Warming Up

By Naughtydude

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He’s got the perfect tool to help warm up her cold feet.
It was her sky-high heels that first caught his attention. They were gorgeous and sexy white pastel ankle straps. Translucent pink ribbons adorned the ankles of the heels and the golden buckles of the straps sporadically glinted. He loved the way the heels left the arches of her pedicure perfect feet exposed and the way the vamp brought her toes together for display. To match together, her toenails were painted the same color of her heels. He didn’t know much about heels, but damned if the ones in front of him didn’t look expensive and made the women in them look hot as hell.

It seemed so odd to choose such extravagant footwear to go grocery shopping in. The black pencil skirt and tight white blouse she had on weren’t exactly casual clothing either. They did do a great job of showing her long sexy legs and the curves of her ass and buoyant breasts. Her attire made her stand out like a sore thumb in the local suburban supermarket. The eyes of passing customers all took quick glances at the striking beauty before continuing on with their shopping. It was only his eyes that seemed to be superglued to the mysterious babe.

The memory of her that day was engraved in Brandon’s mind. Not just because of her attractive appearance, but because of the significance the day marked. The day his sexy new neighbor moved in. Who would have known the hot brunette pushing around a shopping cart in her high heels would have ended up being his new next door neighbor?

From then on, the thought of her always found its way inside his head. He realized he was enamored with her. Unsure if what he was experiencing was akin to a high school crush, or something much more potent. He was certain about one thing and that was getting to know her better. This turned out to be much more difficult than it should have been. During the week she never seemed to be around and during the weekend she cloistered herself at home.

The only brief interaction he got with her were on early mornings when he would see her leave for work. A friendly smile, hi and handwave, or some combination of the three was given and nothing more. She may have been elusive in reality, but in his fantasies she was always there. Yet no amount of imagining could change the fact that even though he may have lived next door to her, they were worlds apart.

It was fitting that when he did catch her for the first time out of her home, it was at the very same place he had first seen her. At the market.

He had been running low on some items and since it was gorgeous sunny day, decided to head out. He picked up some bread, eggs and milk when he spotted her on his way out. She was clad in a simple orange blouse, jean shorts and stood in a pair of dark blue patent clogs. She wore a gold ankle bracelet around her right ankle and her once long hazel mane of hair was now a chin-length bobcut. It had been nine months since the twenty-three year-old had moved into the house across his and this was the first time he had seen her out of her office cloths.

More importantly, now was his chance to make his move. At the moment she was struggling with a set of backbreaking grocery bags. It was taking all the effort she could muster just to keep her balance.

“Need any help?”

Dawn let the bags gently fall on the ground and turned to meet a smiling Brandon. She recognized the face of her amicable next door neighbor and determined it was okay to receive the help being offered.

“If it’s not too much of a bother, yeah. It’s been a while since I’ve gone shopping.” She explained.

“It’s no problem at all.”

Brandon was more than happy to assist and if his ministrations could do something to pacify Dawn, that was an added bonus. He picked up the heaviest looking bags and left Dawn with two of the lightest. They were heavy, but thankfully the days spent at the gym came in handy. The only real discomfort was having the bags plastic rings cut into the flesh of his hands.

“Thank you so much for this.” The brunette expressed her gratitude.

“You’re welcome.” He replied.

The happy moment for Brandon was then spoiled by an abrupt and violent cold gust of wind. It wasn’t until this occurrence that he realized the sudden changes happening around him. The bright warm sun was slowly being caged by an army of menacing storm clouds. The temperature was taking a dive and a cold wind was picking up. It appeared the beautiful warm weather for the day had come to an end.

“Shall we getting?” Dawn asked realizing a possible oncoming storm..

“Ladies first.” Brandon answered

She let out a smile and they began on their way home.

There was small inconsequential talk the first few minutes of their journey. It consisted of nothing more than of how have you been and how’s work. Brandon was grateful for the minor conversation and any time he could spend alongside Dawn. Months had gone by since she moved into the neighborhood and he still didn’t know much about her. In the end their small talk didn’t last very long. The oncoming storm was getting worse and worse by the minute so they decided to concentrate on getting home. They could chat comfortably for as long as they wanted under the safety of a roof.

The cold blasts of wind and the click clack of the brunette’s clogs resounded throughout the streets. And it may have not been the best time, but Brandon’s eyes landed on Dawn’s firm round ass. Her plump hindquarters fit snugly in the jean shorts she donned. After checking out her ass for a minute or so, his eyes shifted focused and scoured down her long sexy legs. His wondering eyes finally came to a stop at her feet’s exposed heels. A women in a pair of attractive high heels was a turn on for Brandon, but seeing the simple arch of a female’s foot was enough to drive him crazy.

Ever since he saw Dawn in her elegant ankle straps nine months ago, he dreamt of doing all sorts of things with Dawn’s feet if fortune ever arose. Brandon was into that kinda of thing. He was attracted to beautiful female feet in a way he could never properly form words to explain. There was just something about being able to kiss a women’s gorgeous feet, or having a pair stroke his cock till he jizzed all over them that was just incredibly hot.

He was struck out of his thinking when a ear deafening bang pierced the atmosphere. The very sky seemed to tremble from the brewing storm within the dark storm clouds. A second later a wave of heavy rain washed upon the entire suburbs. They were three-fourths of the way to their destination when mother nature had cruelly decided to unleash her fury. Brandon could hear Dawn let out a large gasp as the bone chilling rain drenched over her. A reaction that was appropriate for the situation they found themselves in. They were nowhere near wearing the proper attire for this type of weather.

The downpour in time no time at all soaked their body’s with frigid water. The cold gusts of wind worsened their predicament. Shivering and with no other option, they proceeded forth in the rain. They eventually succeeded in reaching their homes with Dawn still guiding the way. By this point the streets were flooded with streams of water and they were both drenched. Brandon could effortlessly see through the brunette’s orange blouse and spot the white bra underneath.

He lagged behind the trudging brunette through a muddy front yard and briefly arrived at the front steps of her home. The jingling of keys rang before the front door finally opened. She entered first and Brandon quickly followed behind.

“I’m so sorry.” She apologized on entering.

“It’s alright. The real culprit in all of this is the weatherman.” He tried to make light of the situation..

“Yeah I guess you're right.” She smiled.

“So where should I put the grocery bags?”

“Oh right, you can leave them in the kitchen.”

They made their way through the living room and into the kitchen and left the wet grocery bags on the tiled floor.

“I’ll be back in second.” Dawn spoke and then ambled off.

Brandon waited patiently in the kitchen. When she returned she was toweling off her wet hair and he noticed she had changed into a dry new orange T-shirt.

“Here, catch.” She threw him a towel and he caught it.


He began to towel off own hair and tried his best to pat himself dry.

“Again, I’m so sorry.” Dawn apologized.

“It’s really okay. A little rain never hurt anyone and I was happy to help.”

“I suppose I was fortunate enough to run into you. Otherwise I would still be out there.”

They both headed back into the living room where they sat down on the green living room couch.

“Oh God, these were my favorite.”

Brandon looked down and saw Dawn’s stretched out legs with her wet clogs clinging off her feet. She placed her feet back down on the floor and was about to reach down to remove the soggy clogs when Brandon interrupted.

“Let me get that for you.”

He wasn’t sure what made him say that, but he shortly found himself kneeling on the floor.

“Oh, thank you.”

Brandon gently raised Dawn’s left foot of the ground by the ankle and removed the muddy clog of her foot. His cock stirred a bit at the sight of her lovely toes painted in a silver nail polish. He tried to force the slight raise in his pants down and removed the other clog off of the brunette’s foot. She placed her feet down on the wooden floor and Brandon stared at them for a bit. She had beautiful arches, fair skin and perfect toes painted in that sexy silver nail polish. God she had such beautiful feet was all he could think.

He tried to be surreptitious about his staring and took the towel he had been handed to gently pat down each one of her feet. He slowly ran the soft cloth over her soles and down her toes. As he held her foot in one hand and ran the cloth under her instep, Dawn let out a slight giggle.

“Hey, that tickles!” She laughed.

“Sorry.” Brandon replied.

“It’s okay.”

Brandon went back to patting down her feet and after finishing up, got up.

“Hmmm..that felt really nice. Brandon, would you mind doing me one more favor?” Dawn asked

“Sure what is it?”

“It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop raining anytime soon. So in the meantime could you stay and help me warm up?”

The last bit of her sentence made his heart sped up with excitement.

“Warm up?” He asked.

“Yeah, I was hoping you could give my cold feet a massage.” She clarified.

“Oh, a foot massage? Sure. I’d be happy too.”

He watched as Dawn laid down on the couch and placed her feet on the couch’s armrest.

“You can move the cabinet and sit down on it if you want.” She pointed out.

“Oh, right.”

Brandon lifted the cabinet placed next to the couch and moved it back enough so he could sit on it. He wedged himself between the couch and cabinet, took a seat and prepared himself to give Dawn a relaxing foot massage. He was giddy and excited inside, happy that he had seen her beautiful bare feet and now privileged that he would be able to stare and play with them. His cock was pressing hard up against his jeans, aroused by the sexy feet limply hanging off the couch’s armrest and the cute brunette comfortably laying down on the rest of the sofa. He loved the view he had of her long sexy legs and the sight of her firm breasts squeezed by her tight orange T-shirt. Dawn looked so vulnerable, yet so sexy.

He went for her left foot first. He clasped her gorgeous foot with his hands, took both his thumbs and slowly ran them from her instep down to the bottom of her sole. He repeated the same motion over and over. Each time applying more pressure and making sure not to miss an inch of her instep or sole. Her feet definitely needed the stimulation. They were ice cold.

“Oooh Brandon....that feeeels so niiiiice!” Dawn moaned.

Her breathy and sultry moan made him stop and look up. The brunette was relaxed back on the coach, her head pivoted toward the right and her eyes filled with a look of sedation.

“Please don’t stop.” She whispered.

His hands continued where they left off, massaging her foot from instep to sole. He turned his attention to her heel and began to massage the area in circles with his thumb. He varied the pressure and speed and after thoroughly giving her heel the proper attention, turned to the ball of her foot. He applied the same technique of kneading with his thumbs in circles and had Dawn moaning and curling her toes at this point.


God those moans of her were really turning him on. It made his hard cock ache even more, but it did give him a sense of pride to know his handiwork was making her moan so spicily.

Brandon continued his massage by taking a hold of her big toe with his thumb and forefinger. He then gently rolled the toe as he slid his finger down to its end. One by one, he gave the same treatment to each of her cute toes. It did take some effort on his part to resist putting her sexy silver nail polished toes into his mouth and begin sucking on them. The fear of ruining the small relationship he had with the brunette was enough to curb the action.

He finished off her left foot and went to work on her right. This time the conscience goal of making Dawn moan as much as possible was at the front of his mind. As a result he took his time massaging her right foot, making sure to knead every area and get the steamy response he was looking for. It went without a hitch. In fact it worked so well he was surprised to see what Dawn was doing when he took a glance up at her. She had her jean shorts unbuttoned and unzipped, her right hand buried deep under her pink panties.

She had her eyes closed and was biting down on her bottom lip. He could clearly see her hand moving underneath her panties. Her other free hand was cupping one of her breasts. Her fingers were busy caressing the firm orb and teasing its nipple through her shirt. She moaned and squirmed from the pleasure surging through her body. The whole sight of seeing the brunette masturbate in front of him was freaking hot.

“Don’t stop...please don’t stop Brandon.” She pleaded moaning..

It was as if she had opened her eyes and caught him staring at her. And although he was staring at her, she had not opened her eyes and he had not stopped massaging her foot.

“Please Brandon..” She mumbled.


He thought she was pleading for him not to stop his foot massage, but he soon realized it was an entirely different request. Through her sexy mewling he waited to hear the rest of her sentence.

“Please Brandon, suck my toes.”

Her request made his heart skip a beat and made him question if his ears were working properly.

“Suck my toes.”

Nope, his ears were just fine.

He looked down at her foot and stared at those delectable toes of her. He wanted to gobble them up right away, but figured it would be much more enjoyable for both of them if he took his time. Brandon gently raised her foot and brought it to his mouth. He brought his lips to her foot and gave her sole a soft smooch. There was an immediate response from Dawn as she let out a slight heave.

Brandon went back for another kiss, reveling the feel of her baby soft feet against his lips. He sensually kissed his way up to the ball of her foot and then began kissing the underside of her toes. He started off with her big toe and slowly made his way down to her pinkie toe and traveled back up. He gave her big toe one last kiss and then slowly swallowed it up.

Dawn felt her pussy clench as her big toe entered Brandon’s warm mouth. The hot wet sensation sent a pleasurable jolt up her leg and into her dripping slit. She felt his slippery tongue flirtatiously lap at her toe inside his mouth. A light but very pleasurable suction soon become present. It gently imprisoned her toe in its vacuum and then just as gently released it. It made Dawn feel so good and hot. She slid another finger to join the one already in her pussy and lost herself in the ecstacy of her self pleasuring and in her neighbors’s toe sucking.

Brandon was amazed at how much more responsive the cute brunette became with her toe in his mouth. She was moaning like she was being eaten out. He was enjoying sucking on her big toe, but wanted to suck on all her little sexy toes. He withdrew her big toe from his mouth and went on to suck the next toe in line. He took his sweet time sucking on each one of her silver varnished toes all the while watching Dawn’s intense masturbating session.

With the same pace and sensuality, Brandon helped himself to her left foot. He kissed and sucked her toes, but grew tired of holding back his voracity. He was ready to feast on Dawn’s feet like they were the main course to a five star dinner. He cupped both her feet under their heels and brought them to his mouth. He began by kissing her soft wrinkled soles again, but this time around was much more passionate about it.

He kissed and kissed savoring the taste and feel of her skin. He worked his way across both balls of her feet and all the way down to her heel. He kissed his way back up and swallowed both her big toes. He sucked on them vigorously and then expelled them out. The silver nail polish and his saliva made them shimmer. He worked her left foot and swallowed up the rest of her toes in groups of threes and fours. He lapped at her cute toes with his tongue and then gently rocked his head and forth while applying suction.

“Oh yes Brandon! That’s it! Suck my toes!” Dawn moaned.

His mouth worked its way from her pinkie toe and down to her gorgeous arches. He kissed them up and down and then gave her foot a gentle bite.

“Oh yes! Bite my feet!” She moaned.

Her toes were curling and her hand was picking up speed. He worked his way back up to her toes and gave them a couple of last sucks. He went over to her right foot and with the same passion and vigor played with her feet and toes using his mouth.

“Ooooh! That feels really good!”

She was getting really worked up. Brandon could tell she was steadily inching herself toward her orgasm. She had both of her hands down her panties. One busy sliding fingers in her pussy and the other hand rubbing her clit. He tried to keep pace and give her a hand in her orgasm. She became pretty vocal.

“That’s it! Don’t Stop.”

He sucked on her toes in three and fours again. Rocking his head slightly back and forth.

“Oh yes! Just like that! Don’t stop!” She moaned.

He kept at it. Loving every second her toes were in his mouth. They were delicious. He wouldn’t have stopped even if she told him to at this point.

“Harder!Faster!” She moaned.

He obeyed and increased the suction and speed he sucked on her toes. As he sucked on her toes and caressed the rest of her feet with his hands, he watched Dawn work herself to orgasm. Her eyes were closed and her chest heaved up and down. Her hands worked harder and faster. Her body was squirming on the couch and she was moaning louder and louder. She let out one final gasp and bit her bottom lip. One of her hands stopped while the other continued to strum her clit. She let out a gasp, her body tensed up just for a moment and then an extreme warmth and pleasure traveled through every inch of her body. Her drenched panties became even more soaked.

Brandon never stopped sucking her toes. He continued through her orgasm and only stopped once it became obvious any sign of the orgasm had subsided.

Dawn opened her eyes and was met with the sight of having the toes of her left foot in Brandon’s mouth.

“Hi there.” She grinned.

Brandon felt his face get red and stood back up, leaving her feet on the armrest.

“Sorry if I got carried away.” Dawn tried to explain her own actions.

“I find a good foot massage to be almost as good as sex.”

“That’s okay. It was my pleasure.” Brandon humbly responded.

“Saayyyy, do you like feet?” She asked smiling.

“No, not really.”

“What about women’s feet?”

“I can’t really complain about any part of a women.”

“I see...well what about my feet? Do you like them?”

“I love them. I mean.... I think they’re beautiful.”

“Thank you. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to repay you for helping me with the groceries and giving me that wonderful foot massage.”

“It’s all right. It was my pleasure. You don’t have to trouble yourself.”

“Please, I insist. I won’t take no for an answer. Now take off your shirt.”

He wasn’t sure what she was up to, but she did sound very adamant about her stance. He didn’t want to refuse her offer and stood up and bared his naked chest.

Dawns feet landed on his pecks. They slowly began to ease up and down his chest. Her soft soles glided across his skin with ease. He watched her feet skim across chest and felt her toes playful curl and uncurl. Her sexy feet sensually felt their way down his abs and lower abdomen.

“Pull down your jeans.”

Brandon’s hands swiftly undid his jeans and they dropped to the floor. His cock was visibly hitching up his briefs. Dawn could see his hard caged cock twitch and move inside. Through his briefs, she began to play with his cock. She teased his rod by rubbing her feet against it and attempting to grip it with her toes. She then moved on to play with the waistband of his briefs and dug her toes inside.

He could feel her toes run back and forth along the waistband of his briefs. They would dig themselves in and out and tug down on the fabric. He was awaiting for the moment when Dawn would finally pull down his briefs. Every time he was sure she was would, he was further tortured by being proven wrong. She worked him up to the point were his briefs were visibly wet with precum.

Dawn felt she had teased her neighbor long enough and in one tug, her dexterous toes pulled down his briefs, releasing his aching cock and balls. His member was shaven, long and had a good girth. It was just the type of cock Dawn liked. Her sexy silver toes pressed up against his balls.

“Wow, it’s so warm!” She exclaimed.

“I hope this handsome fellow can help warm up my cold tootsie’s just a bit more.” She continued.

Brandon was ready to have his cock stroked by her gorgeous feet and plaster them with his cum, but he was forced to wait a little longer. Dawn’s feet went back to the briefs still around his thighs. She tugged on them, each pull bringing the briefs lower and lower. When the waistband passed his knees, they finally fell to the floor. Brandon stepped out of the ring of clothes at his ankles and stood naked with his erect and virile cock dripping strings of precum.

He watched Dawn’s feet catch the strings of his precum. They beaded her cold feet like warm shimmering silk. She ran one foot over the other to rub in his slippery cum. Her right foot than stretched toward his dick. Her big toe touched the head of his wet bulging cock, but her foot continued forward. His rigid cock swayed in the air from the short contact and then turned completely stiff.

She had pressed the instep of her foot against his balls. She began to gently massage his balls by rubbing her foot into them. Her toes curled and uncurled to playful nip at the skin of his nutsack. Brandon remained static, enjoying the massage his balls were getting by Dawn’s foot. Once she was finished, she slipped her toes under his balls and moved her toes up and down, as if she was weighing his balls. Her same devious foot then slid up to the base of his shaft. She carefully pushed his cock in between her big toe and pointer toe and slipped his member between her two toes.

She gripped his throbbing hot cock between her cold tootsies and it felt wonderful. As Dawn began to move her toes up Brandon’s shaft, he felt a wave of pleasure overcome his body. He watched her cute silver painted toes travel up and down his cock. It was slow at first, but Dawn gradually gained speed. Her sexy toes were jerking him off and he was in heaven. As he received a toe job with Dawn’s right foot, she had her left foot explore his body. She ran her foot against his stomach, up his chest and ran her toes across his lips.

Her toe job milked continuous strings of precum from his cock. Both her feet left Brandon to catch the silky strings of cum and once again rub the seed into her feet. She bent her knees outwards and instead of continuing to jerk Brandon’s cock with her toes, seized his dick between the soles of her feet. She loved how his hot throbbing cock felt between her soles. She carefully gave his rod a stroke as she began to feel out the rhythm and technique of her footjob.

“Oh, wow...” Brandon moaned.

She had just begun stroking his cock with her feet and he was already considerably overwhelmed by the intense pleasure. Her feet were so incredibly soft and the sight of his cock being wanked by her beautiful feet was beyond hot. He watched her feet slide up and down his cock. Dawn worked him into complete bliss. She used her legs to give her the motion needed for the strokes and used her ankles to keep her feet in the correct position to keep his cock between her soles.

She wanted to make him feel as good as he did when he sucked her toes. She knew she accomplished this when she had him with eyes closed, moaning and moaning. Brandon could feel waves of pleasure spread through his body every time Dawn’s soft soles moved down his cock or retreated back upward. He opened his eyes and could see her beautiful feet nimbly stroking his cock. The balls of her feet were resting against each other and she had her arches parted just enough to allow his cock to pass through. Her cute silvery toes and her ankle bracelet shimmered under the room lighting.

His eyes moved up from her feet, up her sexy long legs and arrived at Dawn. He could see her hair bob from her hard working legs and could see the concentration on her face. When she caught his gaze, she let out a quick grin.

“Enjoying my feet?” She slyly asked.

“You have no idea.” He replied.

“I’m glad. Would you like to fuck them?” She asked.

“Absolutely.” He enthusiastically responded.

“Great. My legs were getting a little tired.”

Her pumping feet came to a stop and landed on the couch’s armrest heels down. Brandon turned his attention to her beautiful wrinkled soles and considered himself extremely lucky to have his way with Dawn’s feet. His hands landed on each of her feet and he repositioned them so their soles were touching again. With one hand he kept her feet hugged together and brought his cock up to them. He pushed the head of his cock through her arches and felt the wonderful sensation of his cock rubbing against her soles. He continued to push forward, making sure every inch of his cock could experience her soft soles.

“Hmmm that feels nice.” Dawn mewed.

She was right. It did feel nice. It felt wonderful. His hips sporadically drove his cock in and out of her arches. Brandon was taking his time getting used to the sensation and in finding the proper way to fuck her feet. He quickly found the best way was to spear in and pull out so that the head of his dick was still in between in her soles.

He then wasted no time and got to fucking her feet. He drove his cock in and out of the wonderful passage her two clasped feet created. He paced himself and made sure to keep an eye on her feet. He loved seeing his cock spear through her sexy arches. As he sped up, his hands gripped Dawn’s ankles. In this manner he could keep her feet clutched together and keep them steady from his vigorous thrusts.

“Oh yes! Fuck my feet! Warm them up good!” Dawn pepped him on.

Her own comments made her giggle a bit inside, but god, having her feet fucked felt and looked so hot.

Brandon continued to drive his cock in between her soles. His hips furiously drove his tool through her arches and he concentrated on keeping pace and Dawn’s feet steady. His cock was tingling hot from the friction and he could feel the wonderful sensation of her feet driving him toward the edge. When his thrusts became more urgent, he began to let out grunts.

“Cumming?” Dawn asked.

“Almost.” He grunted through her foot fucking.

“Whenever you’re ready, I want you to cum on my feet.”

He didn’t bother answering back and focused on enjoying the last intense minutes of fucking her sexy feet. When the pleasure became too great, he let go of her ankles and began to stroke his cock. Dawn repositioned her feet and elevated them flat in the air in front of his cock.

“Cum on. Cum on my feet.” She teased.

Brandon vigorously jerked his cock, stroking his way to orgasm. Rather than continue to wait, Dawn helped Brandon reach his apex. She sent her right foot to tantalize his body. Her foot caressed his chest and she ran the tips of her toes along his lips. She had her other foot play with his balls. She teased his balls with her instep and tugged at the skin with her toes. When it became obvious Brandon was seconds away from exploding, she brought both her feet back together, toes pointed toward his cock.

Brandon felt the flood gates open and a surge of immense pleasure rocked his body. His felt his pelvic muscles empty his balls and his cock began to erupt cum. He watched long ropes of hot cum land across both of Dawn’s feet. As if her sexy silver painted toenails and beautiful feet weren’t hot enough, the sight of seeing his cock decorate her feet with chains of white goo intensified his orgasm and ejaculation. He worked his hand up and down his cock, pointing his dick at both of her sexy feet and hosing them down with his rich cum.

Dawn loved it. The sensation of Brandon’s hot cum splashing on her feet felt so wonderful. Her eyes were glued watching his cock expel his load. She was amazed at how long he kept going. When he did finish, her feet were glazed in cum. She could feel the hot viscous milk rolling down her arches, toes and ankles.

“Wow, that felt sooo goood!” Dawn beamed.

“Are your feet still cold?” Brandon felt compelled to ask.

“They’re as warm as could be.” She smiled and playful wiggled the toes of her cum drenched feet.

“But you know...” She foxily continued.

“They do get cold a lot. You wouldn’t mind if I call you every now and then to get them warm?”

“I’ll be right next door whenever you need me.” Was Brandon’s cool response.

“Good. And maybe we can have a cup of coffee or dinner some time?”

It was more than he could have asked for. He had gotten to fuck her gorgeous feet, had been promised other future opportunities to do the same, and now had been shown Dawn had a genuine interest in him as a person.

“I’d love that.” He smiled.