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Valley Of Emeralds

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find your gravy
I met her while I was searching. Searching the woods in hope of finding erotic trees. Trees with branches that reached in my directions. My directions being my sexual mind and the leafs being a similar genre as I. Trees the people with my kindred eroticism. I am a person without labels but I do prefer associating with like minded people. People who are open and not adverse to sexual escapades and have wisdom's that I can and will morph into. Sort of a Renaissance of erotic tryst. My inner circle, among them she became. By day the entrepreneur of a small quaint bookshop. Might I say that I still am. I will call her Terri.


The bell on the shop door tingled as I was in the motion of assorting newly traded books. Books that my customers had brought in for the exchange of new reading material. She was of small stature in height and being it winter, her form was shrouded by her coat. It was obvious to me that she was some years younger then I. It was her eyes that attracted me. After we had arranged the swapping and trade policy of my shop, I asked her name for my book keeping records and to begin a history of her " in-shop visits". Terri was now inscribed a participating trader of books.

Over the next months Terri would come in. By her history I could bring up the books that she traded for. Mostly Romance and Romantic Suspense.

This particular day she ask if I had some books with a tickle. I was thinking humor but she corrected my thinking and voiced, "Hot-Erotica."

"Voyeurism, to be precise..."

"This way, I think you may find your gravy".

Before she left she asked me about the book reading club I hosted every other Tuesday evening. I told her that she would be welcome and to please attend the following Tuesday. I failed to tell her it was mostly treating the mind with that of erotic script. I really didn't think that she would show. I was surprised when she did.

A chapter was being read.

 ...Abby returned wearing a camisole which clung to every curve of her body. She wore a a thong and her large nipples strained against the camisole material as she modeled her self...

is cock was hard and throbbing shes got up on a table before him. She unzipped his trousers and took his cock into her small hand. Then with her tongue licking her lips, jacked him off...


It was soon after that reading that I asked Terri to join me for a morning coffee. We agreed to meet at the Java and Muffin shop, being in the same center that my shop is located. There we met almost daily and we became aware of each others proclivities. She admitted having a large appetite for voyeurism. It was her fetish she said. I just a hunger for eroticism, kinky style. By kinky I mean anything short of extreme pain.

Several days later without an invitation I showed up at her apartment door. I don't know what I was expecting but I was in for a 'rising' surprise. She answered the door wearing only a man's oxford cloth shirt, several times too large for her. 

"I was just thinking of you as I was watching", she said.
She took my hand and led me to a window that over looked a small quadrangle of lawn several flights below. Her shades were partially parted. She switched the lamp off and the room became dark. 

"Now look straight across an count two flights below. Tell me what you see".

On the floor across the way were two naked women fondling each other. Their lips locked into a full frontal kiss. Caressing and nibbling at each ones tits and nipples. I could see shadows and then two men joined in. The pawing of hands soon became the eating of asses. A Daisy Chain. My cock became hard.
Terri unbuttoned her shirt and tossed it aside. What I saw put me into a full penis erection. Her nipples were inverted and in the valley of the nipples stood a small emerald. She had a cock. A magnificent cock, one to suck and cuddle. She/he had been castrated but could maintain a full hard-on. She slowly unzipped my trousers and reached in for my cock. Taking it in her hand she licked the bottom side of my shaft, starting at my balls. Slowly then quickly and with sounds that sent my heart racing. She blew gently her warm breath on my cock head, whispering words of praise. 

She jacked-me off and as I gave a throb took my cock in her mouth. She held her head back in order that her mouth and throat could fully accept my entire cock. I head fucked her as she held on to my balls and squeezed. My burst of cum exploded and then filled her mouth on the up stroke but she soon swallowed. 

She was a cum addict like me.

The remainder of the night we watched across the quadrangle until I took Terri's cock to my task.

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