned at me, “I want to see you come when I do….get ready….okay, come! Come now, Lee!” I watched her fingers jerking frantically between her legs and my cock delivered right on her command.

I stood before her with quivering legs, my palm filled with my own warm creamy sperm, waiting for her to recover from her digitally induced orgasm. She gazed at me lazily and asked softly, “Will you do anything I ask you to, Lee?”

Inside I felt a new awareness of unaddressed desires and a need to please her. Without any hesitation I nodded, “Yes, Mistress Ariel.”

Crossing her arms over her chest she smiled and told me to do the unthinkable. “Eat it for me, Lee; lick your hand clean. Go on… it.” She said firmly.

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