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We Meet Again - Part 01

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not hardcore, more of a lead in to something more
This was something I desired for a long time but it just seemed like there would never be a time when the dream would manifest itself into reality again.

We had a nice evening talking about our lives and both knew that whatever happened between us would only be memories in the future. We were given this chance to have an evening together and knew we had to take it because it could be the last. Our regular lives were too important to both of us to think that anything besides these shared moments would ever be possible.

You were the one who always understood my need to be in control and how much pleasure I got from having a sexy woman who I could use a play toy. You loved the attention and knew that no matter how much it may look like you were simply being used, when it came right down to it, the power was in your hands and you would never get greater satisfaction from any other act. You could simply let yourself lose control and be spoiled like this knowing that when it was all over your dark cravings would all be addressed until the next time.

There you were, on your knees with your hands tied together behind your back and a ring gag in your mouth which made it hard for you to not drool all over yourself. That's exactly what I wanted and I was getting it, the sight of you with spit drooling out of your mouth, over your chin and dripping down onto your erect nipples before continuing to fall onto your thighs was fantastic.

You had that one little wisp of hair which kept falling down and covering your pretty face. Something had to be done about that. I approached you from behind and touched your left breast with the palm of my right hand and wiped up some of your saliva with it. I them used my moistened hand to brush your hair back on your head ensuring that the wisp would not get in the way again.

While I was kneeling down behind you I could not resist touching you just a little bit more. As I kneeled further you could feel my warm breath on your neck. My right hand went down into your lap to let itself be moistened with the spit that had fallen from your mouth. I kissed your neck lightly while caressing your thighs which were clenched together firmly. You can feel me shifting my position now as I take my hand and bring it around behind you to rub your pussy and ass with it. You are quite helpless in your current position but you would not stop me even if you could. I only needed the moisture on my hand for the first stroke of your most private area because once I parted your lips with my fingers there was more than enough moisture available to lubricate you properly. The way you were kneeling with your thighs against the balls of your feet made it so that your pussy was completely accessible for me to fondle and tease as wanted to. I am ever so gently rubbing your lips with my slick fingers as my thumb toys with your tight little butt hole.

My hand is soaking wet with your juices and your scent is so sweet I cannot resist raising it to my mouth to lick my fingers and taste you. As I return to the fondling of your pussy your body weakens into a bit more of a relaxed state. So I use my left arm to reach around you from over the shoulder and between your breasts so I can push you forward and support you while I work your clean shaved pussy just a bit harder with my hand.

The intensity of it all just keeps on building, the feel of your breasts hanging down on either side of my forearm as your head is nestled in against my upper arm is wonderful. I only have to lean slightly to smell your hair and feel the caress of your cheek against mine.

I want to fuck you so badly but more importantly I want to watch you squirm and feel your temperature raising as I tease and manipulate you without letting you reach orgasm. I want to take you to the edge of coming, the point where your body just starts to shake a little and then abruptly stop simply to torment you. Once you catch your breath and regain your composure a bit I will start again with pushing you to the brink of orgasm.

I want to feel the power of making your breathing quicken in short little gasps as you prepare to come, and then enjoy the feeling of denying you that orgasm. I am working up to something big and preparing you for something special tonight. I have patience and all the time in the world to reach my goal with you this evening, there will be no rushing or instant gratification for you. You are at my beck and call tonight, and I will use you as I desire.

To Be Continued ..............

This is my first posting on this site, feedback will be appreciated.
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