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Wet Passion 2

Further panty wetting adventures...

After my 1st meeting with Susan, I stayed the night at hers. We had found out we shared a fetish and this seemed to make us easy in each others' company, as if we had been dating for weeks.

Susan liked to wee in her knickers, and the night before had pissed all over her kitchen floor while I watched and wanked - it had been an unusual night to say the least! But we had both had amazing orgasms and an exciting night, and after we had cleaned up a bit we had curled up together in her bed until falling asleep.

The bed was small but comfortable and I woke up feeling fully refreshed. I also woke with a massive erection, and realised to my embarrasment that I had been pushing it firmly against Susan in my sleep; my embarrasment didn't last however when I saw that she was stroking her pussy. She wasn't masturbating exactly, but she looked like she was enjoying herself. I started to stroke her pussy too, and she realised I was awake; she smiled and said good morning.

"I hope you don't think I'm too much of a freak after last night?" she said.

"I really enjoyed last night, and I don't think you're a freak; or at least, if you're a freak then I'm a freak with you," I said, and gave her a hug. She giggled (she was a giggly girl) and kissed me back.

"It's been a long time since I did any watersports," she said. "One of my exes was really into it and he got me into it too; I don't know why but I was really in the mood for it last night. I'm glad you had fun too.". She kissed me, a longer kiss this time. I started pushing my cock against her again and started stroking her thighs. I wake up feeling very horny anyway in the mornings, and I was incredibly hard by now. We kissed again, and Susan seemed lost in thought for a few seconds.

"Everything OK?" I asked.

"I think so," she said. "It's just... Look, we both enjoyed last night, didn't we?"

"I really did," I said, remembering how turned on I had been seeing her take off her soaked jeans the night before. "I had an amazing time; you're the 1st girl I've ever done anything like that with before."

"I'm really turned on again," she said, "and I was wondering if you want to experiment a bit more?". I told her I definitely did. "I just want you to know, I would love to take what we did last night a bit further; but I'm not into humiliation or sadism at all. I want to lead, but I want you to tell me if you don't like where things are going."

"I promise I'll let you know... What exactly did you have in mind?". She dropped her serious tone and gave me one of her filthy grins again.

"I told you I was going to lead, didn't I?" she said and stuck her tongue out. She played with my cock for a little bit, stroking the tip of it gently. "Just trust me; I think you'll like what I've got in mind," she said and then got out of bed.

I admired her figure as she stood up; it was the first time I had seen her in daylight, and her hair looked more golden brown in the sun coming through the windows. Her breasts were pert and the nipples were brown, and her arse was rounded and looked so smooth I really wanted to squeeze it; I resisted the urge though. If we wanted to do things her way, I was happy to go with the flow and see what happened. She crossed the room to some drawers and started going through them, and I could tell it was her knicker drawer. And so I could guess where things were leading...

She picked a violet coloured pair, and turned around and showed them to me before she put them on; I could see her gorgeous pussy, her dark trimmed pubes and pink lips were so inviting, I wanted to start eating her out there and then! I was tugging at my cock by now, but not too much because I didn't want to come. I was so turned it on it actually hurt, and stroking my hand up and down the shaft relieved it slightly. Susan had stepped into her pants and slowly pulled them up, making sure I had a good view of all of her body. They were tight, so tight I could see her pussy lips through the material. She didn't say anything but smiled, and beckoned me to the bathroom.

When we were in the bathroom, I stood close to her and we kissed hard and passionately. I could feel her tits pressed hard against my chest, and I bent down slightly to lick one of her nipples. It was so hard she must have been very turned on herself. As I started to lick the other, she said "Like I say, you must tell me if you want to me to stop. But I think you and me are going to have a lot of fun!". With that, she gently pushed my head, further and further down. "Kneel down," she said, gently. I did. "Now, try not to move an inch," she then said. I looked up, and she was standing her legs either side of me. Then she started gently brushing her pussy against my face, not hard at all, but letting me smell her juices. I knew what she was building up to, but she was making herself even hornier first. The smell of her pussy juices got stronger and stronger. "Play with your cock..." she moaned. "I love seeing a guy wank...". I needed no more encouragement, and started gently squeezing my bellend until it was purple and twitching. I could feel her pants getting wet, and thought she had already started to pee but it was her pussy juices. She was so turned on, her pussy was dripping wet and soaking her pants. She was still just gently stroking it against my face, although much faster now, and then she stopped.

I knew what was about to happen, and I was incredibly aroused. The anticipation was a massive turn on in itself. Her pussy was straining against the tight cotton pants, her whole body tensed for a moment, and then completely relaxed. I saw a damp spot appear and then get bigger between her legs, and then she must have completely let go, as her pants quickly flooded with her pee, and was dripping all over my face. It was warm, and I could feel it dripping all over my body. I started to squeeze her bum through her pants, and it was soaking. I heard her moan in a mixture of relief and pleasure and now she started to grind harder against my face. I could taste her piss as it dripped into my mouth, and I started to lick her clit as best as I could through her knickers. "Oh god yeah, like that - I'm such a naughty girl, I'm pissing my pants for you, oh yeah..." she almost sounded delirious with pleasure. The flow of her pee had slowed almost to a halt now, though he pants were still dripping with her piss, all over me. Her feet were also splashing in the light yellow puddle, and all of a sudden she tensed and gave a sound that was half a grunt and half a squeal that lasted for a full 10 seconds. I kept lapping at her soaked pants. Her salty piss had by this time dripped all over my face and body. She slowed her movements right down and was now again just brushing against my face with her soaking wet groin.

"Oh fuck, that was amazing," she said. "Now it's my turn to kneel - you can stand up now.". I stood, my dick throbbing. She immediately knelt in her own piss, and started wanking my cock with her small hands, occasionally licking the tip. I had been trying not to come for almost an hour now, and when she jerked and licked me in a certain way, my cock just exploded. I just kept spraying come all over her, and she directed it so it was splashing her mouth and nose. Some went in her eyes, which I don't think she intended but started smearing it all over with her spare hand. When I finally stopped coming, she licked my cock as it slowly softened. Spunk was drying on her face, and her piss was still dripping through her knickers - she still hadn't taken them off. She lay back, exhausted, on the wet floor. After 10 minutes or so we went for a shower and cleaned each other affectionately.

We spent the rest of that day with each other. We had a lot in common than just our sexual fetish, and got on really well. I had to go back to my flat because of work the next day, but I think we will see much more of each other in the future!

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