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She was invited to her Master and Mistress's Party

It was getting dark when she got off the train and she was the only one at the station. She went through the deserted ticket barrier and out into the car park. Apart from a taxi, there was no one there. She looked at her watch. Master had said this train, had told her it would arrive here at this time, but he was not there to pick her up. She was just about to start panicking when the taxi driver got out and shouted her name. She looked up, and walked towards him, relief replacing the adrenaline surge.

They drove in silence. The driver knew where to take her, which was fortunate as she had never been to her Master’s and Mistress home before. They had always met at parties, in hotels, or for one glorious weekend, a cabin in the Lake District. She had been naked, tied, gagged and beaten. The bruises had lasted for two weeks, and everyday she had admired them, coveted them in the mirror. When they had gone she had felt she had lost something.

That was a month ago now and when her Master had said she was to come to his home, she had not believed it until the train ticket had come through the door. She felt elated, her Master and her Mistress wanted her there with them. Along with the tickets was the itinerary she was to follow. Normal clothes, an overnight bag. Catch the train from Waterloo at this time; arrive at the station at that time. Very meticulous. She did wonder if she should pack some pervy items, but the instructions had not said to, so she hadn’t.

The taxi driver pulled to the curb in a very suburban street. All detached houses, very expensive. “Number 14” he said, gruffly. He refused her payment saying it had already been taken care off.

She walked up the drive to number 14, noticing her Mistresses small sports car on the drive, the one she had had to bend over the bonnet of the time she had been caned. She would have smiled but she was too nervous.

As she went to knock the door, it opened and there stood her Master. Her eyes dropped and she curtsied before she had realized where she was. She had been trained to do it, but it was seemed strange on the driveway. She was embarrassed, but her Master smiled, and said for her to enter. He took her bag, and asked her about her trip. She stammered a reply, and took off her coat. “This way” he said and led her upstairs to a guest bedroom.

“This will be your room for this weekend” he said. “There is a shower, use it. Tie your hair back when it is dry and I will return in an hour with clothes for you.” With that he left.

Her stomach gave a little flip. What clothes? She wandered around the room looking at the nice things and then went and showered. Finding a hairdryer on the bed on her way out of the shower surprised her as she hadn’t heard anyone come and go. She dried her hair and sat, waiting.

After about 10mins there was a knock on the door, and before she could move, it opened and her Master and Mistress entered. He was dressed in a silk shirt and black trousers, she in a beautiful dress which showed her body to its full advantage, whilst still being modest. Her Mistress’s hair was up and she looked gorgeous.

The submissive dropped her eyes and curtsied again. Her Mistress said “Pay attention and look at us” Submissive looked up. Master was hanging a suit cover on the wardrobe door as her Mistress said “We are having visitors tonight. They are family friends and work colleagues. They are not BDSM at all and they do not know we are. We wish to keep it that way. You will be waiting on tonight, serving drinks, answering the door, taking coats”

Submissive looked up, this wasn’t what she expected at all.

Mistress continued “If you do it well you will be rewarded with a good weekend of play and special attention” Submissive smiled inwardly, she loved her Mistresses special attention. “However, if you mess up, or embarrass us we will send you home tomorrow.” Submissive wanted to say that she wouldn’t mess up and that she would do her best, but she just nodded instead.

Her Master spoke “Time to get dressed, the first guests will be arriving in a moment.” He had taken the suit cover off and there was a black skirt, blouse and some low heel shoes. A typical waitress outfit.

“Just to make it a little interesting however, you will be wearing these” Her Mistress said. She was holding a butt plug and an egg shaped vibrator.

Submissive’s eyes widened. “Permission to speak” she said. “Granted” was the reply. “I thought that this was a vanilla party?” “It is” said her Mistress with a little smile, “so no slips and you will not tell anyone what is going on”

The Mistress handed the Submissive the butt plug, the little bulb that inflated it hanging down. Submissive looked around for lubricant, but her Master said “You have your own lubricant, use it” She knew what he meant and so parted her legs. She pushed the plug inside her vagina and really concentrated on getting it wet. Despite the surprises she had had so far she found she was wet and so it wasn’t too difficult. She bent forward and pushed the plug against her arsehole, slowly working it in until the shoulder was tight against her and the plug deep in. She stood and turned and her Mistress grabbed the bulb and started to pump it up. Eventually her Mistress was happy and patted her submissives rump kindly. “Comfortable? I do hope not.”

Submissive was full. She felt like she needed the toilet and the pressure was uncomfortable but not painful. However the plug was not coming out, it was too big now inside her for that to happen. Next in went the egg. It was about the same size as a normal egg and due to her wetness she had no trouble pushing inside her.

“Now dress, the guests will be arriving soon” her Master said. As she turned to pick the knickers from the bed (sensible ones she noticed) the egg sprang to life inside her, buzzing silently deep in her. She jumped and looking round, saw her Master give a smile as he switched the little remote in his hand to the off position. “Just to make it interesting” he said. “Be downstairs in 5 minutes and remember, no orgasms”

They left her to get dressed which she did, her mind a whirl, and dread entering her heart. It wasn’t going to be an easy night she knew.

She had just made it to the bottom of the stairs when the doorbell rang. She rushed to answer it, smoothing her skirt as she went. She let in a man and a woman, both tall and both elegantly dressed, he in a silk suit, she in an evening dress with a velvet choker and cameo. They didn’t even acknowledge submissives presence, but smiled when her Master came to greet them.

As they were kissing hello’s the egg jumped into life and submissive gave a little gasp. The three others looked at her. Could they hear it she wondered? Her Master gave her a look which said “Behave” and then laughingly said, “She is an agency girl, a little nervous. Come let’s get a drink”

Submissive was a little humiliated by being dismissed thus, but also to her dismay a little turned on. The egg was still buzzing and she could feel it pressing on the membrane that separated it from the butt plug. It sent waves through her; she could feel herself getting wetter. She started to cross her legs but the vibrations stopped and she let out her breath which she hadn’t realized she was holding.

Her Mistress called her to serve drinks, and she went through to the large living room. Everyone was on the patio and she asked all, very quietly what they wanted to drink. She was on firmer ground here, having worked in a club as a young girl and knew how to make and serve drinks.

The next hour went in a blur, people arrived and she let them in, getting into the habit of taking coats, making drinks, carrying food. All the people were well dressed and seemed to know each other, if not well, then in passing. Acquaintances were made and remade.

Submissive thought she was doing well, except that the egg would start at the most inopportune moments. Once she had been carrying a tray of drinks when it started, making her jump and spill a little. She looked round and saw her Mistress tut tut and then smile. Another time she was asking someone if they wanted their glass refilled, when the egg came on at high speed, making her gasp. The lady she was speaking to asked if she was ok. Flustered she said yes and tried to act normally, but the egg was demanding attention and just when she thought she couldn’t stand anymore it stopped. She had to ask the lady again as she hadn’t heard the response.

The butt plug wasn’t helping either. She had to walk around and could feel it inside herself, filling her and causing pleasure and pain. The egg’s vibrations would be transferred through her to her sensitive nerves around her anus, so that all her pleasure centers were being triggered.

The egg had been quiet for about ten minutes, and she was calming down when it suddenly came on at a low setting. Although unprepared for it, she carried on as normal serving drinks. She saw her Master talking with someone, a drink in one hand, and his other on a mans arm, so she assumed her Mistress had the remote, but on turning to go to the kitchen her Mistress was there behind her and both her hands were plainly empty.

Submissive kept walking but she was confused. The buzzing stopped. Then it started again at a higher rate, still not too bad, but she could feel that familiar feeling building. As she went back outside she saw her Mistress looking directly at her, her Master stood by her side. They both smiled and showed her their hands. They were empty, but as she looked trying to understand what they were doing, the vibrating stopped. It hit her, someone else had the remote.

She stopped dead in her tracks. Someone else knew! Red coloured her face. She didn’t know what to do. The drink in her hand shook, and suddenly a voice said “Is that mine? Don’t spill it” she handed the drink over and struggled to regain herself.

The next hour was terrible. The egg started randomly, on different settings and whilst she served she tried to work out who was doing it. On top of the vibrations though, the feeling of humiliation and submission were ganging up on her and she could feel her juices flowing and the feeling in her stomach of the orgasm building.

At one point she was in the kitchen alone when the egg started on high and she nearly screamed, crossing her legs in an effort to stop the orgasm, almost crying with the effort. Then the vibrations were gone again, which was just as frustrating.

Always though her Master and Mistress were close by, watching her, making sure she obeyed orders. Looking at her and making sure she knew their hands were empty. Submissive looked furtively around trying to work out who was tormenting her trying to find out who knew. It struck her at one point that whoever it was may know about the butt plug as well. Submissive was mortified at that thought and began to become more and more submissive, not meeting anyone’s eyes, struggling with just being.

The evening started to wind down, people started to say their goodbyes, and the egg came on full. Submissive stood in the corner, struggling, standing still, but the feeling kept building. The vibrations came from deep inside, to her clit and to the sensitive nerve endings in her anus. Stronger and stronger the waves came and she went from hoping to praying that they would stop. They didn’t. Submissive struggled internally, her face going red, struggling to stop the feeling building. She could feel the juices on the tops of her legs, knew that her panties were sopping wet knowing that everyone could probably smell her as well. Still the vibrations continued.

She passed into a place where she was unaware of anyone else around her, just the vibrations and the feelings inside her building, building, with nowhere to go. Then a voice in her ear, her Mistresses voice, said one word, which cut across everything, “Come”

Submissive came. Oblivious to all around her she came, she cried out, her legs buckled and someone caught her as she fell. Her body trembled and she came. Her anus twitched and the intruder there worked its magic on her, the egg pulsed and caused her to come again and again. Someone was holding her up, she had lost all sense of body and time. She came.

The egg stopped, and her breathing slowed. Aftershocks rippled through her body causing her to twitch slightly. When sense returned she suddenly realized what she had done. She had orgasmed in front of her Master and Mistresses friends. Her eyes opened and she realized she was sitting on a chair in the lounge. She went to jump up, but her legs failed her.

“Don’t be too hard on her” she heard a woman’s voice say, “I mean you did give her permission at the end” Her Mistresses laughed. “We shall see” she heard her Master say. Submissives hands covered her face. She felt like crying, she had let them down she knew it.

A hand held her wrist and she dropped them from her face. Her Mistress was there smiling at her.

“I’m sorry Mistress” submissive said. “No Submissive don’t be you did much better than we thought you would”.

Submissive looked up at that, her brow furrowed. Her Mistress explained that all the people at the party were friends of theirs, but what they hadn’t been to truthful about was that they were all in the D/s lifestyle. The party was just a get together of like-minded people. Submissive stared.

As her Master entered the room she asked “who had the remote then?” Her Master laughed. “All of them. They all knew and they all had a turn. In fact we had a few side bets going on as to how long you could last. And guess who won?”

Submissive could hardly process this. She had just had a fantastic orgasm, in front of people she didn’t know, and they all knew what was going on. All knew what her body contained; all had had a hand in it. The feelings of humiliation rolled over her and to her amazement she had another small orgasm, her body betraying what her mind didn’t accept. She enjoyed it, every minute.

“Who, who won?” she asked.

“You did Submissive, you beat us all” was her Mistresses reply with a smile.

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